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Miranda Kerr: West Hollywood Photoshoot!

Miranda Kerr: West Hollywood Photoshoot!

Miranda Kerr looks chic while striking a pose during a photo shoot on Melrose Avenue on Sunday (March 3) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 29-year-old model changed outfits three times and posed both next to and inside of a classic convertible car for her shoot.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

The other day, Miranda was spotted wearing vintage cat-eye sunglasses while catching a departing flight out of JFK International Airport in New York City.

20+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr at her photo shoot…

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75 Responses to “Miranda Kerr: West Hollywood Photoshoot!”

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  1. 1


  2. 2
    Emily Says:

    She has the body of a skinny eleven year old. Totally sexless

  3. 3
    @2 Says:

    Yeah….that’s why she is a Victoria’s Secret angel….totally “sexless”.

  4. 4
    steph Says:

    Hate the clothes, but she looks as gorgeous as ever!

  5. 5
    Lena Says:

    Saw Miranda on GMA. She is sweet, business savy and a flawless beauty. Love her cute Australian accent.

  6. 6
    vy Says:

    @@2: Just because she’s a VS model doesn’t mean she’s sexually desired by everyone. IMO, she is pretty but not sexy.

  7. 7
    charlotte Says:

    she doesn’t look good here at ALL. she has a pretty face, but she isn’t a supermodel. i’m uncomfortable with the fact that VS “lingerie” models think they can do “high fashion”.. there is a clear distinction between this girl and such models like gisele, kate and naomi. just cuz she married a hollywood actor doesn’t mean she will automatically go up to their level. nor she ever will.

  8. 8
    @6 Says:

    Of course people have different ideas of what is, or is not sexy.
    But to say that she is “sexless” is a bit ridiculous, don’t you think?
    I happen to find Kate Upton vulgar. But just because I don’t think that she is sexy, doesn’t mean that I an silly enough to claim that she isn’t sexy to anyone. Again, that would be ridiculous.

  9. 9
    @7 Says:

    But aren’t they more than just a “lingerie” models if they have walked on high fashion runways, or appeared on the cover of multiple high fashion magazines, including Vogue? Several of the angels have crossed over to high fashion. Miranda, Doutzen, and Candice have all had succes in both commercial and fashion modeling. And what does that mean for Karli? Is she just a “lingerie” model now?
    The line between high fashion and commercial models has blurred.
    They don’t have to be either/or, anymore.

  10. 10
    jololi Says:

    How convenient for her that she’s soooo famous that the paps photograph her everywhere but they (the actual paps) called her Adriana (Lima) at the JFK airport just a few days ago. To me, that only goes to show how much of an irrelevant woman who’s trying to gain fame she is. I mean, Adriana is like this overly private person but Miranda’s pap people call her name instead? Wow, Adriana is truly a star in her own right. How can you have Miranda standing in front of you and u call her Adriana? Aren’t these paps supposed to know the name of the person they’re photographing? Lol I bet once they forgot the name they gave them they assumed she was Adriana since she’s a VS angel and a brunette. I don’t blame them since Adriana is VS’s most famous Angel. One has to wonder, if the paps whose jobs are to know and photograph celebs can’t even remember Miranda’s name, then what would the general public make of her? I mean, this is prove that she and her pr team inform pap agencies of her whereabouts and the agency send some of their agents to her location. I’m sure the agents don’t even know who she was and they forgot the name they gave them HAHAHAHAHA. So when will miranda’s famewhoring start to pay off? And to make matters worst, another pap called her Amanda. lmao… From the frying pan to the fire. Lol you can tell she was upset as she didn’t hang out with them as usual. Here’s the video So much for a celebrity.

