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Katie Holmes: Lunch Date with Mom!

Katie Holmes: Lunch Date with Mom!

Katie Holmes tries to keep warm as she steps out of the Crosby Hotel on Tuesday (March 5) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress was joined by her mother Kathleen as they grabbed some lunch before heading to the school of Katie‘s daughter Suri.

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The day before, Katie and Suri were spotted walking hand in hand with tennis racquets while heading to a racquet club for some tennis fun.

FYI: Katie is wearing Bloch shoes.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes out and about with her mother Kathleen

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  • dani

    Worst fashion sense ever for an A lister (if only by marriage).

  • Roger L. Holgate

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  • Question

    Where’s Tom’s mom? Doesn’t Suri miss her.

  • http://computer LOL


  • Suri the meal ticket

    Where did she get that jacket? Salvation Army?

  • Raquel C

    Katie is blessed to have her mom able to fly back and forth to New York when she needs her. Katie doesn’t really have a lot of friends she lost them during her marriage to Cruise. Although I never followed her before Cruise so I don’t really know if she is a girly girl like Victoria Beckman who has been seen going to dinner with Kate Beckinsale, Eva Longoria, Ken Paves, etc.

  • Octavian

    My mom lives 15000 miles away, Katie is such a lucky lady she can hug her lovely mom anytime she wants…

  • london tipton rich

    I guess Toledo is not good enough for her mom

  • CF98

    @london tipton rich: Yeah dumbass I’m sure she’s just visiting her daughter like millions of moms do when their children live in other parts of the country

  • Nicole Kidman

    @Raquel C:

    Katie Holmes despite being an actress, she can be a reserved. You do not need a lot of friends. It is preferable to have a few good friends. The middle of it is very competitive.

  • Nicole Kidman


    Tom’s family no longer has access to Suri. After all, he is not the biological father. This was the pricipal reason that Katie won full custody, Tom had the most to lose if it would open the game. Katie would not have the same fate as mine.

  • Raquel C

    #11 – I agree that Tom had more to lose than Katie as far as fighting for Suri. He is or was a box office superstar and that made him a multimillionaire. No matter if one like Katie or not, she has never reached Tom Cruise status and at this stage of the game won’t. But not to feel sorry for her. She is walked away with more money than when she went into the marriage plus Suri’s current money stipend. The one that must find it hard to find REAL friends and associates is Tom Cruise. People see him and think of $$$ or the doors he can open for them.

  • Raquel C

    By all accounts, the play Dead Accounts lacked a real script to become successful. I think the producers jumped the gun and decided to grab Katie Holmes fresh off her divorce because they thought people would want to see her in person, the woman that divorced Tom Cruise so they rushed the play before it was ready and Katie quickly signed on only thing was this play revealed the lack of talent Katie had, she was not ready to be the lead in a Broadway play. But as I mentioned in my previous post, Katie walked away from the marriage with 5 years of seeing the world, best hotels, experiences, shopped and went to dance classes and got herself into the best physical shape of her adult life thus far and walked away with a lot of expenses shoes, handbags, clothes, lived in a mansion, and payments during the marriage. There’s just one thing, she had to give up her soul and that of her daughter Suri. That was the one thing she had to give up to get all these material good. She tasted the good life. And Tom Cruise opened many doors opened to her but she was not successful in any of her endeavers. So you can’t blame Tom Cruise. Katie wanted her soul back and made a profit in the process. I don’t feel sorry for her. The one that had more to lose here was Tom Cruise.

  • dani

    @Raquel C:

    While I do agree that Katie walked away with more than she had materially before Cruise, I think she lost out in the acting dept and reputation dept. Before Cruise she was in Batman which was a hugely successful franchise. After her appearance on Letterman when he asked her if she was in a movie and her ‘love’ was in a movie which would she support and she said My Man of course. Plus all the antics that went on with her and Cruise at that time had her fired from the sequel. Although Tom’s PR machine went into overdrive saying she quit, most insiders feel she was fired. There started a total downward spiral of bad movies, bad scripts, bad acting decisions.

    Now with Cruise he had a lot more to lose than money. Katie could have blown the whole Xenu thing wide open. EX-xenu cult devotees have come out and said that David Miscavage is abusive and a tyrant–from mental and emotional abuse to physical. He and Tommy are best friends. These Ex-Cult members have also said Nicole K was declared a suppressive and her kids weaned from her. Cult members have also said that Miscavage and Cruise used them as slave labor–customizing his SUV’s, his motorcycles and building him an airline hanger.

    Tom’s fans say he doesn’t know how bad the cult is and he is just a member. Ex-Cult folks say he is the number 2 person in LA and perhaps the United States. Almost everyone agrees (ex-cult, xenu haters and lovers) that he and Miscavage are best buddies.

    So that begs the question–if Tom knows about the abuses inside the cult–then he is culpable since he knows and does nothing. If he doesn’t–well then that begs the question of exactly how smart is this man? Can you truly be Miscavage’s friend and not have experienced his temper? Can you really NOT know that he is an abusive leader and a jerk? His wife hasn’t been seen for years. Can you truly be his friend and not know what happened to his wife? Can you truly have over 25 years of service to the cult and not know that they were turning your children against their mother (Nicole)? That they provided free labor to customize your vehicles and build you a hanger? Can you truly not know that your staff reports everything back to Miscavage that you do? If Tom truly does not know, then his IQ must be really really on the low scale.

