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Angelina Jolie: Big Apple Outing with Knox & Pax!

Angelina Jolie: Big Apple Outing with Knox & Pax!

Angelina Jolie carries her four-year-old son Knox while out and about in New York City on Friday (April 5).

The 37-year-old actress and her little guy were joined by nine-year-old son Pax for an outing to FAO Schwartz!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

The evening before, Angelina attended the 2013 Women in the World Gala to honor Malala Yousafzai, the 14-year-old girl who was shot in Pakistan. Check out the pics in case you missed them!

In case you didn’t see, check out fiance Brad Pitt‘s latest poster for his upcoming film World War Z.

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angelina jolie big apple outing with knox pax 01
angelina jolie big apple outing with knox pax 02
angelina jolie big apple outing with knox pax 03
angelina jolie big apple outing with knox pax 04
angelina jolie big apple outing with knox pax 05
angelina jolie big apple outing with knox pax 06
angelina jolie big apple outing with knox pax 07
angelina jolie big apple outing with knox pax 08
angelina jolie big apple outing with knox pax 09

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  • Supernovapoodles

    1st, 2nd….?

  • Supernovapoodles

    Knox is so cute… the way I named my poodlepuppy 3 years ago by him, Knox!

  • lol


  • http://Justjarde ..

    Bye don’t come back again

  • nani

    Love her!

  • http://Justjarde ..

    Going to funeral , black

  • Jolie’s Jawline


  • Boney

    That skeletal hand is frightening poor Pax

  • a lurker
  • a lurker

    a lurker @ 04/05/2013 at 3:25 pm

    haze_dayz : Juss saw Angelina Jolie in F.A.O Schwartz…
    4 minutes ago -

  • So

    I guess they are buying toys before heading back to LA.

  • busted

    LOL at the hags. pissed and in a foul mood.

    Get use to it.. That will be your state for the rest of your pathetic lives.

    Angie looks beautiful. Love the boots.

  • Eva

    Pax is hilarious, he hates papz. Little Knox is always smiling. he is so beautiful.

  • busted

    @a lurker:

    thanks for the link. The are so big. .And Knox is a cutie.. Love the gold sneakers. I guess Angie brought the 2 boys with her. And I love that coat she is wearing and the belt.. very nice.

  • an opinion

    Knox is a cutie. Pax really does not like the paps. He’ll learn to ignore them like Maddox does.

  • thelookoflove1365

    Multitasking Angie. She really has a lot of energy. Kudos to her for taking care of 6 children and Brad, carreer, & humanitarian duties. I will be so exhausted if I am in her position. She really is passionate about her duties & commitment. Good for her.

  • Joam

    Ty JJ ,)

  • I don’t get it


    aww poor baby. NO fun at PIG CENTRAL IUC.. I guess THE HEAD PIG isn’t giving you idiots any new pointless riddles to figure out. Hilarious to see you begging for news on the Brange. Losers. Pathetic FAT losers.

  • Dc

    Love you Angelina! Amazing – she does everything.

  • Supernovapoodles

    In Getty image pictures Knox looks very much like Shiloh, little darker hair only,

  • mrst

    Ahhh…Momma’s sweet boys…=)

  • The ring

    Style Rx: Angelina Jolie Got Lost On Her Way to a ‘Star Wars’ Convention
    04/05/2013 AT 11:22 AM ET


    Who: Angelina Jolie

    Where: At the N.Y.C. Women in the World summit

    Diagnosis: Recurring case of the “Blahs.” As we’ve told her before, you don’t have to dress like you’re at a funeral — or in this case, at a Sith Lord’s funeral — to be taken seriously.

    RELATED PHOTOS: Vote on questionable star style in “Obsessed or Hot Mess?”

    Prognosis: First, let’s give credit where it’s due: the hair and makeup are flawless and the accessories are pretty cute. The Saint Laurent ensemble, however, is suffering from a terminal overdose of fabric and a truly depressing color scheme. Imagine Jolie wearing this same look without the cape, cut to the knee and in a vibrant cobalt color. There, isn’t that better?

    –Alex Apatoff

    ;)Obi wan kenobi¡¡

  • Rose

    @a lurker: Hi Lurker, thanks for the link.

    Anyone interested, there is a video -at BRANGELINA forum with Angie entering the theatre last night. See page 2719.

  • YIB

    Ok FInally!
    Angie and her boys… cuteeee
    Pax is totally a character always.
    love jps

  • Lily

    Gettyimages says they are at F.A.O Schwartz…, they go there every time when they are in NYC.

