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Angus T. Jones: I Don't Want to Be on 'Two and a Half Men'

Angus T. Jones: I Don't Want to Be on 'Two and a Half Men'

Angus T. Jones has spoken out against his hit CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men and has expressed his desire to leave the show.

“Jake from Two and a Half Men means nothing. He is a non-existent character,” the 19-year-old actor said in a video for the Forerunner Christian Church (via THR). “If you watch Two and a Half Men, please stop watching Two and a Half Men. I’m on Two and a Half Men and I don’t want to be on it. Please stop watching it and filling your head with filth. People say it’s just entertainment. Do some research on the effects of television and your brain, and I promise you you’ll have a decision to make when it comes to television, especially with what you watch.”

“If I am doing any harm, I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be contributing to the enemy’s plan … You cannot be a true God-fearing person and be on a television show like that. I know I can’t. I’m not OK with what I’m learning, what the bible says and being on that television show,” Angus added. He also called the show “the enemy,” presumably referring to Satan.

Angus, who has starred on Two and a Half Men for the past ten years, reportedly makes $350,000 an episode.

Angus T. Jones Denounces “Two and a Half Men” (Comments Start at 7:30)
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  • amanda

    But I’m perfectly ok with the millions I’ve made heyoooooo

  • what???

    what the heck is he talking about??? he’s been on the show for ten years and now he’s coming out with this nonsense?

  • Kat

    Jeez. This is really creepy. I feel like this kid is being manipulated a bit – I find it really unfortunate that this church has taped this and released it. If he feels the show is detrimental to his well being, he should be allowed to leave, but these kind of theatrics used to preach to people using teenaged kids is really gross.

  • Gilmore

    Kirk Cameron 2.0 everyone!

    Really though this kinda came out of left field. You mean all of a sudden he thinks this show is ‘evil’ and wants people to stop watching? It’s suspicious and weird.

  • Asha

    WTF, you have no trouble accepting that $350,000 check every week though. SMH.

  • what???

    it’s so sad how he’s putting down the show that made him rich. Has he thought of how these statements will affect his costars, Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher to name a few, also Charlie Sheen who he worked with for so many years?? this is what I can’t stand about these extreme religious groups. The judgmental crap, is what irks the hell out of me. how insensitive and hypocritical of him.

  • Jen

    WTH! Speechless.

  • Elva

    He sounds like a psycho. Not good.

  • lola_uk

    So, to which charity is he going to donate the money he’s earned from the show? I’ll wait…
    Now that he’s set for the rest of his life, he’s got something to say about how bad the show it? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t watch this crap but i can’t stand rich people and their self-righteousness

  • Kenny

    Good for him!!! People dont stand for anything anymore.
    He was only a kid when he started, which meant someone else manimuplated a kid on being on this kind of adult show.. Usually the parents. Now that he is old enough and aware of what goes on in Hollywood he doesnt want to do it anymore. Why is a kid on that type of show for 10 years with the type of story lines it has? Its was too mature.

  • Lexy


  • BettyBoo

    WTF dude!

  • Kenny


    If he were okay with it then he wouldnt be trying to leave the show… duh!

  • Subby

    I am Malcolm X!

  • jillo

    this is very scary!! I mean, i gotta admit, the show is crap, BUT wtf is he talking about ‘enemies’ ?! it’s ok to believe in god- OK! But he sounds like some kind of fundamentalist…..creeeepy

  • bri

    dont wanna be in the show? just quit!

  • Eurk


  • 5

    That whole show is bull$hit anyway. I don’t know why people think Two and a half men is even funny. That show isn’t funny at all. I guess people like $hit these days. And on top of that this kid can’t act for $hit. He sucks. Damn those millions though. Waste.

  • Sarah.

    Wow.. wasn’t he the kid who earned the most money? Mygoodness, be thankful for what it gave you. He doesn’t need to worry about money. 10 years on the show and now he talks like that about the show? Unprofessional. I can’t stand that.

  • the ghost of the kids actors

    hey Angus do you remember Macaulay Culkin, the home alone kid? or Erik Per Sullivan and Frankie Muniz, the Malcolm in the middle guys? What about Amanda Bynes? they all have amazing careers after they left their First Big Thing, right? watch out, dont spit up, if you leave two and a half you’ll be in their club, or even worst, you’ll be just Stalker Sarah’s friend.

  • Pattycake

    If this is the way he feels, then I sympathize with him. Sure, he’s made money, lots of it, over the years, for his family and manager and agents, as well as himself. But those decisions were made for him and now he’s ready to make his own.

  • mrs_fuzzybee

    Uh oh. Someone drank the Flavor-aid and got all culty brainwashed. Religious extremism even Christian Extremism isn’t good for anyone. Least of all teen actors who weren’t provided a proper education or guidance by their parents. I predict he’ll go from this “church” to either Kirk Cameron’s ministry or he join up with Tom Cruise and the rest of the Space Clams. Very sad.

  • Sunny

    I have never watched that show, and I will probably never watch it, but this kid seems like another troubled child actor have a psychiatric breakdown in public.

  • sam

    This dude sounds like a nut case. Is he on drugs or in some strange religious cult?

