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Emma Watson: Kristen Stewart Defender!

Emma Watson: Kristen Stewart Defender!

Emma Watson keeps it fashionable while heading out for lunch at a local restaurant on Tuesday (February 12) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 22-year-old British actress recently defended her gal pal Kristen Stewart in a new interview for Vanity Fair Italia.

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“Those who criticized her are the same people that think that being rich and famous is like being covered in some kind of magic powder that makes life perfect: Nothing can go wrong in your wonderful world,” Emma explained. “For these people, Kristen deserves all the bad things that have been thrown at her because she had an amazing life and she ruined it.”

Emma added, “I don’t know how to explain it, but it sure isn’t perfect. I thought that the media picked on her in a very horrible way. Kristen is human, just like everybody else, and she’s so young. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone. It’s not fair to consider them matters of public interest.”

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  • mariah

    oh man, who would’ve thought being rich is such a burdon!!! Let me relieve from your milions Emma love, please, oblige me!

  • Marla Richards

    Go home, dear Emma Watson, you’re drunk. I like you, you are a young talented actress but can’t say the same for Ms. Stewart. Other than she’s disrespectful person, she’s not talented.

  • ventouse

    There is a demand for public bashing. The media gives what the public wants…

  • mel

    I love Emma and that is a valid point!

  • Chloe

    @Marla Richards: Yeah, she’s not talented. But she is free, and that’s what Emma talked about.

  • sandy

    Kristen Stewart was extremely overexposed. More than even Robert Pattinson. She did 40 magazine covers last year and was going to every fashion event and selling a perfume. It all backfired when she made one very public mistake.

  • kit

    I just hope Kristen Stewart disappears. She’s the worst actress of her generation.

  • .

    great words Emma W.
    Kristen is just a young woman, who happens to have a great live, job, love & friends… people are just jealous.. I have never seen so much “hate” towards an actress who doesn’t deserve it.
    why do people focus on her and her life if they don’t like it ! what’s the point?

  • LaCroix

    Emma Watson you are so delusional.. even though your words ring true in some respects. But not when that thing is having an affair with a married man. Get a clue & stop endorsing this behavior!

  • Vanity-Insecurity

    What is my problem with what Emma is saying.. is just because they are celebs they are people like us.. regular joes but in real life ppl are also looked down on & criticized for having affairs with married people. So just cause you are a celeb doesnt mean that we should excuse their behavior. You want to be treated like regular people because you are but then you complain about it? Kristen & all celebs know you are being watched 24. So have little dignity & act right.

  • Charlotte

    “Kristen is human, just like everybody else, and she’s so young. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone. It’s not fair to consider them matters of public interest” Emma’s absolutely right. I don’t see anything debatable in this words.

  • blob

    @kit: if you do not want to see kristen, don’t pay attention to any articles or post about her.

    emma watson does make a valid point though, the media hate and backlash was disgusting and still is. nobody was this harsh towards people like claire danes when people learnt she had cheated on her partner at the time or even alicia keys

  • Denita

    Wow why am I not surprised.. another celeb complaining about fame.. blah blah your life isn’t perfect? really? so stop acting then.. these ppl just don’t understand how good they have it.. if they did this wouldn’t vomit out of their mouths.

  • Lola

    No, pretty sure Kristen deserved all the hate. She made the decision and she has no one to blame but herself! Don’t defend her anymore, she’s irrelevant.

  • ok

    #1 this is ridiculous that people are fighting online about what Emma Watson is saying about Kristen Stewart.

    #2. Is this any of Emma’s you think Kristen and Robert want that scandal all dug up again? Pretty sure Pattinson doesn’t want forever to be tied to that scandal.

  • mel

    @Vanity-Insecurity: I don’t think Emma is trying to say that people should excuse her behavior. She is saying that Kristen made a mistake and regardless of fame she’s still a person and dealing with the repercussion of her actions in such a public way must be really hard.

  • Helen

    I’m sorry, I don’t want to sound mean, but in first place, Emma is not a good actress, she’s not even going to school anymore but she’s using it to tell the world that she’s so “smart”. And about this “I’m defending my good friend Kristen” act, she looks stupid. Sorry Emma, if you want to be normal then get out of the business and make some room for people who are not gonna complain about it.

  • Mel


    I disagree and so do many of Kristen´s co-stars. I have always thought very highly of Emma. Her comment shows that she has a heart as well as talent

  • Kylie

    I think Kristen received more criticism than most for a couple reasons. First, while never acknowledging any public affection for her well-liked boyfriend, she gets caught in a stupid way with some douche-bag. Photographic evidence hits people harder than mere rumors. Second, she didn’t build up any affection or favor with folks because she comes off as mean, pretentious and childish. Makes her an easy target. Third, children were involved, children that Kristen knew and tried to befriend. Fourth, Kristen has spoken repeatedly about how fake everyone but her is. You better believe that people are going to rub it in her face when it was revealed that she was the fake one.

    And lastly, she’s just an awful actress who has gotten more acclaim than she ever deserved.

  • talia

    @Kylie: there is no proof that kristen knew the children

  • Evolet

    @Helen: Reading her comment and yours, definitely she seems smarter than you, by so far…

  • Lucy

    I have to agree with some of you, Emma is not a good actress and I really thought she was smarter than this… quite dissapointing.

  • Selma

    I used to like Kristen Stewart, God knows why. I guess I’m used to liking the person that everyone else hates but man, that cheating thing, she lost all of my respect there and will never get it back. She can try to do good movies, in my opinion she ruined On The Road, and thus ruined the other amazing actors chances of any future accolades for those parts. I was literally laughing in the theatre with my friend at her “British” accent and don’t get me started with the Twilight series. I love Into the Wild but she wasn’t amazing in that role. Panic Room is, and by the looks of it all, her only good work to date. I guess she was good when she was younger. Some people’s talent fade away.

