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Alexander Skarsgard: Chung Kiwa Lunch!

Alexander Skarsgard: Chung Kiwa Lunch!

Alexander Skarsgard steps out to meet a friend for lunch at Chung Kiwa Restaurant on Wednesday afternoon (March 20) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old actor is starting up an Asian food streak after eating at a Thai restaurant two days before for lunch!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

In case you missed it, check out Alex‘s smoldering hot cover for Man of the World magazine‘s latest issue, which will be available to purchase on April 1.

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard out for lunch…

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alexander skarsgard chung kiwa lunch 01
alexander skarsgard chung kiwa lunch 02
alexander skarsgard chung kiwa lunch 03
alexander skarsgard chung kiwa lunch 04
alexander skarsgard chung kiwa lunch 05
alexander skarsgard chung kiwa lunch 06
alexander skarsgard chung kiwa lunch 07
alexander skarsgard chung kiwa lunch 08
alexander skarsgard chung kiwa lunch 09
alexander skarsgard chung kiwa lunch 10
alexander skarsgard chung kiwa lunch 11
alexander skarsgard chung kiwa lunch 12
alexander skarsgard chung kiwa lunch 13

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Jen

    Jeez do they follow him to lunch every day? Leave him alone.

  • http://blackcherry8692 sandra

    So sexy

  • http://blackcherry8692 sandra

    as a man so handsome and sexy is always only if it would have to remove the girls like flies over there who catch her

  • Lilla

    Two posts in one day? I could get used to this.


    we must see that we may do good match Alexander and I just called, and I’m half Viking’d be the perfect couple. Mr. and Miss skarsgard

  • Strange

    Looks tired but still hot as hell !!!

  • Off

    He looks bad here. Peeved and rough looking.

  • Cookie

    I ll marry him and have his kids one day!

  • ladybug

    @Off: Peeved and hopefully tired from filming (they’re some 2-3 weeks behind schedule)

    And here are the pics and the article from MOTW:

  • Dorothy J. Pearce

    what Bradley replied I’m shocked that a person can get paid $4842 in one month on the computer. did you look at this webpage…

  • BJ

    Never much cared for this fashion trend of skinny jeans on a man, and Alex is skinny enough. He needs to lean more toward a cowboy cut jeans.

  • Macy

    I hadn’t known they were that behind on the filming schedule for TB. That’s almost a whole episode behind. That could really impact the cast doing other projects if they’re filming into August.

  • Cadulech

    I am sad of Alex,i believed he was romantic but he is not.He is handsome but not exactly a romantic man.
    I would answer yes,because it is. Everyone born with a soulmate so yes there is always a person out there for everyone.

    ELLE: Do you believe there’s one person out there for you?

    AS: No, I don’t think so. When you meet someone, of course you want it to last forever. It’d be very depressing if you didn’t feel that way. But things change, and you maybe grow apart. You have to accept that.

  • Whycantipost

    He is starting to look more and more like his dad. These pics really show the resemblance xD (I love it of course!)

  • newish

    @Cadulech: keep that on the Leo d thread pls dont let it start here. it is sad though.

  • Disney Villainess

    @Cadulech: I personally don’t think it’s sad at all, that’s how he feels. At least he was being honest. #shrugs

    Some actors, when given a similar question, would have lied just to maintain that “romantic guy” persona…..

  • ladybug

    @Disney Villainess: He is being honest. I think the idea of a soul mate is a nice idea, and I have met people who really did have the love at first sight/soul mate thing going on. But, like any other relationship, still have to work on it. Doesn’t mean you’re not romantic if you don’t believe in it.

    The article’s pretty good, though:

    @Macy, that’s what I read on a couple of sites, around the time of Hudis removal as showrunner. They were pretty behind last year as well.

  • Macy

    I just read that WMK will be at the San Francisco film festival April 25. Damn! I’ll be there April 11-18. So I’ll just miss him if he goes.

  • Sara

    @Cadulech: I hate to say this but it sounds like KB may have broken his heart and left him a tad jaded.

  • Cadulech

    That could explain just a little bit but if he wants his soulmate but be with him,he has to let her go.
    Not all woman are KB

  • yep

    I don’t buy it, he didn’t seem so invested in her to even be heartbroken if he was totally into her I would say yes. But his action towards her was not one of I love her to death. Maybe he still hang up on a long ago old gf, it’s easier for someone to say KB because she is what most of his fans know about since she is only known American gf

  • ladybug

    @Cadulech: We have no idea if KB broke his heart, there were a lot of things screwy about that relationship. And, I think he’s well past it.
    “but if he wants his soulmate”. He’s said he doesn’t believe in that. So don’t fret about it. This doesn’t mean he’s against being in love and all that stuff.

  • mjb

    @Sara: yes, i believe that too, i think that he change his conduct with girls before that broke, after that he was very affectionate with his girlfriends in public, i have seen magazines that shown photos hand to hand with his girlfriend in sweden.

  • Cadulech

    I believe he said something before,something that he would look up for his right girl that there would not be a reason to living….that sounds pretty much like what people who believe in soulmates say.

  • Sara

    @Cadulech: If you truly believe you’ve found that special person, it takes some time to get over it. Especially if you were together for a few years.

