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Jennifer Lawrence: 'SNL' Opening Monologue - Watch Now!

Jennifer Lawrence: 'SNL' Opening Monologue - Watch Now!

Jennifer Lawrence is all smiles as she steps out on to the stage to deliver her opening monologue on Saturday Night Live on Saturday (January 19) in New York City.

The 22-year-old actress had some messages for her fellow Best Actress nominees at next month’s Oscars – Jessica Chastain, Naomi Watts, Quvenzhane Wallis, and Emmanuelle Riva.

“Well, well, well. Look who it is. Jessica Chastain. More like, Jessica Chas-ain’t-winning-no-Oscar-on-my-watch!” Jennifer says in the clip.

Jennifer also brought out her new pal “Tommy Lee Jones” during the monologue!

Jennifer Lawrence – SNL Monologue
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    she is full of her self

  • Me

    Shes funny but they’re not giving her much to work with. SNL hasn’t been funny in years

  • G

    She has become the most annoying and famewh*re flavor of the season. Yawn…

  • Jen

    Not really funny, but she’s so adorable! Gosh, has SNL gone downhill or what?


    Kristen Stewart >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Jennifer Lawrence

  • Dave Franco

    SNL needs a new writing team in place. JLAW is wonderful! Stop hating.

  • Effy

    Wow, that wasn’t funny at all…terrible writing. Poor Jennifer, I was really looking forward to this. Maybe she’ll actually be in a funny comedy movie soon.

  • Dave Franco

    JLAW is sexy.

  • Karen K

    SNL gave her some crappy material. I think she did okay considering the crap she had to work with.

  • rikki

    she’s very likable. very natural on camera.

  • RupertSanders


  • Liz

    Funny and talented, she was great.

  • George D. Marshburn

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  • http://yahoo apsara

    totally adorable !

  • http://yahoo apsara

    such a talented gal !

  • T

    the only funny part of this monologue was the tommy lee jones impression.
    @Karen K: you can’t blame the material for her monologue not being funny, any good actor/actress knows how to make the material they are given sound funny even if they don’t think it is

  • Toni

    She’s funniest if shes unscripted :p

  • sophia

    How appropiate nobody mentions that addressing her competitors was utterly disrespectful. I hope she does not win the Oscar because it is obvious that now she really believes she is winning. She is so full of herself. Another one biting the dust.

  • xxx

    @PRESIDENT-ELECT-ROMNEY: and she should be, there is nobody better than her right now

  • XYZ

    @XXX – what did u smoke?

  • an

    horrible episode and Jennifer was dragged down with it.

  • Moreen

    really SNL?that’s all you can give to Lawrence?anyway the girl is really funny and i can’t wait to watch her at the oscars!

  • sasha

    it’s funny that everyone’s blaming the SNL team…If she thought those jokes are not funny and inappropriate,she should’ve told them that she didnt want these offensive jokes for her monologue. She didnt refuse then. :/

  • guest

    She’s just another average white girl that HW is trying to make happen. Along with Emma Stone.. They are so Blah..

  • Juicy Lucy

    Sorry, I didn’t find one ounce of humor in her opening monologue-nor did I find Wiig and Farrell to be funny at the GG. Tommy Lee Jones is probably someone who isn’t easily impressed. so I wish people would stop making comments about the fact that he didn’t laugh. I found JL’s comments about her competitors to be very disrepectful and not done in fun. While she is quite talented and may be the “it’ girl for now, she seems to be letting her accolades go to her head-much like Bradley. Jennifer obviously didn’t find the monologue offensive-either that or she is to niave to really know what is offensive to some audience members.

  • Testo

    Another example that republicans only have 10 brain cells

  • anna

    If this was an actress everyone hated then she would be ripped to shred for her crappy performance but since it’s JLaw everyone just makes excuses for her.

  • Mia

    Her face is so chubby. and she has an ugly smile squirrel especially in the first picture.

  • LOL

    I think she’s Adorable and Talented.
    No one is great on SNL as a first timer unless they are seasoned pros.

    And now the hating fest begins…people love a person on their climb to the top but once they reach a goal or dream watch out JLaw for all the jealous haters to surface.

  • Sweetness

    I don’t think she cares one way or the other if she wins an Oscar or not and MAYBE that’s why she’s able to laugh and make fun. In the real world it’s not the end all of everything. Actors are not surgeons. It’s a statue that’s nice and a bunch of parties. Then it’s on to the next film. So if she’s making fun of winning over her fellow actresses..who cares. “IT’S JUST A JOKE!”..