    Also, can you guys believe her fan who responds to every comment here claim (in her last thread) that Miranda and Orlando were not at the Oscars because only nominees/part of a nominated movie/presenters attended the ceremony? I mean, how deluded can one person get? natalie portman , jennifer aniston, hilary swank, amanda seyfried, kate beckinsale, all these girls and more were there but weren’t nominees/part of a nominated movie/presenters. Lol don’t be mad because the Oscars is more prestigious and more important than the GG. I mean after all, Miranda and Orlando attended after parties, like they were afterthoughts lmao. While the real stars attended both the ceremony and after parties. With there seats readily waiting for them. Just accept that Orlando is a has-been. And Miranda is a never-was in Hollywood. Does it hurt that much to accept the plain old truth? lol fool
    Oh and my favorite of that demented posters claims was Valentino sent Miranda DRESSES to try on and pick one to wear at an AFTER PARTY. OMG. And also, TV shows covered them (orlando and Miranda) at the Golden Glodes. Yea, I’m sure they did in a fantasy world. I guess, you forget that Miranda is at the bottom of the barrel among Hollywood stars. Isn’t it just common sense that networks like E! wouldn’t dare cover her when A list actors and Hollywood elites were scattered everywhere? And the ceremony was dedicated to actors and there wasn’t a shortage of stylish fashionista actresses there.
    So where is your logic sister??

  11. 11
    @jololi Says:

    Still, you reply here and not on the other thread, haha.
    Aren’t you contradicting yourself? If Adriana is so famous, why would anyone mistake Miranda -or anyone else- for her?
    I actually think that Adriana is famous, but paps calling Miranda “Adriana” only makes those paps look bad. Them, and no one else.
    The only one who gives an enormous importance to attending the Oscars here is you, their fans don’t care. There are several people that you would consider A-listers who didn’t go, they can’t invite everybody every year.
    Valentino did send her dresses, and TV and networks did cover their appearance at the GG. It’s really stupid to deny something that’s so easy to verify by anyone!

  12. 12
    jololi Says:

    Lol, how am I contradicting myself?? Adriana’s fame spoke for itself when the paps didn’t remember Miranda’s name and called her Adriana. It only proved that they were more familiar with Adriana. Since I’m sure Adriana is what comes to most people’s minds when they hear VS angel. Lol. And Miranda’s attention seeking ways showed itself when they didn’t just call her Adriana, but also Amanda (who’s Amanda??) lmao. When the paps gave her another look and realized she wasn’t Adriana, then was when they called her Amanda. lmao. I’m now 100000% sure she’s a famewhore and she has the paps on speed dial.
    Calling Miranda two different names makes her look bad more than the paps. lol… again, it only proves that they really didn’t know who she was. Can you imagine the paps calling Beyonce or Kate Upton different names? They’d be caught dead.

    “The only one who gives an enormous importance to attending the Oscars here is you, their fans don’t care. There are several people that you would consider A-listers who didn’t go, they can’t invite everybody every year.”
    LMAO, didn’t you at first say only Oscar nominees and presenters attended? When I shoved that lie in your throat you decided to change you argument to ‘they can’t invite everyone’. Not that there was ever a year they invited Miranda and Orlando. For a fan who doesn’t think it’s important and doesn’t care, you sure are investing lots of lies in it to explain why they didn’t attend. True that some A listers didn’t attend, but not everyone wants to attend every year. Brand and Angelina didn’t attend but they definitely would have attended if they wanted to. Just so happens that Miranda and her Husband aren’t A listers and it’s Obvious they would have attended had they been given the chance because they went to TWO after parties.

    “Valentino did send her dresses, and TV and networks did cover their appearance at the GG. It’s really stupid to deny something that’s so easy to verify by anyone!”


    Now, that Adriana is back, her 15 mintes at VS is over once again. poor girl. I’m sure she’s thinking of all the commercials and events she’ll miss… alll the lost opportunites to famewhore lol
    Anyway, bye. I’m too busy to keep talking to a fanatic in denial.

