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Watch Town Hall Debate with Barack Obama & Mitt Romney

Watch Town Hall Debate with Barack Obama & Mitt Romney

President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney go head to head again in the second Presidential Debate of the election season on Tuesday (October 16) at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y.

The debate was the second of four scheduled for the 2012 Election, with Obama and Mitt speaking to individual voters who asked questions throughout the evening.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of President Obama

Barack and Mitt debated on topics such as education, gas prices, taxes, and women’s rights.

Watch the complete debate below!

WHO DO YOU THINK won the second debate – Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?

Obama & Romney Second Presidential Debate

25+ pictures inside of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney at the second Presidential Debate…

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barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 01
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 02
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 03
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 04
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 05
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 06
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 07
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 08
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 09
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 10
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 11
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 12
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 13
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 14
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 15
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 16
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 17
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 18
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 19
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 20
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 21
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 22
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 23
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 24
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 25
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 26
barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 27

Credit: Rick Wilking-Pool; Photos: Getty
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  • bahha black sheep

    Pack your bags Barack

  • Peapo

    Go Obama.

  • Matthew Peters

    Obama Clearly won. I don’t think Romney would worry about non-Republican Americans.

  • Kirsten

    Obama killed it tonight. He called out Romney on his bs. All I learned from Romney is he still will do nothing for the middle-class and he had binders full of women.

  • LooseLipz

    re-elect our Man O.

  • bobbi

    Romney came off as belligerent and didn’t answer ONE question with a direct answer.

    Obama 2012!!



    President Obama ate Romney up and spit him out tonight! Great shot with the last minute 47% dunk! #InTheHole

  • Peapo

    Mitt Romney cares about every person in America… If they have a few hundred million dollars.
    Vote Obama.

  • Laurel

    Mitt Romney came across as combative and easily rattled. Obama was calm, cool and authoritative. He brought up women’s health issues without even being asked. I know who has my vote.

  • Haters Suck!

    Enough with the talkie talk somebody hit someone already. Everybody knows you want to. It looked like it was close to happening tonight for a while there.

  • taz

    seriously, the way people act you’d think it was wild n’ out. im not american and to be honest if i was i’d have a hard time voting for either of them.. obama with his ‘i hang out with beyonce’ photos and mitt romney & his.. well.. just mitt romney being his usual self. i honestly hope americans will have someone in power that can take control and not p*ss around.

  • bahha black sheep

    Obama = Worst President Ever

  • Romney Is a Phoney

    Romney thought he’d lie again tonight and get away with it like he did last debate; little did he know Obama was prepared to come swingin’! Romneys’ inconsistencies were brought up. His 47% was mentioned. And his LIE regarding President Barack Obama not referring to the Libya attack as an act of “terrorism” was also shot down following a vivacious applause from the audience! 100% my butt. At this point, Romney will do anything–anything–to get into the White House. He even rehearsed his “I feel ya, poor people and illegal aliens” tone. Laughable performance. You’d have to be dumb or simply naive not to see it.

  • Ash

    Obama is the man!

    Romney should be ashamed of himself! He is bad news folks.

    I you really care about America……don’t let Romney in with his bs

  • Adriana

    If more of you cared less about Mitt’s stance on Big Bird, binders and his wealth, but more about Libya and Obama’s evasive answers on what happened.. *sigh*

  • Anon

    @bahha black sheep: Your name speaks volumes. Racist fool.

  • justsaying

    Romney is all fluff….fluffy fluffy fluffy. He was more interested in the people who asked the questions Names! I was yelling at the TV-”For the love of god…answer the question!” Romney lost after the first question! He didn’t even answer it-i loved Obama-”i got 5 answers for you…#1 etc…”
    He was on it right from the get go!

  • justsaying

    Oh yeah-one more thing..i don’t care-you don’t tell the President to shut up….rude Romney, plain rude.

  • Miss Bird

    number 15 you need to read comment nbr 13 again., Hope you are just naive and not dumb.

    Be a responsible voter and keep out the phonies like Romney.


  • Malibumom

    Vote for NELLIE!
    Errbody with kids that act up in school will lose their gov’t benefits!

  • Xo

    Even Romney knows Obama won, that’s why he stomped off like a child. I can’t wait for November so I can vote for Obama.

  • Xo

    Also, I’m so glad Obama got the last word and he used it to bring up the 47% comment. Romney is disgusting.

  • Adriana


    I’m not naive or dumb, nor is my opinion. SO WHAT IF WE HAVE TO PAY MORE TAXES???!!! Romney IS lying to appease you LAZY American people. HE’S DOING IT SO THAT WE AREN’T IN SO MUCH DEBT!!! WHY is that such a bad thing? People NEED to get off their lazy ass and NOT expect the government to care for them. ROMNEY for PRESIDENT– so MY CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN don’t have to deal with the mistakes my generation did.

    Check Yourself.

  • Adriana

    @Xo: ROMNEY’S TEAM KNEW, before the debate, THAT OBAMA WOULD DO BETTER. After the last debate, duh. I can’t WAIT for the third debate.

  • toni

    I hope the same people who attacked Joe Biden for his action do the same for Romney because he was straight disrespectful to both President Obama and the moderator.
    Also Mitt was lying like a rug tonight talking about he cares about the middle class when he came out with his 47% comment months ago (thank you Obama for bringing it up).
    He also went around the mulberry bush with the questions instead of answering them directly.

  • Meh

    he lying because he see us all are stupid!

  • Sarah

    @bahha black sheep:

    That honor belongs to George W. Bush.

