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Jennifer Lawrence: Wedding Dress Shopping with Gal Pal!

Jennifer Lawrence: Wedding Dress Shopping with Gal Pal!

Jennifer Lawrence shows off a bit of her tummy while heading out of the Vera Wang store on Saturday afternoon (April 27) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old actress tried on wedding dresses with her best friend, who is reportedly getting married soon. Perhaps Jen will be the maid of honor?!

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Last weekend, Jennifer showed off her short hair while going out for brunch with some of her friends.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lawrence shopping for wedding dresses with her friend…

Just Jared on Facebook
jennifer lawrence wedding dress shopping with gal pal 01
jennifer lawrence wedding dress shopping with gal pal 02
jennifer lawrence wedding dress shopping with gal pal 03
jennifer lawrence wedding dress shopping with gal pal 04
jennifer lawrence wedding dress shopping with gal pal 05
jennifer lawrence wedding dress shopping with gal pal 06
jennifer lawrence wedding dress shopping with gal pal 07
jennifer lawrence wedding dress shopping with gal pal 08
jennifer lawrence wedding dress shopping with gal pal 09
jennifer lawrence wedding dress shopping with gal pal 10

Photos: SplashNewsOnline, FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Juliet


  • super


  • Kates

    I’m bored of seeing her everywhere

  • Jane

    Ugh, she’s so overrated. Enough of this chick already.

  • Greg

    Well-rounded and practically perfect.

  • JAC



  • Mkiujingu

    At least her being “overrated” actually is deserving to the amount of talent she possess contrary to some who are only good at being pretty and deliver cringe worthy performances cough* emma roberts cough* lily collins lol

  • Sam

    Alwayssmiling and posing for the paps……almost like she knew they would be there. Does anyone find it strange that Justjared knew she tried on wedding dresses and that her friend is getting married soon. This whole thing is set up and staged by her and her people.

  • pop

    she call papz, no doubt

  • William


    Yet here you are.

  • Kates

    Oh lovely! And here you are defending your overrated star

  • Mis

    you know if you are tired of her you shouldn’t click the link and read the article because the more you click the lower the chance she would go away. You are feeding the ads and thus it increases the view count.

  • Misty

    I just admire how haters would spend the time clicking a link and then commenting on how much they’re bored with her. Oh the irony! And not to mention they would continuously refresh this page waiting for new comments AND THEN spend another time replying to someone defending jennifer. WHAT A JOKE. lol

    Btw, i’m here spending my time clicking this link and to comment on how jennifer looks lovely.

  • Juliet


    Me too, because I’m a fan. Haters are really a laugh. They should get it together, Jen Law will probably work until she’s 90 lol

  • Cate

    She really loves long skirts. She wears them in nearly all the time.

    I like her friend’s outfit more.

  • Alia

    why every body say she’s overrated
    Selena G is more famous than her.every day she has line. Perfume.
    she’s promoting every thing and no one say anything about it.
    how the hel Jen is overrated?
    sorry 4 my English


    @Jane: im sure JJ will take y opinion in consideration and they will never post anything about her but what i like hate her or love her she has all the time 3 pages of comment all about her she is really popular LOL so plz we want 1000000000000000000 comment before 10 mn


    @Alia: well bc the press dont care about selena she didnt have any talent like the real singers but jennifer SHE IS big star and the real deal every website and all the press obsessed with her and the haters didnt like that, they ARE so jealous well i cAN UNderstand that LOL

  • Reese

    This girl is smart. She has two Oscar nominations and one win at 22. She will be around for a long time. If you don’t like it, learn to deal, learn to ignore it – if you can ;)

  • JLaw fan


    Love her, hate her, but you can’t ignore her. bwahahahah


    hahahahaha looks her tshirt, look like kristen, so, who want to be like who??..

  • i

    lawbians hahahahahahahahahaha please, the ORIGINALS ARE KRISBIANS ♥

  • shrader

    Jennifer looks lovely in her new hair style ;)

    btw jennifer always derping around if she saw papz, it doesn’t mean anything at all… she just love it i guess -___-”

    she deserve what you guys called ‘overrated’.. if you dont want see her around just dont click link with jennifer in the title then. pathetic.

  • sweety

    fat and ugly!

  • ANNA

    @i: how old are you? OMG WHAT STUPID COMMENT SO SMART LOL

  • i


    is the truth, i’m sorry.. LOL

  • Teri

    I hate her skirt. Honestly I do not think she has a good fashion sense at all! Never like her outfits.

  • pap

    no she doesn’t call paps because i’m a pap,we wait outside her house and we follow her

  • Mandy


    yes, bc Jen reallly needs more pap attention right now. nobody knows who she is… her career is dying. she never is papped, unless she is in LA. she hasen’t been papped since the oscars, before GLAAD not at all. only in la you can’t help it.

    and where do you see her smiling, did you see the other pics?! she looks pissed off as hell!

  • Mandy


    yes JLAW really wants to be that loser kristin.

  • lp

    @Kate @super (which are probably the same person) then quit clicking and reading her articles, idiots.