  13. 13
    @jololi Says:

    If they called ‘Adriana’ to another woman that can only mean that they don’t know what Adriana looks like.
    ” I’m now 100000% sure she’s a famewhore and she has the paps on speed dial.”
    Actually, your video proves that she didn’t call them. If she had, they’d know the name of the person that called them, don’t you think?
    “didn’t you at first say only Oscar nominees and presenters attended?”
    Nope, I never said that. But since you believe that MK only has one fan, I guess your supersmart comeback will be that I did say that.
    There are several A listers who went to one or two after parties but didn’t attend the Oscars. Gerard Butler, Kirsten Dunst, Diane Kruger, for example.
    As for your claim that Valentino didn’t send her dresses, you’ll have to do much better than “suuuuuure”. And about TV and networks covering their appearance at the GG, geez, people can see it themselves with a couple of searches, how can you deny that?
    We’ll see if VS only has Adriana in their minds. If MK also gets work with VS, what will you say? I’d like to remind you this conversation when that happens, to see how you only give credit to Adriana’s work with VS and dismiss other models’ work.
    You’re not that busy, and you shouldn’t run away after coming to troll.

  14. 14
    Hals Says:

    I’m sorry but but Kristen, Gerard, Kruger are not A listers in 2013. I don’t know why you think that but they are not. They are not irrelevant but not A listers in this day. I would say Gerard is ahead of the other two but still…
    And I don’t know if Miranda Kerr calls the paps or not, and frankly I don’t care, but the paps calling her different names is a little telling I have to say. Like, OUCH. The fact that they called her Lima says more about the fact that they don’t know Miranda than the fact that they don’t recognize Lima. They recognized Lima enough to stop calling Miranda Adriana and called her a different.
    And Valentino might have sent her gowns for the after party, but that’s a lillte hard to believe. Who’s Miranda anyway? I’m sure she’s famous and important, but really? Valentino overlooked all the mega stars and chose Miranda who was no where part ofthe people that were the centre of attention? And to an after party? Not even the main event? Hard to believe.
    Not bashing anyone, I just found most of what u said a little inaccurate. I could be wrong

  15. 15
    Wow Says:

    @ Jo-loony
    You come to this thread to post your rambling novellas when people had already proved you wrong on the other thread.
    Should we just go back and copy/paste the responses that proved you to be an obsessive Adriana fan who wouldn’t know the truth from a hole in the ground?
    People are laughing at you, don’t you realize that?
    But keep posting. Keep proving that facts are your enemy. Keep giving Miranda hits. And definitely keep entertaining us.
    Poor, delusional psychopath.

  16. 16
    @14 Says:

    Video proof is hard to believe?
    Well honey, you just outed yourself as a sock.
    Have a great day!

  17. 17
    Cathy Says:

    How much hairspray did they put on that hair?

  18. 18
    @jololi Says:

    Hmmmm, since you are saying the exact same thing over and over, I think that #15 had a great idea….
    Oh please Miranda doesn’t need to call the paps as all the newspapers, magazines & celebrity sites pay the paps for her pics. Because they know if they feature her pics on their sites they will get more hits, more hits means more dollars, it’s called supply & demand. You can lie all you like but the paps wouldn’t bother if her pics didn’t sell.

    I suppose you also think she calls shows like ET, Access, E, who all covered her at the GG’s and the Vanity Fair Oscar party…lol. Only people involved in nominated movies or presenters go to the Oscars.

    You have to be an A lister to get invited to the Vanity Fair after party. Valentino even sent dresses to Miranda to wear fo the Vanity Fair party…where was Adriana???

    Nobody in the media believes Miranda had anything to with Bieber saying otherwise just makes you look stupid. The same with the Leo rumour, his PR people put out a statement saying it was FALSE as did Orlando & Miranda. They have all been friends for years.

    The pics of Miranda having fun doing cartwheels on the beach with the young girls were taken by the paps with a long distance telephoto lens, they can take them a mile away.

    When Miranda was on GMA she DID advertise the new bra but the hostess also wanted to know how Miranda stays in shape & her beauty routine. Every show she’s on they ALL want to know HER exercise & health secrets because she looks so gorgeous.

    The media only feature Adriana when she’s promoting VS otherwise they don’t care. Even the woman who runs the VS show & hires the models has said Miranda is a style icon & how much she loves her book. Ellen de Generes said on her show that Miranda is a genuine nice person & that she loves her book as well. Miranda even went to Ellen’s birthday party and we all know Ellen is a lovely person.

