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Ashley Tisdale: Batman for Halloween!

Ashley Tisdale: Batman for Halloween!

Ashley Tisdale dresses up as Batman while celebrating Halloween on Wednesday (October 31) in Studio City, Calif.

The 27-year-old actress posted a picture and tweeted, “Batman and Robin #nanana anananananananaBATMAN.”

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Over the weekend, Ashley spent time with her High School Musical gal pal Vanessa Hudgens at Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Studios.

Ashley recently finished shooting her upcoming film Scary Movie 5, which is out in theaters on April 12, 2013.

15+ pictures inside of Ashley Tisdale celebrating Halloween as Batman…

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ashley tisdale batman for halloween 01
ashley tisdale batman for halloween 02
ashley tisdale batman for halloween 03
ashley tisdale batman for halloween 04
ashley tisdale batman for halloween 05
ashley tisdale batman for halloween 06
ashley tisdale batman for halloween 07
ashley tisdale batman for halloween 08
ashley tisdale batman for halloween 09
ashley tisdale batman for halloween 10
ashley tisdale batman for halloween 11
ashley tisdale batman for halloween 12
ashley tisdale batman for halloween 13
ashley tisdale batman for halloween 14
ashley tisdale batman for halloween 15
ashley tisdale batman for halloween 16
ashley tisdale batman for halloween 17
ashley tisdale batman for halloween 18
ashley tisdale batman for halloween 19

Credit: Instagram; Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Rory

    OMG! She’s HOOOOT

  • kenny

    that looks nothing like Batman lol XD

  • Din

    Batman…in his underwear maybe?

  • laura

    Ashley Tisdale: the ugliest s lut on earth..

  • biker mike

    who is the girl with brown hair?

  • biker mike

    Kim Hidalgo?

  • A

    She looks gorgeous. Her costume is crazy sexy, and all girls where skimpy costumes on Halloween, it’s part of the fun.

    @Laura STFU and go somewhere else.

    @biker mike yes, that’s Kim.

  • Boahh

    How can someone so ugly think she is sexy?

  • B

    No, I don’t think Ashley’s ugly or anywhere near it. But her costume is slutty. She could have worn something scary.

  • A

    @Boahh she’s drop dead gorgeous and has every reason to believe she’s sexy. And s!utty Halloween costumes are standard for young women. Hers could have been much trashier but it isn’t. She looks great.

  • ontd

    Her face kind of reminds me of Stacy Keibler.

  • Lola

    why is her orange? she could wearn a carrot’s costume

  • Lola

    why is she orange? she could wear carrot’s costume

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    How is that Batman?

  • Ville


  • Just sayin

    Kim Hidalgo has a really cute innie bellybutton.

  • matt

    The chick in the red wig is Shelly right?

  • matt

    Shelly Buckner?

  • G


  • keka

    kinda said she didn’t get the shot to stardom that all of her disney co-stars got. now all she can book are sequels (and we all know any sequel after 3 is irrelevant)

  • OK

    hookers for halloween

  • A

    @keka are you kidding me?? Her fans outnumber Vanessa’s by the millions. I don’t know what it is with this website, but I wish Jared would just stop posting about Ashley in general. He posts about Vanessa so damn much that her crazy fans flock here and dive in on any Ashley thread that comes up.

  • tell me


  • A

    @keka kinda how Vanessa did Journey 2 even though she was never in the first one? And Scary Movie is a big money milking franchise that people are going to go see.

  • Ella

    What a beautiful girl with so much heart. Haters gonna hate but it’s sad when they pick such an innocent target…… =(

  • A

    @Ella exactly. Makes me sad too. :/

  • chchcherrybomb

    @A: Nobody said anything about vanessa, yet you feel the need to compare… which is very sad, cause ashley may as well have the largest fan-base, but how did that helped her get a job when she spent the last 2 years doing n o t h i n g?

