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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Spa Pick-Up Kisses!

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Spa Pick-Up Kisses!

Miranda Kerr keeps it chic while catching a ride from her husband Orlando Bloom after a pampering session at Diamond Nails & Spa Tanning on Friday (January 4) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old model was seen giving her 35-year-old handsome husband a kiss on the cheek before stepping into the car.

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The day before, Orlando was spotted shopping with a pal and a pet pooch at Burton Snowboards shop.

25+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom kissing each other…

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miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 01
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 02
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 03
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 04
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 05
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 06
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 07
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 08
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 09
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 10
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 11
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 12
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 13
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 14
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 15
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 16
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 17
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 18
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 19
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 20
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 21
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 22
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 23
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 24
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 25
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 26
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 27

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  • Ann

    LOL! I didn’t do anything. What should I have done? And really since even the gossip sites are saying these pics are just damage control, what should THEY do next to prove their true love, release a sex tape. Maybe they should just be happy and not worry so much what everybody thinks. Time will prove one side or the other right after all.

  • Noly

    Give me a Ryan Reynolds before Orlando Bloom plz….

  • an

    lol it seems fake to me … They are rarely seen kissing ! And now here they are kissing in front of the papz in LA (papz city) ? come on they can’t fool us !

  • @Ann

    They shouldn’t give a damn, but I understand that having people accusing her of infidelity, and what’s even worse, with Justin Bieber, must piss them off.
    I doubt they expected anyone (who follows their news) to think this was a spontaneous kiss, I think that they did it to mock certain people, in a very harmless way.

  • Silly me

    Who are all those guys standing around watching them? Did they invite an audience?

  • @Ann

    And I forgot to add something. Do you think that if Orlando really believed that she cheated on him, he would agree to do this kiss thing? Why would he if that were the case?

  • Bette

    Come on, OB has been around a long time now and has had to put up with many rumors, so why get upset over these unless they strike a little too close to the truth. Really they just make themselves look desperate by putting on this display.

  • Ann

    Yeah, I hate to say it but I do believe he would agree to do it if it pressured. And we really don’t know how faithful either of them are anyway.

  • !!!!

    It is so sad that his career has been reduced to parking lot walk-ons.

  • @Ann

    Pressured by what? Out of the two, he is the bigger fish. If she cheats on him, nobody would blame him for leaving her.
    And no, we don’t know anything about their marriage, but I most definitely do NOT believe she (or any female above 16) would sleep with Bieber and much less destroy her family for him; or sleep with someone like Leo DiCaprio, who is a fantastic actor but who is also some kind of model obsessed terrified-by-commitment kind of person.
    The rumours are not even slightly believable.

  • @Bette

    I don’t really think they’re upset. If they were, they’d take legal measures Tom Cruise style. They don’t.
    “Display”? It’s just a kiss. Paps are everywhere in LA, I really don’t think that they had to think this over that much.

  • Ann

    Pressured by her, by his agents, his love for Flynn. Any number of reasons why he would cover for her. Maybe he really doesn’t care what she does in private but wants to maintain a certain public image.

  • Tired

    Catch his eye….after her kiss, he suddenly becomes sad…he doesn’t want to make public their privacy!! Miranda has no respect for his feelings!

  • @Ann

    Oh yes, ‘Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion’.
    If he only cares about his image and Miranda is as discreet with her flings as an elephant in a glass shop, because she chooses to have them with one of the most famous tween idols and one of the most famous actors, then he should dump her too as she’s not good for his image either.
    As for Flynn, if their marriage is doomed, better split now than when Flynn is old enough to understand what it means.
    Anyway, like you said time will prove you or me right. For the moment I find those rumours too over the top to believe them.

  • Peopleplease

    Damage control wouldn’t probably be necessary if she wasn’t constantly posting cute little cryptic comments and pics. Really, girl, take a break from the attention grabbing.

  • Tired

    @an: Right! They’re looking around while kissing….be sure that paps are there looking for… They need to prove their love!!!! Miranda can lose her face if they are really in trouble! She is the family paladin!!!!!

  • Why?

    Where is Flynn. Is he in the car.

  • @117

    He is probably home with the nanny. No role for him in this particular episode of the Kerr-bloom show!

  • @Ann…….#108

    What a load of BS.

