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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Spa Pick-Up Kisses!

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Spa Pick-Up Kisses!

Miranda Kerr keeps it chic while catching a ride from her husband Orlando Bloom after a pampering session at Diamond Nails & Spa Tanning on Friday (January 4) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old model was seen giving her 35-year-old handsome husband a kiss on the cheek before stepping into the car.

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The day before, Orlando was spotted shopping with a pal and a pet pooch at Burton Snowboards shop.

25+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom kissing each other…

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miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 01
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 02
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 03
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 04
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 05
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 06
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 07
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 08
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 09
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 10
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 11
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 12
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 13
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 14
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 15
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 16
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 17
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 18
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 19
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 20
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 21
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 22
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 23
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 24
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 25
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 26
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 27

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293 Responses to “Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Spa Pick-Up Kisses!”

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  1. 51
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  2. 52
    @49 Says:

    It just really smacks of desperation for them to do this. If they’re in love and happy then that’s for them or their family and friends to know. Why the need to prove anything to other people.

  3. 53
    Candice Says:

    These pictures are almost as staged as the infamous balcony pics. Do any oldies here remember them? Those were the good old days. I think that this is what it always has been, a relationship that was mainly driven by MK’s love for being a celebrity.

  4. 54
    @Mary....,,#47 Says:

    Miranda doesn’t use her son or Orlando in any way, shape or form.

    That is just YOUR jealousy showing, you’re using Miranda as an excuse because YOU don’t want to believe Orlando is in love & happily married.

    No one forced Orlando to go on The Ellen show & say “that’s my girl” when she showed pics of Miranda in a bikini months after having Flynn. Ellen didn’t TWIST Orlando’s arm for him to say “I have to pinch myself that she’s my wife”

    Miranda always says in interviews that’s she’s a very lucky girl, that Orlando is a wonderful Dad & that Flynn is the best thing that ever happened to her.

    Why can’t you be just happy for Orlando instead of trying to find excuses that Miranda is a horrible person when clearly they love each other & are happy together???

    If you’re a true fan of Orlando you would know that he’s not being forced to do anything he doesn’t want to, remember HE is the one that pursed Miranda. He’s happy, so be happy for him or move on & get over it!

  5. 55
    fan Says:

    It’s hilarious the way he’s looking at the camera out of the corner of his eye in one of the pictures where he’s kissing her.

  6. 56
    q Says:

    @Candice: LOL strange because i was just thinking of those.. when they were both half naked and acting surprised the photographers were outside. wasn’t it in Sydney ??

  7. 57
    OB+MK=Flynn Says:

    whatever HATERS! hate them…but we will never believe those lies about their relationship..I love those two and their son flynn..godbless them..

  8. 58
    Sarah Says:

    Love them and I hope there marriage works out since they have a little baby!

  9. 59
    LOL Says:

    So typical.
    Haters claim that pics of them alone prove that they aren’t together.
    That pics of them casually walking down the street without looking at each other (cuz they are walking) is proof that they can’t stand each other.
    Pics of them together show up = set up.
    Pics of them showing affection = fake.
    Those hater/stalkers have a spin for everything.

  10. 60
    @56 Says:

    I remember those pics well. He was leaving Sydney that day and the balcony scene was their grand finale. Guess nothing much has changed in the last 3 or 4 years.

  11. 61
    @people Says:

    Why are you so desperately hanging on to those stupid rumors? No one with half a brain believes them, yet you insist on posting them on every thread.
    Guess that means that you have less than half a brain, eh

  12. 62
    InsertCoolNameHere Says:

    No one of us knows what the f* going on behind closed doors … or let´s call it half way shut, since Miranda can´t stop sharing her private life with the world.
    You all may think they are happy and soooo in love, or breaking up … but we really don´t know s* … and just because they have a kid together does not mean a happy marriage! – com on, girls in here keep swooning over that kids looks … which has nothing to do with how happy the parents are.
    We can only judge from what they show us.

