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Gerard Butler: 'Dynamo' Star!

Gerard Butler: 'Dynamo' Star!

Gerard Butler has just signed on to star in the upcoming film Dynamo, based on the novel “Dynamo: Defending The Honour Of Kiev.”

The 42-year-old actor will take on the role of Nikolai Trusevich, the all-star goalie who leads his team and inspires the entire battered city of Kiev, Ukraine.

The film is based on “the landmark soccer game that took place between an occupied Ukrainian soccer team and their Nazi captors during World War II. To stem a rising tide of resistance and establish Aryan superiority, the Nazi’s set up a match pitting the starving Ukrainians against a ‘super team’ of German players that to this day is still known as ‘The Death Match’.”

Dynamo is scheduled to shoot in Europe next year.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Gerard Butler as a soccer player in Dynamo??

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511 Responses to “Gerard Butler: 'Dynamo' Star!”

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  1. 126
    lolita Says:

    @angelsrock: Angel, I hope so too. I know he is disappointed and hurt because of the poor CM showing. I’m going this weekend to see it. I know you said it was very good. I think he would be very good as an off beat detective, not like a James Bond type more like a Columbo type. Someone who would surprise you. He could be goofy and deadly at the same time.

  2. 127
    soccer Says:

    to angelsrock
    stop cursing and go to confession.

  3. 128
    TNT Says:

    @lol: In the article “it’s also the reason Gerard Butler will be on a couple of talk shows in another year or so, maybe telling another sort-of-humorous anecdote about getting injured before setting up a clip of a movie you’ll immediately forget about.  ”

    Unfortunately true.

  4. 129
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    You do realize you are defending Nazis don’t you. The Nazis who murdered millions of people in the name of racial superiority, raped Europe and started WWII. Is this the group you are afraid will ‘demonizes one group over another.’ Sweetie, you need a history lesson.

    …@ If you think GB doesn’t sleep around, I have a bridge for sale I’d like to show you.

  5. 130
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Thank you Loli and cupcake. I’m hanging in there. I’m not in a badly flooded area but I was able to get out for a bit today and I couldn’t believe how many trees are down in the roads along with smashed poles and transformers and wires all over the place. I swear I won’t have power or Internet until Christmas. It’s annoying but not devastating and I still have my cell to keep in touch with the world.
    Thanks to all who post any GB pics, tweets and links. When I can get JJ to load, I enjoy them. Have a great night.

  6. 131
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Hi Lolita, Cupcake, Angelsrock, God Bless you all and CGE, hope all is well with you. Cannot help but see the pictures of Sandy with disbelief. Hope too that all JJ’rs are safe. Anybody hear from Autumn lately?
    Lolita, thought about the weight thing too. Don’t lke that gaunt look on him, but think that was a bad time in his life. He didn’t look happy in any pictures either. Glad he is still in NYC. Seems to suit him well. Next week he’ll be traveling and that should be fun.
    Hoping that he will be on Craig Ferguson for PFK pr.
    Do take care and Happy Halloween to all. Ducky…[Lolita you stinker]
    p.s. are you well? Let us know how you liked CM. Going to try to catch it too this weekend.

  7. 132
    hmmm Says:

    you’re right. you are totally useless.
    just to bring you up to speed, this is the year 2012. that war is over and done with and time has moved on. stop living in the past or trying to relive it over and over again. this is a modern world. russia is not the bad guy. give it up already. sheesh. also, try a little forgiveness. for you, that might be hard. but give it the ‘ol college try.

    oh you might want to look up propaganda in the dictionary. you don’t know what it means obviously.
    as in stop it with the jew as poor helpless victim agenda already. they are not poor and helpless. they are taking advantage by playing the victim all the damn time. get over with it already.

  8. 133
    hmmm Says:

    oh yeah, in case you didn’t know. nazi is in the bible and it means prince of the day. that is according to jewish ritual every friday. so you are the one who is ignorant of the facts.

  9. 134
    angelsrock Says:


    I was calling on Jesus for help. I need it sometimes when I read some posts here. Sorry if I offended you, soccer.

  10. 135
    hmmm Says:

    in the jewish mind you are a pagan or gentile. if you’re not a jew, you’re not righteous. just a small snippet of the way they actually REALLY think. they have an ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ mentality. everyone who is not a jew is a ‘them’.

  11. 136
    angelsrock Says:

    Oh Lord!!! Not cursing here. Just another ejaculation!! (That’s a term for a short spontaneous prayer)

  12. 137
    Aussie Says:

    Hello everyone!Did you guys miss me?:))
    I don’t have time to read all the comments that were written on this thread but it seems GB is in London at a soccer match!Oh what a beautiful city!I got to see it this summer!Nightie night!

  13. 138
    Happy Halloween Says:


    Are you ever happy, kind, pleasant, positive?

  14. 139
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @angelsrock: Well, good grief girl you need a name like mine!! Works for me.

  15. 140
    Alina Says:

    Script only to consider, but here already gone political debate! And what if the movie really will be released?
    Gerry does not do this movie !!! NО,NO,NO and NO!

  16. 141
    hmmm Says:

    give it a try sometime.
    happy halloween! to you too!

  17. 142
    Lord Love a Duck Says:
    Going to throw this out for what it’s worth. So before you thumb me down, hope you read the above link. I’ve been trying to read up about the Dynamo game and the “Death Match” to understand what it is all about. I don’t know GB, just what is on the web and the gossip that I read but do take with a pinch of salt most of time.
    I don’t know if GB is political or defiant, but my guess would be more defiant. He does support Scotland independence, gave his support when the hospital wing was to close in Scotland etc. But I think we all know that he marches to a different drummer’s beat. Now that this movie was banned, is it possible that he chose to do it in defiance of that ban and tell the story come what may? Wish I knew and tell you the truth, I believe he would. I hope that he gets a world of support and believe this could be his defining moment. He is a good actor and with proper direction and script it will be epic.

  18. 143
    I think Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck:

    Well the so called “political correctness” just isn’t in this country. It’s a shame we can’t even discuss history without someone becoming offended. I thought we are suppose to learn from history so we can try not to repeat the bad but also learn from the good.

  19. 144
    Anna Says:

    Yep, sounds like a typical Gerard Butler movie. In other words, it’s going to flop.

  20. 145
    Dina Says:

    @Alanis: Her English is really weird. :/

  21. 146
    meller Says:

    Why doesn’t MG belong here?? She’s GB’s confirmed girlfriend. You talk about all the other people in his life; his family, his friends, his co-stars and so on. Why not MG? I’m sure she’s an important part of his life right now. It just doesn’t make any sense.

  22. 147
    Alanis Says:


    I’ve never read her English or heard her spoken English, but I think this is probably the google program that translates each word, rather than phrases. I hesitate to say anything else since people don’t want any mention of her on GB’s site.

  23. 148
    TNT Says:

    @meller: Because it makes many jealous and crazy. She is not their choice for Gerry. Too young, too plastic, too manipulative, too hot, blah blah blah. Their only choice is themselves.

  24. 149
    Sock her Says:

    @I think: So I believe GB was suppose to be at the Manchester United game in London with MG. Why would she go? She is into soccer?! She is into Ger. But he could not get a flight out.

  25. 150
    Wrong Says:

    @TNT: \Personally I think GB and Katherine Jenkins would make a beautiful couple. Of course she’s probably to good for him, he likes them down and dirty.

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