    Miranda has her own skincare line, is a best selling author as well as being a VS angel. Your jealous because the media pays more attention to her than Adriana, you have a bad case of sour grapes”

  19. 19
    @Hals Says:

    Oh please, Kirsten Dunst was the main actress in the last Lars Von Trier movie and Diane Kruger worked for Tarantino in ‘Inglorious ********’, and both have many projects ahead. Yet those are not A listers but Kate Beckinsale is (according to jololi)?
    Who cares if two paps didn’t recognize Miranda (and have no idea what Lima looks like)? Miranda has millions of fans and is becoming really popular lately. In my little, European country, she is everywhere, ads in the streets, ads on TV, thanks to her Mango campaign.
    As for your strange theory about why you think Valentino didn’t send her dresses, as far as I know the “mega stars” were not nakd, they also wore haute couture clothes from other designers, Valentino can’t dress everybody. Except for Helen Hunt who wore a dress by H&M, becoming my hero LOL
    I’m not bashing anyone either, I just think that jololi is wrong about pretty much everything and I wanted to point it out.

  20. 20
    @jololi Says:

    “Delusional Adriana fans are the most fun. They live in a world of their own. They ignore facts and create their own realities, never admitting the truth. They scour the internet looking for posts about other models, just to insult them by trying to make Adriana look like the most important model out there. Give it up. She’s a gorgeous famewhore who invited paps to watch her box. Twice. Who many people across the internet, many on this site, said that she came back too early. For a regular person, she looked amazing. For the VS runway, she looked doughy and thick. And stopping to acknowledge applause IS NOT DONE on a fashion runway. She looked RIDICULOUS and unprofessional. PLUS, she is rude to fans. A well known poster on The Fashion Spot, who even ran a fan site for her, now has nothing but negative things to say after having the opportunity to meet Adriana. She was dismissive, condescending, and rude to him. This same poster had nothing but positive things to say about Miranda. So keep liking Adriana. But don’t be fooled by her fake persona. She’s a b!tch. And trying to make her look better by attacking other models, just makes you look like a fool.
    Oh, and btw, Miranda segment on Good Morning America was all about health and fitness. She was one of several people invited by the show to give health and fitness tips. She also spoke about the new bra, but I guess the you ignored that part, right.
    Delusional loser.”

  21. 21
    @jololi Says:


    There is more than one person responding to your original post. My first comment is #16 & this is only my second post to you.

    Hate to break it to you but Valentino DID send Miranda 2 of his dresses to wear to the Vanity Fair party. So she is by your OWN words a “timeless and relevant A lister”…lol.

    Miranda was being interviewed while promoting the new VS Fabulous bra in NY a few days ago. The reporter asked her about her Valentino dress & why she chose that dress.

    Miranda said that Valentino had kindly sent her two dresses, a white one & the one she wore. She tried on both and Orlando liked the black dress. Miranda said it was actually dark green and that as soon as she put it on she liked how it flowed & that it would be easier to dance in it.

    The reporter also said she noticed that Miranda & Orlando spent a lot of time at the party with Jennifer Annistan & Justin Theroux & Miranda replied that their friends & that Justin & Orlando go Motorbike riding together. The interview is posted on you tube.

    There is also a 27 minute interview she did for The Huffington Post asking her AGAIN about her health & beauty routine.

    Charlize Theron was part of the opening monologue at the Oscars, dancing with Channing Tatum, she was also a presenter.

    Miranda has been in the San Francisco Chronicle, the LA times, Washington Post, the Australian, the Daily Mirror, the Age etc etc…
    People, US, E online, Huffpost, Who, Celebuzz, popsugar etc etc..
    Also many many fashion mags to mention.
    How convient that you claim The Daily Mail & JJ have a deal with her.
    The truth is they feature her so often because she gets lots of hits, more hits means more dollars for them.

    On the one hand you say they DID show her at the Gloden Golbes & then contradict yourself by saying it didn’t matter. The next day pics of her in her dress were all over the Internet.

    It’s very obvious you’re a Lima fan as you go into such detail about her & are constantly trying to justify that she is more relevant than Miranda.