    I think Orlando must have been so pi**ed off by all the false rumours of them splitting up he decided to take it into his own hands by showing the world how much he loves his wife.

    Orlando is protecting Miranda & Flynn, now that is a caring husband & father.

    Hope the gossip sites finally get the message that their together & happy & leave them alone.

  • Tired

    Miranda, I suggest you to be more cautious in the next future……to express yourself,your private life, your loves….is a double-edged sword!! Don’t you remember the ” no-drugged up child ” mishap???

  • Just

    And yet another photo of a man kissing a woman, and looking elsewhere! Biggest sign that a man isn’t that into you is when he’s looking elsewhere while kissing you.

  • Ann

    Yes I’m sure you’re right. Orlando is well known for constantly checking out all the gossip sites on the net and responding to them. No doubt he had to insist that she play along with him. But if his goal was to show the world how much he loves his wife, then he’s going to have to be a little more convincing, no looking at the cameras and grimacing mid-kiss.

  • @122

    Lol! I guess no Oscar for this performance either huh?

  • Pfft

    They look so awkward and uncomfortable together. It only makes things look worse between them.

  • Just sad

    She really has put him through h*ll for so long. Hope it’s been worth it to him.

  • pg

    you can red thumbs down as much as you want but THEY LOOK GREAT and seems like a grounded couple!

  • 123

    So much hate for these two on here- what does it really matter to you what they do.

  • Jean

    He’s grimacing. What’s up with that?

  • Jess

    Omg, look at how hard that obsessed fan has worked… hahaha. You make my day, sweetie. Keep up the obsession!

  • @129

    Both sides seem pretty obsessed to me!

  • Never caught kissing


  • ?

    @@129: I wasn’t aware there were only two sides. Nothing is in black and white…

  • Daisy

    mommy and daddy in love… awwww

  • @132

    Oh I don’t know it seems to me there’s definitely some that think they’re a perfect couple just trying to show their love and another few who think they’re just trying to put on a show.

  • ?

    @@132: It seems to me like there’s one obsessed fan who keeps refreshing the comment section and responding to every comment like he or she has made it his or her personal responsibility to protect this couple, without realizing that the more he or she does that the more desperate the people he or she is fan of seem.

  • celebfanz


  • @135

    The critics get pretty obsessed sometimes too. Like the poster above said, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

  • ?

    @@135: I didn’t see anyone above saying that, but sure. I for one believe that Miranda Kerr’s probably cheated on Orlando Bloom a whole lot more than he knows about but he’s willing to put up with it for the sake of their son.

  • ?

    @?: Also, I’ll admit that that sort of thing normally wouldn’t bother me, but with how often these two get posted about — it’s their false image I can’t stand. They are basically lying their asses off.

  • Haha

    The person who spends all their time giving thumbs ups and thumbs downs is really more entertaining than these two.

  • ?

    @Haha: I beg to differ — I think the person keeping check on that supposed person thumbing down comments is WAY more amusing.

  • @138

    Unfortunately I agree. I believe Orlando would put up with just about anything for his son. After all he married her because of him.

  • @141

    Oops somebody struck a nerve!

  • @142

    That’s ridiculous. Nobody gets married for that reason nowadays, and nobody would put up with cheating for that reason either. I know many divorced couples and zero that ignore their partner’s cheating.

  • ?

    @@142: You obviously don’t live in the real world with the rest of us if you generalize and claim that nobody gets married for those reasons/puts up with cheating. Take a reality check, idiot.

  • @144

    But then you don’t claim to know them do you? Everybody here’s just giving their own opinion.

  • @138

    Let’s not forget you’re talking your a$$.

  • Mary

    Many people stay in loveless marriages for years because of their kids or financial reasons or fear of being alone. Doubt these two have the last two problems though, but we really can’t know their motivations.

  • ?

    @@138: This is the breakdown of what you said: “you’re talking your a$$” — are you saying “I am talking, my a$$”? That doesn’t even grammatically make sense in English.

  • @145-146

    Honey, take a look yourself at the real world. An enormous percentage of marriages end in divorce. Why? Simple, because people don’t put up with shit anymore.
    They did 50 years ago when being divorced was very bad seen, not anymore. And there are millions of couples that have kids without being married.
    Brangelina aren’t married and they’re parents of 6 kids. It’s directly stupid to even suggest that nowadays ANYONE would get married only for that reason.