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Elisabeth Hasselbeck's 'The View' Contract Not Being Renewed?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck's 'The View' Contract Not Being Renewed?

UPDATE: Barbara Walters made a statement on The View today, saying Elisabeth will not be leaving. “The truth is we love Elisabeth…We have no plans for Elisabeth to leave the show.”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is reportedly not returning to The View next season, Us Weekly reports.

The 35-year-old co-host of the show has been around for nine years, but unfortunately, viewers did not find her views appealing, according to a source.

“The viewers they polled all said she was too extreme and right wing,” an insider said. “People did not watch the show because of Elisabeth. So they told her yesterday her contract would not be renewed.”

The news comes off the heels of Joy Behar‘s announcement that she would not be returning to the show after sixteen years.

ARE YOU SAD to see Elisabeth Hasselbeck leave The View?

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72 Responses to “Elisabeth Hasselbeck's 'The View' Contract Not Being Renewed?”

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  1. 26
    good riddance!!! Says:

    I can’t stand this Nut Face!!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!! she cray cray!!!! She and the romneys stay losing!! hehehehehehe muuahahahahah

  2. 27
    ck Says:

    The one that needs to go is all of them.

  3. 28
    diane Says:

    Finally……I understand that everlyone should be able to speak thier own mind, but really, she just had to be right all the time, she over talk everyone eles….so glad to see her go!!!!!!!!

  4. 29
    lucy Says:

    YES YES Finally !!!!!!

  5. 30
    Petitefleur Says:

    Finally, I stopped wayching the show long ago because of her!! Now I can go back!!

  6. 31
    michell Says:

    we are not all liberals/centrists and although i’m not a fan of elizabeth i’m very tolerant of others’ point(s) of view. i guess the View is not.

  7. 32
    Eric Says:

    The View needs a conservative counter to Whoopi but Hasselbeck certainly wasn’t the one to do it. The girl makes absurd claims that I sincerely doubt she even believes half the time. She’s phony, plastic and feigns the importance of so many topics… GOOD RIDDANCE

  8. 33
    margaret Says:

    Elizabeth’s high voice pitch, her immature mannerisms, and playing to the camera was more than I could stomach. I’ll start watching when she’s gone for good.

  9. 34
    dani Says:

    And you are being tolerant by saying they have no significance or political clout? They certainly have more than you do when it comes to opinions and being listened to. And saying they should do make up shows? You are a prime example of why women are their own worst enemy.

  10. 35
    Tom Says:

    They only people watching tv during the day are a bunch of welfare moms., The rest watch Dr oz or Judge Judy….Why do you think they have 2 black co-hosts… And why do you think Kelly picked a black co-host…

  11. 36
    nan sbei Says:

    GREAT!!!!! Bout time…..I;ll start watching again. They do need a conservative voice, but she’s not it!!

  12. 37
    Warren Says:

    I tried to watch that show a few times because they had Miley on. They should lose the whole show. All that yammering gets on my nerves, like watching paint dry.

  13. 38
    LOL Says:

    @Tom: Hello Uncle tom

  14. 39
    Love The Shoes Says:

    Elisabeth was NEVER a reason I didn’t watch. I actually said that if they could dump Sherri and Barbara Walters, I’d have no problem tuning in for Whoopi, Joy and Elisabeth. I may not have agreed Elisabeth a lot I still thought she was smart. She and Joy were the only two who ever did their homework.

  15. 40
    CorporateFluff Says:

    FFS people, turn off this Corporate Media fluff and tune into some serious journalism: Amy Goodman of DemocracyNow!

  16. 41
    Leila Says:

    They’ll probably hire another Conservative and that’s a good idea, to have both sides point of view. Unfortunately, Hasselbeck was a bad choice from the start, not likeable, a grating and annoying personality.

  17. 42
    Constance Says:

    I have not watched The View in a long time. However, when I did watch it, I liked that there were opposing views. Mostly, I didn’t agree with everything any of them said, but I liked the debate. I hope that they replace her and Joy with two more conservative women.

  18. 43
    Kay Blood Says:

    Best news ever! Elizabitch is gone. Thank God.

  19. 44
    SameOldThing Says:

    I stopped watching over five years ago because of Joy. When she wasn’t on everyone was civil, they agreed to disagree and moved on. Now we’ll be treated to more dumbing down and ‘female focused’ daytime. Yeah, hair products, cooking and diets, because that is all our pretty little heads care about; ugh! Was thrilled that Joy was leaving, was going to start watching again. No, not worth it. Anyone here thinking Joy is the reason for the show’s success, simply look at her ratings and success with other projects. Her voice is annoying and she is just an ugly person when guests disagree. She doesn’t study, she doesn’t know the ins and outs of politics, all she knows and eats are talking points, Hence her other failures. CNN, her next failure.

  20. 45
    Nonna Says:

    Elisabeth is one of the most annoying people on tv and knows zilch. Glad to hear she’s out. Perhaps they should just cancel the show now. I am sure Whoopi could easily find work.

    The Talk is much more enjoyable even with Julie Chen.

  21. 46
    Michele Says:

    I stopped watching the View because of her. Her views are whacked out and it’s either black or white for her, there is no in between. Her opinion was the only opinion that counted. I was shocked to see that she is only 35 years old because she thinks like an old 80 year old Republican.

  22. 47
    maryhadalittlelamb Says:

    Wow, finally! Although this is suspicious as the feedback has generally always been that not many people liked her so why now after nearly a decade do they decide to let her go? She’s Barbara’s pet after all.

    She did not have a great personality on tv. I believe people will listen to your views even if they are opposite of yours but there has to be something at least endearing about you if you want to be in a national platform and she never had it, she was very polarizing and low tolerant, close minded and just aggressive in her views.

  23. 48
    Arkebe Says:

    I guess it OK for liberals to rattle on but they are too stupid to listen
    to the other side. Wake up America, liberals are taking us down the
    dead end.

  24. 49
    RollingOn Says:

    They needed Obama to win a second term to realize Elizabeth’s whacked out opinions is not flying with the popular vote. It is not her party foundations that bother me. It is the way the party negatively turns every issue into a personal attack. She is an example of those pasty people. A good debater would stick to the facts and understand what is irrelevant to the topic. She goes off and sometimes her points are valid. But I’m not interested because there is a defense and egocentric posture in all of it.

  25. 50
    San Says:

    She was the best on the show. For five against one politically, she was the most intelligent and certainly held her own. She was gracious with guests from opposing views. The class of the show is leaving. My friends and I rarely watched it. Joy’s voice was like chalk on a blackboard. That women’s brains were being sat on.

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