  13. 63
    Rob Says:

    Poor guy looks like he knows Miranda’s mouth has been on Bieber’s and DiCatchaHo’s wanks. I would react the same way.

  14. 64
    @59 Says:

    Fans spin just as much as so-called haters. They have a relationship all right but as to each of their true feelings only they know. Do you honestly believe these pictures weren’t deliberate on their part? They just happened to be caught kissing when everybody is speculating about the state of their relationship.

  15. 65
    Rob Says:

    That said, I feel very bad for their little boy.

  16. 66
    @65 Says:

    I agree. Flynn is a cutie-pie and doesn’t deserve to be dragged through his parents’ problems, whatever they are, in front of the whole world.

  17. 67
    @50 Says:

    “….mean, if you think anyone would go out of their way because of miranda kerr and O.B then you might be wrong….”
    Bringing this over from another thread, because it is one of my favorite response about how far these haters (sorry, but that’s the only term that suits them) are willing to go to get their agenda across:
    “And everyone who reads JJ knows how obsessive and stalker-ish her haters are. That they are often the first to post, just to try to fill the first page with their lies. That they are so obsessed with Miranda that they even bring her up on threads that aren’t about her. That they post the same lies over and over again in the hopes that one person will believe them instead of laugh at them (hint, it doesn’t work, LOL).
    And my absolute favorite statement…
    “Unless you think her haters are so dedicated that they join all the forums and celebrity gossip sites all over the internet that post stories about her just to hate on her”
    Are we talking about the same haters? Haters who create their own websites to lie and hate without being questioned? Haters who create fake websites where they stoop so low as to claim that Sonia was an abusive mother? Haters who create fake twitter accounts to post their brainless filth? Haters who call sweet, innocent Flynn horrible names? Haters who actually backed up one of their own when she wished that Miranda and her unborn child would get sick? Haters who actually requested and bought copies of Flynn’s birth certificate to try to disprove his parentage? Haters who even went so far as to search the obituaries in England to see if Orlando’s grandmother really did pass away?
    Those haters?”
    So teah, I believe that they will go to any length to make sure that their whiney voices are heard. They are a very tiny, yet dedicated group of women with waaaay too much time on their hands.

  18. 68
    tisch Says:

    I don’t think that this is a set up, but I do think that they saw a chance to send a message and took advantage of it.
    Paps probably spotted his car, and they decided to answer those stupid break up rumors once and for all by using them for their own purpose.
    It’s their way of making a statement without having to make a statement.
    Which most likely means that they are still together and happy. if they weren’t, there would be no need to send any message at all.

  19. 69
    @67 Says:

    You don’t have to have done any of those things to think these pics are staged because I definitely haven’t and I believe they are.

  20. 70
    @69 Says:

    That’s not what they were talking about.

  21. 71
    uhm Says:

    @@50: jesus get a hobby. YOU have way too much time on your hands if you think people actually care. i’m pretty sure people just say crap to start you up. it’s actually funny

  22. 72
    OB Says:

    He was once so private he claimed. Its really sad to see whats become of him now.

  23. 73
    mandy Says:

    Awww, no matter what they are still a beautiful couple.

  24. 74
    @71 Says:

    Funny that you attack them when they bring over an answer that shuts you up.
    If you don’t care, then why are you here? Is your life that sad and empty?
    Poor thing.

  25. 75
    hmmm Says:

    CDAN just posted some blind item reveals, and they include what really happened backstage at the VS show with Justin and a certain model.
    It’s pretty scandalous, but here you go….
    “This A list Tweener has a had a rough few days. It turns out that models ARE NOT attracted to him and LAUGHED when he hit on them. He also found out he won’t be getting a starring role in a popcorn movie that he thought he had a shot at. Apparently even though he had no shot, people kept telling him he did and he believed them. Maybe he should look at some of his other acting performances

    Justin Bieber/Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show/Transformers 4″
    Too funny!

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