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Gerard Butler Recreates 'This Is Sparta!' Moment

Gerard Butler Recreates 'This Is Sparta!' Moment
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    He never said anything about older women. You’re just making things up.

  • canthelpbutthink

    To ones that are in to deep : they are taking you for a ride, they are still together, he’s just getting much more publicity and love from fans this way…And when the promotion is over you’ll see…No one announced the brake up, so it’s gonna be like it never happened…

  • canthelpbutthink

    Don’t get me wrong girls, I’m not an evil idio.t like Clamsie, I just see by your posts that some of you are into this brake up thing to deep, and they probably didn’t, just laying low so they can collect as much money as they can from fanies in love, and go for a trip somewhere…

  • might still B 2gether

    GB and MG might still be together. Wouldn’t surprise me. I think the fact that MG wasn’t at GB’s big premiere is what’s making people think they broke up more than that photo with her ex. I mean they’ve gone public, appeared on the red carpet together several times. GB talked about her like crazy in interviews. There’s no PR reason not to have her at the OHF premiere. There’s no benefit to having her lay low now that it’s all out in the open and after they were photographed together at the VF party. And since MG obviously was out partying and not working the night before and day of the premiere, it doesn’t seem like she had to leave town for some major project. She’s dropped everything to be with GB on other occasions – she didn’t even go to the screening of her film in Ischia over the summer so she could stay with him in Shreveport. And it was like the minute she left LA, GB stopped talking about her in interviews. He wasn’t even asked the question, not on Letterman, not on Kelly Live, not on Kimmel, even though they’d all definitely ask just like Leno, E!, Extra, etc. did. So, they were probably told not to ask.
    So they might still be together, but it seems weird if they are. Maybe it’s just a break and they’ll reunite in a few weeks in Europe. Maybe Gerry couldn’t have his parents stay at his house with Madalina there because it would make Gerry’s mom uncomfortable somehow. Or maybe they broke up and Madalina let that photo be taken of her as some sort of pathetic jab at GB. If they did break up, wouldn’t surprise me if MG broke up with GB. I don’t know if I would break up with my boyfriend if he spoke about me the way that GB spoke about MG on Howard Stern, saying whether her breasts were real and other really objectifying things. But I’d be pretty well pissed.

  • Totally Useless Information

    Little Maddie and GB are still a couple. She probably didn’t get a work visa for longer than a few weeks and had to go home. She won’t have that problem when GB is promoting OHF in Europe. She can go anywhere there.

    Woman have a tendency to project an idealized opinion on people they love. Gerry is a nice person but no nicer than anyone else.

    That would be break, not brake.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    Gerard Butler: I’m really taking my time right now, you know? It’s been an interesting past, we have so many projects that I’m producing and developing and there’s a bunch of other stuff out there that I’m looking at. There’s three or four things that I’m considering doing, but I don’t need to work right now. I’ve worked a lot and I really want to take my time and make sure that what I’m doing, the next movie is really the right move and what I want to do. Do some groundwork as well. Work on the producing side and development. There’s a bunch of stuff that I’m excited about, but I don’t want to dive into anything.

  • Lord Love a Duck
    Boy, she really knows how to bring a guy down lol. Short clip from Chelsea. Don’t forget he is on her show tonight.

  • sweet

    Oh gimme a brake, :) I wouldn’t say I have an idealized opinion about GB…I just sense things. I wouldn’t group all women in the same category either…they don’t all think or feel the same. GB looks great in all of these latest pics…happy, loved, peaceful.

  • sweet

    I thought I read that GB would be promoting the film with AE in Europe…he seems reserved in my opinion so maybe they will behave themselves.


    Just in case I wasn’t the last one to find this site, there are some amazing, if older pics of our boy at, some I’ve not seen before, and OMG! FYI, ladies.

  • cupcake

    Hi ladies. Gerry was funny on Jimmy Kimmel. Ashley Judd looked really good at the premiere. Love the dress. Lets how he does on Chelsy. I know I didn’t spell her name right.

