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Nicole Kidman Strolls Cannes After Attending amfAR Gala

Nicole Kidman Strolls Cannes After Attending amfAR Gala

Nicole Kidman leaves the Palais des Festivals following a jury lunch wearing a short white dress during the 2013 Cannes Film Festival on Friday afternoon (May 24) in Cannes, France.

The evening before, the 45-year-old actress hit the stage at the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Gala held at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Cap d’Antibes, France.

Nicole and the other guests toasted the evening with Moet & Chandon champagne and the brand auctioned off a luxurious coffret of its legendary champagne Grand Vintage Collection 1893 during the gala, raising €50,000 to benefit lifesaving AIDS research.

FYI: Nicole is wearing a Marchesa dress and Cathy Waterman earrings at the gala. She is wearing a Dior dress, a Celine coat, Manolo Blahnik shoes, L’Wren Scott sunglasses, Cathy Waterman earrings, and a black lizard daytime tote by Giorgio Armani at the lunch.

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92 Responses to “Nicole Kidman Strolls Cannes After Attending amfAR Gala”

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  1. 76
    Just Barb is Bonkers Says:

    An desperate actress who cannot attract an audience to her movies and a sacked judge who cannot sell his music, is not a recipe for success. A mother(?) who chooses to spend significant time away from her surrogate children and a browbeaten father who is being paid to act a part is not a recipe for happiness. Welcome to the real world honey. ;)

  2. 77
    Kate Says:

    Nicole is an artist who is well respected by her peers for her artistic choices. Keith wasn’t sacked as he signed on to AI for only one season and his albums sell just fine. They’re both successful. Either Keith or Nicole are with their children and Keith isn’t getting paid to be married to the woman he loves. Looks like you’re the bonkers one. Welcome to the real world honey.

  3. 78
    Nice try Kate Says:

    One season with an option for another season which wasn’t taken up which means boring old creepy Keith was effectively sacked. We ARE living in the real world honey.

  4. 79
    Reality is a b1tch Says:

    Real world? Someone needs to repost Stephanie’s infamous cray cray email.

  5. 80
    Kate Says:

    Sorry #78 but you’re wrong. Keith only signed on to one season. No “with an option”. He wasn’t sacked. None of the judges were sacked anymore than Jen Lopez or Steven Tyler were sacked. THAT’s the real world honey. All this other stuff: Nicole being desperate and a failing actress, Keith making unsuccessful albums – that’s only in your head. It’s not reality.

  6. 81
    Here you go Says:

    The woman who left her husband and kids to stalk Keith. She went on fan sites and said she was “the brunette” and that she was having an affair with Keith and that he bought her a house. The skeptics believed her for a while then only included her as a joke. Here’s her story about how Keith asked to see her before a concert.:
    First of all, Keith looked tired but good. It was arranged that we meet at the venue and I gotta admit I didnt know what to expect at all. But then all of a sudden there he was holding out his arms and smileing at me. It is a moment that I will never forget. There were some tender moments and we hugged. He sounded congested and a bit hoarse and told me he was sick. And that he thought he had caught it on his flight in from Australia where he went to see his Wife. At the mention of his Wife, I asked him “How is that going? ” and laughed. He got this great big smile on his face and said- and I quote, ” It`s going ” And he laughed. I thought that was a funny thing to say and I said ( smart ass that I am) ” going where? ” He just laughed again. He looked good I gotta say. His eyes were clear and just as I had remembered them. He was sick but looking healthy- if that makes any sense?

    We talked about Why I left Nashville and how hard it was for me, He got philisophical on me several times. He said that he missed me, and other personal things that brought tears to my eyes. He kept his arm around me and held onto my hand the whole time. Personal observations while he was close: His thights were larger and very hard, his butt is bigger but not in a bad way. No manboobs anymore, trim tummy, he was Keith- but he looked like he had aged about 10 years in two years. I could tell that when he was close he was holding back. I think he had decided in his mind not to cheat on his Wife. I asked him about rehab and he told me that he almost died. ( there ya go ) He got really emotional and started to cry which just about killed me inside. He was all choked up and all stuffed up and all I could think was, this poor guy has been through the ringer. It was quite a moment let me tell ya. He explained that he wants to be happy- and that he didnt really know what that meant. That he had always longed for it but never knew how to acheive it. He did all but admit that he suffered some sort of mental breakdown. I asked what he meant by almost dieing and he looked down and didnt want to answer me. I didnt push him,Though something inside me knew. He said that his Wife stood by him and didnt leave him when he screwed up and that he really didnt think she would stick around. ( He never said Nic, Nicole, not once while we talked- he called her his Wife) He told me he would like me to meet His Wife sometime. And I started laughing at him. ” yeah, I dont think she would want to meet me Keith” And he laughed and said, ” Yeah she would – she would lkie you” Inside I cringed and was thinking all of the names that we have called her. Pez, Botoxia, Noko, ect… Anyways, I dont think so.