    Miranda was recently on the cover of the prestigious French High Fashion Magazine Jalouse with a full spread inside. If that had been Adriana you would have been saying how relevant she is & going on & on about it…..Jealous much???

    You’re just upset that poor Adriana isn’t relevant enough to get invited to any of the A list parties, maybe next year if she’s lucky!!!”

  22. 22
    @jololi Says:

    “Honey, if you follow pop culture, then you would have seen Miranda and Orlando on E!, ET, Extra and almost all media that covered the VF party.
    And if you had at least a few working brain cells, you would know that gossip sites buy pictures from the paps, of celebs that bring them hits. And since idiot haters and pathetic Adriana fans insist on posting on these sites, Miranda’s photos are a great investment.
    And yeah, I want that list of people from the Academy Awards who had nothing to do with any of the films, their actors, guests and presenters and their guests. Put up or shut up.
    But you’re right. Valentino didn’t send Miranda a dress…he actually sent her THREE (the white, the one that she wore, and another). LOL!
    And I love how you are trying to make attending the VF party nothing. You’re just jealous that Miranda gets to go to A-list parties with her gorgeous, successful husband, but Adriana only gets to go to D-list basketball games with her has-been, hideous husband. Bitter, party of one… LOL!
    And BTW, Adriana made quite an impression at Prada. She refused to pose with ANYONE backstage. Proving ONCE AGAIN, that she is a world class B!TCH.
    So love her all you want, but the rest of us know the truth about her.”

  23. 23
    @jololi Says:

    “I don’t know why you think it’s so hilarious that Valentino sent her dresses. She’s worked for several HF brands and been on the cover of several HF mags. People like to see what she’s wearing. In all likeliness Valentino doesn’t pay so much attention to Miranda’s scandal-free life as you do, and I doubt he has the perception you have about her (just like other people of the fashion world that have nothing but good things to say about her).
    And if this “loser couple” can pull strings to get invited to the GG and two Oscar parties even if they weren’t invited from the beginning (according to you), you’re admitting that they have lots of good connections, like you call them.
    And calling Miranda Adriana at the JFK airport is embarrassing indeed, for the person who wasn’t capable of remembering who they were photographing, not for her.
    And their appearance at the GG was covered by several media from all the world. It’s normal that they’d talk more about the nominees, I doubt any fan of the couple expected otherwise.
    As for your final, childish comment, I have only posted as “@jololi” (#19)”

  24. 24
    @jololi Says:

    This one’s mean, but she deserved it, IMO
    You just make this way too easy. Every person that you mentioned was a presenter, or involved in a nominated film.
    I thought that you said that you followed pop culture.
    Oh, and by people calling Miranda, Adriana by mistake PROVES that Adriana is not as famous as you claim. If she was the mega star that you say that she is, wouldn’t people know what she looks like!
    And I love how you try to turn things around by claiming that important models wouldn’t want to go to one of the most important parties of the year. Well then, why did Gisele go when she was dating Leo??
    And now you are twisting words to cover that you were wrong (again)! We said that they were shown on numerous entertainment shows. You said that they weren’t. We proved you wrong, so now you are saying that it doesn’t count because they didn’t spend the entire dhow on them, but only showed them for a few seconds. Well honey, if you followed pop culture, you would have seen that they only showed anyone on the red carpet for a few seconds. But the fact that when these shows could have picked from hundreds of people to focus on, every show chose to show Orlando and Miranda. Are you now going to claim that they paid off ALL of those shows, too?
    And I don’t care what you believe. Miranda has a lot of fans, with facts to back us up. You are just another delusional fan in love with a woman who would treat you like dirt if you ever had the chance to meet her.
    Enjoy loving a certified b!tch.”

  25. 25
    @jololi Says:

    And finally…
    “Oh, and btw, I know that one place where she talked about the dresses was during the interview with the Huffington Post. You know… The people who dedicated over 27 minutes to her interview. You’re a big girl, I’m sure that you will be able to find it by yourself. That is, unless you don’t want to be confronted with THE TRUTH!! I know how much that hurts.

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