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Demi Lovato: Simon Cowell Wants Her Back on 'X Factor'!

Demi Lovato: Simon Cowell Wants Her Back on 'X Factor'!

Demi Lovato rocks a Betty Boop jean jacket as she goes shopping at The Grove on Monday (March 11) in Los Angeles.

The 20-year-old entertainer sent some text messages as she shopped the afternoon away.

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Simon Cowell
recently made some comments about Demi‘s status at The X Factor.

“We’d be crazy not to have her back,” Simon said to THR. “I liked having Demi on the show … she’s fun to work with.”

He also made sure to add that, “nothing is official.”

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  • wonder

    Demi was fun on the show, she was very professional in her critiques and she did fabulous singing with the group at the end. I enjoyed it with her, actually that was the only season of xfactor ive ever watched and it was because they had Demi & Britney on it to make it more relevant. Loved watching them, made me love the show!

  • jane

    She looks really fat!!! omg! and i don’t give a f* what u say, this girl needs to watch her weight!

  • suziin

    yes, demi is a great singer and she is a lovely person BUT during the shows she behaved to weird. she was really annoying, and what happened to her style?

  • miranda


  • amika

    @wonder: are you kidding? she acted like an obnoxious little kid! if any judge (mainly LA Reid) made the smallest critique against one of her contestants she would rip their team apart. she screwed over all of her contestants as well – giving them bad make overs and giving them songs that weren’t vocally right for them. no wonder she didn’t have any contestants by the semi-finals.

  • Ana

    Here they come again…leave her alone with her weight!! She doesn’t look fat, she looks healthy. Even if she were “fat” it is her life, leave her aloe. That’s how normal people look. Because of people like you people have eating disorders. I bet you people are super skinny right?

  • miranda

    @Ana: How normal people look? are you kidding me? this is a little bit above what “normal” looks like. Oh wait, i forgot this is America, or course that is normal to you…………*sigh* what a an uneducated human being…

  • sdasda


  • Ms. Piggy

    WOW!! She getting big as a whale.

  • Attention

    People will judge… people are ignorant… Demi is real! You have got to appreciate that she admits to her mistakes and is willing to work on them, that’s what makes her human. I thought she brought something fresh to the show that they needed. She didn’t really hit it as a mentor but she was compassionate with her group, which showed more than the others. But, this was her first time, so hopefully she’ll learn next season. She was definitely a better judge than Ms. Spears, hands down. Although, Britney did bring the funny expressions which was fresh too. Besides, who cares what Demi’s weight is, she’s got talent and that’s all that matters. She made it because of support from people that care about her as well as from bullies that downgrade her, so that’s a thanks to you for motivating her to work harder. Go Demi!

  • Sandy

    She must be back on drugs and drinking again. Working with Simon will do that to you. Or could she possibly be preggers?

  • Ana

    @miranda: Unaducated human being? Excuse me? Sorry but this is not worth fighting over nor worth my time. Judge whatever you want…At the end I don’t think Demi really cares about what you think. And btw I’m not American.

  • Jane

    Healthy also means watching your weight. It´s ok not to be a size 0, but Demi has gained a lot of weight. (those clothes doesn’t help her either.)

  • Asdfg

    She got rid of those huge tacky eyebrows! Thank god! Now, someone get her on a diet! Pronto!

    People are so naive!

    “Demi says she doesn’t like to be skinny”!

    Oh really, Demi? Is that why you always wear baggy clothing? Pffffft! SMFH! My A$s you’re content with your body! Wtf!

  • Asdfg


    Is that why you always wear baggy clothing now that you’ve gained a lot of weight?***

  • B.

    Come on! What about BRITNEY, Simon?!

    I, and I know a LOT of people only watched the show to see the princess of pop. She was so funny!

    You should make an offer to her and work her way up with the shyness when the show got to the live phase. Because she was flawless at the beginning. The auditions couldn’t have been more fun!

    Without her, I’M certainly not watching again.

  • Oceane

    You can tell she’s uncomfortable with herself. The facial expression says it all. The covering up her body with baggy clothes does too. i just want her shoes…Demi looks kind of like boy george back in the 80′s.

