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Liberty Ross: Divorce from Rupert Sanders

Liberty Ross: Divorce from Rupert Sanders

Liberty Ross has filed for divorce from her husband Rupert Sanders, according to TMZ.

The 34-year-old actress Ross filed her paperwork in L.A. County Superior Court and asked for joint custody of their two children, Skyla and Tennyson.

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Liberty is being repped by famed lawyer Laura Wasser and has also asked for spousal support from Rupert, as well as attorney’s fees.

Last summer, Rupert issued a public apology after being involved in a cheating scandal with his Snow White and the Huntsman actress Kristen Stewart.

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  • EllaBlue

    I thought about that too. Things were just starting to die down, and this is only going to stir the pot. Also, if the divorce proceedings start getting into the reason for the split and why Liberty deserves a certain amount of spousal support, I’d imagine Rupert would be on the hot seat to answer in more detail about the affair. That’s why I said he should just give her what she wants since it doesn’t seem like she’s asking for too much.

  • Deano

    @aquarius64: lmao aquarius you need a life! So dramatic over something that is none of your business. Kristen was blamed for everything anyway so it makes no difference to her, she is perfectly fine and continuing with her life, with Rob. Haha

  • Deano

    @lila: you are probably a virgin who ahs never dated so you have no stop acting like an expert

  • Lucy

    The biggest WTF in all of this is describing Liberty as an ‘actress’ …. hahahahahahahahahaha good one!

  • Eve

    Big deal, random woman who isn’t famous files for divorce. It’s about as exciting as reading my local newspaper. ZZZzzzzz

  • liam

    who would go back to that old bag after being with the luscious Kristen! Sorry ol’ Libs! Pose for as many nudey pics as you want, still doesn’t make you relevant outside of Twilight fans, and they have your number :D

  • Diane

    They were on the verge of divorce 2 years ago, they filed for separation. Obviously, there were problems.. I guess Liberty will spill it all when she needs publicity in order to get an acting job!

  • Josmi

    Great decision Liberty. What a DEER is Robert Pattinson.

  • You

    Kstew fault!!! Hid yourself kslut!

  • ButthurtKrisbians

    Bwahahahaha. Liam Lucy and Deano are butthurt Krisbians. Your whore queen’s legs will be open again very soon. Maybe you all should go see OTR instead of reading about Liberty Ross 978303038838028 premieres for no money.

  • notafan

    I’m glad she had the common sense to kick that asshole to the curb. He deserves nothing good in his life. I know Kristen is not entirely to blame for the affair, but of course she didn’t help matters between them. Rob, well, let him decide

  • Tracy

    @Nat: Kristen has it coming pay back is a BITCH!

  • ewvb

    Karma will get you Kristen “nasty” Stewart.

  • Tracy

    @Diane: There was a problem with Rob and Kristen too or Kristen would have never cheated in the first place.

  • Tracy

    So it has began…I guess Rob and Kristen are next they will be done soon too. Brace yourself Kristen fans.

  • RupertSanders

    I want Liberty

  • Em

    This is what should do EVERY woman/man who was cheated !!!
    Feel sorry for their children..

  • lol

    Okay, I get that Kristen Stewart played a massive part in their divorce, but how come people aren’t pointing the finger at Rupert also??? Like what he did nothing wrong??? They’re both equally to blame!

  • M


    I’m fourteen, my parents are also divorced for 6 years now and i know it’s tough but it gets better with time, you’ll eventually get used to. I know that sometimes i still wish my parents were still together and that is something that never goes away, but as soon as you realize they’ll never be together again, it gets easier. Also just remember that not everything about it is negative, at the beginning i thought the same way, but then i end up changing my mind and realizing that there are also a few positive things about it, for example i have an amazing step father and a little step brother, who i couldn’t love more.

    But above all, just remeber that everything will be ok.

  • LC Sheen

    …..and it’s all Kristen Stewart’s fault.

  • anonymous

    1) Liberty made the right decision. Nobody ever deserves to be cheated on. A good/decent human being with dignity and respect would not cheat. We all have the ability to resist things and control our actions, no excuses for it. If you truly care about or respect your partner and family then you would not cheat. Its always the cheaters fault and not the loyal partner’s. Trust is important and once its broken, its very hard to get back. You can mend a realtionship but you will always see the cracks. Divorce can be hard, esoecialky for kids, but by moving on you show courage, strengtg and self-respect. This sets a good example to kids that cheating is never ok. And eventually things get a lot better. When someone loves you, they would be honest and try to fix a relationship if necessary, they would not cheat. If you cant commit to 1 person, then dont enter a committed rekationship. Simple. There is no excuse for pathetic betrayal or lies. Therefore Liberty did the best thing by moving on.
    2) Rupert is a fool. Yes Kristen is at fault too. She may be young, but thats no excuse. Im younger and would never do that! Both Kristen & Rupert cheated on their partners. When you chear you make a greedy and selfish decision/action of betrayal. Its not a mustake or accident, its just disgusting. Therefore they are both responsible for their actions and both are at fault. Rupert obviously did not think about his family at the time, andnither Kristen or Rupert were considerate of other people’s feelings. Its not just Kristen’s fault though, Rupert is just as much at fault – if not more.

