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Daniel Craig: Rachel Weisz Isn't Involved with 'Map to the Stars'!

Daniel Craig: Rachel Weisz Isn't Involved with 'Map to the Stars'!

Daniel Craig keeps it rugged with jeans while grabbing a bite to eat on Saturday (March 16) in New York City.

The day before, the 45-year-old English actor was spotted heading to the gym, while his wife Rachel Weisz walked her son Henry.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Daniel Craig

Rachel recently confirmed with the press that she will not be working on David Cronenberg‘s next movie Maps to the Stars. Check out the interview below!

In case you missed it, have a look at Rachel looking red hot on the cover of Esquire UK‘s April 2013 issue.

Rachel Weisz – Collider Interview

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daniel craig rachel weisz isnt involved with map to the stars 02
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Credit: Elder Ordonez; Photos: INF Daily
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  • Anita

    Daniel goes to the gym everyday?

  • Jen

    @Anita: No, he goes to the meeting.

  • gera


    today he is not going to the gym.

  • Elle

    The paps are on the stakeout around his house for a week.

  • gera


    true! I

    and with no important news or relevant photos I think it is excessive.

  • Meg

    So how cold is it in New York? Is it really that cold? Daniel always wears heavy clothes :-)

  • Electra

    These two are not all that. Neither of them is attractive or talented. He looks really like an old man here and so dorky. Can’t believe he only 45

  • Elle

    @gera. Yes, it’s a bit weird. They have begun to ambush him suddenly every day!

  • gera


    I do not understand what the photographers want with no relevant news about the couple right now.

  • CLEA

    Who is your favorite couple? They must be so much attractive and talented!!!! lol

  • gera


    I love Daniel, but he really is not very photogenic, when he is sexy and attractive is in motion.

    The comment about Rachel is ridiculous, she is lovely and very talented.

  • Magda


    It appears that those photos SELL! What else? They stalk him, tabloids make up stories about him ( the one about a “poor” fan who was attacked by him when trying to make video was all made up IMO) and that’s how they attract people and comments on their sites.It’s business. I really feel for Daniel as he is a very private person and is being stalked all the time by the so called “fans”, celebrity “hunters”, tabloids – some celebrities like that, but he is not one of them.

  • Elle

    @gera. Well, it looks like just observation and daily record of him!

  • gera


    those pics sell?????????? boring pics with Rachel going to the school with her son or Daniel going to the gym? it is impossible.

  • Magda


    If they didn’t sell the paps wouldnt be around his house all the time. The pics can’t be that boring – you are commenting on them, aren’t you? He is James Bond, so any picture of him will sell.

  • gera


    The pics are boring but I love Daniel and Rachel… lol.

    Rachel and Danielon Thursday .

  • Mike

    @Magda: That’s The National Enquirer after all! We all know it’s the most reliable source.
    He is always beaten with an uncertain rumor without a proof because he never makes an excuse, never sues a tabloid. They get more aggressive to him, so he sticks to his opinion or attitude more than ever. Vicious circle.

  • Magda


    I love them too, especially Daniel, so I have obviously seen the picture already :) To me no pics of Daniel and Rachel are boring. :) I can’t get enough of them :) I know I’m just contradicting myself as I said a few posts above that stars had the right to privacy. They do, of course, but on the other hand we, fans also deserve a piece of cake, don’t we? However, as a fan I’d NEVER try to make a video of Daniel without asking him first if it’s ok. It’s double morality on my part as I’m grateful to paparazzi for the photos, which I would never dare to take myself.
    Yet, I totally despise of the tabloids which make up stories about them.

  • janny

    I think the paps figured out where he parked now (in additional to where they live) , need to find a new garage Mr Craig..

  • Magda

    Yes, but you know, Daniel now would have to sue all the tabloids of the world as this piece of crap has spread like the plaque. I’ve seen the “news” in German. Romanian, French, etc. It would be a sort of ” tilt at windmills”. It’s better to ingore the rubbish. However, there are lots of idiots who believe those stories and bash Daniel on the basis of some stupid BS.

  • Guinness

    Doppleganger would be good. Does he have a car parked –in the street???? And I was wondering if someone was staked out and about–gots a lot o’pics!!. Hopefully just snapping pics–not vids(for some reason). If I were ever papped, I would have pics of me making all kinds of goofy, stupid pics of me making faces at the camera to screw up their pics!! then they can have reaaly good captions like, “wow, is guinness and epileptic? Look at her crazy papped pic!” or, “is Guinness trying to pass a little gas from too much Mascoto last night?” Dan should really start making faces like the one i wil try to post here….

    and yes, Mendel, i am fine, how are you? Got Fio locked up or put her on vay-kay? Let’s thank Magda for holding down the sanity here. thx-Mags!!!
    I love this pic of him holding me, Guinness.

  • Guinness

    btw…it has been dammmmn cold! But its really interesting that both of them dress in layers… instead of one warm coat. hhhmmm? I dont know NYC, maybe that’s what they do. And I won’t post something ridickerous like, maybe they dont have money to go out and BUY one brand NEW coat ffs. whatever. beautiful people can wear whatevah they want.
    I love these pics of him…scruffy face sexxxy. love the jacket. and those wonderful pants. wonderful wonderful pants. I bet they are sooo soft!! I want to touch them!! *him* Rocky Balboa? dun na naaaaaa, dun naa naaaaaah…. Yo-Rachul…

