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Jennifer Aniston: American Cinematheque Awards Gala Presenter!

Jennifer Aniston: American Cinematheque Awards Gala Presenter!

Jennifer Aniston rocks some new highlights in her hair after exiting a local salon on Friday (November 2) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Over the weekend, the 43-year-old actress was spotted all dressed up with her fiance Justin Theroux at the LACMA Gala.

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It was recently announced that Jennifer will join Jack Black, Patton Oswalt, Will Ferrell and Jeffrey Katzenberg as live presenters at the 2012 American Cinematheque Awards Gala, honoring Ben Stiller.

The gala is scheduled for Thursday (November 15) at the Beverly Hilton.

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  • Good

    She looks really good here. Love the wind blowing in her hair. Wish I can afford that Porsche lol

  • ellie’

    Great friends , great life…

  • Shelly

    Hair look Fab def getting longer. Love hair blowing in the wind and without extensioins

  • Jill23
  • Rachel The Hair

    poor jennifer aniston, no one’s interested in your middle-aged romance with that what-his-name nobody. keep trying to milk that engagement “bliss”, lady. there are younger, hotter, and way more interesting celebs these days.
    she’s such a deluded BORE.

  • Alexia

    Is it true???? Iggy Pop got engaged to a dude?

  • rachel

    granny fabio with no movie career.

  • Kara

    Would anyone care about her if she had not been married to BP???? Nope, no one would care about her and her fame hungry Eddie Munster!

    Does anyone care about the other Friend’s cast? No, because they do not have pr teams that made them America’s #1 victim despite the fact Aniston is extremely average in the looks and talent department.

    All her fans can talk about regarding her is her hair, her body ,her hair, her new boy toy of the week, her hair again her ugly ring pop ring, her hair! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Grandma

    If the wind blows her hair any harder, you will see the tracks for her extensions.
    Her arms look like a sixty year old woman, still seeing her saggy tits from the last post, oh my eyes.

  • OnceJenWentBlk,SheNeverWentBk

    Can we get a pool going? Who wants to bet the color of Jennifers’ dress? I bet 30 Katrillionbillion dollars on Black. Anyone keeping track?

  • Seriously

    How could you tell those are new highlights? She’s had the same color and style for over 15 YEARS! How do you not get bored?

  • LooseLipz


    You must be thinking of your idol Angie, the fake. She has the extensions and the nose job and upper lip thinned out …she doesn’t even resemble her old self.

  • raye

    she is so high maintenance, her hairdresser is with her 24/7, she goes to salon almost every day. no wonder she does not want to have kids, because it will show how ugly she really is without those maintenance that she needs to do. also, i think she is afraid her kids will get her original nose and original face.

  • phony jen

    as always, she is acting out for the paps, holding her stomach to speculate on pregnancy rumors. she always does that, cover her belly with her bag or with her scarf, hold her tummy, etc, whenever she knows there are paps, she likes all the media speculations about her.

  • ?

    Whatever happened to that bus driver in NM? The one she got fired. Did she ever make right on that?

  • Please


    Selfish people like her don’t care about anyone they feel is beneath them. It has been said that Aniston only cares about those who are in her circle or income class and put on an act to care about anyone outside her circle when it benefits her.

  • Umm Question

    Why does she need a body guard with her all the time??? No one is after her and it’s not like she has any children to protect when she is out. Aniston is so full of herself!

  • Jennifer Aniston Sucks!

    How about that!!

  • AGA

    So Has the 27/7 hairdresser got the boot,so she has more $$$ to afford to pay for Justine??

    And whats with the Black all of a sudden,you Hens won’t be able to cluck about AJ wearing Blk now that yr idol has developed a penctant for it & getting her girls out at inappropriate gatherings….LOL

  • JL

    Great look!
    Great hair color –
    blind people must check their eyes.
    Jennifer changes her color ALL THE TIME.
    And you may enjoy her profile
    (where is this famous “chin” – explain me please).
    You may see also the ears –
    very delicate btw.