  • A

    @chchcherrybomb I know these people are Vanessa fans. She didn’t spend 2 years doing nothing. She did a full season of a show, developed a super successful production company for which she was just honored as one of the 20 new leaders of Hollywood, filmed Scary Movie 5, did a critically praised guest spot on Sons of Anarchy, as well as other guest spots, of course did Phineas and Ferb, and Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure, among other things. And yes, of course, maintained her large fanbase. ;)

  • cameltoelover

    very nice cameltoe….

  • chchcherrybomb

    @A: she did a tv show that got cancelled, she did TWO episodes of SOA, and she maintained her disney spot… get real, she is a instagram celebrity, her posts don’t even belong here, it should be in jjjr, cause she didn’t grow as an actor, and her fans, based on you, are young and stupid.

  • somuchforash

    DAMN! SO MUCH HATE! People are very mean. No one can even say their (positive) opinion about Ashley without getting too many thumbs down. What did the girl ever do to u that u hate her that much?

    Anyway, she looks HOT AS F. <3

    [go ahead and thumb me down b*tches]

  • somuchforash

    @chchcherrybomb: STFU. She did plenty in those past two years. She was just named one of “Hollywood’s New Leaders” by Variety because of her work in producing in the past two years… I’m not gonna start naming all the projects she did cause no matter how many times we repeat them, you’re still gonna say she did nothing.
    And they did mention Vanessa, indirectly, when that person said “other HSM stars”…

  • chchcherrybomb

    @somuchforash: other HSM stars = vanessa, zac, monique, lucas… not only vanessa hudgens. and vanessa and zac are, indeed, having a better career than ashley, you have to be blind to not see it.

  • A

    @chchcherrybomb shut up, stupid pudgens pumper. You’re only here because your jealous of Ashley on Vanessa’s behalf. Zac does have a nice career, but Vanessa’s is quickly ending. Every movie she does is a flop. Ashley has done plenty the past couple of years, I listed much more than you repeated. And her two episodes of Sons of Anarchy were a big deal. She’s gotten a lot of critical praise for them. And guess spots are often just an episode or two. Not to mention Ashley has a lot ahead of her coming up. “Celebrity” might be Ashley’s master status over “actress” to you, but she’s still very talented. And she DOES have a much larger fanbase than Vanessa’s. (You have to be blind not to see THAT.) This site just happens to be overrun by pathetic pudgens pumpers that love to come on Ashley’s threads, leave hateful messages, but then freak out if an Ashley fan tries to pay them back. Maybe it’s because the site runner is a pudgens pumper himself, who knows.

    At the end of the day, Ashley is gorgeous, with a huge heart, a huge fanbase, and a great career. You can say she’s n o t h i n g all you want, but you can’t make it true.

  • somuchforash

    @chchcherrybomb: Oh really? Monique, Lucas…? So the person in that comment said that these two have a bigger career than Ashley? Not that I don’t love these two, but they frankly don’t.
    Don’t get me wrong, I like Vanessa and Zac too.
    I just dislike Vanessa’s fans who hate on Ashley on EVERY chance they get. They want to bring Ashley down every time they can. Like “put her back on JJJr” – like Ashley doesn’t deserve to be here too.
    I really don’t see as much Ashley fans hating on Vanessa on her posts, as much as I see Vanessa fans (whether they admit it or not) hating on Ashley on her posts. Ashley never did anything against Vanessa or her fans. I hope they would just stop the hate cause it’s getting pathetic and SUPER annoying.

  • kelly martineau

    There going to a halloween party behind V back. Or did v and Stella go to the same one that ashely went to. Was wondering the same thing who that girl was with Ashley.

    Is ahley dating scott still?

  • A

    @kelly There hasn’t been an official press release on the break up yet, but presumably no, she’s no longer with Scott. They seem to have broken up while he was visiting her in Atlanta during her filming.

  • omd

    NO just NO

  • Nikki

    Isnt that Tammin Sursok who plays jenna with her?