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Alexander Skarsgard: Calvin Klein 'Provocations' Short Film

Alexander Skarsgard: Calvin Klein 'Provocations' Short Film

Alexander Skarsgard gets hot and steamy with model Suvi Koponen in this ten minute film Provocations for Calvin Klein‘s Spring 2013 campaign.

The short film was directed by Fabien Baron and features the music “Og Lengra” composed by Olafur Arnalds.

Alex, 36, was announced as the face of Calvin Klein‘s men’s fragrance Encounter back in June 2012 and has already starred in a series of commercials and print advertisements for the brand.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Alexander Skarsgard’s short film for Calvin Klein?

Alexander Skarsgard: Calvin Klein ‘Provocations’ Short Film
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  • Lilla

    I love it :)

  • Strange

    Amazing !! Totally love it !I Alex & Suvi are great in it …

  • East

    F-in hawt video. I LOVE IT. Jeans scenes O.M.G

  • anon

    THAT was hauntingly beautiful…what wonderful product placement. That was gorgeous….beautiful chemistry.

  • Creative

    That was wonderfully creative ad film. I love the song, I love how they feature the line. I love Alex. A+

  • lilla snorkfröken

    Thank you JJ. Finally some work related! As one of Alex’s biggest fan boy you should know he’s not too happy when paps are harrassing him in his everyday routines.

  • lilla snorkfröken

    Waiting for the trolls ;)

  • Ella

    Some scenes make me believe that i watched a Fifty Shades trailer.

  • cute

    He looks beyond gorgeous in it … and this jeans segment is amazing – hot and dreamy :)

  • OMG

    Damn hot, hot, hot! Just incedible! This is the COMMERCIAL!!! When he runs his finger over the water I nearly died… and the scene in front of the mirror…and when he touches her foot…OMG, I’m burning :P Everything is so sexy and beautiful, with not even a hint of vulgarity.. LOVE IT!!!!

  • tahs

    This guy has weird shaped head. I don’t find him attractive at all.


    @tahs: HAHAHA. yes, he looks like megamind but taller.

  • trolling trolls

    it must sucks real hard for you troll that the more you rant the more he succeed. talk all the sh*t you want. He is a star! I love, love, love this so much. Great!

  • Mink

    Those little beady watery rat eyes

  • Bismuth

    I cannot bother to watch, the prospect of those childbearing hips is scary enough

  • Macy

    Wow, the one loser who keeps trolling the threads with the same comments is back. Good lord, get a life! If you don’t like it, you don’t have to be here.

    The commercial is very in tone with the first one. I love the clothes Suvi has on. I want almost all of them.

  • E

    I’m sorry he has an ugly head shape, and his body looks like a bowling pin

  • S

    Very artistic.

  • Hmmm


    Oh go f your Fleshlight and leave Alex alone.

    He is talented, funny, seems to be a nice person and sexy as hell.

  • FYI


    Those “childbearing hips” comments are launched by Gustaf Skarsgård fans on tPF, which I find slightly ironic because GS actually has very wide, womanly hips and derriere ;) Maybe it runs in family? Of course they might not be GS fans either, only pretending to annoy Alex as if he cares. I’ve noticed this silly tendency when some ladies got angry with AS b/c KB, they put their “intellectual” glasses on and started dissing Alex and diggin GS and other Swedish actors but they seem to be still very much obsessed with Alex as you can see here and there :D

  • A


  • mforman

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the first time on JJ I am speechless. AS is truly one of a kind.
    The whole commercial is amazing, but I think the one called “Wishful Thinking”, in front of the bathroom mirror is by far the hottest one.
    I was so glad when I heard that Calvin Klein named him their face for the entire Spring/Summer Collection, he is the perfect choice.

  • Lawrence

    Super sexy!.

  • karl

    Shes as tall as viking… Can you imagine the sex they had…

  • Hmmm


    Not really, due to the fact that she is married and pregnant.

  • hmmmmmmm

    It’s very artsy which I usually like but I just don’t feel like AS is totally into it and I think they went alittle over the top. He looks good though in these two frames. :)

  • karl


    I dont understand, you saying that women wouldnt throw their rings into the pits of hell, just to breath the same air as viking…

  • Bulk


    What a load of BS. tPF have never said that. Get off the site bashing.

  • Oh my

    I’m buying whatever he’s selling.

  • Valentina

    I can’t explain why, but this man does absolutely nothing to me.