  • Lovatic Losers

    Uhm people excuse me, but Demi is NOT fat, and she doesn’t wear baggy clothing. Go search up pictures of her, she shows off her body and certainly never hides it. Wow. She wore a baggy dress, big deal. Get over it. And by the way Demi is actually NOT size zero but certainly still in a NORMAL, HEALTHY range. She is NOT overweight and that is just facts. Go search up how much she weighs: she’s around 140 pounds. Most people are OVER that. So CALM YOSELVES! Literally! Stop being judgemental, and to be honest, she’s had a tough month with her foot being broken and everything. When you CANT move, you’re obviously going to gain weight. When she starts her tours and is constantly moving, she’ll go back to “normal”, although EVERYONE agrees she looks COMPLETELY normal here. Okay. So leave her alone. You can ALWAYS lose 5lbs through HEALTHY means, but you can never lose your JUDGEMENTAL attitude. Okay, but at least try. Realize that she is a NORMAL human being who goes through weight gain, weight loss, broken body parts, and emotional distress like EVERYONE in the world. EVERYONE. Calm down. By the way, what she is wearing is NORMAL. she is not going to the red carpet or going to an edgy event. She is SHOPPING in Cali for God’s sake. How many people go shopping or go to the mall in a fashionable dress with high-heels. GET REAL. She is NORMAL. That is the point. Plus, she does NOT look too happy, meaning she was trying to IGNORE the paparazzi. OBVIOUSLY, she didnt want to be seen and wanted to go out to buy some clothing and hang out with friends. LEAVE HER ALONE. Please leave her alone. And by the way, she never had those “eyebrows” they were fake. Just to let everyone know, she didnt grow them like in 2 weeks and then lose them a week later. Its called MAKEUP. Please people learn something about Demi and her style before TRYING to seem like you do and comment.

  • xx

    @Lovatic Losers: Everyone can express their opinions. You are the one that needs to calm down, we get it, she´s human, you love her, bla bla bla…

  • IDK

    @jane: Yeah i know what you said,But either ways what A BTCH!!!!! :)

  • liz

    you are a sick human being if you are sitting behind your computer thinking “she looks fat to me so i have to say that. it’s just the internet anyway… it’s not like i’m saying it to her face.” – i won’t even comment on the cowardice of people who think that way. i will only say that you must be very cruel and unhappy. she has been vocal about having an eating disorder. hell, it’s ALL she talked about for a year. so there is no way you didn’t know about that.

  • laura

    lol come on be real, saying demi isnt fat is dumb wake up. She is fat, she doesnt have the average weight. She probably eats too much fast food and drinks a lot, And her eating disorder thing is all bullshit, nobody told her to join disney or lose weight, if she wanted to look normal why not lay down on the drugs and alcohol. She doesnt look healthy at least….

  • Bleh :/

    Its probably her outfit that makes her look heavier

    + Who cares if she did or didn’t gain weight lets just focus on
    the article not how she looks

  • Jed Liskey

    You ALL NEED to GROW UP. She is a Beautiful Woman. There is NOTHING wrong with her. If you find something that you THINK, NOT Feel, that is wrong with her, well, I feel sorry. Sorry for you. And sorry that Demi has to put up with what goes on in the media. Media is not something that I, or anyone, should worry about.

  • rey

    She’s not fat. The clothes are just overly baggy. You’re stupid idiots.

  • Ego

    Ok superficial B*tch ;). We to advocate eating disorders ;)

  • Ego

    @amika: Well of course she would rip them apart. She wanted her people to win you idiot. Not that it would matter because most of the people that where on her team were mediocre at best. Also she did that for RATINGS purposes. Maybe you’re not aware of how reality TV judging WORKS but these judges are told how to ACT beforehand for ratings. So LA and Simon were aware that Demi was going to be catty with them.

    PS: she didn’t screw over all of her contestants. Her team was just crap.

  • Ego

    @miranda: I like how you’re calling Ana uneducated when yourself sound like someone who has barely mastered the english language. Who taught you how to type? A pack of wolves? Before you talk about who does what or who is smarter than who, at least learn the basic concepts of grammar oh mentally retarded one.

  • Ego

    @Ms. Piggy: Hey now. Thats not a nice thing to say about your mom :). Even if it is true.

  • Ego

    @Sandy: You must be confusing Demi Lovato with your wh*re of a mother. Speaking of which, tell the B*tch that I owe her fifty cents for last night. I’m being generous ;)

  • Ego

    @Jane: I guess the concept of BAGGY CLOTHES is beyond your abilities to understand right? Or the ideas of camera lenses and what not? She actually said that she is on a diet to maintain her weight. Do the world a favor and educate yourself on the concept of food biology my idiotic friend.

  • Ego

    @Asdfg: The only Naive idiot here is you.
    If she wasn’t content with her body then she would have CHANGED it a while ago.
    Also when did she ever say that she didn’t like to be skinny?
    Can’t you even paraphrase her correctly?
    Please, do the world a favor and kindly off yourself. This world would be better without needing to waste more funds to educate your mentally retarded mindset.

  • Ego

    @Oceane: So she’s uncomfortable with her self, thats why she was just shown performing a few days earlier right? Because she was uncomfortable with her self? Yeah that makes a lot of sense. I mean its not like she was on a reality show just last year or anything right?
    Oh wait…never mind. Idiot.

  • Ego

    @xx: You’re right we can express our opinions. And Our opinion is that you’re a mentally regressed unintelligent idiot with no background in what you’re talking about. How’s that for an opinion?

