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Kaley Cuoco: Pink Bunny Babe On The Thirty!

Kaley Cuoco: Pink Bunny Babe On The Thirty!

Kaley Cuoco rocks a cute bunny shirt while grabbing a bite to eat at On The Thirty on Monday (July 8) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Over the weekend, the 27-year-old actress was spotted riding a horse with a helmet on.

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Kaley recently tweeted, “My heart is w the Arizona firefighters that lost their lives. Peace to ur families. My father was a firefighter. Very close to my heart 🙏❤.”

10+ pictures inside of Kaley Cuoco grabbing food at On The Thirty…

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kaley cuoco pink bunny babe on the thirty 01
kaley cuoco pink bunny babe on the thirty 02
kaley cuoco pink bunny babe on the thirty 03
kaley cuoco pink bunny babe on the thirty 04
kaley cuoco pink bunny babe on the thirty 05
kaley cuoco pink bunny babe on the thirty 06
kaley cuoco pink bunny babe on the thirty 07
kaley cuoco pink bunny babe on the thirty 08
kaley cuoco pink bunny babe on the thirty 09
kaley cuoco pink bunny babe on the thirty 10
kaley cuoco pink bunny babe on the thirty 11
kaley cuoco pink bunny babe on the thirty 12
kaley cuoco pink bunny babe on the thirty 13

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Rose

    LOL! This is like the 10th post on Kaley in two weeks. Stop trying to make her happen. She’s not going to happen! Ridiculous PR showmance is ridiculous.

  • thejournalist
  • Asha

    Really? So Kaley starts dating superman and she all of a sudden becomes news worthy??? In the last couple of years combined I haven’t seen as many post about Kaley as I have in the last week or so.

  • HCfan

    ugly cunt

  • lll

    this is such a bad pr move , i cant believe they thought ppl would buy it . it just makes both of them look really bad

  • lll

    i wonder where the love of her life , her soulmate, henry cavill is , cause we only get pics of this girl

  • HCfan

    we want to see Henry not this bitch!

  • PR relationship

    Here we go again…

  • Kelly

    Can we get a shot of her wiping her ass next time.

  • evie

    hollywood is hilarious!


    so many candids recently ,

  • Not your friend

    Ppl should not call her names, she did not ask for it or else like other celebs, she would be all done up….they are going after her! Your mean comments are not necessary on a good woman, karma is a ku*t kids!

  • jimmy


  • monde

    She might be awesome just being a TV starlet but she already lost it; when she decided to be HW fameh0 & a beard – shes now like a “”Tarantula or any thats a hideous & insidious BUG”"!

  • Irene

    Just because she is dating some guy, she goes from zero posts to being posted almost everyday. Please stop!

  • Maria

    Where’s Henry ?? Gone fishing ?

  • A

    Henry said “I’m out of this ish… I’ll let you and your Starbucks coffee pretend we’re dating”

  • wuppie

    what a homely & manly looking ‘BearD’!

  • Lulani

    Please go away Kaley cuoco.She is one of the biggest attention whores on twitter and in hollyweird. just that no one cared until she started clinging to Henry Cavill for dear life lol and blabbing about their “relationship”. Please stop trying to make her happen. We aren’t buying whatever her PR people are trying to sell. NOT HAPPENING
    If she was genuine about their relationship and really saw herself with the guy for love or attraction and fame wasn’t involved,she would’ve wanted to keep their “relationship” private for as long as she possibly could.she wouldn’t be posting very blatant links about them. Take gina, there are pics taken by members of the public in a Chelsea restaurant of her and Henry when they first started seeing each other and its clear that henry was very into gina. He had his hands on her knees facing her looking at her whilst she looked at her phone. There a other pics from the public of them around london just goofing around and very genuine. nothing faked and out on like this atrocity here.I DO NOT see any real interest coming from Henry towards cuoco. she seems more invested than he is.
    she practically has a cafe in her kitchen. Posted her several coffee makers etc…on twitter yet still insists on going to Starbucks daily for coffee!? Attention whore much. Go away Kaley. No one cares

  • Lulani

    @A: ahahahahahahhahahaha

  • Lulani

    @Not your friend: lol you are truly naive. Se would not be all done up because that would make it obvious and the point is to keep pretending she doesn’t know a thing. You have a lot to learn about hollyweird and its games. She is very much clued in and knows the deal.she just has to play coy and innocent. That’s how the game works.she has to act normal so that the obvious doesn’t look so obvious!

  • pika

    @Lulani: THANK YOU. i have no idea where kaley came from but shes always on here now.

  • hEY

    I actually like her

  • Emma

    If you don’t want to see Kaley Cuoco anymore on here or other gossip sites, then STOP commenting on her. They will continue to showcase her on their sites if they generate tons of love/hate comments. YOU are all keeping her relevant by doing this. So, stop commenting!!!

  • Lulani

    @Emma: so true I’m done. All publicity to these people is good. Even bad publicity.and negative publicity and I will no longer view or comment on her posts. Bye everyone.lets do this and have her go back to making coffee in her kitchen using her very many coffee makers and stop this parade already. LETS BOYCOTT ANYTHING WITH HER NAME ON IT AND THAT INCLUDES HENRY CAVILL TOO. UNLESS ITS ABOUT A MOVIE HE HAS OUT WE SHOULD REFRAIN FROM COMMENTING ON ANYTHING TO DO WITH HIS MANY HOOKUPS.IF HE CONTINUES WITH THIS OBVIOUS PR STUNTS THEN WE SHOULD BOYCOTT HIM TOO

  • LOL

    We get it, she’s shagging, PR dating Superman. This charade is giving all the basic b itches out there something to aspire too. I almost feel bad for her because even she knows this publicity sh it isn’t flying.

