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Brad Pitt to Star in WWII Drama 'Fury'!

Brad Pitt to Star in WWII Drama 'Fury'!

Brad Pitt is in final negotiations for his next role on the big screen as the star of the WWII drama Fury, according to Deadline.

The film takes “place in 1945 as the Nazi regime collapses and the five-man crew of an American tank called Fury battles a desperate German army.”

Fury will be written and directed by End of Watch‘s helmer David Ayer who has said he wants to “bring a fresh execution to the genre. What these men went through is worthy of a complex, honest portrayal. This will have incredible, visceral action and complex rich characters. I plan to bring tank combat to life in a way that lands with a modern audience.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Brad Pitt’s choice to star in Fury?

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  • Jarda

    What about WWI?? Im fed up with WWII

  • kinnie

    This sounds interesting. I’m sure Brad Pitt will do a good job; he’s actually a really good actor, a fact people seem to forget because he’s so good looking and his personal life is so interesting (being the other half of the most beautiful couple on earth).

  • Yoki

    I hate history but Brad defintely makes it a hell of a lot more interesting.

  • Training Day fan

    Brad will be great in this WWII drama, has a great writer and director. Looking forward to seeing this film!!!

  • Berp

    @kinnie: @kinnie: I think it’s the opposite. People tend to forget how terrible he is because of the great directors and actors that anchor him. we are all reminded when stuff like his backdraft audition tape was released.

  • lurker

    he is an amazing actor will definately do justice to this role

  • Berp

    # 326 Funky pipe @ 04/03/2013 at 5:32 pm
    I wonder who’s movie will be made and released first. Angie’s ww2 movie or Pitts ww2 movie. The amazing thing about it is angelina is actually directing hers and pitt is just simply acting in his.
    @reply | flag this

  • busted

    He was great in IB. I’m just looking forward to seeing them both doing anything actually. LOL

    I hope we get to see Angie tomorrow. Does anyone know if there is a live link to the Summit.. I’ll be at work so don’t want to miss it.

  • Dc

    Brad is a great actor, this sounds very interesting. Another movie for me to see with him. Good for you Brad.

  • anustin

    my brad,keep on bringing the bacon…… 8 mouth to feed.

  • Jarda

    He copies Angelina in everything. What a pain in the neck.

  • wemp
  • wow

    Brad has been fighting in WWI, WWII and WWZ. I am looking forward to this one.

  • goody

    more violence from Bradley

  • Nina

    I am for any movie that makes him cut the long hair.

  • Word Is

    Brad wants to shoot it in Colorado so he can smoke his bong all day long on the set ,,,,,legally.

  • BW

    End Of Watch is a great movie, underrated. I can’t wait to see Brad and David Aye collaboration.

  • Blue

    I’m not thinking anything except that Brad is looking puffy. He needs to go back to his Legends of the Fall days:

  • Annylee

    Brad has an imperfect ear

  • pls

    @kinnie: his wife looks like an alien anorexic fish tuna head. so overrated not the most beautiful cpuple….highly subjective.

  • just Sayin

    Brad always chooses interesting movies.

  • anustin

    wtf!!!legend of the fall was eons ago…..police!!! poppa pitt is close to 50.gggrrrrr

  • Rose

    Brad is the man. Trolls are flocking to JJ to be apart of Bradley’s good news. Face it trolls you can’t get over Brad. Now a troll wants Brad to go back to who he was 20 years ago. I’m sure trolls look exactly the same way they did 20 years ago. Brad Pitt is the only movie star that makes war movies according to trolls. Life must sucks for trolls they can’t get it in their heads Brad loves Angelina and his six beautiful children. it’s 8 years going on nine years Brad left the dead end marriage… so get over it trolls and live your life. Brad and Angelina longer than he was with the dead end, move on trolls.

  • anustin

    trollniston are jealous b/c poppa pitt is going to be very busy…….while some baldy fiancee is jobless!!! hehehehe

  • http://Justjarde ..

    Brangelina split

  • Rose

    @anustin: You know the trolls are cray cray they are talking about Brad ear. Why are they not talking about tickys piggy nose and Jay Leno chin. Talk about imperfect, look at their Ticky’s face.

  • Joe

    I love this photo of Brad… He is stoned out of his mind! Oh Pittiful, will you ever give up smoking? You are not aging well, and the stuff isn’t helping…

  • Just Sayin

    And Brad is always up to anything that challenges a genre.

  • dawne


    jealous much, loser?

  • fyi

    David Ayer also wrote Training Day. He is a talented writer and director.

