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Gerard Butler: 'Dynamo' Star!

Gerard Butler: 'Dynamo' Star!

Gerard Butler has just signed on to star in the upcoming film Dynamo, based on the novel “Dynamo: Defending The Honour Of Kiev.”

The 42-year-old actor will take on the role of Nikolai Trusevich, the all-star goalie who leads his team and inspires the entire battered city of Kiev, Ukraine.

The film is based on “the landmark soccer game that took place between an occupied Ukrainian soccer team and their Nazi captors during World War II. To stem a rising tide of resistance and establish Aryan superiority, the Nazi’s set up a match pitting the starving Ukrainians against a ‘super team’ of German players that to this day is still known as ‘The Death Match’.”

Dynamo is scheduled to shoot in Europe next year.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Gerard Butler as a soccer player in Dynamo??

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  • Let it slide
    If you read that article you’ll understand that they blocked it because it might affect the upcoming game, not because of pain or racism …

    It’s 2012, but we still need to know what happened from the past and learn from it, that’s why we need History lesson!

  • TNT

    @Wrong: He prefers brunettes. Olivia Munn or Marion Cotillard would challenge him to evolve. But they wouldn’t want him.

  • kelsey

    MG dated a couple of professional soccer players, so she knows the sport and probably enjoys the game like many people all over the world. Not everything she does has to do with GB.
    Also, she’s in London shooting a film that’s a UK production. She’s working with a lot of Brits right now. She probably went to the game with a group of people from the cast and crew. I’m sure there are more than a few football fans that she’s working with right now.

  • Sock her

    @kelsey: Maybe. It is very coincidental. Maybe she is teasing him via Facebook about the match and the leading man. That will keep him chasing her.

  • Anon

    God people, not everything is a conspiracy. Maybe an individual likes the game and that’s that. Listen to yourselves.

  • Tina

    @TNT: Olivia Munn is a w/h/ore. A well known fact in HW. But Gerry likes them cheap so maybe it would be a good choice.

  • Tina

    @Sock her: I bet Madalina is the kind of gf who is interested in anything her bf of the moment likes. I have friends like that and it’s really annoying.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    @Not so much:

    We walked through Central Park for hours on Saturday, so it wasn’t closed at that point. But most likely closed on Sunday when things started taking a turn for the worst very quickly. Finally back in Texas. That was an adventure to say the least. I know a lot of people lost their homes, and some….their lives. My thoughts and prayers are with them all.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Have to add that Salem was a blast. We MIGHT have hopped the fence at The Burying Point Graveyard last night and I MIGHT have ripped my favorite jeans while being pulled over the fence by some people we met there. Never thought I would get myself into those type of shenanigans but it was too fun. I can only imagine the fun going on there tonight. What a week! Hope everyone is well, off to sleep….Happy Halloween!

  • Tweets

    Lily @gossipnewzz

    Lavo in NYC attracts celebs including Leo DiCaprio and Gerard Butler after the storm 56m ago
    1:11 AM – 1 Nov 12

  • angelsrock

    @Lord Love a Duck:

    You’re probably right, Duckie. I am no angel by any means, but angels have had a powerful influence on my life. Don’t know where I’d be without the angels in my life, both living and above.

  • Sigh…

    @Tweets: This is obviously a PR tweet for the club. Read it carefully. This is along the lines of the story that he was at the club with LD partying with Psy, when he was traveling through the south. I do think it’s interesting that they keep pairing him up at the same places with LD hoping someone will show interest in their little drama.

  • incognito

    Gerard Butler in London now!

  • Calanthe

    @Tina: I was thinking the same thing. I’m sure you’re right. She has shown how conniving and manipulative she is by her use of her fb page, imo. She’s the type that’ll use every trick in the book to keep his interest, and feigning interest in his interests is one of them. I hope for his sake she meets someone with more money or fame soon, and she will eventually. The sooner it happens, the better off he’ll be. She’s been at this a long time, and knows how to play the game.

  • Dohhh

    @incognito: Of course. He’s been there since before the storm. Many here seem to have trouble accepting it, but that’s where he’s been the whole time.

  • incognito

    Wish him luck and love!