    If Katie had blown the cult wide open then Tom would like a total fool. Plus it is my understanding he and Star Magazine are going to mediation and to settle. Do you really think that Tom wanted Star Magazine to blow his participation in the cult wide open with that law suit? And you can be your socks that Katie has an iron clad confidentiality agreement just like Nicole. Nicole obviously is not a fan of the cult, but she side steps questions, constantly sucks up to Tom in the hope she’ll see her kids etc. Katie keeps silent, but she made a pre-emptive strike and got what she wanted. Nicole was the person struck against and Tom had a PI following her, tapping her phone, etc. (who is now in jail). Katie learned from Nicole.

    I hope someday someone does blow this cult wide open. They enjoy tax-exempt status all the while gouging their members who have to pay exorbitant fees to belong and to advance in it. And once they are out of money, in debt, mortgaged to the hilt etc. the cult punishes them if they can’t come up with more money to reach Xenu heaven.

    So yes, Tom had more to lose. He would have looked like a fool, a laughing stock and a cult follower if Katie had blown the lid of Xenu.

  • annie

    Katie signed on with this play months before divorcing Tom, there were pics of her early in the year with the director. These things are planned months before, not in a week.
    The writing was on the wall back then, on how was it going to turn out.
    Katie being months in NY , Tom being months away in another part of the world. Personally , I don’t think it was as calculated as the media makes out, and I don’t think TC was blindesided, as his lawyer made out.
    It was time for Suri to start her education , so Katie had to make decisions, and she made them.
    They had a pretty up and down relationship, lot of highs, with equal amount of lows.
    Tom is great in the beginning, until he starts to change the person he’s with , into what he wants, or thinks they should be.
    Katie did that, at the start, and then she rebelled, and then trouble started.
    Norbit Leo Butz was the star, the Tony winner ,not Katie.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Hmmm, I don’t think KHo will gain anything to blow the lid of $cientology. She was there to enjoy every perks. she benefited from it and she said she likes it. I remember a picture of her, playing e-meter with Tommygirl.

    I don’t believe KHo escaped the cult with Suri either. The US of A is no Iran, Afghanistan nor India. I believe her beard contract with Tommy expired and Tommy didn’t want to renew, that’s it.

  • Sincerely concerned

    So what’s her new gig…???? She wouldn’t sign on with a new agent to do nothing!!!

  • annie

    Women don’t leave Tom, Tom leaves them, everyone knows that.
    She had enough, and finally got the guts to leave, something she no doubt wanted to do a long time ago, but was probably scared because of Suri.
    Once she made up her mind to leave, she did it.
    And by the way, he didn’t pick her up from the side of the road, at that time she was making a name for herself. During that time most people in their middle 20′s knew Katie.
    Obviously by her association with Tom she became more famous, but not in a good way.
    Before Tom , obviously she was photographed at different functions, shopping, interviews, pics with Chris K, and her family.
    There was never anything bad written about her, or her acting, even if her movies were not box office hits.
    Katie got a degree of privacy. There are pics of her with wet hair and ugg boots, greeting friends, but she wasn’t disected like she is now.
    She hosted SNL, covered GQ, Rolling Stone, which by the way was featured in Vanilla Sky. Seriously she had the best photoshoots, which I still think she does, and probably could have been a top model.
    The video of her winning the modelling comp, was very nice, she was very young , very playful, and very pretty…….her excuse for not entering the model profession……she didn’t think she could stand being in front of a mirror all day long.
    The reason I’m writing some of these things are, a lot of you don’t even know her, not that I do, but I can produce information, which goes against a lot of the things that some of you say to knock her.
    I remember reading an article by quite a well known astrologer, just after Katie had Suri.
    I remember it really well….she said, that there were going to be difficult times ahead for her. In that she had to deal with an intense husband, new baby, scientology, and career issues, and that was back in 2006. Just thought I would throw that in, you know how much I like my astrology.

  • MAria

    there really is nothing left for this woman except some endorsement gigs and maybe if she can land some TV show. She cannot act, sing, dance or write. She is staying in NYC so the paps can take photos of her and her kid so she stays in the news, somewhat. She must think she is like Jackie O during the New York Years, lol

    She does not fit in in NYC and never will. Nothing but an opportunist.

  • london tipton rich

    @dani: She’s not A lister more like a C

  • Nicole Kidman

    @Nicole Kidman:

    Where is??????

  • CF98


    If she’s such a soulless opportunist she would’ve stayed with Tom. You know like Nicole and others before he dumps them. Instead she dumped him. Hard to believe but some women value other things in life like personal happiness.

    Lots of people live in NYC regardless of whether they fit in or not. she may actually like the city (I don’t get the appeal) what does it matter to you?

    Besides she has a couple movies coming out later in the year

  • IceCreamSundaeKitFamilyBites

    Great goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you are just too wonderful.