  7. 82
    Here you go (part 2) Says:

    He was very genuine and seemed to me was being very honest. He didnt seem to be acting at all. And I was being skeptical in my brain. I asked him if he was happy and he replied that ” He was working on it” and he didnt laugh. He looked at me dead on. We talked more about what happened in Nashvile between us and he said that ” Everything happens for a reason and that nothing is what it appears.” Funny because that is something that I say all the time- I have even said it on E. He told me that he never thought that this would be the path that he took in marrying who he did. And that he really missed me when I left – and why didnt I try harder to come back? I didnt know what to say. I told him that after I got back I found out WHO he was dating and knew that I could never compete with all of that. He looked sad and really serious and assured me that I could have. ( but I knew that I couldnt have) He said that things moved really fast with his Wife. ( not Nicole- his Wife) I thought, how strange to always call her his Wife. Isnt it? I told him some really personal things that I wont repeat here. I told him that I was glad that he didnt die. ( and I was getting all emotional on him)

    I told him that I thought that I was pregnant after I got home. He looked concerned and asked ” Was I?” I told him No- just late. He didnt look releaved that I wasnt- like most guys would. He just looked sad. And he was there for me. There were some funny moments when we talked about the E board and he cracked me up. I asked him What kind of cookie he thought he was? And he roared with laughter. We decided he was more of a SMORE. LOL He liked that.

    We were together about 2 hours and then somebody knocked on the door and summoned him. He said he didnt want to go but had to. That this was a big tour and that he always had something to do or to check. I felt like I was going to cry at this point and he looked like he really didnt want to go at all. We hugged and we had a small but tender kiss. He made sure that my number was still correct. I told him that if he ever wanted or needed to talk to call me. He looked touched and surprised that I said it and assured me that he just might. He told me to be try and be happy and some other things……. I smiled and he told me he missed that when I left. Then there was another knock and he really did have to go. Another quick hug and he asked where I was sitting- and he was whisked away. I went straight to my car and had a good cry.

  8. 83
    haha Says:

    Nobody can make a fool of themselves better than Sue / nomorefan. Michele From Hell / neverland47 chose her lackey well. It’s 2013 though and after all the Atlanta and Nashville stories they invented they are being ignored on the last skeptic hangout. Funny how karma works.

  9. 84
    Bad luck Kate Says:

    Sorry #80 but you’re wrong. Keith was SACKED as “all four judges have options to return for another season, but Fox won’t be picking them up.”
    THAT’s the real world honey. All this other stuff: Nicole being desperate and a failing actress, Keith making unsuccessful albums – that’s reality.

  10. 85
    He He Says:

    @Oh dear:

    84 comments and what is the first question asked ?????

    Where is Keith. LMAO

    Now that has to tell ya something right?

  11. 86
    Oh dear Says:

    @He He. It is called sarcasm.

  12. 87
    haha Says:

    @Bad luck Kate: That’s speculation, honey. Dumb as rocks.

  13. 88
    haha Says:

    @Oh dear: No it’s called hypocrisy. For Keith being such a hasbeen and a horrible person you sure do follow his every move. People that are truly interested in the couple knew Keith wouldn’t be in town for all of Cannes. The skeptics are so redundant and yes, so stupid.

  14. 89
    He He Says:

    @Oh dear:

    NOOOOOOOOOO Oh Dear it is called “GotYa” lol lol

    And proves to all the folks here whats up with you !!


  15. 90
    Kate Says:

    @#84 – It doesn’t matter is you put some make believe statement in quotes, it’s still not true. Keith signed on to do one year only. Now maybe it is HIS option to continue but Fox or American Idol doesn’t have the option to “sack” him because his contract was for one season only.

  16. 91
    Wrong again Kate Says:

    May 2013:

    NY Daily News: “That would mean not picking up the options of Jackson’s fellow judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban.”
    The YBF: “And despite Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson and Keith Urban all having options to return in their contracts, Fox reportedly will NOT be picking them up.”

  17. 92
    Missy Says:

    @Oh dear:

    This is so funny! Do any of you lyers care to retract any crazy posts?

    Oh Dear, you poor old soul…

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