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Alexander Skarsgard: 'What Maisie Knew' Indie Focus Screening

Alexander Skarsgard: 'What Maisie Knew' Indie Focus Screening

Alexander Skarsgard holds his young co-star Onata Aprile in his arms at the LA Times Indie Focus Screening of their film What Maisie Knew held at Laemmle NoHo 7 on Thursday (May 16) in North Hollywood, Calif.

The 36-year-old actor and his cast mate were joined at the event by their directors Scott McGehee and David Siegel and LA Times writer Mark Olsen.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

What Maisie Knew is currently playing in select locations throughout the US – be sure to check it out if the film is in a theater near you!

15+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard at the screening for What Maisie Knew

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alexander skarsgard what maisie knew indie focus screening 01
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew indie focus screening 02
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew indie focus screening 03
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew indie focus screening 04
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew indie focus screening 05
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew indie focus screening 06
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew indie focus screening 07
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew indie focus screening 08
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew indie focus screening 09
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew indie focus screening 10
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew indie focus screening 11
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew indie focus screening 12
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew indie focus screening 13
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew indie focus screening 14
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew indie focus screening 15
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew indie focus screening 16

Credit: Angela Weiss; Photos: Getty
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  • Warped

    So beautiful!

  • BEAN

    That is SO sweet

  • Carol

    I dreamed about him today. In the dream i was mesmerised by his huge proportions -legs, arms, hands- too bad i woke up. I think this is a sign that i should marry him! Delicious!!!!!

  • ladybug

    Apparently he’s listening to her iPod:

  • Hanna

    So freakin cute!!!!

  • Hanna

    He is just so tall! I cannot believe he is only 6’4″ he has to be 6’6″ if not 6’7″.

    Onata is adorable and I think it’s hilarious how she is nearly always hanging off of him like a baby chimp. I did the same with my dad and uncles as a girl.

    I hope this movie gets wide release I’d love to see it.

  • luvhim

    omg… He could be a wonderful father too!!

  • Strange

    I hope this movie gets a wide release !! I want to see this movie so bad .. No release in my hometown . Alex looks great !! Love Onata .

  • HannaKelli

    Same Hanna as #6

    Ipod gif is adorable Alex is goofy.

  • Macy

    Super cute! They get a long very well. It’s nice to see him still connecting with her and not just ignoring her because she’s a kid.

  • yep

    he needs to stop being so prefect. Love him!

  • Which catwalk GF

    Which twiggy . catwalk vic secrets mod did he bring and hide at the MK event ?now doubt he brought the mod with him to hide….. We now he is with a mod girl-f

  • porquenon

    The movie is very upsetting because the parents are so awful. The performances are very good and Alex’s performance is lovely (as one review said Skarsgard reacts rather than acts) and Onata steals the whole thing away.

  • yep

    @Which catwalk GF:

    JFC is it too much to ask that you people write at a 2 year old level. God even Onata could do better than you. If you are going to stir sh*t up at least makes sentence that we can read with going WTF and Moron mod you know two more letter and it would be model right why leave it out?! The level of intelligence is so sh*t these days

  • porquenon

    @Which catwalk GF:

    eff off already.

  • yep


    Thanks for sharing. Great to know I look forward to watching it.

  • Macy

    It’s the same drivel over and over, yet none of it is ever really happening.

  • yep


    co sign

  • HannaKelli


    All the reviews I’ve read on it are fantastic.

    I really would like to see it so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a wide release.

    When did you see the movie?

  • yep


    I know it’s a broken record over and over but it becomes so annoying because you are face with dumb writing that makes no sense to read or whatever that just litters the threads.

  • ItsWeird

    It seems like Onata is the only one Alex bonded with. You don’t see him going on with his adult costars from this film.

    There is something strange about it and far beyond a bond for a movie or promotion or a big brother to his little sister or an uncle to his nice or Alex suddenly feeling paternal.

    It’s starting to make me a bit uncomfortable. It could be totally innocent, but maybe someone should tell Alex to dial it down just a bit.

    It’s starting to come across as strange especially when you read in interviews his favorite book is Nabokov’s Lolita.

