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Leonardo DiCaprio to Star in 'Rasputin' Film!

Leonardo DiCaprio to Star in 'Rasputin' Film!

Leonardo DiCaprio is set to star as the title character in the upcoming film Rasputin, according to Deadline.

The 38-year-old actor will play the Russian mystic “who became an advisor to the Russian Imperial family the Romanovs.” He was embraced by Tsar Nicholas II as a healer for his only son, but his influence with the family in all matters “grew to the point that rivals tried several times to kill him, finally succeeding in 1916.”

Leo reportedly liked the idea that this film brings up different sides to Rasputin that were recently unearthed, like how he was capable of switching easily between kindness and ruthlessness, and that he was a charlatan who prolifically bedded women.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Leonardo DiCaprio taking on the role of Rasputin?

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  • Kyle

    Into it! Any movie with Leo is bound to be amazing! He sure loves tackling a vast array of characters! Hope the producers don’t make him look disheveled like in that Anastasia movie.

  • Frunk

    Dont Boney M have a song??

  • Sam

    I hope this movie will bring him the Oscar. He so deserves it.

  • toby

    And he said he will take a break from making movies.

  • lala

    if he doesnt get an oscar he is bound to receive an honorary oscar because he is dedicated and i mean its only fair

  • Delilah

    Leo needs to leave foreign accent roles alone. He stinks at accents. he can’t even do a good Boston accent in the Departed. I love Leo but sometimes he should “just say no.” Leo as a crazy Russian monk sounds like a disaster. I thought he was getting ready to do a Frank Sinatra movie. He should stuck to American characters. He is ju8st not believeable as anything else.

  • TheDudeAbides

    Dear Delilah; You’re probably right. The Sinatra movie would be a much better idea for now. Problem is, Leo would have to lose as much weight as Daniel Day Lewis did in that movie that won him an Oscar. Mr Blue Eyes was a pretty skinny dude…

  • ari

    Rasputin in English?!

  • Emma

    I think he took the role because he liked the second idea of the charlatan who prolifically bedded women…dude is so shallow I can’t stand it…

  • ha ha


    ITAWY was thinking the same thing lol! that’s the part that sold him

  • Scarlett

    And he promised he was going to take a break from acting. I was so excited.

  • Russian history

    Rusputin had a wild, troubled spirit. His tosses between good and evil are like tosses between God and Devil. He was not a charlatan per say. He had some healing power, but it was overrated.
    He was a dark, and mysterious figure, a harbinger of the terrible and tragic events for Russia and its people.
    it is pretty complicate role and I am sure Leo can make it, but better not to take it.


    @Emma: MTE. I know! I thought he took a break. Ugh I just can’t stand this guy. It’s like he doesn’t want to grow up. Dude might thinks he’s still 29.

  • Anon

    Of course they’re going to put bedded women so a lot of people will watch it. I bet they’re gonna cut out some scenes in rasputin’s life just to unnecessarily make way for sex scenesUgggghhh

  • Italian Girl

    It depends of the script and director. It could be interesting, though.

  • uhh

    another movie in which Leo’s character dies.

  • Tae

    @emma you totally stoles what I was about to say. Of course Leo will agree on a role about a famous womanizer. I believe he will do great tho but he would have been a great Sinatra.

  • Liv

    The great Leo <3 : )

  • Amy


    Agreed. He tries to pick up accents on his own and he can’t do it properly. He needs an accent coach.

  • Cevertez

    These so called details surrounding Rasputin’s disposition are nothing new. Everyone in the Russian court knew that he was a “mystic” one moment and a raving lunatic the next. The only reason he was kept around was because he managed to keep the Czar Nicholas’ young son’s hemophilia at bay. It has been conjectured that Rasputin was able to do this merely by keeping the boy’s heart rate down. Hollywood claims another historical figure for its sensational machine. But hey, maybe Leo will win an Oscar. He totes deserves it. If you’ll excuse me I’m going to vomit and cry for the mushy remains of humanity’s brains.

  • Sick of him

    I’m getting bored with him. And does he know how to do a film that doesn’t take place in the past?

