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Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: Toiles Enchantees Event at Champs-Elysees Film Festival

Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: Toiles Enchantees Event at Champs-Elysees Film Festival

Guest of honor Halle Berry and her fiance Olivier Martinez pose together at the Toiles Enchantees event as part of the 2013 Champs-Elysees Film Festival on Thursday (June 13) in Paris, France.

The 46-year-old pregnant actress and 47-year-old actor confirmed they are expecting a baby boy together!

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Toiles Enchantees is a charity organization that brings films to French hospitalized children.

Halle and Olivier have been in Paris for several days – the duo were spotted strolling hand-in-hand earlier in the week.

FYI: Halle is wearing a Tramando dress and Brian Atwood shoes.

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halle berry olivier martinez toiles enchantees champs elysees event 01
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  • Svegna

    She looks radiant and in love. Oooooh how I wish I was her…

  • Adriana

    Olivier looks like Charlie from All Dogs Go To Heaven.

  • TonyOno

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $82h… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online. (Home more information)

  • Sarah

    i cant believe she is 47. she looks adorable.

  • avatar

    She looks exactly what she is:a b!tch!

  • gorgeous

    Halle is like JLo, they never age, she looks amazing!

  • heather

    The whole look is just wrong

  • Crow

    They always look happy while in France.

  • mrst

    She looks good. The outfit is see through almost. lol. Halle rocking it though. Go girl!

  • Ericka

    For a pregnant woman in her mid-forties with diabetes, Halle looks GREAT!

    I have only seen a few pics since she announced her pregnancy where she looked tired, but not worn.

    Even being tired she still has that pregnancy glow (with or without make-up) and her skin looks flawless, no excessive weight and always dressed comfortable (and fashionable at promotional events).

    Wishing Halle a healthy pregnancy and smooth delivery.

  • see

    Yeah, pretty on the outside. Her daughter is also super-pretty.
    Lets just hope the little girl gets some sanity from her fathers side.
    Halle is a vendictive self-proclaimed ”victim”. But with every single failed relationship, she has been the liar and aggressor. Blatantly obvious to anyone following her career. She is a big B I T C H, and a dangerous, violent, vial person.

  • Shelbe

    @See you need to get some therapy with your hate of Halle and Olivier. The look so happy and in love. Must really eat you up. I see Olivier is wearing a suit, guess this is his way of making it up to Halle for letting the cat out of the bag.

  • anonymous

    @see: She is not. She’s getting along fine with the father of her child now. Everyone deserves a second chance and I’m giving her one. It actually brightens my day to see how happy she is with being pregnant and how much in love her and Martinez are, how excited about the baby. You rarely see Halle without a big smile on her face these days.

  • Kimberly

    Olivier looks awful, so pale like he’s dead!

  • Shelbe

    He’s so handsome and she’s so beautiful. That outfit she’s wearing is the bomb, you go girl, got it ALL!

  • huggybear

    why is she telling us it’s a boy so early ? with Nahla she did not say any thing until she gave birth some things is up

  • miinie

    Their kid will be gorgeous. Halle looks amazing, can’t believe she is 47, she looks at least 10 years younger. All the best

  • let her twirl

    more staged photos by two dysfunctional actors…other than Halle’s hairstyle….they both look so phony and plastic. i hope all goes well,even though I don’t think she’s in as good health as folks think.

  • sickly

    they both look sickly….

  • Shelbe

    Haters, hope all the ill will you wish on this beautiful woman and her handsome man comes back to you in your own lives, you desire nothing less.

  • @Shelbe

    @Shelbefor someone who is self-righteous posting all over the Internet, do you have a job? are posting on your boss’s time ? Or collecting assistance from the US or Canadian welfare system?

  • twirl on

    @Shelbe: twirl on you crazy Canadian ghetto hoodrat!

  • Elaine

    @avatar: Mind your own “Business”!!!!! Stop calling Halle your name! “B”

  • Elaine

    @heather: I bet you look all wrong!

  • Shelbe

    @twirl on, they’re happy and in love so twirl on that you bitter hag or creep. And nothing you or any of theses haters can say twill change it. Look at that picture, pure love, so eat your heart out loser.

  • I will pray for you

    @Shelbe: I will pray for you…bless you

  • why so invested

    fake….@Shelbe: why are you so invested in believing they’re in love ? Who knows, they could be (regardless of what most folks think)?

  • Shelbe

    @i will pray for you, don’t pray for me. You should pray for the baby to be born healthy. That Olivier and Halle have a long and happy life together, that’s what you should be praying for. She’s happy and in love so she doesn’t really need your prayers but pray anyway.

  • kayla

    I an not a Halle Berry fan but she looks GORGEOUS ! She’s radiant, natural and just darn pretty! Hey, Olivier and Halle really do make a great looking couple!

  • I do wish her/them the best

    @Shelbe: Who says I don’t pray for the baby to be healthy and wish them the best? I was just comment at the person/s #21/#22 who personal attacked you and you retailiated in kind.

  • How old are you?

    @Shelbe: How old are you?

  • How old are you?

    @How old are you?: She sounds like a teenager or someone very young.

  • @kayla

    @kayla: You also used to think she and Gabe looked great. They look okay.

