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Elisabeth Hasselbeck's 'The View' Contract Not Being Renewed?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck's 'The View' Contract Not Being Renewed?

UPDATE: Barbara Walters made a statement on The View today, saying Elisabeth will not be leaving. “The truth is we love Elisabeth…We have no plans for Elisabeth to leave the show.”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is reportedly not returning to The View next season, Us Weekly reports.

The 35-year-old co-host of the show has been around for nine years, but unfortunately, viewers did not find her views appealing, according to a source.

“The viewers they polled all said she was too extreme and right wing,” an insider said. “People did not watch the show because of Elisabeth. So they told her yesterday her contract would not be renewed.”

The news comes off the heels of Joy Behar‘s announcement that she would not be returning to the show after sixteen years.

ARE YOU SAD to see Elisabeth Hasselbeck leave The View?

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  • haileys

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  • momo

    Why bother calling it a view if all we heard is one point of view. The view should be more appropriately be renamed as the combaya show.

  • momo

    Barbara is aging rapidly in this show. She has lost her mojo but she still love making money . she show her face to give credibility to the rest of member . What a waste of time.

  • Rebecca

    I did not watch the show because of Joy. I don’t like the woman

  • mick

    she has been laughing all the way to the bank all these yrs, who cares if she dosnt come back, she is gonna run for office and most likly win, not my vote tho

  • lreimer

    I am so sorry to hear that Elisabeth’s contract won’t be renewed..she is classy and intelligent. It was Joy Behar that was loud, opinionated, obnoxious, and irritating…so glad she will be gone. All I can see is the show losing viewers and one more talk show to hit the dust.

  • Lijo

    That’s too bad. She was the only one worth watching. Everyone else on the show bled liberalism and “political correctness” to the point of nauseating with Joy Behr having a hissy any time Elisabeth disagreed with her. Maybe the president or his wife will find it in their “hectic” schedules to make 30 more appearances this year.

  • ticacatic

    Good news!!!!

  • Atlanta Runner

    It’s not about having different points of views, it’s about how annoying she was, how rude she was and her vicious attacks when she was not in agreement. She could not have a debate she had an attack. You can’t be a republican and then claim to be pro women when republican politicians constantly vote against laws to protect women’s rights.

  • Dana

    I liked her on The View. She was one of the more pleasant/cheerful of the bunch when it came to handling guests and the special segments. The other ladies always seem so cranky and ready to be cranky. Even Whoopi can be sort of ‘blah’ when she doesn’t like one of their guests. That isn’t too classy of her.

  • diane

    the only one i have a problem with is joy…and its not because i dont agree with joy on alot of things..its because i find her to be rude and disrespectful to guests when their views are different from hers..she is the reason i dont watch the view

  • Isabel MacVicar

    I watched The View since its’ debut. The reason I no longer watch is Sherri Shephard. When she becomes educated, I might respect her, but I doubt it.

  • Carla from Chicago

    I never liked Elisabeth and am very happy to see her go. She wont be missed by me! I don’t watch the show that much anymore anyway. After Rosie left I just didn’t find it entertaining. Whoppi just doesn’t do it for me either. She seems to be annoyed easily by others on the show. Her eyes and facial expressions say it all. Barbara is way in need of retirement, she always seems confused and can’t articulate her words and or thoughts. She is forgetful and seems out-of-it quite often. I would’nt miss the show if it went off the air either. The Talk is also not good, I’ve tried to give it a chance too and have not found ot entertaining enough to keep me tuned in.

  • Elizabeth

    Elisabeth needs to dry those tears when she get emotional over political issues! Sherry is just too ignorant on many views. She’s okAy but I would prefer someone like Ali Wentworth, George Stephanopoulos’ wife. Ms. Barbara Walters, it’s time for you to retire. You cause chaos among the other gals. Whoopi, you are alright but I’m concern about your weight gain. I too am overweight because I have MS, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, under active thyroid, and weak legs. Its hard for me to exercise. Now please lose some weight. You can exercise for me. Okay? So, Elisabeth, I bid you a pleasant farewell! Only good things are headed your way. Forget about the bullies and negativities. You will be awesome somewhere else. Best wishes to you! Elizabeth

  • fotini sofi

    Her political views are not the reason that I no longer watched. It was her rudely interrupting everyone else, regardless and oblivious to any comment or opinion ‘about’ to be expressed by another individual. And her smugness after spouting the most inane thoughts coming out of her empty little pin-head would have been funny confined to the few unfortunate in her private life. My sympathy lay with her co-hosts who did not have the luxury of not watching or listening. The perfect co-host for the newly-free Hasslebeck would be the equally-shrill, idiotic b**** Hannity at Fox News. Perfect venue, perfect audience, a match made in Tea Bagging heaven! You’re welcome.

  • Byebyejoy

    @sillyme: AMEN I agree with you!

  • Karen Levendoski

    Thank goodness. I stopped watching because of her, now maybe she’ll have time to ‘touch up’ her roots!

  • Kathie

    Elisabeth lost her credibility with me when she went to campaign with Sarah Palin in Florida. EH would shout at the crowd that we should not vote for Obama because he was “paling around with terrorists.” That was nonsense and I couldn’t believe much of what she said after that.

    Also won’t miss her sucking up to Barbara all the time. She does know her football and would also be ‘eye candy’ for guys on a Sports station.

  • Toni

    I’m glad she’s leaving also..never liked her..too opinionated..stay home and raise your family awhile

  • DebbieDo

    I quit watching the show about her. The show needs a conservative perspective but Elisabeth was rude and overbearing and her opinions were becoming more and more extreme. It’s about time they dumped her. I’d love to see Megan McCain take her place, or one of the the Bush girls, or Nicolle Wallace. Someone who’s a strong conservative but a nicer personality.

  • fotini sofi

    Megan McCain seems extremely intelligent and level-headed, but because her dad seems anything but, in recent years, it may be an awkward situation for her. You can’t be critical of someone’s dad when the person is right there in front of you. Same for the Bush girls, who do not seem particularly political as well. Nicolle Wallace, great thought … or how about a guy?

  • Ask Alice

    I liked Elisabeth on Survivor, but she comes across as immature and petulant on The View. Conservative ideas do add balance, but they should be presented by someone who is more tolerant, informed and even-tempered than Elisabeth.

    She should leave and be replaced with someone who could better articulate and defend the conservative viewpoint.