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Kim Kardashian's First Photo Since North's Birth?

Kim Kardashian's First Photo Since North's Birth?

UPDATE: While this photo was just posted to Khloe‘s Facebook, it was actually first posted to her Instagram account three months ago.

Kim Kardashian enjoys a nice nap in this photo posted after she gave birth to her baby girl North, which was shared on her younger sister Khloe‘s Facebook!

The 32-year-old reality star is seen napping on a sofa next to Khloe‘s pet pooch Bernard.

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“I love my lil baby so much,” Khloe captioned the pic, referring to Bernard.

“Breast-feeding is working for [Kim] and she already feels she has bonded with Nori,” a source recently shared to Us Weekly.

Another source added, “Kim is breast-feeding constantly. She’s loving it.”

Bigger pic inside…

Just Jared on Facebook
kim kardashian first photo since north birth 01

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  • LooseLipz

    She’ll do anything in excess to lose the weight. All she cares about is herself.

  • betduke

    Wow! Having all those nannies around sure is tiring,

  • Shakira

    Kim looks like she is enjoying a well deserved nap. I remember doing this when my baby was sleeping. Healthy for new moms.

  • kristen

    This is an old picture lol

  • luisa

    that picture was old…i saw before ..when she was pregnant !!

  • Courtney

    this isn’t news stop feeding this talentless whores ego at least the baby didn’t come out deformed due to her irresponsibility people like her make me sick. any newborn eats between 8-12 times a day weather it’s from bottle or breast and it’s not always necessarily the mothers breast for example Patricia Neal couldn’t nurse her youngest because she was paralyzed from strokes she’d had while pregnant so she hired a wet nurse

  • Nameless

    LOL like 3 months old!

  • Cece

    I wonder how many takes this “natural” picture took… Everything about these people is contrived.

  • http://@adiiii Adriana

    lmao fail !!! this is an old picture

  • George

    Once a whore, always a whore!

  • NYC

    100% agree.
    If she’s breast feeding, I’m the POPE.

  • Angie

    Jared I suggest you check your facts first before copying US weekly false post about this photo that Khole posted on her Instagram page 3 months ago. Must be a slow day.

  • mary

    The picture is so photoshopped that I even thought that the dog was stuffed

  • mary

    Or is that a painting?

  • Jess

    Awww, how sweet and not staged at all, I’m sure. Bangs parted just so, makeup perfect, lips glossed, hand curled ever so sweetly under her chin. Yeah, a casual, non-staged photo. Uh huh.

  • MeMe

    Yes, I can see the “circles” around her eyes. Life is hard when you are now a “baby momma” and not a “newlywed”.

    The dog doesn’t even look like he’s on the couch. This picture is so ridiculous and it’s old … wow.

  • Shannon

    Ummm!! not one of you thirsty bloggers even tried to verify this pic, you just ran with it, now all of you look like fools. This picture is 3 months old, Khloe posted it on her instagram 3 months ago and it’s right there for all to see, yet you all are so thirsty and pressed for a pic of Kim post birth that you ran with this foolishness, what a joke and the bigger jokes are the idiots that jumped on here with the hate and vitriol and it’s not even a new pic, what a bunch of idiot morons. All of you all are a joke. Oh and I know of NO ONE who takes off makeup when taking a NAP, you may want to check out what NAP means as opposed to going to bed for the night. IDIOTS

  • godog

    JJ for the sake of humanity, stop posting fecal matters…

  • Adrienne

    The dog was also a telling point that this photo isn’t recent. Puppies grow up pretty fast. There’s no way Bernard would look like that after months of getting him.

  • eve

    Why doesn’t she go away and take care of her kid? Instead of putting up photos of her sleeping.

  • Dd

    She has full on make up so obviously it’s a photo-op

  • Vanessa

    This is an old one! -__-

  • Stephanie

    That photo isn’t new it was posted on Khloe Karadashian’s Instagram 21 weeks ago.

  • Casper

    Lol….this photo is staged as usual. She has make up on and all. Not napping. The karsashains are a joke and a weird bunch. Not normal people at all. Poor North baby.

  • Wolfen

    That doesnt even make sense.

  • Wolfen

    @LooseLipz: That doesnt even make sense.

