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Vanessa Hudgens: New 'Spring Breakers' Teaser Poster!

Vanessa Hudgens: New 'Spring Breakers' Teaser Poster!

Vanessa Hudgens leaves WundaBar Pilates with her little sis Stella on Thursday (January 10) in Studio City, Calif.

The 24-year-old actress showed off some midriff as she made her way out of the studio to her car.

That same day, Vanessa updated her blog with a Spring Breakers poster!

“Another teaser!! Can you figure out who it is?” Vanessa captioned the pic, which features a bikini clad lady in a mask. Could it be Vanessa???!!

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens leaving her pilates class with her little sister Stella

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vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 01
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 02
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 03
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 04
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 05
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 06
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 07
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 08
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 09
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 10
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 11
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 12
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 13
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 14
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 15

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  • Xo

    I love the poster! I can’t wait for the trailer.

  • :)

    those UGG boots make them look a lot shorter.

  • aly

    She looks amazing in the new poster

  • aly

    And she has a HOT body!

  • thelle


  • belle

    She is just so gorgeous, i want her body!!

  • justsaying

    I know people say she calls the paps-but look at her face…you can see she doesn’t like them in front of her bugging her. I don’t think she does. You can see they are saying something to her she doesn’t like-that is what I see in her face. I would have the same expression if they were bothering me, probably worse even. Hang in there V! There is a whole big ole’ bunch of us who luv ya!

  • ol

    thats Vanessas poster, t was confirmed by the producers.

  • Mel

    There’s other set of V at Traders Joes and she looks so mad, it looks like she was screaming at the papzz.

  • Hannah

    Hello hotttiiieeeeeeee!

  • Mel

    From Twitter:
    “@bhallll92: Lol just saw Vanessa Hudgens at Trader Joes…and paparazzi was too pressed. #poorgirl”

  • OMG Google Kelsnetwork and see

    the poster is funny…looooool

  • ol

    The link ! I cant wait!

  • Laura

    She is so pretty! Her face <3

  • Renhy


  • ZVnoMORE

    She looks sad without Austin! Adorable, but sad =(

  • ZVnoMORE

    The girl in the new Spring Breakers poster is Candy aka Vanessa! She looks so hot!

  • Pearl

    She is so gorgeous, i love to see her out with Stella! And the poster is UH-mazzzziiiinnnnnggggg!

  • Pearl

    Cant wait for Spring Breakers!

  • anney

    Gorgeous. Baby, the new poster is awesome! Vanessa’s body is FH!

  • tamin

    Stunning as usual

  • XxXxX

    The hoe. And her lil sis Stella, omg, a little hoe in the making!

  • tamin
  • Emma

    HER FACE! Her flawless face! She is GoRgEoUs!! Love her!

  • Emma

    I miss him too! He is HoT!

  • Mollie

    The Hudgens’ sis <3

  • casey

    the poster is selena, not vanessa. vanessas legs are too short.

  • liz

    still pudgy. and still with the stomach showing. #grossdesperatechick

  • hm

    studio city is where the paparazzi hang out, literally. The only time you go there is for a photo op.

    And they need to take the gun out of that poster. There was another shooting today and i don’t think anyone will appreciate it

    (although i think guns shouldn’t be on movie posters at all.)

  • .

    @Justsaying ugh the typical Vanessa fan.
    She looks annoyed then she must not like it Lol remember she’s a actress and her job is acting. Who knows if she’s acting infront of the paps. She get pap’d for days and then magically goes days without getting pap’d when she don’t feel like getting a picture taken.
    She sure isn’t calling the paps. (sarcasm)

  • Inez the Insider

    She’s sort of Mannish looking.

  • samsam

    @casey: no its actually vanessa, you can tell by the complexion cuz selena is paler and she has bigger boobs. plus the production company said it was. i cant wait though!

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    Vanessa is a s.l.u.t…..but I bet her p[_]ssy tastes great ……yummy puta

  • samsam

    @hm: its weird cuz i thought well if there wasn’t the massacres, would people be complaining? there have been plenty of guns on posters, songs about violence and everyone keeps quiet until a massacre happens and everyone blames the production companies for provoking violence even though people really didn’t think anything of it before.

  • k3f2

    they look like the smurfs!!

  • hm

    @samsam: are you joking? i think you’re joking but i’m not sure.