    Im sure Liberty will finally be happy to move on with her life & meet someone better, coz she can do better :)

  • T

    Maybe now the papers will stop writing about her,the cheating was probably the last straw but there are probably other factors that contributed to the divorce as well.

  • Honey

    Inspite of all this if Rob still chooses to stay in relationship with Kristen then everyone needs to ditch him cause that would prove that he is a guy with truly weak character.

  • T

    @EllaBlue: the argument that kristen was friendly to liberty and her children is invalid as there is no proof to back it up. No I’m not defending kristen,yes she is partly to blame for what’s happening but rupert was stupid enough to cheat on his wife in the first place so he destroyed his marriage as liberty and him must have been having problems for him to cheat in the first place.

  • @T

    By the same logic Kristin and Robert were having problems for her to cheat in the first place. What about when she cheated on Michael Angarano. Can you follow the pattern? Kristin is as much to blame as the lowlife director.

  • Diedre

    That’s too bad. :( Because he and K-Stew couldn’t keep it in their pants, a family is broken apart.

  • diva

    If the director cheated with someone else, nobody would care about his divorce

  • A

    I hope a lost puppy known as Rob leaves his homewrecker now

  • Steph

    Kristen fans still believe that it was just a kiss and hug. No woman would leave the father of her kids over few hugs and kisses.I’ve also come across some Kristen fans who feel that Liberty is the main villain of this scenario and she has leaked false divorce rumors to stay in spotlight. These people are truly shameless and stupid like their idol

  • see

    yeah, like predicted, stayed ‘together’ just long enough to save both reputations

  • debong

    u go LIBERTY !!! its about time !!!!

  • Diliana von Bork

    I am so happy for her.
    @Em: I agree, I don’t know why it took so long.

  • aquarius64

    @Deano: The joke will be on you if Rob annouces it’s over. You probably thought the marriage would survive; you probably think the cheating pictures are fake. You can’t say with absolute certainty all is right with Rob and Kristen, especially after what she’s done.

  • http://yahoo apsara

    Well done Kristen ! you are the official homewrecker now !

  • Honey

    This is the PROOF of the fact that Kristen’s affair with Rupert was full fledged & sexual in nature. Kristen fans are trying to protect themselves from this fact by pretending that they know Rupert & Liberty had marriage problems way before Kristen came into picture. The truth is nobody knows what happened or didn’t happened in marriage before the affair and if we go by the facts then Kristen IS a homewrecker. If Rob has any self respect and decency left then he will leave Kristen….lets see

  • http://@adiiii Adriana

    totally saw that coming!

  • Ftw

    Come on guys why are you so naive? Robsten is not officially over because the DVD is released in March!! Those crazy Twihards need their puuuurfect couple together forever,Summit bosses arent fools besides Robert looks really happy in Australia without his “soul mate” LOL

  • dnin

    @aquarius64: I agree it’s a matter of time before Rob open his eyes and drop her. Remember he is in Australia and if I’m not mistaking there is where she got down and dirty with ruperv for the first time (remember what she have written on her hands “I DID IT BUT”). Kslut should probably be terrify by what can come out of this divorce proceeding.

  • http://yahoo sl*t

    Happy for Liberty , she has kicked Rupert out of her life . she had the courage to do it . I feel for the kids but sometimes it is for the best .
    Kristen is a trashy Sl*t . hope Rob has the courage to ditch her .

  • Lauren

    Good for Liberty. Now the two lust birds need to make it official. Rupert is more Kristen’s type and exactly what she deserves!

  • T

    @@T: but she didn’t cheat on michael, they broke up before kristen started dating rob

  • JumpinJak

    rupert cheating on kristen probably played a big part in liberty filing for divorce but people can’t force all the blame on takes two to cheat

  • EllaBlue

    @T: Actually, even most Twi-hards will admit that KS cheated on Michael with Rob. They usually just excuse it by saying Rob and Kristen were meant to be.

  • LaCroix

    Not surprised by this at all.. Liberty did the right thing obv. took her some time cus of her children. If only KSTEW would have kept her legs closed this wouldn’t have she’s going to be branded as the chick that caused a family’s breakup!

  • Ana

    Good for Liberty, she finally kicked this loser to the curb. She has done nothing but remain classy and above it all after all this crap went down, she and her children deserve every penny of his money.

  • Mini Cooper 2.0 anyone?

    Rupert in Kristen’s pooper in the Mini Cooper

  • T

    @EllaBlue: which basically means got what he deserved in the eyes of the people who say she cheated on Michael with rob.rob may have been the reason kristen and Michael broke up but rob himself said that he does not understand why people cheat so why would he have started dating her in the first place if she cheated on her previous boyfriend???

  • T

    *rob got what he deserved

  • Linda Tuttle

    What do you mean what Kristen did. She was not married, or engaged at the time. He was a married man with children. He is the one that did the most wrong yet I am tired of people blaming Kristen. He is a man with no integrity and is a slime ball. Good for his wife for kicking his behind out.

  • Linda Tuttle


    Rupert wrecked his own home. Kristen was neither married nor engaged at the time. I believe she was a 22 yr old young woman who was manipulated by an older, more experienced male slut.