    I can’t believe that people like Kristen make like 30 million dollars a year while real talent like Joaquin Phoenix don’t. What a ridiculous world we live in.

    No matter what she tries to do, she will forever be known as a homewrecker, first cheating on Michael Angarano and then on Robert Pattinson. Oh, and that little scandal with the married director.

    Kristen Stewart is by no means a role model. She should stop acting and direct or something, maybe she’ll cheat some more.

    I can’t believe I used to look up to someone like her. And oh, Emma Watson is great and all but my God, her American accent in Perks was terrible.

    Ok now. Bye!

  • Zyanym_lublu_tebia_silnee

    I LOVE you Aizhan!!!!))

  • Really Emma

    Of course she is defending Kristen, she’s probably slept with a few directors too.

  • Daniel

    Everyones loves Emma until she defends Kristen Stewart! All of you are pretty pathetic!

    Emma is a great actress with a big potential! She will shut mouths with her performance in Bling Ring and Noah, specially with Noah!

  • Daniel


    Emma is attending NYU and Brown! You should firts inform about the topic!

  • hum

    Even though I like Emma, I disagree to an extent. These celebs need to STOP acting like ALL of us “regular folks” believe in their fairy tale make believe world. We aren’t freaking stupid. Regular people get shamed and ridiculed for having affairs too. Maybe if Kristen didn’t CHOOSE to become an actress and have an affair with a MARRIED man with KIDS, I would feel a little bad for her. Too bad Kristen MADE the CHOICE to do what she did.

  • Wes

    Emma IS NOT defending Kristen Stewart affair with Rupert Sanders! She’s talking about how the media treat her!

  • Lisa

    Emma is soooooooooo A W E S O M E !!!!!!

  • Lisa

    and Emma will win the OSCAR one day,

  • TheDudeAbides

    I like Emma.

  • Katness

    @mariah: Her BOYFRIEND is the BEST LOVER, He kisses Her NECK and uses HIS TONGUE to Penetrate Deep Inside Her, with the help of BEDROOM TOYS from AthenaToysDotcom

  • Sam

    Some of these comments are unbelievable. No where did Emma stick up for what Kristen DID, she just stated the obvious when asked about the whole Kristen drama and that is that its none of anybody’s business! I don’t even like Kristen but that doesnt blind me to hate her no matter what. She did wrong but thats her problem and she’s probably suffering from the repercussions!

  • amika

    what emma watson doesn’t understand is that kristen stewart practically ASKED for everything she got. I remember reading in an interview that her life is too perfect and she just wanted someone to “screw her over”. she’s a disgusting person and terrible actress and deserves everything she gets.

  • liz

    kinda funny since she has some of the same qualities that i dislike in kristen stewart: arrogant, dull, pretentious. the only difference is she’sEnglish, but it’s possible that just adds to the aforementioned ‘arrogant’ quality.

  • sam~

    you know what, if these people did it for the love of acting they’d do Broadway – they do it for the fame – there’s a difference.

  • sam~

    @hum: well said !!!!!

  • Gorda

    Emma why don’t you just shut up. Stop defending a homewrecker. Does this mean you condone cheating? I guess we are going to be seeing pictures of you cheating on your boyfriend next, unless you already have cheated and therefore it makes sense that you would defend this behavior. You know it takes one to know one.

    Next time you open your mouth, think about the real victims here. Trust me you wouldn’t be this forgiving if it was you in Liberty’s shoes. So think twice before opening your mouth again.

    i used to like you. Not anymore. See you!

  • DocP

    The bigger you are the harder you fall, that’s just plain common sense. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t do anything they don’t want the world to see. Cheating is wrong however in this case she cheated on an actor who is very well liked and respected. The fact is if she had cheated on a no name, the backlash wouldn’t have been so severe. However that doesn’t make it any less wrong in what this girl did. Always remember and practice the Golden Rule. Do unto others that which you want done unto you. DON”T CHEAT!!!!

  • sam~

    @Sam: thanks for stealing my name (jokejoke) — yes it’s K.S business BUT she is followed 24/7 by photographers, she knew exactly what she was doing.. i don’t feel sorry for people who want the attention than cry when it doesn’t go their way.

  • KimYu

    Damn Emma I never thought you guys were friends since each time Twilight won an award over Harry potter your face didn’t look so good..I wouldn’t blame you though I’d do the same face

  • 123

    I like Emma but I don’t agree whit her and I do think she was kind of sticking up for Kristen when she said she’s young and that everyone makes mistakes the last part is true but I mean Kristen is 22 she’s not that young to not know the difference from what’s right and what’s not and also she made it very public when she issued the statement about the whole cheating thing, for someone who’s very “private” she pretty much was giving the media and everyone else something to talk about

  • Liz

    Love her!! Where has been?? I missed her. I got Perks of Being a Wallflower on DVD today. It’s such a great film!

  • Audrey

    I love her. She is so sexy.

  • Inna

    @mariah: By the way it is spelled ” burden” and not ” bordon ” . Kristen while being an actress and having the luck to land a job that made her famous is not someone you really know or will ever know. She is a person with feelings, young and will make many more mistakes in her life as will you and all the “commentators ” here.

  • _1

    @Inna: vomit – and it’s called nepotism not talent

  • Kay

    Good people can do bad things, it doesn’t erase the million good things they’ve done and will do. Our mistakes don’t define use. Are you a saint? Piss off @Marla Richards:

  • Kay

    that’s not what her boyfriend thinks @kit:

  • Kay

    @Selma: She cheated on Michael Angarano? Really? Cough up the proof of that otherwise shut up, mere speculation.