  • yeaa

    The Illuminati? I’m very confused about his change of heart. On one side I feel the need to support him if he wants to stand by his faith. On the other, he has made MILLIONS off of this show and his character. This reminds me of Chapelle’s (sp?) Show when he turned down $50 million. They said he was crazy. Hollywood is weird and evil.

  • Kadoo

    Oh please, cry me a river ya ingrate! If you are so miserable, then QUIT! You aren’t a prisoner. LAME.

  • lisa

    @Kenny: Totally agree with what you’ve said. Can you imagine all he’s seen being on that show thru his childhood and teen years? I love that he’s come out on the other side and realizes that there’s another way of ‘winning’ out there. :) A lot of people have made a lot of money off this young man.

  • f

    So the Forerunner Christian Church teaches him he is a sinner for doing what he does? Yet the guy sits next to him.. knowing his message will get across since he’s with a high profile actor?

  • Kenny

    So he is apart of a cult because he has a certain belief? The kid isnt quoting scriptures or hurting anyone, he is stating that he does not want to be on the show anymore because he is now aware of the harmful affects of the show and his participation in it. The industry is the cult, kids are being molested by our favorite actors while everyone sits by, drug use, etc but he is being looked down upon because he no longer wants part of this industry? Some of you are sick.
    I understand though most of you arent even connected to your parents let alone a higher power…. I bet most of you didnt know majority of your fav artist are satanist? They tell you all the time and you dont listen, but as soon as someone talks about God they are in a cult.

  • the_boyfriend

    the religious people are always cray cray, i hope he gives all the money he’s made to his church and ends up sleeping in his car and ministering runaways in west hollywood.

  • Kenny


    He was a kid when his parents signed the contract for him to be on show, these kids dont have free will. Now that he is older he is more aware and trying to tell us truth… but what did Dave say? They will start calling you crazy.

  • ShakenNotStirred

    He’s totally out there but I think he’s right. Sheen was around a bunch of enablers that didn’t care about his addiction until it was a public problem. Who knows. This teen may not be in a healthy work environment. The show should be canceled not because of this outburst, because it’s crap.

  • maggy

    @mrs_fuzzybee: Yup. When I started reading I thought he was upset because his role had been diminished on the show (it’s been a while since I no longer watch two and a half men). But then after I read the entire post my reaction was: nein, just brainwashed.

  • http://dlookingo rachel

    Christian crazy drug addict

  • Kenny


    People now are weak, we no longer are able to see truth. The two Corey’s spoke out against child molestation in the industry, trying to warn people but no one listens… but they want to be shocked when Elmo or Penn State coaches are revealed. Parents sign over their kids to the industry and it has its way with them. Sad that people try to warn (Michael, Dave, Martin, Drew, Britney, Tupac, etc) but the foolish ears are deaf.

  • Jill Ed

    Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. What a stupid mistake he is making. Don’t sign the next contract and shut up about it. It’s very unprofessional.

  • No_kung_fu


  • Lena

    @Kat: When did saying what u believe in become gross? I am impressed that this young man can stand up for what he believes in when all the other young people just follow whats ‘cool’ or what other celebrities r doing. He is setting an exellent example for a world with young people so sex-crazed today. And thats the topic of that show more times than not.

  • sweetjeebus

    For someone who started working so early he was supposed to be a bit more mature than this. Not someone so naive to actually get involved and brainwashed by stuff like this. And bash the job that made you who you are today is defintely ridiculous… they should just fire him already and he should return all the millions of dollars he got during the time he spent serving the “enemy” because that is filthy money…let’s see if that happens…

  • lydiax

    Sure the show isn’t God’s work but geez now you say this after being so filthy rich…I don’t have pity on this boy at all. Just quit and go away then and not be attention whore about it. You could of just left without a word. Please give all your money away to the poor too since you better not keep Satan’s money and all. ha!

  • LOL

    They should change the name of the show to ‘Two and a Half Brains’

  • NotAGirl

    The show is really horrible, but he’s no better. I swear to god, he’s mastered the art of sleepwalking and acting at the same time.

  • Paulie

    Mental illness?

  • Barbara

    Wow…which cult got a hold on him.

  • whosthatbitch

    This is some kind of performance art like Joaquin Phoenix did, right? Please, someone tell me it is. Because he can believe whatever he chooses to but really, wouldn’t it have been extremely easy to walk away from this show when Sheen was kicked off??? Wasn’t that the perfect opportunity? The show is still on, he could show some maturity and respect and speak his mind when it’s all done. He probably was already paid, right? So what’s the harm? Spoiled little brat.
    This is the equivalent of someone designing a product and as soon as it hits the shelves they go “Don’t buy it, it’s such crap.”

  • Marie

    Hope he is saving every dime he has earned on this show, no true devoted Christian can survive in Hollywood, it goes against everything Hollywood represents.

  • carrienae


  • Loreen

    Uh oh…psycho another psycho christian. What does he have a slave contract or what? Just leave if you think you can get a better paying job…I highly doubt it…

  • Joseph

    Looks like he’s giving the interview in his Two and a Half Zmen trailer…..

  • Susan

    @bri: Stars are under contract to stay on these types of shows so he just can’t quit unless he wants to be sued.