  • Guinness
  • Amy

    Daniel and Rachel enjoyed watching the play at Broadway!
    smee Williams ‏@IsmeeWilliams
    New York moment: at play off Broadway in tiny theater with husband’s colleague and wife.
    Ismee Williams ‏@IsmeeWilliams
    After intermission colleague says “hey that looks like James Bond sitting 2 rows behind us”
    Ismee Williams ‏@IsmeeWilliams
    Turn around and see Daniel Craig and wife Rachel Weisz just as lights dim
    Ismee Williams ‏@IsmeeWilliams
    Spend entire 2nd act attuned to responses from behind including a thrilling deep voiced baritone “Ha ha ha,” ala JB during funny scene
    Ismee Williams ‏@IsmeeWilliams
    AND character on stage makes reference to going to a Daniel Craig movie! Twice! We r all snickering inwardly.
    Ismee Williams ‏@IsmeeWilliams
    Took all power not to spin around and stare at his reaction but heard the satisfying “Ha ha ha,” once again.
    Ismee Williams ‏@IsmeeWilliams
    At play’s end jumped up and turned to see Daniel and Rachel bidding adieu to friends sitting in front of them – and behind my husband
    Ismee Williams ‏@IsmeeWilliams
    I love this city. Still makes me starstruck

  • lots

    Flipping heck Mr Craig! You are gorgeous but that benny hat ain’t! The only thing I like about the outfit are the jeans & shoes, the rest needs to come off

  • Beth P. Farrell

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  • bela
  • Mike

    @bela: Thanks for the link!! Look at the lower left pic. “A fan” behind him took him with her cell-phone on the street, but Daniel didn’t mind.

  • Mike
  • Fio

    Moving On: Daniel Craig’s safe house
    007 heads for Humberside
    He reportedly owns luxury homes in London and New York, but it seems this is not enough for Daniel Craig, who has been spotted househunting around Beverley, in East Yorkshire. More famous for its minster and racecourse than for celebrity hang-outs, the market town — which is named today by The Sunday Times as one of the top 101 places to live in Britain — would be the perfect place for the Chester-born Bond star and his actress wife, Rachel Weisz, to escape to. Craig, who turned 45 this month, is looking for a nice country pile and has viewed half a dozen properties since Christmas. After signing a £31m deal to play 007 in two more films, the Skyfall star will certainly be able to afford a pad worthy of the world’s most famous secret agent.

    Is James Bond actor Daniel Craig moving to Beverley?
    JAMES Bond star Daniel Craig has reportedly been spotted househunting in Beverley.
    It is understood Craig is looking for a country retreat with his actress wife Rachel Weisz and has been viewing properties since Christmas.

    He has just signed a £31m deal to play 007 in two more films and the Skyfall star is already believed to own luxury homes in London, New York and Follifoot near Knaresborough, North Yorkshire.
    Michael Quick from Quick and Clarke estate agents in Beverley’s North Bar Within said: “He’d be more than welcome and his wife is very nice as well.
    “I’ve got plenty of houses for him, if I had his number I’d give him a ring.
    “I know Beverley is one of the most sought after places in the north. We’ve got other people in the town in the same business, people like the actor Vincent Regan, who seem to love it.”
    Beverley is a desirable destination, having just been named in the top 100 places to live in the UK by The Sunday Times. The East Riding county capital came in at number 68.
    The town already boasts Hollywood stars in actor Vincent Regan and actress Eleanor Tomlinson.
    Regan is best-known for his roles in historical epics 300 and Troy.
    He is opening a new theatre in Beverley called ‘Ert’, or the East Riding Theatre.
    Up-and-coming actress Tomlinson, 20, appeared in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging and stars in the new blockbuster Jack The Giant Killer.
    She celebrated landing the plum role by nipping to the town’s Tesco supermarket for a bottle of bubbly.

  • Magda

    Gosh, I was hoping for 2014 like it was announced originally!

    “The next James Bond film is set to be released within the next three years, MGM has announced.
    The film studio revealed they were busy working on the 24th 007 film.
    MGM chief executive Gary Barber told Reuters: ‘We are very excited about the franchise, we look forward to announcing a director soon.

    ‘We are currently developing the screenplay and working with our partners. We look forward to developing the script soon and signing a director. We are hoping [that] within the next three years, it will be released.’
    Sam Mendes passed on directing Bond 24 (Picture: PA)”

    The word WITHIN leaves some hope, however….

  • Fio

    Jennifer La Vigne: Just made some serious eye contact with #007!!!! Daniel Craig is gawwwwwgeous!!!!! And….in gym clothes, even sexier!

  • Fio

    to Magda
    Yeah, hopefuly we get Bond24 at the end of next year.
    MGM chief executive Gary Barber said we look forward to announcing a director SOON. I think they wouldn’t have to announce a director SOON if Bond24 isn’t going to be released for almost three years. But I really don’t mind if the film come out 2015. What I want most: Bond24 is as awesome as Skyfall :)

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness

    “is Guinness trying to pass a little gas from too much Mascoto last night?”

    LOL! Would love to see THAT pic ;)

    “and yes, Mendel, i am fine, how are you?”

    Great, thanks, but cold. Spring hasn’t arrived here yet!

    “Got Fio locked up or put her on vay-kay?”

    I saw her posting in the previous thread, so she hasn’t run away with the Dan van…ah, there she is…!

    “I love these pics of him…scruffy face sexxxy. love the jacket. and those wonderful pants. wonderful wonderful pants. I bet they are sooo soft!! I want to touch them!! *him*

    I would love to take them off *grin*

    to Fio

    “the Skyfall star is already believed to own luxury homes in London, New York and Follifoot near Knaresborough, North Yorkshire.”

    If he ever needs a house-sitter…

    “What I want most: Bond24 is as awesome as Skyfall :)”

    Yes! Maybe that’s why they might take a bit longer…just to make it awesome!

  • Fio

    Andrea S: The guy at the table next to me apparently knows Daniel Craig and assures the people at his table that “he is not at all pretentious.”

  • lots

    @Mike: that’s more like it! THANKYOU!