  • NaivePhannies

    Can’t you people see when you’re being manipulated? He wants your American dollars, so he makes the gf disappear. Once the movie opens and he leaves for his international pr campaign, she will reappear. He’ll do anything to make money for this film, including hide the gf, if that’s what it takes. Meanwhile she’s busy letting everyone know on her fb that’s she’s still around, just like always. Don’t be so gullible.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    @DARTH: The remark about an older woman was made by gb;s aunt and related in a story on the Leno show by gb, The aunt had never had children and the woman she went to school with had children. It was rather funny, but gb got himself in a little corner relating the funny story. That’s all there was to it.

  • Kristen

    How sweet of Chelsea Handler to mention his girlfriend at the top of her show! I feel so warm and fuzzy knowing he is so happy with his gorgeous, young, thin wi… I mean girlfriend. Sigh.

  • Huh?????

    I thought this show was pre-recorded? Meaning it could be post HS interview. I guess we’ll find out from what they talk about. I can’t believe CH wouldn’t bring up the HS interview.

  • Alina

    I think the end of PR. “Relationship” is also will end (or out of). It did not make sense to begin with.

  • Huh?????

    I love Chelsea Handler, she thinks she can kick Gerry’s butt!!! I bet she could!!!

  • Lord Love a Duck

    @NaivePhannies: So are you saying that no one will go to see his movie if he has a girl friend? You don’t think that someone might want to see the movie because it is a good action film and wanting to see Gerard Butler on the big screen?
    Making movies are done for profit as well as expressing your talents, so what would be the reason not to pay to see or rent a movie. This IS his business, a job a career that he wanted to entertain and make a very good living doing what he loves.
    If gb would marry anyone tomorrow would his fans stop watching his films, I think not. Is he supposed to live single the rest of his life without a family of his own because of JJ posters… Heaven forbid. If he chooses to be single for a while or forever that’s okay too.
    He treats his fans so nicely with appreciation and that is all most ask of him besides a good flick.

  • Huh?????

    He didn’t jump on that question that he’s behaving himself!!! Chelsea had to pull it out of him.

  • 0:(((

    “he is so happy with his gorgeous, young, thin wi … I mean girlfriend.”
    __ until her fu/cks Marco Boriello in Milan. LOOOOOOOOL

  • LifeWillGoOn

    @GFW: I made it through once. Female. It wasn’t all that.

  • CH

    #67: GB should have said that he’s a lover not a fighter…oh yeah…just guessing of course!

  • cupcake

    Chelsea was great. That show was pre recorded. Btw it’s okay that his gf was mentioned. Not all of us are going to fall apart .@Kristen.


    @Kristen: Thats right , SHE mentions her and HE did’nt , nor did he say her name or anything else about it. But he was all in for the vajayjay party with the girls on the panel , who were ALL brunette.

  • Is Madalina Ghenea A Teenager?

    If Madalina Ghenea and Gerard Butler haven’t broken up then Madalina is lying again and manipulating the rumors to get attention. She’s milking posts on her FB by people trying to console her. She’s “liking” posts like this that people are posting under all her photos and stuff –
    Maybe I did not received as much as I gave …
    Maybe I was not loved as much as I loved …
    Maybe I was not comforted as much as I comforted …
    Maybe I was not forgiven as much as I have forgiven …
    Maybe I was not awaited as much as I waited …
    May I was not followed for as long as I have followed …
    Maybe I was not understood as much as I had understood …
    Maybe I was not chosen by heart, as I have chosen …
    But I will continue to give, to love, to comfort, to forgive, to wait, to follow, to understand and to choose … Because a loving heart is spacious …
    So if they didn’t break up she’s certainly ok with people thinking they did so they’ll pay attention to her and be nice to her.
    I have nothing against the girl but come on. Grow up and stop posting on FB like a teenager writing in her diary.

  • SuperficialButler

    @DARTH: It was a interview where he was describing his aunt who never had kids and who met a classmate from years back. It was a late night talk show years back.

    It was very obvious he has a preference.

