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Tom Cruise: Egg Roulette on 'Fallon'!

Tom Cruise: Egg Roulette on 'Fallon'!

Tom Cruise is all smiles while making an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon at Rockefeller Center on Friday (April 12) in New York City.

The 50-year-old actor was spotted playing “Egg Roulette” with host Jimmy Fallon while promoting his new flick Oblivion.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Tom Cruise

The day before, Tom promoted Oblivion during a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live in Hollywood. Check out the video below!

Tom Cruise – ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Part 1

20+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and Jimmy Fallon playing a game of Egg Roulette…

Tom Cruise – ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ Live Part 2

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tom cruise egg roulette on fallon 03
tom cruise egg roulette on fallon 04
tom cruise egg roulette on fallon 05
tom cruise egg roulette on fallon 06
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tom cruise egg roulette on fallon 21

Credit: Theo Wargo; Photos: Getty
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  • Franson

    Looks like Kimmel’s never used the word “Xenu” on his show….

  • Susie#1

    Is this supposed to show that Cruise has a sense of humor?

  • Jordana

    Tom Cruise is like everyone else, have flaws. I regret that Scientology is against therapy, it would be nice if it did. This excess of control is typical of insecure men. He was abused by his father, to break this vicious cycle only therapy. He created a myth Cruise super-star, and incorporated his personality. Not see what is happening around them (family, friends, colleagues) perhaps by financial interests, no one shows you the reality. Happy Suri who has a mother worried about her.

  • It’s a Wonderful Life

    “The James Clayton Column: If Tom Cruise were consigned to oblivion”

    Here’s a science fiction scenario for you: what if Tom Cruise was consigned to oblivion? What if Cruise was written right out of the universe? Erased from existence, removed from history and all trace of him wiped from this reality – I’m guessing that some plot along the lines of Looper or The Terminator is taking him out – what would the world be like?

    The answer is worse. If Thomas Cruise Mapother IV had never been born to grace the big screen and occasionally do slightly eccentric things like surf sofas on chat show TV, Earth would be a slightly sadder place. Thinking on it you find that Tom’s Midas Touch has, erm, touched so much of the movie landscape over the past three decades, and had such a significant role in the unrolling of cultural history, that it’s slightly disturbing to dwell on the idea that, Sliding Doors-style, it could have been so different.

    To prove this, I’m going to go through the It’s A Wonderful Life scenario with Tom Cruise playing Tom Cruise instead of Jimmy Stewart playing good ol’ George Bailey. It feels wrong to raise this tale when it isn’t Christmas but, then again, so much is wrong and weird in the contemplation of a Cruise-free reality.

    To recap, in Frank Capra’s classic fable, decent everyman George Bailey drops into overwhelming depression and comes to the breaking point of wishing that he’d never been born. Luckily, his chirpy guardian angel Clarence is on hand to show suicidal George that his life has been worth living by giving him a whistlestop tour through a nightmarish alternate vision of a Bedford Falls in which Bailey never existed.

    George soon sees that he’s touched so many people’s lives and made a positive difference to the town. He subsequently returns to reality with an upbeat spirit, confident in the knowledge that he’s not a failure but is in fact the richest man in Bedford Falls because he has so many loving friends. Angels get their wings, Christmas is magical and everyone realises that, yes, It’s A Wonderful Life after all.

    I reckon that if we do the same thing with Cruise we’ll arrive at a similar conclusion.

    Who’s acting as the cocky paragon poster boy of brash 80s youth – a zeitgeisty feature that that provides essential flavour to flicks like Top Gun and The Color Of Money? There’s a hole in the essential identity of a whole decade, and all young arrogant males have to look to Eddie Murphy as a role model instead.

    As for the action cinema genre, without the Mission: Impossible franchise, the bar for stunts and audacious spectacle is far lower. What’s more, no one trusts untested TV showrunner JJ Abrams to direct a film, and animation legend Brad Bird is still struggling to get support for his wish to try live-action moviemaking.

    It’s also true that without Top Gun, Jerry Bruckheimer doesn’t become the Blockbuster Godfather and the US Air Force doesn’t experience a mass influx of eager recruits. The USSR wins the Cold War and Hollywood makes far less money, so altogether the California Dream is killed and possibly turned Communist.

    I’ve not even touched on iconic Cruise performances that I’m personally unfamiliar with such as those of Rain Man, Born On The Fourth Of July and Jerry Maguire. I think you get my point – the Cruiser has had a considerable impact upon the movie industry and upon audiences thanks to his generous and determined nature, his can-do attitude and his impressively flexible acting acumen. It’d be a bit sad if this star was extinguished.

    (full article –

  • Cath

    He doesn’t age, it’s amazing. Still really handsome.