    @yep: I only know what I have read. He seemed to be invested enough to take her to Sweden a couple of times where he showed PDA in a few pictures – her sitting on his lap and his arm around her as they walked with friends. I agree that it may have been another gf or maybe I’m totally off and he just doesn’t believe in love.

  • ladybug

    @Cadulech: I don’t remember that quote.
    But, I think some of this is a language issue. I do not think that even if he said that it means he believes in soul mates. As I have said already in this thread, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe in love and attempting to have an ever-after relationship. It means he’s realistic enough to understand that sometimes, no matter how you felt about each other in the beginning, it doesn’t always work out.

    Frankly, his not currently not believing in soulmates isn’t something that in the end I’m actually concerned about.

  • Dieter loves Bjorne

    ELLE interview answ.:”No, I don’t think so. When you meet someone, of course you want it to last forever. It’d be very depressing if you didn’t feel that way. But things change, and you maybe grow apart. You have to accept that”.
    He sounds like a whiny little bi*ch.

  • Itis

    @Dieter loves Bjorne:

    Sounds realistic to me.

  • wut

    he looks like a drunkass mess

  • wut

    @Cadulech: He’s practical and realistic, not the smartest thing to say when you have a lot of female fans though

  • wut

    @Whycantipost: It’s true and sad


    Sorry, but some people seem a bit confused here.

    Believing in “soulmates” is a pretty specific thing: it means you believe there’s only ONE perfect person in the world that’s meant for you and chosen by fate/God/whatever to meet all your needs and wants.

    Not believing that doesn’t make one unromantic. It doesn’t even mean one doesn’t believe in true and lasting love.

    Frankly I find the whole soulmate idea pretty stupid and unconvincing, yet I AM romantic and I DO believe in lasting relationships. One doesn’t negate the other.

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: I think he probably said that with his parents in mind. 35 years together and then a divorce.

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: Oh, undoubtedly that’s had an influence. As did his own relationship experiences.
    But my parents were childhood sweethearts and married for many many many years-happily (and until death) and never referred to each other as soul mates
    I wouldn’t be sad for Alex because he doesn’t believe in soul mates. He seems to be quite happy in his life right now, even without a soul mate.

  • Macy

    That was my thought too, that his parent were the frame of reference. I think he was speaking about their experience and being married for 35 years and then it not working out. Perhaps that changed his reality a bit, as he said it did affect him when they were first separating. He mentioned that in an interview a long time ago.

  • Mates

    @Canuck and Macy I agree with both of your I don’t think it was about him and his relationship but more about his parents especially since he put in that bit about his mother calling him and confessing what was she to do now and yes that would change his view and love seeing that his parents ended up separated but great for him that they are still friends and celebrate things together.

  • hmmmmmmm

    I think his one person quote is a combination of his parents and his past relationships. I remember shades of this in a quote in Men’s Journal when coming across a wedding “love is an illusion” etc. and this was after his breakup with Kate.

    Hopefully, he’ll find love again. He seems to be the kind of guy who very analytical after the fact when it comes to relationships or even maybe when in them. Who knows?

  • Cadulech

    Does anyone knows if Alex likes Spanish food? would love see Alex liking spanish food….eat a nice paella :)

  • ladybug

    @Cadulech: I have no idea. But he’s a foodie, so it’d be surprising if he hadn’t at least tried Spanish food.

  • ladybug

    If you happen to be in Vail next Thursday, you can see Disconnect, it’s screening at the Vail Film Festival:

    “Organizers last week announced the full program for the 10th edition of the Vail Film Festival, including opening night’s Disconnect starring Jason Bateman and Alexander Skarsgård and directed by Henry Alex Rubin. Disconnect (7:30 p.m., March 28, at Vail Mountain School) traces three storylines about how people make human connections in the modern world of the Internet and social media.”

  • Keiko


    His best jeans look EVER (in my opinion) was the scene where he’s walking into the cafe to meet his pregnant one-night-stand in ‘Puss’.

  • Keiko


    Like she’s been his only GF in his whole life???

  • ladybug

    Alex, Fares and Keith at the Laker’s game:

  • Cafélady

    @Cadulech: @ladybug:…well, we shouldn’t forget that it was an INTERVIEW. So I presume it also could be good possible that the answer that he don’t believe that there someone is for him out there, that this line was more owed the fact that it was an interview. I mean, imagine he would have said yes,…etc. then the next question would have been probably “oh, so IS THERE SOMEONE at the moment?” etc. or something similar. I could imagine that he just wanted to avoid further too private questions etc. so it was the easiest way.

    Aside of this; I presume that you aren’t totally wrong with it, with the speculations why he could answer like this. I guess, probably it has several reasons – the divorce of his parents and some of his own relationship-experiences are perhaps part of these reasons.

    On the other hand I have to say, that these “soulmate”-thing is misinterpreted sometimes. At least, if you follow some spiritual ideas – in this case “soulmates” doesn’t mean necessarily that two people have to live together or have to be a couple in an traditional way. Soulmates means (according to some of this ideas) that you have an “soulmate” in an spiritual sense, a spiritual connection. A bit like an spiritual counterpart – but not necessarily in that way that a marriage it follows or something.

  • Cadulech

    Thank you,wasn’t thinking about it….maybe you were right. Alex trying to avoid next question (or better say gossips on his private life).