  • Dohhh

    @incognito: He definitely will need the luck part. I don’t think “love” really enters into this equation. More like lust and golddigging.

  • Renee

    Gerard was photographed in NY yesterday. I guess you forgot about that.

  • TNT

    @Calanthe: manipulative and teasing on her FB? No surprise. GB in London? So there are fake sightings he is in a club im NY again? Why? He and she are shady.

  • incognito

    Gerry’s in love!

  • Renee

    Come on people, there have been about 7 or 8 tweets placing Gerry in NYC over the last several days. Plus there was a fan photo taken of him yesterday. He’s not in London.

  • incognito
  • Dohhh

    @Renee: That woman was in NYC for several days before the storm. There is no date on it. It was most likely taken before the weekend. Lest you forget, there are always fake tweets about him, especially when he’s on the move. Read back through any of these threads. Fake tweets abound. Sorry.

  • Dohhh

    @incognito: No, he’s in lust. Heightened by the excitement of the separations and all the traveling. The psychology at work here is much like what you see on the “The Batchelor.” Once reality sets in, there’s nothing there.

  • AA

    There is no proof at all that he is in london. BS

  • fb

    @AA: Other than the pic of him standing a few feet from her at the game with his back to the camera. That’s him.

  • http://JJ Ggfblx

    Mg is holding a ticket up on the pitch photo………
    Now it could be her ticket…..or
    Gb’s ticket to show him that he has missed the match because he is not there yet……

    Whichever she is teasing you all…more pr for her.
    Did he miss the match and that is his ticket….
    Or a load of MG BULLSHIT?

  • AA

    Thats not him. Looks not like him.

  • Calanthe

    @Ggfblx: I can’t believe they didn’t edit your BS out. Totally agree. We were doing so well without any mention of her and then, bam, another fb post. I’m starting to wonder about the person who posts here who linked to her posts yesterday. Personally, I think anyone who keeps pushing her on these threads is suspicious, since whenever we move on to other things this keeps happening. Btch will do anything to keep the attention on her. I kinda feel sorry for him, unless he knows about it.

  • http://JJ Ggfblx

    @Calanthe: I can’t believe it either

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Good Morning JJer’s! We had plenty of warnings prior to Sunday about this storm and GB had plenty of time to get out of NYC on the Friday or Saturday but he didn’t leave. He chose to attend two Halloween parties. We’ve been getting quite a few NYC sightings and tweets. IF he is now in London, why not wait for some tweets to confirm? If he is there he will surely be sighted eventually.
    You are right Calanthe, whenever this thread moves onto a different subject, she posts a new photo or someone comes on here to say how much in love they are. Very suspicious.

  • LavoKeepsLightsBlazing
  • Rippin

    @Can’tGetEnough: Conniving! She probably cried to Gerard that he is in danger and he should come to her.

    Or better yet she hints Jude and she click via FB photos and the boy comes running.

    Since he has been seeing her, he probably tells fans to wait posting their pics of him. His people also calls clubs to say he was there. Second place Leo and he were supposedly in the same club. If the case, he is in London.

  • Enough with Lavo

    @LavoKeepsLightsBlazing: These are retweets of the Lavo PR tweet. The clubs use names of celebrities for PR purposes. Like someone said upthread, they did it using LD and GB’s name a couple of months ago with the “partying with Psy” thing. It’s bogus. No more, please.

  • Rippin

    @LavoKeepsLightsBlazing: Sure. And NY Post said Psy partied with him and Leo back in September also. We all knew he was in the south.

    Stay in denial.

    He is trying to mix it up

  • Calanthe

    @Rippin: Exactamundo. This cra.p has been going on ever since he started “seeing” her. All of the twitpics have been posted days after they were taken, or sometimes weeks. So cloak and daggery. It’s hilarious, really, because they play these games with fb and twitter to cover their tracks and hide their movements, and yet there’s probably less than 100 people in the entire world who’re paying any attention. We already know the press has ignored the whole thing. They must think they’re Bieber and Selena, lol.

  • Rippin

    Shame on the post.