    You do know about columbine, right? that was one of the biggest uprising against gun control. I think they’re disgusting ALL THE TIME. It doesn’t take innocent children being hurt to make me realize how dangerous they are.

    But there was another shooting today, don’t you think a little sensitivity is necessary???

    I’m still shocked by your comment and can’t figure out why you’d say that – is it because you’re defending vanessa hudgens? I just don’t know!!!!!!

  • hm

    uprising for gun control**

  • BO

    of course she looks pi.ssed at paps , you call it acting .lol
    and i think the gun will have to go .this film involves shooting done by four college age girls .and it features tow Disney girls too ,most notably Selena the Disney queen .would parents want to see their kids’ idol shooting ? seriously , this is bad .

  • samsam

    @hm: im not defending vanessa at all. i do think that there should be sensitivity to the subject of guns especially because i just found out last night about the shooting in california. what i was trying to point out is that if there were no shootings at all recently in the us, would there be such an uproar against this poster? i mean there are killings happening everyday in places like iraq and afghanistan due to the wars that are still being pursued with the us. nobody really talks about that and there are plenty of innocent children dying. what about the gaza strip? and i know that you may say that there are no posters of people with guns but all i was saying is that because it has affected the us, does it make it ten times more important than in other countries? sorry about my english i dont know if i made sense haha

  • italian mom

    Just my opinion. The perfect time to deliver this movie was asap after Venice. they didn’t. Now we see how great sentivity Korine possesses.
    Artists are this way. Always. I respect and praise Korine even more now. They just need a sensitive genius to properly organize the ad for this piece of art. And then it will be great and useful.

  • hm

    @samsam: well as a muslim who works as a war reporter i discuss Syria/palestine/yemen etc on a daily basis. And America supplies those guns/drones/bombs that have killed innocent people.

    Yeah, people do have a lot to say when there is a gun in a poster, especially after the recent shootings but i guess that’s what it takes for some people to realize the harm in advertising.

    You can say that they care more about white people than brown & black people dying at the hands of American ammunition but that’s the unfortunate world we live in.

    anyway, it’s just stupid to use that poster right now. And whats worse is that i’m sure they knew it would be controversial (to gain attention.)

  • BO

    so SB is going wide .hope Paperboy also did .perhaps AAP will,

  • http://deleted BO

    i think it’s bad timing using a gun in that poster considering the shootings that’s been going on .they might be using it to create controversary and gain attention but there’s a chance it might backfire on them too .the uprising is quite high at the time and most parents might find two Disney gals posing with guns in hand offensive .they might ban the poster even,

  • maria

    So then why is any gun violence allowed in ANY film? You can’t single this film out to make a statement, when most films are violent. This one is bank robbing, not about a massacre of innocents. Two films out right now, Gangster Squad and Zero Dark Thirty, have gun violence too. One is nominated for an Academy Award. We are a desensitized society to violence, I’m afraid. So typical though. The Stooges are petrified this may actually be a success for her.

  • BO

    is that the best you can do oncofake ? that the stooges are frightened this might be a success ? perhaps you might not have notice mam italiano also made a comment and so did samsam who are both die hards .and FYI i’m a fan of selena and a major fan of Franco .so i AM looking forward to the success .also ,it should be noted that it’s success will ahve nothing to do with hudgens , and will not skyrocket her career in an instant as you are hoping .
    there are many gun violence films but needlss to say this is different with gun shooting of college girls and most importantly Selena the Disney queen and hudgens , a former Disney girl .and the poster with the gun looks much bloder than other posters of gun shooting gilms .it’s like they’ve highlighted gun in the hand of a youth.

  • italian mom

    television here: even if we have a vaste choice it is so hard to find something not thrilling and implying violence, or just not plain stupid. So the most successful program is everything coming from 40/50 years ago, just amazing and at a peaceful pace. Go figure.

  • samsam

    @BO: i agree with you and thank you for defending my comment (i think? haha im not sure but i agreed). it does seem like this movie is being targeted when nobody actually questioned django unchained. he has a gun in the poster. but that didn’t get any criticisms in fact it got an award. i am really looking forward to SB but in the uk you have to be 18 and by the time it comes out i’ll be like a tiny bit underaged so i’ll have to find another way of watching it haha

  • Nightwish

    @italian mom: “..something not thrilling and implying violence” – I cant understand a word you are saying.

  • samsam

    @Nightwish: i think they were trying to say along the lines of “something thrilling without having violence in it is very rare”, i think…