  • FYI


    Are you blind or illiterate? I think it was “Idun” who made that nasty comment on AS thread and she’s a huge Joel Kinnaman and GSkarsgard fan who used to be AS fan earlier or pretended so. If you are registered in, you can easily browse her comments, and yes, anyone in their right mind can see who are the most vicious haters there, no need to be Sherlock Holmes. There’s a little hint for you though: pay attention on the comments of bagbelly(=JK and GS fan), scarredskwirrel (=pretentious SM and JoeM fan) and mik85yrs (shameless JoeM fan). They know the AS threads have a huge following and AS fans are not the only ones who read the comments. what would be a better channel to spread the AShate. Tpf is the place where all the sh1t comes from but of course they must be more subtle there, otherwise they’ll be censored or/and banned. There have been even more vicious “fans”, but they’ve most obviously choked on their own venom and died. If you go there, don’t forget to check GSkar-, Joel Kinnaman-, Joe Manganiello- and SM&AP-threads out . You’ll see the difference there; no criticism, no gay innuendo, no trash talk about their personal lives. They maybe don’t like Olivia Munn, but they are not anywhere near as harsh with Joel as they are with Alex. Oh maybe those other guys just are such great persons and talented actors IDK ;)

  • Hmmm


    Uh, I suppose some women would through their rings into the pits of hell to breathe the air of the viking, I just doubt that Lara Stone would be one of those women.

    PS and FYI – he isn’t really a viking.

  • FYI


    There are lots of celeb men who do nothing for me but I wouldn’t even bother to comment their threads. See… ;)

  • FYI


    Oh I forgot to say that I find it rather endearingly ironic that some of Manganiello fans there (on tpf) are such huge Kate Bosworth haters (zola and mik). You know what I’m saying. Speaking of double standards or maybe it’s ok for men to be fame hoes, except if you are from Sweden and your name is Alexander Skarsgård. Funny thing is also how they hate JJ and the fact that Alex seems to be in good terms with him but they absolutely loved awful ted and some of them even sent him some questions every now and then in order to keep those gay rumours alive. JJ’s never said a bad word about AS but you can’t say the same bout TedC, right? ;)

  • Warped

    That’s not Lara Stone. She’s no longer under on tract with CK. It’s Suvi Koponen as the post says.

  • Just a tweeny

    I bet him and model suvi have now started dating he likes em young stringy unhealthy hair skanky, tall, bones , like Kate bonesworth you could tell they both wanted each other ewwwwwww he is desperate for fame and model sad old man ………….

  • married

    Suvi Koponen is married to Tyler Riggs.

  • ladybug

    @Hmmm: Lara Stone from the Encounter ads is married and pregnant, Suvi from this ad is married and not pregnant.

  • Bulk


    Since your such an avid follower you’d know Idun seldom comments on the AS thread. you’re trolling is obvious. No-one hates JJ. Just the stirring trolls like you. You’re living in the past.

  • danielik25

    @E: You are right! And that´s why he is good for CK… I like him a lot in everywhere!

  • Hmmm


    Thanks and cheers!

  • Disney Villainess

    Damn! Skars killed it here. This guy is really good at what he does: He can turn “it” on and be the absolute personification of SEX and then go back to his usual dorky ass self afterwards…..amahzing. A-mah-zing y’all. LOL

    @FYI: Why call people out though? Who really cares?:) Skars’ still getting paid the Ben Franks, Euros, SEK, or whatever while hating ass b*tches still do what they do best: HATE. That’s their job, and even then, they’re not good at it. Trust, what they doing ain’t hurting no-damn-body. Let the sad b*tches find other sad b*tches and they can congregate and be a big flock of sad ass b*tches together.
    And I personally love Skars’ meaty thighs, he’s probably(I would say definitely) shaped and built up better than these cereal-boxed ass folks that are on here TRYING IT with the “jokes” and pin-pointing the dude’s physique and sh*t………

  • Cafélady…this is stunning!! Great! Like a “mini”-movie!! Very arty – I like the mood of it and how the whole thing was made. The chemistry between him and Suvi is super.The music was perfect for the pictures. Really fantastic!

    Two scenes (‘Provocations’ and ‘Wishful Thinking’) reminded me a bit of classical CK-campaigns from the 90′s – like “Eternity” and “CK one” . The mood/presentation of the pic’s/video’s of these campaigns was a bit similar like now in ‘provocations’.
    Other parts had a bit something of an James Dean movie (in my view) – the scenes they called ‘Intimate Solace’ and ‘Fragmented Recollection’.
    I found the entire video somehow very sensual and atmospheric. And the best; none of the scenes had something vulgar – and this is an art. To avoid an vulgar effect, because this can happen very easily in such scenes – that the whole thing goes wrong, so to say.

    So everything was perfect; the atmosphere of the movie, the music, the actors/models – everything. Love it!!

  • Canuck

    The man certainly has the art of smolder down pat, doesn’t he?

  • Iris

    I like Alex, don’t get me wrong, but “childbearing hips” totally made me chuckle. Hehehe.

  • ladybug
  • rina

    @Disney Villainess: It’s not the thighs dumbass it’s the shape of his hips, which are bones, and are too wide for a man.

  • cute

    Why you cannot see that when he’s naked? and that’s when it should be clearly visible …

  • Disney Villainess

    @rina: “dumbass”? You t-riiiiiiied it. You pin-pointing ass m*****f****r. Hips, thighs, so the f*ck what, the point is: IT DON’T MATTER. Your simple-minded ass trying to correct somebody and you STILL sound stuck on stupid. You must be one of those file cabinet shaped b*tches…………stop being so jealous boo-boo.

  • Keiko

    I love the Skars, but this sh*t is laughably horrible. Just awful.