  • DocP

    There have been sightings of Gerry all over NY after Sandy hit from bonafide tweeters. One girl have a current pic with him. Flights were just starting to resume on Wed and we don’t know how many were going out. I seriously doubt Gerry flew in a rush to see her. The fact is he chose to stay in NY over the weekend for the Halloween parties. That in itself sends a message. Personaly i think Gerry is giving her the heave hoe (pun intended). We all know that Gerry blows hot one moment ,then cold the next. He denies most relationships once they are over. I think the reign of Maddie is done. If he was “in love” as one poster put then he would have immediately flown out of NY to be with her right after his last appearance which I think was last Tuesday, more than enough time to get out of NY to be with her. Enough talk about her, as far as this new role. Am i understanding the writers tweet to believe this book is recently written which means its not a repeat on SS Victory. Besides that was supposedly loosely based on the same incident. I read that SS wanted to make his character the player who scored the winning goal which in real life wasn’t true because he was the goalie? If i read that right. Since he was a big star at that time they gave him his way. Hes one actor i am not fond of.

  • Rippin

    @Calanthe: He is not friends with Leo. He hung with him to learn how to be a A lister and took his left over. Leo is smart enough to know that.

  • Rippin

    @DocP: Enough talk? Are you envious? She is one of his many. We were allowed to talk about them. Why not her?

  • wake up

    @DocP: There were no legitimate sightings after Saturday night. The pic was taken in the week prior to the storm, not yesterday. You can even tell by the weather in the background, and the fact that there’s still leaves on the tree.

  • Tommy

    @Rippin: They both can talk and asses Leo and what makes him a A lister together.

  • Whatshedonenow

    @ soccer fan

    I am well aware of the football team Dynamo Kyiv.  But there is also a plumbing company in the UK called Dyno Rod. Alas, because Butler has attached himself to this film, I immediately think of the latter and so will most of the  UK critics if it’s bad, which it’s  likely to be if Butler has anything to do with it. 

    Have you not seen a pattern emerging here. Butler  makes movies about real people who’ve  done extraordinary or  newsworthy  things and  he invariably makes a hamfisted  show of it.  Now at least people know, if they do anything amazing or news worthy and Butler’s team approach them asking  to make a film, they should run a mile! Michael Sheen he ain’t.

  • Brandi

    Hello LOL, I realize your single minded view can’t comprehend the truth but I’m not jealous of anyone. The facts don’t lie, if your in love you try to be with that person every free moment you have. He chose Halloween parties over her. If that isn’t sending a statement then I don’t know what is. But time will tell because Gerry is popular therefore there will be news if he truly is in London I despite the tweets that tell us otherwise. Of course if he’s not you realize I’m going to rub it in your face and your tweets will be totally invalidated. After all that’s what you would do to me:))))))

  • So&So

    Gerry was on Canada AM this morning “Live from NY”. He’s not in London.

  • More interesting twit

    Someone took the trouble to open a twitter account just to tweet this:

    @Gerard_Butler I understand you have a fiance in a Lil Texas town. Is this true? Her name is Kim Mitchell ??? Just wondering.

    Is this the same girl in Texas that was discussed here a few months ago that supposedly had a kid or something?

  • Whatshedonenow

    I think it’s safe to say MG is a total nut case and GB is gonna have a hard to shaking this one loose until she finds a better option… Jude Law?

  • Rippin

    He wants people to think he was in the storm. So he can talk about it in interviews.

    Maybe he was in NY, but many of my friends have been trying to fly in and out of NY the past 5 days. And they said Wednesday was the earliest. He may have wanted to fly out when she reached London on Sunday but couldn’t. So he could have got to London by the soccer game. MG was working and he is not good as boyfriend-in-waiting. London keeps him busy while she works. She is not a lead in it so she may have time to hang with him. Do you really think he will hang around a set where Jude ogles her? He indirectly shows MG is taken while staying busy.

  • DocP

    You got that right. Any man who chooses Halloween parties over his girl isn’t in love.

  • Rippin

    @So&So: Live? When? He wore that outfit Oct. 23rd. You think they would thank him or ask how he was doing after the storm.

    Actors do lots of interviews in one sitting which are put out sporadically.

    Dream on.