  • Amber

    What these morons don’t realize than A-listers, especially A-listers who’ve just won an Oscar and lead a gigantic franchise do not need or want more attention. Especially her, who’s notoriously against all that pap/fame stuff.
    She does not call the papz you idiots. The papz follow her, in her boring day to day actives, a)because, well, they’re papz and they have no life b)because she’s the biggest Hollywood star today.

    These trolls get dumber and dumber.

    It’s hilarious how they whine about her being overexposed and boring already yet they are the FIRST to click on her pages and comment and comment again and again, giving the sites more ad-view and revenue therefore reinforcing the idea that she is popular and should get more coverage. LOL. Idiots.

  • rob

    Homegurl always looks like a country bumpkin.

  • Quinn

    I don’t get it why people are so critical on her appearance and every little ‘fashion’ mistake she’s made.She is not some fashion icon or some movie star who’s famed for her pretty face.Though I do like her much,I’ll admit that she doesn’t have the outstanding beauty among the others and it’s more like an average,but why seems that everybody’s forgot that she’s an actress,not the AVERAGE one,but a GREAT actress considering her age,I guess all i’m saying is that there is no need to treat her that harsh cuz after all she didn’t become famous as she’s now because of her pretty face or her fashion sense,it’s because she’s got the acting talent and her performances in many movies are just brilliant! I don’t know what others think but I think she’s got an amazing future ahead and I do think she’s cute and adorable<3

  • Lulu

    God, she’s so cool, love this chick… And to the haters, who clicks on a celebrity post , then states thier tried of the celebrity and thier overrated… Here’s a hint… If I don’t like a celebrity I don’t click on posts about them , just to wate my time to post I don’t like them…Really losers get a life.

  • Ava

    When does she start filming X men, and she the only celebrity that I like , she a f-cken funny girl and love she didn’t do the stick thin route, or walking around in 3 inch heels , and all doled up.

  • Tom

    Jen just ignore the haters. Probably other jealous actresses that are stuck calling the paps everyday to be seen walking their kids or dogs or getting a coffee to stay relevant.. My whole family love”a Jen.

  • Anne.c

    Jennifer Lawrence, she rarely ever gets paped, this is a treat, looking good. Like her style. I can’t believe we have to wait tell November to see Catching Fire, so can’t wait.

  • kara85


    you haters are hilarious lol
    like Jennifer lawrence needs to call the paps *rolls eyes*
    she is one of the most sought after actress right now in Hollywood after winning the Oscar and is the face of a gigantic franchise
    last time she was papped was last sunday, all this time she was in LA,and it is only now she is being papped when she goes out during the week-end with friends, and it is easy to guess why it is her friend who getting married as she was seen with only a gal pal and if they went to a shop to buy a wedding dress, pretty sure, it is not for Jennifer Lawrence as she is single.
    Just Jared does not need an informant from Lawrence camp to know that kind of information, but guess there are some dumb and jealous people who do not know what logic is.

  • http://noraivanova1 J_LawFan

    She’s soooo Perfect!!! <333

  • k


  • Brando

    Lawrence fans are even dumber than twilight fans, and I thought it’s impossible.

  • Selma

    I’m a Lawrence fan and I don’t like her style. You don’t have to like everything about someone you like. She’s rude sometimes too, but she’s a great person. Does a lot of charity home in Kentucky and others, visited her charity page via Google. Seems like a good girl.

  • quack quack quack

    very overrated !

  • AK

    WTF SHE IS WEAR !!!!! is this a girl have a lot of money !!! please stop! where are the people who talk about Kristen !! btw am not fan of both

  • http://google Popplewell Halo

    Jennifer Lawrence is perfect, she is beautifull!
    I Love You Jennifer Lawrence

  • Jalines

    @Amber: She is the biggest Hollywood star? Give me a break, have you heard of folsk like Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Cate Blanchett, and many,many? They are all bigger then Lawrence and most of them do not have Oscars. Jennifer is still mostly famous in North America. She is a young A lister, not a real one yet. Her Oscar win was nothing but all hype, campaingng and Pr for the Acadmey to get the young crowd to watch their show. They know JL is huge with mostly youngsters, so thats partly why they awarded her Best Actress.If you havet watch the other actresses who were nominated, then you know her win was nothing but fraud.

  • Jalines

    @Brando: Her fans are mostly little teenage girls. What do they know?
    The tried to tell me on another post that THG was the 3rd hightest grossing movie of 2012(LOL!). Which is a lie. It was only 3rd hightest in US, Not overall. They are morons. She is not a huge star overseas as far as I know. CF is relasing in November? Why don’t they try for a earlier realse? They are afraid to face competion from other huge movies thats why. CF won’t realse in december since The Hobbit DOS is coming out.
    Also, her other colleges such as Emma Stone are in better movies franchies then her. Why don’t they compare her to Emma Stone? Why always Kirsten Stewert?

  • take it

    She is a good actress and seems like a down to earth likable person…does a lot for charities but please stop trying to shove her down everyone’s throat. She’s attractive but not stunningly beautiful which is probably good because she’s relatable to many people.

  • funny witch

    She must be pissed that Bradley stop chasing after her like a dog and found himself beautiful fresh young girl.