  • Kizbit

    He’s so strange. Plays the exact same character in every movie. Laughs when things aren’t funny, showing how totally insecure he is. Just a weird guy. And oh so lonely.

  • cari

    He is such a bad actor and pathetic that he can’t even PRETEND to have a personality. He’s boring and uncomfortable to watch. Like a psychopath or sociopath, he doesn’t have the capability or understanding of real emotions. He’s never had them. So he pretends to have them by acting out what he thinks is expected of someone who actually has emotions. NOW is it making more sense?!

  • Ashley

    Tom is amazing. He is an Amazing Lover and uses Fifty Shades toys from AthenaToysdotcom

  • Oblivion-US-IMAX-April 19

    Tom Cruise SciFi ‘Oblivion’ Orbits Overseas

    Reviews are decidedly mixed. And domestic grosses still could portend an obit.

    But Tom Cruise in his new scifi pic Oblivion is in orbit overseas with a #1 opening in 48 of 52 international territories this weekend.

    Friday’s gross is an estimated $13.1M at 7,464 dates for an early total of $23.1M and a weekend estimate of $60.5M. That includes a record-breaking #1 opening in Russia with $1.5M, which is the biggest opening day of the year for a non-3D release. After 2 days, the box office total there is $3.2M for Cruise’s biggest opening ever in Russia.

    The movie is directed by TRON: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski who also produced with former News Corp #2 Peter Chernin and Dylan Clark who both oversaw Planet of the Apes. and Middle East markets and the results are outstanding.

    The main reason Universal cast Cruise is because he’s still a star internationally.

    Oblivion opens in the U.S. and Canada and 7 more international territories next weekend.

  • Oblivion – Foreign Box Office

    Foreign Box Office: Tom Cruise’s ‘Oblivion’ Opens With $13.1 Million Friday Overseas

    The sci-fi film is heading for a $60 million weekend as it debuts in 52 territories abroad.

    While Tom Cruise’s sci-fi film Oblivion doesn’t open until Friday, April 19, in the United States, it has just launched successfully in overseas markets.

    Distributor Universal reports it captured $13.1 million Friday, has collected $23.1 million to date and is on target for an opening weekend of $60.5 million.

    That will make the film, directed by Joseph Kosinski and produced by Kosinksi, Peter Chernin and Dylan Clark,the top film in the international marketplace this weekend as it bows in 52 territories.

    Oblivion opened at number one in 48 of those territories, including Russia, where it took in $1.5 million, the biggest opening day of the year for a non-3D release. After two days, the movie’s Russian box office total is $3.2 million, marking Cruise’s biggest opening in Russia ever.

    In the U.K. and Ireland, Oblivion opened at number one with a $1.6 million from 520 dates, which is the widest release for a Cruise movie in that market. The opening day gross is on par with the Mission Impossible films and is 41 percent higher than Tron: Legacy, Kosinski’s last feature, and 34 percent higher than Cruise’s last movie Jack Reacher.

    Oblivion also ranked number one in Spain with $771,000 and France with $560,000. In South East Asia, it had its best showing in Korea, grossing $1.3 million in two days. And in Latin America, it saw its best opening in Mexico, where it picked up $650,000.

    By way of comparison, the studio reported, Oblivion’s opening was 22 percent above that of Tron: Legacy in the comparable territories, 70 percent ahead of Jack Reacher and just 7 percent below the recent Oz The Great and Powerful.

    Oblivion opens in the U.S. and Canada and seven more international territories next weekend.

  • Oblivion – 98%

    user ratings is 98% of an audience 23,542 who want to see Oblivion.

    OBLIVION – IMAX – April 191h

  • TC Gets Crackin’

    Jimmy Fallon has long had a comic competitive relationship with Tom Cruise and the late night host kept it going on Friday’s show.

    He talked Cruise, who was there to promote his new movie, Oblivion, to play a game of egg roulette!

    Fallon put out a carton of eggs, explaining that eight were raw and four hard boiled. They were to take turns cracking the eggs on their heads, and the first one to crack two raw ones was the loser.

    “I told you I didn’t have a good feeling about this, man,” Tom laughed as she smashed his first egg and it turned out to be raw.

    TC always a good sport.

    OBLIVION – IMAX – April 19th

  • pr person

    He is such a freak

  • A+

    What is this site? Shelter for low-life, anti-Scientology faggots? Why don’t you talk about movie instead of the man’s belief. His personal life is his own. This is what is wrong with Internet nowadays.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @A+: watch your language. No, some people just aren’t so easily fooled. Sorry u don’t get it.

  • pecantortes


    Well you Scientology wingnuts get to post here also, unlike any of your Scientology websites, so what’s the problem?