  • debisis

    @DARTH: @sparta:

    I’m so disappointed in this guy’s taste in women. Yes, that’s right so what…he’s a full figured man with a nice full face, and yet he can’t find a complimenting woman around his arm. With a personality and real career? Man I wish I was a publicist.

  • Cooper Bethune

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  • Gerryfan

    @might still B 2gether:

    “Maybe Gerry couldn’t have his parents stay at his house with Madalina there because it would make Gerry’s mom uncomfortable somehow”

    Too true it would. The fact his parents are there seems to point to the fact that it’s over. His family do not approve of her and would not be there if she was still on the scene.

  • Visa

    @Totally Useless Information:

    “She won’t have that problem when GB is promoting OHF in Europe. She can go anywhere there.”

    No she can’t. Romanians have a very bad reputation in Europe and are responsible for crime increase in countries where they go so many countries restrict them.

  • May I point out


    ” But he was all in for the vajayjay party with the girls on the panel , who were ALL brunette”

    It’s no secret he likes brunettes. He always has done because his one true love back in Scotland was brunette.

  • Clamsie

    @Visa: Too bad for you that you can’t read or are too dense to google. Maddie can travel anywhere in Europe. Some countries outside of Europe may require a visa or have limited stays without a visa. She may also be an Italian citizen. We don’t know for sure.

    Please do some homework before making an ignorant and misinformed statement.

  • Molly

    Madalina is advertising a store on her FB that makes handmade baby clothes.


  • 0:(((

    Why do we still read here about this wh/ore MG? She disappeared from his life! Now he with his mom, and that says a lot! And he’s happy. Why do you want him to be the most miserable person in the world? MG can not be his wife. Wh/ore always a wh/ore. She is already engaged in pro/stit/ution for 10 years. Experience is huge. And always will be.

  • Just a thought


    Madalina is advertising a store on her FB that makes handmade baby clothes.”

    Maybe she’s told her family she’s pregnant and they’re all knitting things and she’s selling them to make extra money now she’s not got access to GBs wallet.

  • tur.d

    you’ve got it wrong

    Margaret sent Maddy a gift recently,

    it was a new set of undies sayng

    “we never close” on the front

    it should be in her next photo shoot

  • 0:(((

    Read the comments on the article. Everyone says she looks like a wh/ore and trans/vestite.

  • http://JJ LIAR


  • @0:(((

    @0:(((: “Everyone” or just you?

  • Lyla J.
  • Can’tGetEnough

    Gerard Butler shared a link.
    3 minutes ago near New York, NY
    Ha! Just saw the comments on this video. Glad you guys like this song too.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Gerard Butler at the premiere of TOTEM in NYC:
    nedramsay Deadly Nedley 4h
    #olympushasfallen Great film. Was awesome seeing @GerardButler at the @RegalMovies on Olympic today!

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough
  • GFW

    “I’m joking.” could be Gerry’s first tattoo. Not joking. Yes, yes I am. That was fun. Guess he was tired of the suits and was dressed for travel. Good to see him in upstate New York near where one of my long-time readers lives. Funny how all this works.
    who thinks hints and suggestions only backfire same like too little too late or like trying to make a man jealous so when (and if) he gets anywhere near this not invited (for a reason) tramp which makes a huge shout out she’s not good for his beloved career… he should arrive with a pregnancy test and since she’ll do anything for him she should pee on it in front of him because this pick pocket will do anything to obtain his fortune, anything who thinks she makes “trust no one” be a good second tattoo for Butler because with her he cannot… e.v.e.r. and she’s driven so many of his longtime fans bailing because of her 10 months of rubbing her (taking place in her head) status in their noses so much he’s had to (wisely) court new fans and I would not want my man looking at me knowing I was the reason his last excellent works failed him and his efforts that do mean a lot to him

  • GFW

    (sigh of relief) So he still has his No.1 fan. All is well. She will, when he gets around to it, have (bought) her chapter in his memoirs. It’s all good. She’s helped the econmy in times when few travelled.

  • lovely

    #91: Wow, that’s so great (the comments)…it’s the Butler effect. :)

  • Alina

    @Can’tGetEnough: thanks for pics/