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Chris Brown: Shirtless 'Home' Music Video - Watch Now!

Chris Brown: Shirtless 'Home' Music Video - Watch Now!

Check out Chris Brown going shirtless in his new music video for his song “Home,” off his upcoming album Carpe Diem!

The 23-year-old entertainer tweeted, “I am excited to announce the world premiere of #Home, a new docu-video from my world tour! #TeamBreezy, check it out.”

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Chris Brown

The video features Chris traveling around the world for his Carpe Diem tour and showcasing his dance moves.

Carpe Diem is scheduled to be released later this year. We can’t wait!

Chris Brown – ‘Home’ Music Video

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  • katy

    you always will be di.k

  • namers

    I’m not watching this dumbass’s video and you can’t make me!

  • Pat

    What happened to his last album? It seemed like he just threw out some singles and left it alone.

  • Jessi

    He is such a disgusting person!

  • laura lee breig

    leave him alone u guys…there is nothing wrong with him so just stop with the hatred already

  • MONK

    Grow up Chris

  • Kresta


  • kenny

    What a disgrace.

  • jess

    He should go deep-sea diving. Without an oxygen tank. Without any diving equipment. With a fridge. Chained to his ankle.

  • Rupert Sanders


  • Love The Shoes

    @Jessi: And here you are.

  • Love The Shoes

    Bottomline, there ALWAYS a whole lot of thou dost protest too much happening everytime there’s a Chris Brown thread. It gets filled up with people trying to convince themselves they hate the guys guts; that they can’t stand the sight of him or find him disgusting. I find it seriously disingenuous fake and phony. You don’t like the guy? Don’t be all up in here! Ignore the thread. Nobody’s making you be here. And that poster up thread with the dumbest statement of all “I won’t watch the video and you can’t make me!” MUST think somebody is damn stupid enough to believe you haven’t clicked it on. Don’t like the guy? Don’t be up in the thread. It IS that easy.

  • omg

    I am disgusted by him! And by Just Jared for constantly promoting this felon!

  • It wouldn’t be so bad

    If Chris Brown hadn’t tatted himself to death. Ugh! I hate those darn tattoos! He looks like a different person today. He was a cute little boy, but now he looks like a jailbird. He looks bad and rough. Yea he went to jail, but didn’t have to buy into that image. Wrong move for his career, IMO.

  • No 15

    Do everyone a favour…disappear…

  • sue

    This idiot will soon pregnant a young girl if not careful, he’s so full of shit and thug behaviour. All his videos are crap and make no sense at all, so sad!!

  • Sad

    He’d better make great music for the rest of his life… or he will probably get into more criminal behavior.

  • the_boyfriend

    “We can’t wait!” really Jared? i get you being neutral with the coverage you post but as a gay man yourself i can’t understand your support for him.
    the video is awful, another ego stroke and the song is a mid-tempo snooze that offers nothing new, it’s boring and takes no chances, he has to be worried other artists like frank black are taking chances and delivering the goods.

  • Justina

    @Love The Shoes: She KISSES Him Passionately and Feels her Man’s WARM HOT BODY pushed close against her Soft Skin. She loves getting GIFTS FOR WOMEN at AthenaToysDotcom

  • Just Saying

    @omg: Felon!! what a joke, if he is a felon what the hell is Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Eminen, Alec Baldwin, Senn Penn, Ozzy Osbourne, Tommy Lee, Jeff Goldblum, Sean Connery and the list goes on and on. They were all involved in domestic situations as grown ass men but yet the media has forgotten about that, I wonder why,.

  • Just Saying

    @the_boyfriend: I just don’t understand why all these haters watch a video of Chris, you had to watch it to say it was awful, if you hate him so much why do you waste your time reading about him.

  • http://@Amie_Basi Modellaesque

    People have no work to do. All your hating on Chris hasn’t stopped Riri from getting back with him. And as she said, it’s nobody’s bidness…… So if the gal he beat up is cool now, what’s your beef withe dude again? Allow him do his art and live his life. If you don’t like him, don’t click on his thread. Period.