  • danielle

    this photo is months old… already saw it!


    The Kardashians family hates whites ,Kim’s sister khloe kardashian said in a interview that she has never dated a white man or even thought about dating one , and Kim that I have seen only dates black men besides the half white man she was married to for what 72 days that ended up being said to be fake .and now Kylie is currently dating Will Smith’s son Jaden .So this is a case of REVERSE RACISM does anyone else think so I do .so why does the Kardashins get a pass for being RACIST !All you people loving on these people looking up to these losers remember what you said here after KANYE hits the door back to his boyfriend , or next girlfriend this is what happen with losers like him so keep having babies by these losers and thinking I can change him you can’t and you be stuck with taking care of his kid(s) or in Kim’s case the nanny will.And to all the hate commits that are coming and saying that it not reverse racism it’s choice, no more like brain washing in this family case


    I almost forgot HEY KANYE your boyfriend called and said : GET YOUR A$$ HOME NOW!

  • Shannon

    @THE TRUTH: Who is he screwing? your daddy? A**hole

  • Jose Jr.

    Kardashian must be spending a lot of money to get her pictures published everyday. I get so tired of seeing her picture.

  • Camille

    Khloe posted this pic on Instagram 12 weeks ago.


    Have they determined the father/fathers yet?

  • Valentina

    How very spontaneous, full make-up and all.

  • demisdabest

    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this was like 3 months ago i dont get how its the first pic of her after birth this is just soooooooooo weird i dont get it?????????????????????????

  • demisdabest

    @THE TRUTH i soooooooooooo agree with u isnt it illegal to be racist

  • stoneman

    what gets me is that all of you people KNOW this is an old photo which means you’re the problem not the solution

  • BB

    Her baby looks just like her. And I like the blue scarf. Nice touch.

  • Love The Shoes

    North is so cute!

  • Ann mukherji

    So her baby’s name is North West:) whats with the direction?
    All their names are so beautiful kimberly,kourtney, khloe, kendall…its going to be a funny name if her last name is west.
    Anyways kim is looking v pretty as always.

  • Robocop

    I know you’re all desperate to fill the KK void — but using a 3-month old photo is pathetic. Do your research!!!

  • Mare

    Why not just leave her alone? She’s a new mom, she’s happy with her baby, and she seems to be happy with Kanye. Who cares if the photo’s 3 months old? I wish Kim and Kanye the best and am looking forward to seeing pictures of their little one. I’m sure she’s adorable. I love followng the Kardashians. If you don’t, then don’t read about them. Keep hurtful comments to yourself – they serve no purpose.

  • Quebec Hardwood

    Stop All Celeb Worship Now!

  • ivy

    Why are all the pop news sites publishing it as ” the first photo since giving birth’? The little puppy looks the size he was when Khole got him. He must be at least double the size now.

  • ivy

    @Mare: Seriously…I bet they are all laughing at all the “fans” who eat up anything they post…including a 3 month old photo posted to make “fans” think it is recent. It amazes me that they have “fans” as not one of them has any talent to speak of…in the sense most people who have fans do that is. They are all egotistic, self-center fame mongers who whine about the stupidest things and have no clue what it is like to have real life problems. Tell me …what is to love about that?

  • Amanda Matthews

    There isn’t anything real about this bunch.

    “While this photo was just posted to Khloe‘s Facebook, it was actually first posted to her Instagram account three months ago.”

  • http://None Saving Grace

    She is that what she is!

    Not sure that is a mother?

    She is not even a “MILK”" Maid!

    Just a bloated waterbuffalo. Who gets to much attention. That shoud be a new word for mother, an attention “Mother”.

  • jane

    Why doesn’t Khloe post the article about Young Jeezy and what he wrote about her huge anatomical structure instead of posting old pictures of Kim. Kim’s not going to let her post any new pics she wants $$$$ for any new pics posted.

  • abak62

    no brand new mom that takes care of their own child, especially one that is breastfeeding a newborn has any time to put make up on, real clothes, or brush their hair

  • hello

    @Shakira: stupid response…she has nannies, so big difference from you and her…and this picture was posted 3 months ago if you read it correctly, so she wasnt even a mom yet..