  • Ryan

    playing another good but sometimes shady character who beds women? NO ACTING THERE!!
    Coming Soon- Rasputin: The Modern Day Life of Leo (2014)

  • dl

    i think Jared Leto would more fit this role. he’s actually looks a bit like Rasputin :)

  • Accent this

    @Delilah: Sit down, Delilah. Just sit down.

  • You can’t touch this

    Leo has a rumored new girlfriend, and here come the crazy, jealous, petty b___ches to harp and moan. Get a life, hags, and quite hating on a man because you’re jealous of his beautiful companions.

  • @25

    Couldn’t agree more ;)

  • ItSEtsYou

    Another serious movie in which Leo is a tormented soul. Will he ever take the challenge of a good comedy or even (gasp!) romantic movie?? I think the answer is “No.”

  • Felix

    I found DiCaprios list which women he want f***. Next is Lindsay Ellingson! Sorry for you Toni Garrn.

  • huh

    @Sick of him: Sick of him? then go away…easy

  • Chana Dvora

    There was nothing ‘mad’ about Rasputin. We know he was a healer, a champion of the underdog and downtrodden, and he was anti-war. He was especially horrified at the ethnic cleansing (pogroms) conducted by the military. It was a time when anti-Semitism was government policy, as evidenced by the laws restricting Jews to live in a certain area (The Pale of Settlement), barring them from educations and many occupations. The worst were the raids wherein entire towns of Jews were tortured and slaughtered.

    To be against war (this was during WW I) and to advocate equal rights for Jews (who were all considered spies and thieves) were stances that were considered treasonous by society. Even worse, Rasputin had many progressive ideas for economic and social reform that threatened the nobility.

    Read “RASPUTIN: The Memoirs of His Secretary” by Aron Simanovitch, just translated into English and annotated for historical accuracy. Rasputin was a wild guy, but not the monster the aristocracy tried to depict him as. The demonic myth is based on the rumors the nobles spread to discredit him.

  • Regi

    @ 25 @ 26
    Why can’t you just accept the fact that this guy is a closeted gay?
    How many years is he going to lie about how many women he is bedding in one week? Why can’t he just admit he can only be happy and share his life with LH. What a waste of a life!


    Leo is a good actor but he needs to surprise us with something new. he always does the same thing.

  • robert pattison

    could play this role instead of leo. he is a bit taller and ugly. he would fit that role better.

  • zzzzzz

    Once upon a time he was an impressive, young actor, what happened? Every role that he takes on, he seems to be playing the same person. All I can see is Leo the A-list playboy. Same goes with George Clooney. It’s hard to find them believable as unique characters when they both have the depth of a kiddie pool. Leo is the guy pushing 40, who still parties like he’s in his 20′s and only dates blond, supermodels. Such a tired cliche. And sorry, but stop trying to push him as the handsome leading man, he lost his pretty boy looks about ten or fifteen years ago.

  • How about a comedy?

    Leo seems to be a funny guy. Why doesn’t he do a comedy for a change?


    If he continues like that he will soon become a “has-been” actor!

  • leo’s fan girl

    This role is going to be a challenge for Leo. I saw the 1996 version of the movie and Alan Rickman was amazing . Wish you luck Leo.

  • Kitten

    @You can’t touch this:

    That beauty is in the essence of love. A true russian provrb. .That grace defines the beauty of character. Most russian proverbs condesse love an honor. That grace defines beauty is the proverb of men, as desire.

    Ture. was a romantic poet that was rasputens assistat.

    Nothing seperates the purity of faith… Resputien himself worte that. in a dialue to the countess..

    I admire leonardo… regard less nothing changes innocence…
    the struce of a nation is grounded on the faiht, an commitment of the partisians. that endure through the trial of faith, an commitment.

    I love the doctrine that the russian government has perplexed. It is simple an neitraul. an pure. Unlike that of objective judgement.