  • AO Gal

    what are you trying to say? that he has a certain pedophile tendency? I read Machiavelli does it make me a sadomasochist?
    anyways…he looks so super dashing…Onata is such A LUCKY GIRL…

  • yep



  • ItsWeird

    @ AOgal maybe you do.

    It is also that Alex has always dated very young women who look for the most part prepubescent.

    I honestly thought they were cute together at first like siblings or Uncle and niece.

    He keeps going on about the chemistry and maybe it’s a misunderstanding due to language

    It’s becoming strange to me now. As I said it could be totally innocent, but at the same time it’s strange that out of everyone in that film he is closest to a 7 year old someone 30 years younger than himself if not inappropriate definitely strange and maybe speaks to his immaturity.

  • Brown eyes

    Wow some people get over yourself and the words are girlfriend , victoria secrets model stop shortening them (rolls eyes).

    And as for Alex and onata they have to build a stronge relationship in order for the film to work and look believable, she is just a child and felt comfortable and playful around Alex he didnt seem to mind, to make her feel relaxed and be a child
    obviously the WMK nanny actress young Joanna vanderham didn’t seem to want to bond with onata outside of work no pictures of them or onata using her as personal little jungle gym or in fact any other actor on that film ?
    so what is Alex and onata supposed to do?

  • Point is


    I wasn’t going to acknowledge you but fine, from the beginning it seems the child took a shine to him, the Directors even said so. She would follow him around on set and climb him there are photo evidence what was he to do ignore her. Everytime they get together for the movie she also seems to go to him and he seems to accommodate by being friendly older dad/brother/uncle whatever

    Since recently too in NYC and the after party two fans were there Meatballs that said in her recap story that Onata came over to him to see him and from the photos seem to stay around him so what is he to do again, ignore her be rude she seems to like him could be because he is fun as she said or he is warm and friendly to her. Yes their are alot of strange awful things that happen to kids but I don’t think Alex would be stupid or do that he seems to genuinely like kids and there was even something that one of his ex had kids, boys I think and he got along with them too.

    It really sad that when you guys or person is not just persecuting him for dating young model girls or whatever it’s now he is too friendly to to his little co star who first big role she has done and he seems to help her out where she falls short she even turns to him for help.

    Again I hate responding to you because obviously the relationship is that of friendship be it between a 36 and an 8 year old that are co stars about a movie about them bonding. God you people are evil.

  • Warped

    WTF are you talking about? He is a grown man who has gone out of his way to help his child costar feel comfortable and safe during all the press and premiere stuff they had to do. He is a good man who is looking out for her the way a father would. He hung out with Julianne too in NYC. In fact the three of them looked like a gorgeous family. I admire him even more with the way he treats Onata. He’s obviously a great older brother and will make an awesome father someday.

  • Brown eyes

    When you say Alex has dated very young women what age are we talking about? I mean Alex is 37 august correct me if I am wrong I don’t believe Alex has had a recent date steady girlfriend in how long? Not that I know of.

    The only known relationship is Kate bosworth before that I don’t know

    Kate was 26 Alex was 33 when they met on SD that’s hardly an age gap or young now if she was 18-21 then yes I would be questioning his motives.

    And the only glimpse we had was that 1 night stand lady from CM last year she looked no older then 25 I don’t consider that to be really young for me to be questioning it.

    I am not including the rumour girlfriends/dates made up by gossip blogs.

  • ItsWeird

    Yes some level of bonding was needed for the movie.

    Yes Onata is a child. Alex is not. There is no need for an almost 37 year old to be so connected with a 7 year old they are not related to.

    As far as I know Onata’s real father is in her life so it’s not as though he is filling that void.

    To me it is strange Maybe it’s not sinister, but instead I am picking up on Alex trying too hard to convince of the bond between the two of them for the sake of promotion.

  • Dad

    Is Onata dad in her life because on many occasion even the last premiere in NY I have never seen the father in any of the pictures just the mother in the background. I would assume if her dad was any where near she would go to him not Alex.

  • ItsWeird

    You can set appropriate boundaries with children and not ignore them.

    I would hope I am wrong.

    But it’s not impossible because Onata smiles and is playful with him or because Alex is handsome. Wolves can and do wear sheeps clothing.

    There is such a thing called grooming.