  • YIB

    I like the other thread her potriart for malala.
    btw did angie has little brad pitt in the oven? :)

  • Rose

    What I want to know is, why are the trolls here? Can’t the trolls get over how beautiful Angie and her children are? Trolls are so owned by Angie and Brad, they will not stay off their thread. Btw, when was the last time a troll visit Ticky’s thread? I’m guessing last week, lol.

  • valis202

    @The ring:

    Really. That’s your main talking point.

    Do you have any opinions at all about what Malala went through, the terrorization of women by the Taliban, the right of women to get an education, because in case you missed it Angie spoke about those things as well.

    You really are pathetic.

  • He looks like his mom

    Knox is angelina mini.


    Awww, the boys!!! Love it!! Cutie Pax hiding his face, he and Zee hate papz with a passion. Look at Mr. Serene like his Mama, he’s got her same face – same shape, with a touch of Brad. Soooo adorbs.

  • Bea

    Hey Ticky fans – I know you can’t tear yourself away from anything Angelina – the woman you wish the hag could be – but just wait a couple of hours. I’m sure there will be an evelope opening somewhere in Hollywood tonight that your fat, vapid wh ore and her midget man will attend.

  • YIB

    btw new Brad WWZ post I just saw is cooooool.

  • Joe

    @Rose: Just like you and yours can not tear yourselves away from the Exes thread… Preach on, loon! I am enjoying the laughs!!!

  • Wonderbust

    negative if you go on tickys thread she prob has what maybe 2 or three new posts each today, but you haters come on the JP thread every day even if the thread is 3 weeks old. By the way your bestie tampax is an active member of fuglyfemales(who am I kidding I know you post there too, sick freaks)which has more than 80,000 topics and over one million posts about people they claim to hate,yet there are only a few people even posting there, now that is obsession.

  • Wonderbust

    love love love Angelina’s red bottoms(referring to her Louboutins, just clarifying for the slow trolls on the site).

  • valis202

    Am I the only one who finds this troll Joe a creepy and odd character.

    What kind of a guy, likes to trawl on a celebrity sight of a woman that he hates, spends his time bitching about other woman and who also has this weird fetish about correct grammer. LOL

  • Wonderbust

    also to the troll “the ring” you think Angelina gives a shiit that people don’t like her dress? Please remember that ticky said the Z lister Kim Stewart calling her homely ruined her night, she is the one that would care if someone hated her dress. You all have been bitchhing about Angelina’s wardrobe for the last 8 years and what effect has that had on her work or career?. Also weren’t you ranting and raving last night that Angelina wasnt wearing her engagement ring but then convenienlty disapperaed when photos arrives with her wearing the ring.

  • a fan

    Jolie Pitt children are gorgeous.

  • IUC

    There is only 1 person left at IUC posting under multiple aliases. She posts here and at FF and Celebitchy and Bohomoth under multiple aliases too. To attract comments his special friend Kate will have to come up with another gimmick like the last one, that Brad and Jen were going to reunite. She hated it when Ticky’s gigolo came along to slam the door on it.

  • Isa

    Beautiful Angie , long time since we have seen the girls though
    Please check my ff

  • the Ring = YIB = carry = ?




  • Some Bunny

    It’s a beautiful day here in the city and the views of Angelina Jolie are exquisite! Love seeing the little ones out and about with their hot mama!

    Many many blessings to the JP’s and to their family and fans.

  • a fan

    Knox is a mini Angie with Brad’s blue eyes.

  • Wonderbust

    Very weird. Joe and tammy are both males who are weirdly obsesed with Angelina and Brad. Do you know of any male that spends the workweek and weekend on a celebrity blog bitching about celebs that they claim to hate yet they are always on their threads even if the thread is weeks old. Seriously does ANYONE know of any male that does this, because I sure don’t. My male friends spend their time on sports sites, facebook, etc they could give two shiits about celeb gossip.

  • Rose

    I’m making this perfectly clear, I would NEVER leave a comment on Ticky’s thread, ever. Not interested in inflating her numbers. Don’t like her, never did, so why should I waste my time leaving a comment there. I say whatever I have to say about her right here on Brad and Angies thread.

  • lucy

    @Wonderbust: Angie looked gorgeous, her dress was appropriate for the occasion, if the Trolls, think differently, then maybe they should check out what Meryl and the other women wore, this wasn’t a movie premiere.

  • YIB

    oh finally you people getting what is components of the costing formula was? this is like enlightment.

  • YIB

    Angie you are inspiration….Queen and envy. I am not even exagirating.

  • Rose

    @Wonderbust:#45, What’s the saying? there’s a thin line between love and hate. I’m saying they are in love with Brad and Angie, lol, why else are they here every day, beats me!

  • YIB

    from getty images how many photos were waiting pax , nox an her? and more clearer pictures