  • Kitten

    I admire history, it is true as simple to what create the uniyt of the present.
    That fact that interesting topics such as the displouge of resputenisn story, Although a dark meaning, theat gratuties define character as resolute. the assistace of docitination would, be one of great enjoy meant. In the respet f russian emounerage. That doctrinate as Such as the film written my Christoper.. The V for vendetta, as I can only Image the charcter to prose…

    I adore the precept to charcter witness… Much ado…

    I will never surrender.. but going on 20 years, of forbidden love, is restless liek resputin story, is almost as idle… but hostoric…

    I admire that…




    DO IT BABE!!


    DO IT BABE!!!


    DO IT BABE!!!!!

  • Melvin Rogers

    @Chana Dvora:
    (At this point I don’t know if this comment will appear on its own or as a reply to the incisive commenter, Chana Dvora posting earlier, so please bear with drawbacks of either placement–; Melvin)
    Your comment is so excellent, Chana, I probably couldn’t capture my actual feelings about it even if I tried. Thank you so very much.
    However, hopefully my own comment will be suitably-complementary to yours and duly-appropriate, although my comment is about mere, historically-appropriate, “artistic portrayal” than the pure historic truth you have graciously bestowed upon our readership.

    Grigor Rasputin, as Chana states, was a true, inspiring hero. obscured by endless malignment and disparagement.

    We should not settle for simply one more formula, cookie-cutter “biopic,” for “him,” which this project betrays-itself to be–; based even solely upon the absurdist “casting,” here, “alone–.”

    If Hollywood isn’t automatically using super-attractive actors as a cheap draw, they mis-cast famous historic figures with actors who’d looked nothing like them whatsoever.
    Has no-one there ever heard the term, “things that “take the viewer “completely-out-of” ‘ the movie?” Nothing “does” that worse than “this!”
    It feels bizarre and redundant even to have to “state,” this, as it “should” be “intuitive!”

    The iconic historic figure Grigor Rasputin had an incredibly unique appearance that was equally iconic. Arguably-even for his putative, “detractors” watching this proposed-film–; “for history’s sake alone–;” they need to get this figure’s “appearance,” down-right, just-because it was such an integral part of his prepossessing “persona,” either while he lived or ever-since–!” Leonardo DiCaprio as Rasputin–? Please! ” ‘You Just-Can’t Get-There from-Here,’–!”
    I can’t believe that Hollywood would presume to “overwrite” Rasputin’s haunting and imposing looks with such an absolutely clashing actor! If you’re going to go “that” far–; why not just draft Forest Whitaker or Peter Dinklage while-you’re at-it? Neither would be any more “distracting,” in my opinion. I’m sure either one of those two would be able to do “equally” well to Mr. DeCaprio in making the character’s “attitude” come-to-life “vividly,” but trying to pretend visuals didn’t matter was just abrasively “cheap,” and inexcusable-; and it’s driving-me-crazy that they would even “consider,” this artistic “casting” choice–!

    As Chana has expressed so-much better than I ever could have–; Rasputin was so much more precious than most people have ever been taught to believe–; and he most-clearly deserves a far-better tribute than to be portrayed by an actor who, my apologies to Mr. DiCaprio, is starting to feel ever-more like, “Mister Magoo,” in the classic camp animated series, “The Famous Adventures of Mister Magoo–:” back to play a new historic figure every week, although (at least there), “always,” “as,” “himself,” “first.”
    “Again,” my apologies to Mr. DiCaprio whose acting talents and industry-stature are clearly most-redoubtable, but I would try to hope that he would pass-up this role for another project and let them cast someone more visually acceptable along of course with his also having the skill and force needed to “capture” the electric “character” of this inimitable figure.

    Again, thanks very much to Chana Dvora for affording me a foundation for my own arguments through her stellar comment, although what she said is obviously much more important than anything I have said. I hope that Chana finds that my comment, quoting hers did suitable justice to the intention hers bore, and that my written execution was up-to the demands of doing-that, and I hope she accepts my apology if it has not. (and you’re welcome to delete my comment if you disagree with my putting it here, if they’re still nesting my comment as a reply to yours)
    I hope that the link Chana has provided here still, “works,” too!