  • dawne

    Another stellar choice, Brad. It sounds like it will be a great drama…..very intense and edge of your seat type deal………….anything Brad chooses is quality and everyone in the biz knows it. He was robbed of the Oscar for Moneyball……… question. I love WW11 movies. Trolls in agony……they can’t take the good news that just keeps coming where the JP’s are concerned. They’re basically masochists. Always LOSING and still pounding their thick, evil heads against the proverbial brick wall. Keep on banging while the JP’s keep on WINNING.

  • dawne


    No doubt. Brad only works with the best. He and Angie are so discriminating in their professional choices. They are not only talented, they are both super smart,

  • busted

    Well let’s hope it is the same one they had in..

    2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 20012

    and those break up brought 6 kids and some wonderful pictures.

    Here’s to this one.. Wonder what this one will bring..

    OH YEAH Marriage..

  • anustin

    rose…..check out Manistons DUMBO EARS.its the reason she can’t have a ponytail…..

  • Rose

    @anustin: Why are these trolls torturing themselves by coming to Brad’s thread to look at his beautiful face? Thank you for reminding me about Ticky’s dumbo ears to go with Miss Piggy’s nose and Jay Leno’s chin. Sucks to be a troll.

  • dawne


    Yeah, that’s why she has to wear her curtains. You know Sandy Bullock never looked ‘gorgeous’ or groomed to the max………she was ‘everygirl’ …that’s why ticky couldn’t pull off movies………..she wanted to always protect her ‘look’……… could be no different than if she was doing an interview or a papz strut. This is why she was Rachel in every role. She had a burst of professional confidence in the Good Girl, but that was short lived. She’s too insecure to be an actress…….she is best as merely a celebrity.

  • an opinion

    Great news. Ayers wrote and directed End of Watch which was really great cop movie. Wow, QED paid a million dollars for the Fury script.

  • Rose

    @dawne: Did you noticed Sandra Bullock never throw a pitty party for herself. SB’s husband certainly embarrassed the hello out of her. I wish the Jen hens would take a page out of SB book and move on. Why can’t they move on?
    Dawne, did you see hallie Berry and Oliver M going crazy at LAX. I believe if HB had just remained quiet that situation could have been contained especially because her daughter was right there. HB screaming there is a child here send that wacko OM into a rage kicking that paps in front of that child was so uncalled for. Also, Nalia was looking very distressed in the car.

  • Craigypants

    I’m sure this will be another dud role.
    He hasn’t been in a decent movie in 20 years.
    His looks are fading fast.

  • Joe

    Jealous? Of what… A 50 year old man who like like a homeless person? Not hardly!

  • Eva

    Love Brad’s choice of movies. All of his movies are quality. He has amazing taste in movies.

  • Joe

    *Looks like*

  • hehehe

    Brad keeps making movies and making money, Maniston’s bald midget on the other hand is still unemployed. hehehe.

  • Jen The HAG

    hehehe @ 04/03/2013 at 8:25 pm

    yeah that’s what made the HAGiston mad their idol TICKY is now a SUGAR MAMA of a 40 year old jobless toyboy and they are blaming Brad for it because in their warped mind if BRAD did not dumped their insecure, whinny, fugly HAG she will not be resorting to buying a toyboy bwahahhahha!! See all the HAGS are obsess how Brad look .. they are all crying their eyes out because their idol is now with a serial killer look alike toyboy ..LOL

  • brad’s kickstand

    maybe he’ll remember to put the tank’s kickstand up before he plows his tank all over frankfurt heidelburg hamburg dusseldorf and the rest of deutchland.

  • hehehe

    @Jen The HAG
    yep. Vivi Jolie Pitt makes more money than Maniston’s bald midget. hehehe

  • ode to the ignorant

    @brad’s kickstand:

    Just so you know – Brad’s one of a kind bike that he was seen on in LA recently has a kickstand that remains stationary unlike most bikes, it has to do with the designed stability.

    Too bad so sad you are uneducated and ignorant and lack what is relatively easy to acquire knowledge lol

    Guess the reference to the “SUGAR MAMA of a 40 year old jobless toyboy” truthiness really crawls under your skin.

    The truth is what it is you know, no job equals no job.

  • We’re the morons

    Details about who got hacked and what will be done!

  • Robin

    Brad looks alot like Underdog Lady…. same hair anyway…google her image

  • gfdfbgd

    you freaks. ppl mess with them and talk sh*t because its SO FUN to pi** off brangelinas INSANE fans LOL.