  • Kevin

    Romney is a fake. His phoniness is blatant, yet some people are falling for his guile. The guy has no plan. Imagine if someone told you to give them a certain power and once it is in his or her hands, the person will then tell you specifically what he will do with that power. Are you kidding me? The phony has no plan — he and his handlers believe the American people are dumb and will fall for this idea. Frankly, I am sick of his “no specific plan” campaign. Full of nothing, just hot air.

    Obama clearly won.

  • Adriana

    @Meh: No. HAHA. LMAO. He’s lying because if he said, “I’m raising taxes.” NO ONE would vote for him. BECAUSE Americans are LAZY and WANT to put off consequences for later. I WON’T LET THAT HAPPEN TO MY FUTURE KIDS.

  • Florida

    Please vote people. Tell your friends to vote. Obama!

    Romney simply could not rid himself of that one percent smell tonight — he is rather condescending and came off rather smug — I’ve seen people like him, utterly out of touch.

  • Adriana

    AND heeeell yea, to the mention of God in politics. Refreshing and new.

  • Kenny

    This is one way to win is to pick a dumb ! Politician! Just the last time!
    With Sarah Palin and knowing with her OBama would win! Wow
    Bush is for bringing down Saddam Hussen and Obama will go down for
    For killing Bin Laden! Yes Murdering a man who was not attacking
    American Miltary! Just blow his head off! Than hiding the fact that
    They put him out to see with out coverage! Really Obama! Where is the proof that he was sent out to see!

  • Bill

    Obama clearly won and Romney loves to lie. Romney revels in mendacity. When he is not lying that’s when he looks most uncomfortable. That tells you something about the type of person he is…

    No one is perfect — but I’d rather vote for Obama, then for a guy who relies on “trust me… I’ll do the job well” without any specification. Someone needs to tell Romney that just because most of the American people do not have an Ivy League education does not mean we are dumb. We will not fall for your illogical, nonsensical rants.

  • Obama Kicked A–!

    @Adriana: Relax! No need to yell. Geez. Typical Repbulican. Always throwing tantrums.

  • Adriana

    BTW, what being a Republican now is what was it to be considered a Democratic back then. It’s AMAZING how people STILL can’t have different opinions from the majority. Hypocrites and conformists. Funny how that works, eh?

  • diana

    Romney looked like the robot that he is tonight. That guy seldom has a candid moment, unless when he is stating behind closed doors that 47% of the American people are plain lazy and worthless.

    Romney reeks of pomposity. Plain and simple. I would not trust that guy with anything –self-serving Wall Street type — I recognize the type.

    Obama 2012

  • Adriana

    @Obama Kicked A–!: I’m not a republican. LMAO. Gotta put that out there. I believe in the middle. THAT is where I stand. Now that’s aside, typical Democrat. Always missing the point.

  • Obama!

    *****OBAMA/BIDEN 2012*****

    *****OBAMA/BIDEN 2012*****

  • Greg

    Spoken like the top 1%. It is taxing people who cannot afford more taxes that is drawing fire. Also going back to policies that got us in this situation in the first place. Obama caught his lies and Romney went from being a conservative to a moderate in record time contradicting what he has said in the past. You can’t trust him. He is saying what you want to hear.

  • @32

    ” Yes Murdering a man who was not attacking
    American Miltary!”
    You’re right, he didn’t attack the military. He attacked and killed THOUSANDS of civilians. Men, women and children of all colors and creeds.
    He deserved to be hunted down like the animal that he was, and put out to “see”. Praise goes to President Obama for having the guts to sign the order.

  • My body, my vote

    As if I would let Robot Romney tell me what to do with my body. I’d rather get orders from an actual robot.

    Obama all the way. Vote people. We need to vote.

  • Counselor

    Adriana- 23

    OMG! You ARE naive and I guess easily mislead. Voting for Romney will NOT help your children/grandchildren. He is just all talk and lies.

    I can’t believe you are saying lying is ok. Oh man……that is a big mistake.

    I believe you should go check yourself someone safe.

  • Sam

    Folks…no need to respond to Adriana…she is clearly a child or teen…it’s that obvious.

  • Adriana

    @Counselor: Yup, all talk and lies. That’s exactly why Massachusetts did so well, eh? Having the people get taxed more so that debt can be relieved? No, he couldn’t possibly be doing that… He couldn’t possibly want this country out of debt. And yup, because Obama did EVERYTHING he promised in his campaign in 2008. EVERY candidate lies, my friend. It’s sad you haven’t figured that out yet.

  • Brian

    Romney’s type is ubiquitous in high places. Smug look –check– big checkbook –check– offshore accounts–check– the type who will never be seen with the common folks unless it is for a photo op/ pr/image boost. No thanks. I’ll pass.

    Obama won tonight, thank goodness. I’m tired of these lies that Romney, his sidekick (Ryan) and his party spread — just plain rubbish.

  • Karen

    Obama is relying on Hollywood and the gay community to win him this election. Romney is relying on the American people

  • Own it

    @Adriana: Now we know why you favor Romney, you both have something in common — *coughLIEScough*. “In the middle” my foot. Your mind’s made up. #DramaQueen

  • Adriana

    @Sam: It’s a good thing I am. I’m rare. Our country is doing so well now *sarcasm*, because people like you have made it’s decisions. Unpopular decision is usually the best decision. Ever heard of that?? It’s very true.

  • Adriana

    “All progress has resulted from people who took unpopular positions.” Enough said.

  • Coughcough

    # 47

    Well said!

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