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Russell Crowe: I Agree with Adam Lambert's 'Les Mis' Opinion

Russell Crowe: I Agree with Adam Lambert's 'Les Mis' Opinion

Russell Crowe has responded to criticism from Adam Lambert on the actors in Les Miserables “pretending to be singers”.

When a fan sent the 48-year-old actor a tweet saying, “Not sure if you saw @adamlambert’s comments about Les Miserables. He was pretty opinionated,” Russell sent back a response.

“I don’t disagree with Adam, sure it could have been sweetened, [director Tom] Hooper wanted it raw and real, that’s how it is,” Russell wrote.

In case you missed it, read Adam‘s full opinion on the Les Miserables film.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Russell Crowe’s response to Adam Lambert?

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# 1

Big fan of Adam, and I’m glad to see you posting Russel’s response, Jared :D I’m seeing the movie in a few days, but at least I’ll go into it knowing what to expect since I had such high expectations from the stage productions.

# 2

Who cares what Adam Lambert thinks.
He’s a self-appointed know it all.
I love the way losers criticize hard work and genius.
Get a life Adam Lambert. No one will know your name in a few years.

# 3

Glad Russell chimed in. Love that Adam feels free to give an opinion when he feels strongly about something, tho he’s the first to say that it’s HIS opinion and no one else needs to accept it. And YOU, NYC, are a jerk;;;;;;;;; just my opinion. HaHa Take it or leave it.

# 4


The Press from all over the world (the US, the UK, Hong Kong, etc) have been reporting Adam Lambert’s ‘Les Mis’ opinions in the past few days. So, obviously, people care about what he thinks. Are you jealous of him?

# 5

Suck on that all you haters!!!

# 6

I have so much respect for Russell Crowe now. Thanks for this article, Just Jared!

# 7

I agree with both of them!! great film- but poor vocals. so nice that Russel Crow is as honest and as a gentleman as Adam. so nice to be able to just SHARE OPINIONS like adults.

# 8

Unlike a certain poster here, Mr.Crowe is a class act and admitted the reason for Lambert’s understandable complaints.(Lambert did, after all, lay the blame at the feet of the producers/directors) Have to admire a star who doesn’t take himself so seriously that he can’t take criticism. Lambert himself is very familiar, (more so than Crowe, I’d imagine) with being lambasted in the media. He shrugs it off and keeps going just as I’m sure Mr. Crowe does.Hat’s off to BOTH these gentlemen! Thanks Jared.

# 9

Well, NYC, the difference between you and Russell Crowe is that Russell has class. I loathe the way losers like yourself come on these sites just to spew hate all the time. Adam Lambert has a great life and millions and millions of fans worldwide. What do you have?


well you must care since you take the time to read and comment. hahahaha!!!!

The “self appointed know-it-all” has lots of experience and knows the opera well, since he grew up with it and has many years of experience in musicals, plus vocal training and is a highly skilled vocalist, so … you don’t make any sense.

Also, as stated by others, Adam’s tweets have been “reported” by at least 65 different forms of media, apparently there are LOTS of people interested in his opinion about a movie. LOL

You must be a bitter idol fan whose idol hasn’t done so well. I don’t understand why people blame Adam because their idols can’t make it.

Which season of Idol did Lambert win? Oh yeah…

The media has hyped this up so much knowing that the haters would react. Thank you Mr. Crowe for such a classy response. I’m a big fan of yours and Adam. Slainte!

@Sam Definitely, Sam! Although they would never admit to it.

Nice respond.

I’ve been seeing all these hate comments regarding Adam Lambert and all I have to say is I’m sorry your idol is not doing well career-wise, but why spew all this hate on Adam. You guys have been going from one news site to another spewing hate. It’s really sad so STFU and get a life and stop following Adam from one site to the next. Your ignorance is showing – big time.

Adam Lambert never “slammed” anyone. He was merely giving his opinion but the internet bloggers sensationalized it. He always is polite and respectful in giving his opinions. Also uses his Twitter account to send out accolades and promote other artists all the time. Not only is he a good guy but very talented. Had a Number 1 album in 2012, is touring globally and performed as frontman for Queen at 6 concerts this past summer. Thanks Russell for bringing the media back to its sanity. Thanks Jared for picking up on this.

the difference between russell and adam…russell has class.

i know everyone will say adam was just stating his opinion, but who the hell asked for it? he can barely sing himself. saying these actors were PRETENDING to be singers was not necessary to say

jared It’s great that you posted Russell’s response, but you were one of the first to start the avalanche of sensational headlines that slammed Lambert for slamming (which he did not do at all) — and then traveled around the world. Why can’t the media be more even-handed, like Russell!

Adam Lambert was simply expressing an opinion, and Russell Crowe is adult enough to respect his opinion. Refreshing.

Mr. Crowe is a class act and a gentleman. And, as someone stated above, “suck that all you haters”!

Very classy, Russell. He knows the truth and he’s not afraid to acknowledge it. Just like Adam isn’t afraid to be honest in his opinions. Refreshing, both of them.

According to MOST of the INTERNATIONAL community, Lambert “won” Naturally it may come as a surprise to you but while Allen was “declared” winner of Season 8 (much the same way GW Bush was “appointed” POTUS by the SCOTUS) Allen has had no success & subsequently was dropped from his label while Lambert continues to tour world-wide and fill venues and not his “living-room” Oh and there’s that pesky little matter of fronting the legendary Queen Band in 6 large venues in eastern Europe and the UK to RAVE reviews. The sparkle was off that worthless AI crown the moment the season ended but a true STAR was born in the person of Adam Lambert, sorry. ~SNAP!~

Don’t fall for it, people. Crowe pretends to be gracious here, but in reality, he hates that his performance in LesMis has been generally negative. And “raw and real” worked for Jackman and Hathaway, but not for Crowe. Crowe was mediocre at best, but didnt pass muster.

JustinCrowe @ 01/01/2013 at 11:37 pm

Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)

Your complete ignorance SHOULD annoy me but I’m feeling magnanimous, so I’m simply amused. Please proceed…..

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