  • Sweetness

    Actors are not surgeons. It’s a statue that’s nice and a bunch of parties. Then it’s on to the next film. So if she’s making fun of winning over her fellow actresses..who cares. IT’S JUST A JOKE! people

  • ana

    she’s rude not funny, and dumb to approve such crappy monologue.

  • Paige

    Jennifer Lawerence is letting her head get to big. The awards and all the attention is going to her head.It happens to almost every celebrity but the ones that don’ t realize it are a turn off. She is average looking at best. Her cheeks mess her up.She goes on the list with every other average young actress in Hollywood Amanda Seyfried Emma Watson,Kristen Stewart and the list goes on. Where are the Angelina’ s, Halle’s, and Charlize’ s of my generation?

  • Chelles

    None of the skits including the monologue were funny. The Hunger Games skit was the absolute worst. This was definately an off night.

  • Emmy Jay

    She’s a very talented kid! Her spontaneous interviews are very entertaining. Check out her interview with David Letterman… You can tell that he really enjoyed her. She’s a lot more talented than sourpuss Kristen Stewart for instance. I just love her!

  • Kate

    Why does everyone mention Kristen Stewart every time there is an article about Jennifer. It is really annoying. I like them both and it is just a petty way to bash Kristen Stewart. We don’t always have to compare the two.

  • LooseLipz

    Nobody ever comments on her obvious pinched in nose job. Too small for her chubby face.
    I agree with the comments saying her ego is getting too large.
    She’s not that great and certainly should be at her most humble right now.
    Not rooting for her.

  • Betty

    Jolie has got some younger competition….

  • Message

    @Paige: I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Chris

    I thought that this was a cute monologue, but the cutaways to Hader as Tommy Lee Jones were really what made it for me. Jennifer did a good job on the show last night, but I think that the writing was a bit off last night after the long break. I missed the last part of the show because I fell asleep, but from what I saw it was not very good. I love how my DISH Hopper allows me to start watching my show in one room and then finish watching in another, but I don’t think I ever stay awake for longer than 30 min after I move to my bedroom. I was talking to a coworker at DISH who said that there was some pretty funny stuff in the second half, so I’ll have to check it out.

  • guest

    Everyone DOES realize that she’s just kidding right?? Jennifer herself has said this multiple times herself, including in the interview; at the golden globes she was just QUOTING a movie because it was the first thing that came to her mind for her to say. In this opening monologue she not only did NOT mean any of the “insults” but she also followed each one of them up with a praise or joke which is clearly meant to make sure that we know she doesn’t mean what she previously said. I think she’s completely hilarious, talented, and down-to-earth. Everyone complaining obviously doesn’t know that SNL is MEANT to be something that makes people laugh, and not to be taken seriously. A few other hosts have done this sort of thing or done a parody but they haven’t been accused of being rude or disrespectful. I know it’s cliche but if you don’t have anything nice to say, please do not say it. Imagine if a lot of people didn’t like what you said once when you were just kidding or quoting something. It’s just sad to see that some jobs make people a potential target for everyone.

  • JenLawfan

    @Kate: They are trolling, basically. I’m pretty sure any real fan of KStew wouldn’t post under the name of that creepster director, like one of the posters on here. They do it to whip up some of the more ardent JenLaw fans to start insulting KStew, etc. I like JenLaw a lot and I more or less like KStew most of the time, and i think it’s sexist as hell that people feel the need to pit and trash women together.

  • JenLawfan

    Jen did fine, but the writers should have given her some better material. She’s a naturally gifted comedian, and the writers pretty much gave her nothing to work with. SNL’s writers have been downhill fast over the past few years.

  • Reality Bites


    It was a joke. Purely for the sake of joking about what happened at the Golden Globes That you fail to realize this is a serious flaw in your ability to use reason and logic. Seriously.. it is a joke. That last person in Hollywood to take herself and her performances seriously is Jennifer Lawrence.

  • Reality Bites

    @Juicy Lucy:

    that wasn’t actually Tommy Lee Jones. It was one of the SNL cast pretending to be Tommy. You do realize this , right?

  • Alex

    Terrible delivery on JLaw’s part, no matter how flat the writing.