  • huggybear

    how do we know if she is having his kid it could be her sperm donor kid

  • just saying

    the dress look cheap and thin you can see every thing and it so stage the hand on her bump come on so stage.

  • Shelbe

    @I do wish her/them the best, oh, my bad, sorry about that. I’m use to being attacked on this thread, It’s a reflex. Alot of hate here and it hard to keep up.

  • Shelbe

    @just saying, your yearly salary at Walmart couldn’t pay for that dress.

  • Lou

    Very beautiful woman.

  • just saying

    @ Shelbe work at walmart is a honor unlike you who don’t work anywhere you poor thing if kate the princess of UK can wear cheap dress for $40.00 who the is who can not wear a cheap dress and don’t say the dress is cheap I said it look cheap go get a like

  • justme

    why is Shelbe pick on anyone who speak their minded everyone is not going to like the thing halle do. she is not a very nice person with man when thing don’t go her way it have happen over the year a leopard don’t charge their spot go grow up

  • Shelbe

    @justme, people do change, they do it all the time, maybe it’s you that can’t change. When you grow up you will see that your not the same person you were even 5 years ago. Gabriel had to take anger management classes, court ordered, is he nice. You pick and choose but really you don’t know any of these people or what your talking about.

  • justme

    @Shelbe you said it you don’t know these people yet every charge you get you have some thing bad to say about Gabriel and taking anger management classes make you a bigger person for it unlike Olivier who do have a anger problem why don’t he go to class so make up your mind about people charge if you say Halle can charge so can any one .

  • Shelbe

    @justme, Olivier beat up Gabriel because he took a swing at him. It’s Gabriel who lost his temper (anger management course) and got his butt kicked. But your right about change because after getting his face smashed he stopped talking trash to Halle, because now he knows what he will get if he does. Thank god she has a man to protect her from that bully (see nanny report). Now, there is peace between them, nothing like getting knocked in the head to see the light.

  • justme

    @Shelbe you are a fool where is video tape of the fight that was turn off it what Halle and Olivier plan it back fire that why their had to pay for the doctor fee and attorney fee come again and Nahla stay good old U,S. and the new baby too go smoke a pipe.

  • just saying

    @Shelbe you need leave Gabriel and Nahla alone Olivier have a temper it is on camera so please stop fighting a with justme it is what it is , and at the end of day it Halle problem and Gabriel problem and Olivier problem and money can not make any one happy it come form in side. we all know from past years what kind a person is .

  • Shelbethegreat

    Gabriel has a temper too, @just saying and @just me. You guys just choose to forget because your in love with him. Read articles from a few years ago and then you will remember, if you take off those rose colored glasses. Halle ain’t the only one that said he had a temper. You need to accept the fact that boy is a punk, bit off more than he could chew, got his butt whooped, and instead of accepting he lost (no shame in that if done correctly)went crying about it to the media. And there is no problem, it was settled on Thanksgiving day by Mr. Martinez. Now there is peace and has been for months.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @just me, they paid for the doctor’s fee and attorney fee because they felt sorry for him and for Nahla’s sake, lord knows he doesn’t have any money of his own. He probably apologized for his behavior and begged them to drop the charges. That’s right, he was charged with a crime not Olivier. And there was no tape he was just saying that to save face, after his butt whipping. If he was jumped he would have said it to the cops the night of the fight but he didn’t, because he started. As for staying in America, they could go back to court and have a good case to move to France (probably win), but with the new French government raising taxes(probably something you don’t have to pay on your income, and would know this if you read more than tabloids) so high it makes sense to stay in America.

  • just saying

    @Shelbe and Shelbethegreat you both are talking gab we all know it was a set to get Gabriel mad but it back fire on Halle and Oliver spin all you want everyone know the true why would he hit Olivier first when he just win in court, and why would halle ask to let her have Nahla for the day when it was his turned to have think, and Gabriel has his own money more than you both have look it up.

  • Shelbe

    @just saying your fooling yourself, it was the police who determined that it was Gabriel that threw the first punch, that’s why they arrested him and not Olivier. And why did he do it after winning a court case, because he probably did get mad at something Olivier said. Instead of walking away he attacked, because he has anger management problems. Don’t you think he would have told the police if he had been struck first when they arrived. but he didn’t because he hit first because he has anger management problems, don’t you get it. Halle was right he can’t control his temper and when angered he will lash out and there is your proof. And if Gabriel had so much money then he wouldn’t need support now would he, think. But your right, he does have more money than me and you because he gets $20,000 a month from his daughter’s mother.

  • just saying

    @Shelbe you are the one fooling yourself it was said from the start no charges will be brought again him because my maid will lie for me and it is also said it was a citizen arrest by Olivier because it was at Halle House the charge was drop go get a life and get off Gabriel back He Nahla father and you can not do any thing about it and $20,000.00 a month is no money and again you fool it what court said he should have to keep Nahla in the life style she have with her mother of Halle big mouth again you can not do any thing about it is what it is come again. The next door Neighbor camera put up the fight and will all know who start the that why it was Halle that quickly come to the agreement Gabriel also got an resisting order against Olivier and for him to stay away from Nahla how would it look your man can not be in the same house with you and your daughter come on think.