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Katie Holmes Runs After Suri!

Katie Holmes Runs After Suri!

Katie Holmes runs after her adorable daughter Suri while leaving a building on Sunday (March 10) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress and Suri, 6, were joined by a guy pal and a little blonde girl.

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A few days earlier, Katie was spotted carrying Suri out of a car while arriving at a friend’s house.

Katie‘s latest role is in the upcoming Untitled Christian Camargo Project, which is scheduled to be released later this year. We can’t wait!

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  • Hmmm…

    OMG you guys are PATHETIC! This is NEWS? I can’t wait to see your next BIG headline… “KATIE HOMES JUST FARTED. SHE MAY S H I T SOON!”… Get a life Jared… JEEZ!

  • Carole

    Autism spectrum

  • lori

    Yeah, it’s HUGE news when Suri runs on her own two feet. Her hand in the pic looks really strange, though, like an autistic child’s hand when they’re “stimming”.

  • mimi rogers

    I see nothing wrong with Suri. If she is autistic, her luck that her mother jumped off the fake wedding because Scientology does not accept medication and psychoanalysis. I think, perhaps, after five years of living with Tom and family, and seeing Nicole does not have access to Bella and Connor, Katie would have felt the same purpose. Cruise is manipulative and I think that takes pleasure in annoying women. Still like the actor. I’ll watch Oblivion. However, I see the man with new eyes.

  • Susie#1

    There’s another site that shows the little girl with Suri, and she has no coat or shoes. Suri is dressed in an ankle-length skirt, no socks. You’re able to see more shots of her, and her expressions and hands are odd. Katie, is of course, dressed warmly. What’s wrong with this picture?

  • LOL

    There is something really wrong with that kids hands..

  • Kylie

    I’m not sure why, but I burst out laughing when I saw Katie in this jacket. It’s nice that she’s trying something less dowdy, but the jacket looks so puffy and too big for her through the shoulders. Another in a long line of misses.

  • Fiona

    Could anyone tell me, because a man, handsome, rich, famous and charismatic, arranged relationships need. For everything I’ve read, Rogers, Kidman, Cruz, Boniadi and Holmes were hired. Tom wants to hide homosexuality? Insecurity? Church of Scientology which requires? Madness? I know men who refuse to accept that they are gay and hide in religion.

  • Daniel R. Duffy

    as Dennis said I am in shock that anybody able to make $8082 in 4 weeks on the internet. did you look at this web page… http://www.snag4.ℂom

  • Raquel C

    #4 – I think one of the main reasons Katie left Cruise (aside from other things) was that she knew Suri needed treatment and Scientology frowns on medication and psychoanalysis or whatever mainstream method Suri needed and Katie knew she had to walk, escape. But they (Cruise and Katie) are stuck between a hard place because they were raving at how smart and amazing Suri was and the public via the paparazzi’s pictures and videos began to take a closer look at Suri. They brought the attention onto Suri. And Suri at times has demonstrated odd behavior. This union from the beginning had many rumors attached to them: Is it a marriage contract? Is Cruise Suri’s biological father? If not, who’s Suri’s biological father? Is Cruise gay and Katie his beard? etc.

  • Suri’s Body Double

    @Carole: I agree…I think she is autistic. Always carrying a stuffed animal or doll….at the age of 7 is ridiculous. If it is not autism, then it is some other learning or emotional disability. the few times she has yelled out at the paps she sounded like a 3 or 4 year old…..her vocabulary and sentence structure was not that of a 6 year old.

  • Suri’s Body Double

    @LOL: Something is wrong with her through the eyes….she has a twinge of Down’s Syndrome expression. I think someone is on to something….that KH knew Suri would need meds or some special psychiatry and she took her away from the nut job and his cult who doesn’t believe in psychiatry. Something is off with Suri….

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Stimming big time!

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Again, reinforcing my point. Suri’s treatment= expensive child support. Tommygirl must regret the day CO$ hooked him up with KHo.

  • Suri’s Body Double

    New temper tantrum photos from their museum trip on radaronline. there is also a you tube video, and of course she is being carried out of the museum…..classic.

  • angela

    that’s nonsense. suri is beautiful. so is her mother.

  • Suri’s Body Double

    Look at that every present smirk. KH thinks she is pretty hot stuff…and whoever thinks she doesn’t love all this attention is a nut….this is EXACTLY what she wanted. She cannot act, sing, dance or write. Suri is her life long meal ticket.

    Suri has mild autism.

  • Raquel C

    About 1 or 2 weeks ago, there were rumors that Cruise had flown Suri to London for week to spend time with him. Of course no photographs of Suri with Cruise surfaced anywhere but BEFORE the divorce whenever Suri and Cruise spent time together it was always a photo opp. If in fact Suri did go to London and spend 5 days with Cruise, that might explain the recent temper tantrums and regressed behavior because Cruise’s parenting style in public appears to allow Suri to relax the boudary lines and Katie appears to want her to lead a more normal life of a wealth girl (nice clothes, ballet, gymnastic, good education, etc). These recent public tantrums of Suri (captured on video and photographs) come on the heels of her reported visit with Cruise. If she did visit with him surely he spoiled her, coddled, let her do whatever she wanted. And of course her former nannies were there IF she did in fact visit Cruise.

  • Womb For Sale

    @Raquel C: That’s a big IF.

  • Hamlet

    You have no idea how this kid is like or how she’s being raised and taking photos and videos out of context doesn’t change that, #19.

  • Raquel C

    #20 – Yes, we do have an idea. We don’t see Suri all day but WHAT we have seen of her in public reveals a small bit of how she is being raised. When a child is seen stimming, is NOW seen physically going to a private school vs being home school, in the past not wearing a coat in the winter vs now wearing a coat in 2012 and 2013, getting upset over noises, and needs soft materials to touch her skin to offer security and calmness, and the first years of her life was photographed in different parts of the world on movie sets, cries and throws tantrums and insists to be carried by her mother at almost 7 years of age, etc., yes, that does REVEAL things. It does not reveal everything but it gives you an idea of how that child is doing. If Katie or Suri stayed with Cruise she would have been raised isolated, with an inflated ego,
    minimal boundaries, little or no respect for authority, and little regard for the paid staff. Katie on the other hand would love for Suri to grow up and become an actress and all the lucrative and dangerous trappings that industry offers.

  • Raquel C

    Time will tell but certainly Suri is receiving some kind of medication or therapy where she now feels the cold and welcomes wearing a coat and stockings. There are many videos and photos where Suri is not wearing a coat and they are in a New York City park in the winter. What changed? The first thing, they divorced and Katie is now making the decisions for Suri’s health and welfare and Cruise is making the payments for her treatment. The next thing will be to control Suri’s stimming and other development issues. This would not have happened had Katie left Suri in the custody of Cruise or stayed in the marriage.

  • http://tofufrotwittersuspened kendra bethune

    that’s a nice picture of nicholas jonas i love it. online i don’t want to go any futher with new edition then i tried to warn them in the first place i was just a regluar girl with coffee listing to i have nothing in 1992 and they thought wrong iwas in my 50′s when i was 18 watching the bodyguard