  • JL

    Lisa Kudrow can hire any pr super team – who will care?
    Lisa is a good person
    but she STOPPED own development.
    No pr team can change this fact.
    Other Friends have not enough will power
    to keep the necessary conditions.
    But it’s not about Jennifer.
    You may see look at her here.
    It’s extremely HARD to quite smoking after 30.
    Jennifer did that.
    She is along time gamer.

  • JL

    A LONG TIME gamer
    (for people with advanced IQ like Kara is)

  • JL

    This bus driver has a time to think about his life.
    Shuttle bus driver – it’s not a work comparing to lorry driving
    or taxi one.
    That was a complete RELAXATION :
    no stress, no time limits –
    go enjoy this,
    just keep your freaking mouth closed.
    Because your blah-blah-blah is a question
    of safety for other people.
    Look at his face -
    a complete moron.
    He doesn’t deserve that work.

  • http://! hag

    manny’s “hair blowing” trick has been a staple for at least 15+ years. a “take away tactic” from her manly face.

  • JL

    Millions of men love this ”manly” face.
    And you forgot – her pictures are right here.

  • http://! hag

    men that love “manly face” are men who like aniston for a limited period as evidenced by the many men that have “sampled the goods” and said ‘NO THANKS”

  • JL

    Black color is not just Jennifer’s style.
    It’s a classics.
    All designers love this color.

  • JL

    @hag: Jennifer has a beautiful face since the first day of her life.
    You may check her her photos at the age of 3, 5, 8, 14, 20, 25, 27, 32, 37, 41, 43 – she IS beautiful.
    It’s out of time.
    Don’t forget to check her look her look at the age of 60.

  • tasmin

    Just wondering if Justin and Jen are going to step up and donate to SANDY and the good people of NY. Justin is a New Yorker and Jennifer is forever talking about how she loves loves the city. It would be good to see them step up and do something.

    waiting….waiting…. waiting… waiting….

  • JL

    Can you promise nobody will steal her donation?
    Are you sure there is no corruption in this sphere?
    Really? :)


    Beware Aniston megawhore alert
    vile stench
    huge supply fawp
    Aniston biggest whore ever
    hasmat suit
    thickest rubber
    radioactive tart

  • b

    I think she’s pregnant.

  • http://Justjarde Ann

    Love her

  • http://Justjarde Ann

    Lucky justin

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Jen rocks

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Get out her brangloony

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Get out brangloony

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Glowing pic

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Thank JJ

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Loon meltdown

  • star

    Omg my girl is pregnant!!!!!!!!The baby jen and justin will be lovely, but I think that genes Theroux is stronger and therefore the baby will be more like his father!!!

  • http://Justjarde Gun
  • http://Justjarde Ann

    Jen is perrrrfect!!! Love her

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    flat butt, big head with a skinny body, wrinkle lips like cow skin, chicken legsā€¦ That is anglina

  • rachel

    maniston is a fat cow with her granny face. her kid will be unintelligent just like her

  • tsquared


    He also didn’t deserve to get fired just because he answered a question put to him by another guest. But then Jennifer only thinks of herself doesn’t she? She certainly has played the victim for the last 7 or so years. And if Justin ever leaves her she’ll probably do the same thing. She broke up his 14 year relationship with Heidi Beivens and do you think she cares? NO. Where is the regret for that? There is none. Jennifer Aniston is all about herself.

  • Louise

    Whoever said she has a manly face- 1)are you BLIND? 2)no one on earth has a manlyer face than Jolie.

  • Amber

    Trolls are jealous because Jen is happy. all they want is for Jen to be depressed. well,guess WHAT trolls. aint gonna happen. Jen is sweet,and amazing she deserves SO MUCH. she WILL have SO MUCH. she HAS so much. nothing you can say will stop that. now, go find a cave to crawl into.

  • aha

    Justin will dig this old gold mine until it is dried out. He then will go back to his ex girlfriend of 14 year and give her a big diamond and marry her.
    You watch.

  • justin is bailing out

    justin is looking so bored with her during the Lacma event and when they shop for furnitures. ticky has been out and about for 2 days since then and her midget BF is not with her. I think he is having second thoughts, it must be dawning on him that she will be forever in control of their lives because she has more cash than him.