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Bradley Cooper Narrates Anti-Mitt Romney Documentary

Bradley Cooper Narrates Anti-Mitt Romney Documentary

Bradley Cooper has lent his voice to Hindsight, a new work-in-progress documentary that is looking into the policies and actions of Mitt Romney.

“Based on the spectacular success of Seal Team Six, several journalists have asked me what a film on Mitt Romney would look like,” studio mogul Harvey Weinstein wrote in a Huffington Post piece.

“I told them it would definitely be a comedy, so I decided to get the Seal Team Six team back together. John Stockwell and Meghan O’Hara have joined forces with me on the feature film Hindsight. Here is a little trailer of the work-in-progress so far… narrated by Bradley Cooper,” he added.

Bradley Cooper Narrates Trailer for ‘Hindsight’
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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • James

    Really? Hollywood doesn’t have anything better to do?

  • pffff

    I’m not a Romney supporter, but i just lost all my respect for Bradley.

    And you Jared – stop with the propaganda. We get it – you support Obama, but this is getting ridiculous.

  • Austin

    This looks like a total waste and it will be entirely unimportant whether or not Romney wins.

  • kami

    i feel bad for any candidate that uneducated stars support.

  • KissThis

    Oh Bradley Cooper, I love you even more now.

  • ?

    It’s a tough call as who is a bigger liar Romney or Obama.

  • Karen

    O ma gawd

  • Barakmitt Rombama

    I cast my all important vote today and it came up for the other candidate.

  • Marie

    Geez, can the hollywood crowd just cool it with this bullshit propaganda. As Americans we are smart enough to vote for whomever want, whether republican or democrat. Entertain us, like the clowns you are and we will continue stupidly supporting your millionaire lifestyles. But stop giving us political advise or maybe we will stop supporting your millionaire lifestyles and you can join with the likes of the dixie chicks

  • Freedom is back in style.

    So he supports Bathhouse Barry…..birds of a feather?

  • Jennifer

    SHUT UP HOLLYWOOD – idiot actors who dont have a college degree and moron filmmakers

  • Weirdo

    Love Brad but I think it’s so cliche when celebrities support the democratic nominee. Like duh of course you do, all celebrities do.

  • independent278

    First off, just because you make your living making movies, whether in front or behind the camera, doesn’t discount you from having a political opinion, nor does it relegate you to the pile of uneducated people crowding the streets of many states in this country, not just the one home to Hollywood. Secondly, a lot of these people – not all of them but a vast majority – are good at what they do, and certainly successful at it. I’m guessing a lot more successful than a majority of you pitiful commentators on this celebrity gossip site. Just because someone is more attractive, wealthy and occupationally successful than you (as you beam with cowardice safely hidden behind your computer) doesn’t make you better than them. It actually makes you really depressing. Time for you to take a vacation from the internet and start doing something with your life.

  • April

    Ive got news for you Bradley cooper, I don’t like celebrities telling us who to vote for. I trust you about as much as I do Obama, and you have no Clue what its like to be “regular” American. Obama’s out Bradley, go back to acting and stay out of politics. Nobody gives a rats ass what you think.

  • Sarah

    I’m sure Mitt Romney must feel quite honored to know Cooper is a pro-Obama.

  • Lola

    Shut up RAT FACE!

  • cbs1823

    In complete agreement with those who have noted the propoganda on this site – I switched to Just Jared from reading Perez because he was SO overtly in our faces with his opinions, and I liked Jared’s seemingly moderate stance on many issues. It is a huge turnoff to see stuff like this. Coming from someone who lives in Hollywood and works in the industry, I can tell you not everyone is so obnoxious with promoting their viewpoints – there are those out here who are poised, classy, and don’t shove their opinions and hateful comments at you, no matter what your beliefs. I acknowledge that as Americans we have the wonderful gift of the freedom of speech and these celebrities can say whatever the heck they want to – that doesn’t make it any less obnoxious and unwarranted. Whether or not they are educated, what they SHOULD be preaching is for young people to make their own decisions, and not force feed their Obama worship down young, impressionable people’s throats (or anyone’s for that matter). To be honest, I am a moderate but seeing all of these people in the entertainment industry bark about how Romney and Republicans are stupid idiots and have no souls because of their feelings on some social issues has helped me make a solid decision. Part of being a celebrity means you have a certain power and to overexert that power through the medium of demeaning & nasty comments towards a certain candidate is simply irresponsible. Practice what you preach – isn’t acceptance of people and their lifestyles and ideas one of the main principles they so staunchly support?

  • Tiffany

    Bradley, stay out of politics and go back to acting! I think he just killed his carreer. Yes I think hes hot but I never wanted to know his political views.

  • Helen

    That’s a bad wig he’s wearing

  • http://Charter rdh

    Even though Hollywood celebs appear to have amazing “clout”, this is one time when my vote counts exactly the same as theirs. And I invoked my legal right as an American and did just that!!

  • Frozoid

    Sigh. These actors are so predictable. Well, I voted for Romney today and will make a point of not seeing any of Bradley Cooper’s movies.