  • JenJen

    I think what is making you uncomfortable is that we are not used to seeing adult actors interact with their child costars offscreen.

    Also in our society an adult male being playful with a child he is not related to is looked on suspiciously.

    I think that says more about our society and how we are conditioned to think than it does Alex.

    I do not believe Alex has or intends to do anything evil.

    I feel sorry fro him he gets hate for his girlfriends, hate for being single, hate for being friendly to a child. He can’t win.

  • Gulfcoast

    What is bothering you about this It’s Weird?

    Is it the interview where he has the beard?

    That made me uncomfortable as well.

  • yep


    changing your name to support your stupid. Who needs enemies when you have retarded fans.

  • SeattleSara

    That Alex has more fans “defend his honor” and rescue him from trolls/haters etc when the subject is whom he might be dating or his sexuality, but very few are found when he is subtly accused of being a pedophile.

    That’s sad. I also think the accusation is disgusting and baseless.

    However, I do not think Alex and Onata are that close. I think it’s mostly PR for the movie and Alex. Don’t get me wrong I think they get on well enough but I don’t think either will be thinking of the other after promotion for the movie is over.

    Maybe Onata will because she is a child and innocent and doesn’t recognize a Hollywood guy playing a PR game.

  • SeattleSara

    @ Dad There was a question in that Onata answered in some interview I can’t remember which, but they way it was answered it seemed to me that she has both parents in her life, but that they are maybe not married.

    If there is no father that would give a different angle to their relationship, and paint Alex in a positive light.

  • MiaMia

    Cadulech where are you?

    I’m going to speculate just because you love it so.

    I do believe Onata’s mum is a single mum, perhaps she is the one Alex is dating.

  • MiaMia

    I also think Alex is trying very hard to convince us he is the paternal type for promotion and to make his largely female fanbase swoon with visions of him as the father of their children.

  • SeattleSara

    I aslo agree with JenJen that if Onata was photographed or playful with Julianne are Joanna no one would think anything of it, but because Alex is male he gets scrutinized.

  • Dad


    I don’t recall that I was going after the most recent one where she explained how she got into acting and how she used to follow her mom in because she was little and wasn’t supppose to be left alone. Not saying that means the dad is not there maybe he is and divorce or live in another state but I get the feeling that he is not close to her. Could be why she seems to hang around him alot because. Before anyone get angry I don’t know if her dad is near or far I am just going by what Onata has said and her interaction to Alex.

    I mean your kid is in her first role with some big names and it going well and you don’t show up and Yes I think it is disgusting the Pedo accusations when real pedos are out there actually abusing kids.

    I PERSONALLY DON’T THINK HE IS. But fandoms are insane and the most of them in it.

  • Dad


    Lol at the single mom comment but in all seriousness it could be true maybe the mom is using her kid to get to Alex haha I kid I mean I don’t know here comes the firestorm.

  • shakes head repeatedly

    so my comment got deleted and that vile evil C comment is still there accusing Alex of being a pedo. It must be KB then is it JJ?

  • JenJen

    Didn’t Alex once date a single mother and was willing to her adopt her children. Or so the rumor goes.

    I’m not saying he and Onata’s mother or an item.
    I’m just saying he’s not opposed to taking on a family

  • MiaMia

    @Dad I couldn’t resist the temptation was too great.

  • Point is


    Yes he did, I think it was Joel sister I am not sure but I remember reading something like that. So yes I think he wouldn’t mean being a step dad.

  • Dad


    It could happen. :) but does anyone know anything about Onata’s dad. Now I am seriously curious.

  • JenJen

    @Point is Thank you! I thought that story was real.

    @Dad I’m now curious about Onata’s bio dad too. I only recall her mother being mentioned, and if he is not in the picture for whatever reason it would explain a lot her bond with Alex.

  • MysterySolved

    Alex & Onata’s Mom are together!

  • Dad


    There you go folks everyone can go home now. But I still need to know where is Onata’s dad Mystery solved anymore answers.

  • Dad


    If you check any or all the pictures if you have so much time I only ever just see the mom lurking in the background and from the fans encounters from Tiff and other Q&A Onata clung to Alex and he carries her around, some of promotions were in the weekend so where was the dad? She is such a cute kid I hope he is around for her.