  • Ego

    Apparently a LOT of Demi’s nay sayers and the people who call her “Fat” are unaware of what the term means. Maybe if you morons weren’t mentally inept when it comes to the idea of body weight and height, you guys might not sound like a blithering retard. Demi said that when she went into rehab, she was around 90 some pounds. After coming out she gain about 30 pounds in weight. That would put her around 120 to 125 pounds
    Demi’s height is ranked in around 5′ 3,
    Her BMI is around 21.3 which is Normal for her height.
    So by scientific standards, no. She is not FAT at all. In fact even if she was 130 pounds she would still be within the normal weight range.

    So congrats to the mentally retarded people posting here. The magic of science has proved just how stupid the lot of you are.
    No need to thank me for the free lesson. I make it my duty to teach the uneducated morons posting here on JJ ;)

  • Andy M. Gilmore

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  • comment and share

    I believe she’s not the type to be able to be skinny just by eating healthy and exercising. Maybe it’s not in her DNA, look at her little sister. Only drugs and a mild to accute eating disorder can force her body to be skinny.
    After their teens many celebs are like that by the way, don’t be fooled. Pilates and salads can only do so much.

  • proudlovatic

    @laura: bitch plzz, you dnt no her, so let it go…….!!!! GOD, you really dnt have nothing better to do than hating on her?????

  • proudlovatic

    @comment and share: thank you!!

  • proudlovatic

    @Ego: i like you!! lol i wish i was you, and give thoes BITCHES a piece of my mind..!!!

  • proudlovatic

    if Demi was skinny, you would say ‘she’s so skinny’. if she was fat you would say ‘she’s so fat’. haters believe me Demi dnt really give a shit wht u think about her, and she doesn’t wake up everyday to impress you haters.

    ProudLovatic xx

  • Asdfg

    She has been wearing baggy clothes for month now! Search JustJared! You will see there is something wrong with her! Pretty sure she gained weight to get people off her back! She like many other celebs are under a lot of pressure to look a certain way and she gained weight because her fans wanted her to be healthy! DUH!

    What she doesn’t get, obviously, is that being “not skinny” is not always healthy! My mother’s a nutritionist, I would know!

  • Ego

    So because she wears baggy clothes that means something is wrong with her? I guess that means there’s something with people like little Wayne, o diddly’ Omarion, drake, Jason derulo and what not right? I mean it couldn’t possibly be due to the fact that wresting baggy clothes is an in style thing right? Oh wait it is? Oh wait you’re a moron? Thought so. Also I guess you missed those pictures of her in a bikini a few months ago right?

    Ps: what you obviously don’t get is that “skinny” has nothing to do with being healthy. News flash idiot health has to deal with how your boy functions. Not how it looks. You can be skinny and still have high blood pressure from a bad diet and you can be overweight yet have a healthy beating heart. No off sense but your mom is a crappy nutritionist. Tell her to go work in a shoe factory because she obviously shouldn’t be giving people nutrition advice.

  • ola

    YES!!! she is great as a jugde !!

  • http://jessydrykah jessica drieli

    Ela é uma diva não importa seu peso e sim oq ela faz de bom pr seus lovatic,e ela pode ter certeza q todos nos vamos estar ao seu lado pr qualquer coisa, pois a amamos mt.(as pessoas q falam mal de outra pessoa é pq não esta feliz consigo msm).

  • Asdfg


    No need to get an attitude, or call me out like that! I can state my opinion like everyone else! Last time I checked I never called YOU out! Grow up!

    Your looking to much into my comment! I didn’t mean there was something WRONG wrong with her. I said she didn’t seem content with her weight because she always cover herself up instead of flaunting her curves! Got it? Or do I need to spell it out for you? The fact you need to defend someone that doesn’t know you so vigorously is pathetic! There’s something wrong with YOU!

    I don’t need to explain myself to you!

  • xx

    Hahahaha!!! Honey, you are pathetic, there’s no need to get so defensive, I wasn’t even attacking Demi… so why don´t you go and learn to read?

  • Jane

    @Ego: First: I’m not your friend (I don’t even know you, thank God for that). Second: It’s MY opinion. I really hope you can learn a little about the health issues of a person who is overweight, diabetes for example.

  • Ego

    @Jane: Yes and your OPINION is wrong. HEALTH is about the FUNCTION of a body. NOT weight. THAT is a fact my idiotic friend. Also diabetes for example has to do with blood sugar. Not weight. Which is a HUGE misconception. There are people who are overweight who are rather healthy and people who are skinny that have diabetes. Your uneducated mindset is showing FRIEND.

    So do the world a favor and educate yourself. You’re not ready for the real world.

  • Ego

    @xx: The only idiot here who is pathetic is the moron who can’t even use the RESPOND feature here on JJ. Before you even click your mouse button, do the world a favor and educate yourself on the concept using a computer.

    Oh and for the record you attacked someone who was defending her. That is an attack on her. Learn something about ASSOCIATION while you’re at it my mentally retarded friend.