  • Toni

    thank you thank you thank you thank you because you’ve just stated what I’ve been thinking, feeling and saying.
    You don’t see Meryl Streep, Al Pacino, Robert Deniro and the other Hollywood legends being media whores. You dont even see Oprah doing it and she first was promoting Obama. Heck you never saw Michael Jackson being a media whore.
    They’re all making this out to be some award show or movie even and it’s pathetic to see these celebrities acting out like this when in the past they were 1) no where to be found in the political world and 2) in between this election and the last one were no where to be found.

  • Gigi4405

    Hollywood has historically been such a voice of reason. I anxiously await to hear how these people vote because I will do exactly as they say. We all know how wise and intelligent actors are. Thank goodness we have them :/

  • mrs_fuzzybee

    Folks Bradley Cooper is college educated – he has a BA in English/minor in French. He is a graduate of Georgetown University in Washington DC (which has educated former Presidents and current members of our Supreme Court). He also has a MFA from The New School. So uh yeah, he’s educated. As far as Hollywood staying out of politics I WOULD LOVE THAT! I would also like for politic pundit/talking heads to STFU. I don’t give a hoot who in Hollywood voted for who, I don’t care how the spin doctor in politics spin the words that come from the candidates mouths or their actions. I don’t care who anyone on this website voted for. All I care about is that if your are eligible to vote that you did so.

  • Ally K

    First of all Bradley Cooper has a BA in English from Georgetown University so don’t assume that he is uneducated. Many actors have in fact gone to college and gotten degrees. Second, anyone who is stupid enough to let a celebrity influence how they vote is either not old enough to vote or too lazy to do it anyway. So you have nothing to worry about.

  • Ally K

    He has his bachelors degree so he’s not uneducated.

  • Juicy Lucy

    Well of course Bradley would narrate this this documentary. Bradley is Harvey Weinsteins new golden boy and all too eager to please.

  • pffff


    Judging by your comment it’s time for you to pull the stick out of your ass !!!

  • jo

    hey Bradley, how about a movie on Libyagate? All that brazen denial, jetting off to Vegas the NEXT day, Obama’s turning a blind eye to the real time live video feed of what was happening in Benghazi, people who could actually help being told to stand down instead, emails confirming it was a terrorist attack HOURS after it started….do you really need me to continue?

    Think about it. It’ll make you a superstar, you’ll get an Oscar for narration, a Golden Globe for merely reading off a piece of paper, you’ll be invited to the White House for Christmas, birthdays, fundraiser galas. Hey, maybe you could play one of the 4 poor Americans abandoned by their President and his hapless rudderless administration. Scarlett Johansson can play one of the devastated family members with her trembling lower lip and heaving bosom and Kerry Washington, Michelle Obama.

    Wait a minute, you could play one of the Seal Team Six soldiers who perished needlessly in an attack in Afghanistan because Seal Team Six were specifically targeted by the insurgents in revenge for Osama bin Laden’s death. And how did the terrorists know who killed Osama? Because an administration couldn’t keep their mouths shut so that they could use the killing to boost their chances of re-election.

  • Romney Supporter


    You just lost one more fan here. And frankly speaking, Bradley
    your acting talent is mediocre. And your face, you’re not really
    a handsome man. If one studies your facial features, your nose it too long and points downward like a bird. And your forehead is wide enough for a plane to land and your teeth, so straight and not rounded, looks FAKE.

    4 years ago you were only making feature films and nobody really knew you. Big mistake that could affect your career. Ever think about that. Remember 50% half of America is not an Obama fan like you (Obama ass kissing liberal)

  • Jokergurl

    Why not win with class? Bradley Cooper is not a huge draw either, he’s no Johnny Depp, his last few movies have not done well. Obama won does he really have to drag Hollywood into this, I think you will find that when stars get involved with politics their MOVIE SALES DROP. It’s happened before, it will happen again. After all it’s the fans that keep these people in the big money, if they don’t go see their movies, they don’t get to ask for the high pay because the movie studios will not put out the money for the films. A lot of actors seem to forget about his historical fact.

  • Juicy Lucy

    What truly amazes me is that a good majority of actors endorse candidates as a way of elevating their popularity. They see a popular candidate as a friend who can do no wrong. In so many ways, actors who endorse candidates are like high school kids who want to hang out with the most popular kid. IMO, very few seem to have a grasp of politics. Warren Beatty was the exception of an actor who does undersand politics and has campaigned for many candidates-Robert Kennedy and George McGovern to name of few. Some of Warrens best films have had or been about politics-Reds and Bullworth.

    I must say that I am very disappointed to see Bradley support someone who has clearly lied to the american people time and time again when he preached to the choir four years ago about transparancy in Government. Bradley’s numbers are falling in HW due to his association with Zoe Saldana (which shows that he isn’t the best judge of character) and showing his support for BO is sure to be a turn off to many fans.

  • Ein

    @Romney Supporter:
    While i agree that what he did wasn’t the best thing to do, i think that saying that he is ugly and mediocre actor is a poor way to demonstrate you disagree with him and/or his political views.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so everyone is entitled to their opinions, and at the mediocre actor part…have you read any reviews of Silver Lining Playbook? Or Play Beyond the Pines?

  • Juicy Lucy

    I will always maintain that Bradley is a good actor but sometimes I feel that his sudden fame has gone straight to his head. Hindsight may not be the best career choice he could make and if it temporarily hurts his career, well I think Bradley will be smart enough to realize that. He isn’st the first actor to make a bad professional choice and he won’t be the last.