  • LOL

    I have to admit that I do feel bad for her because she seems nice and probably didn’t realize that she was walking into a sh itstorm of criticism.

  • Roselike

    @Rose: make her happen she on the top rated shows on TV .

  • Roselike

    @monde: u a an retard.

  • Mineish83

    Where’s henry? I haven’t seen pictures of him since that show they put on for everyone last week. Has he realised if he continues such behavior that no one will take him seriously?? DDL doesn’t behave like this and neither does Christian Bale. I heard Henry isn’t even in the U.S he’s back in the U.K. for a family event, if Kaley means so much to him why not take her to meet the family henry?? SAD.

  • Jenni

    @Mineish83: because it’s just that. A stunt.he was only there for like 2 or 3 days so they decided to fit this very disgusting fake display in his short stay.He spends most of his time in London and on location.only goes to Lala land aka hollywood when he has events and meetings or a project. She is going to regret this one because it isn’t going to give her the fame she wanted?and he is gong to regret it because what little credibility he had is now in tatters. didn’t play out like she wanted.people stop going on about how rated the show is.yes the show is top rated. Not her.the show is.ts not called the Kaley cuoco show.and has other cast members far more important than she is that make it what it is. She is very down the list of best characters on the show.

  • Roselike

    @Jenni: wow she considered part of the main three.

    Without penny there will be no show.all the changes in the show started because of couco character.

    All we know Henry could be doing other things in LA but that doesn’t mean his girlfriend has to be with him 24/7

    Also they could be keeping their romance more secrete because of the sudden photos of them together.

    And honestly do you think relationship that In its early stages are going to be all super romantic.

  • Ale

    Love her bunny shirt!! She looks great as always!!

    Bitchy Henry fans stop the hating! She has already happen, you will not!

  • Who’s Henry

    In less then a week Henry has completely lost his identity. If you type in Henry Cavill in Google all you see is her name and picture. I’m not saying their relationship is fake or whatever. It just makes me wonder why Henry agreed to this. No matter what, his “people” would not let anything be written about him without his approval first. So all these released articles in the magazines got the final approval by Henry. With that in mind it completely goes against everything he has said for all these years about privacy. It makes me question anything he’s ever said about privacy, and I wonder if in reality all he cares about is getting his face on all the magazine covers no matter if he has to sell his beliefs to the highest bidder.
    I believe this has really had a major negative impact on Henry. As a true and loyal fan even I am questioning what is going on here. Not about whether they are really dating. Loyal fans don’t really care who he dates as long as he’s having fun and happy. What I’m questioning is his character and this is not good. He always seemed honest, humble, and it made him stand out against the rest. If he keeps going like this he’ll just another name and face among the Hollywood “it – right now” and will be known only for the girls he dates.

  • yellow


    He is LA.

  • Mineish83

    Then he should be with his woman!

  • What is going on with Henry???

    @Roselike: keep trying to make her happen. She won’t happen. She may be a part of the major cast but the point you are missing is the BBT is big in the USA. the SHOW is famous not Kaley.its not called the Kaley cuoco show.stop trying to pass her off as relevant.she isnt the show is.Henry cavill and his movies are worldwide. Get that into your head. SHe was never more famous then him.i don’t care how rated the show is unless its something like game of thrones or true blood that’s aired all over the world and almost as big as movies then they don’t really matter. BBT is top rated in America not Kaley. Big whoop. Henry Cavill is top rated in the world
    End off

  • What is going on with Henry???

    @Roselike: you are truly delusional. Good luck with that, its people like you they cater their fomance to.keep buying it

  • Roselike

    @What is going on with Henry???: it is a hit show and she is recognized for that she is a star because of that she is already famous .so no they are not making her happen and any her career is already longer then most actors.

  • Roselike

    @What is going on with Henry???: and you are a jelous tool,

  • Mineish83

    Honestly I know more people who know who Kaley is then Henry Cavill. Henry is using this poor girl for his own business purposes same reason why he was dating Gina Carano. The minute she became big because of ‘Haywire’ henry drops Ellen for her and then drops Gina for Kaley the second ‘Man of Steel’ blew up! He’s a disgusting typical man but I still think he makes an awesome Superman even though he’s such a dirtbag.

  • henrys outta there!

    @A:so true.. ur post is F*n funny. she got what she wanted. the PR stunt worked for HER. shes getting followed and in the tablods. shes been in the hollywood business forever,has dated other rwell known ppl, and even been engagaed to her co-star and always gone unnoticed. she got the PR she wanted and henry got…..outta there!! when he realized the BS behind her and her team. she must feel so F*n stupid thinking ppl wouldnt pick up on her acting her A** off during the comical outing to the “supermarket” and “hiking”. they are def no longer together. henry is incredibly private and REAL, unlike kaley cuoco, he’s not “hollywood” at all. altho he does have a reputation for dating the fuglies he must have realized kaley the chipmunk isnt worth losing his credibilty for.

  • agree!

    absolutely agree. the whole hollywood “game” is designed to NOT look obvious! but sometimes as in the case of the whole supermarket/hiking PR stunt it becomes so obvious, its actually pathetic! and the whole nonchalant thing going on in these pics is just an extention of that! she just doesnt have henry’s armpit to sniff as she did in the “amoure” photos at the supermarket. she is an ACTRESS dying to be more famous and in the tabloids.she is ACTING in the pics thats thats part of the job in manipulating the press. make no mistake about it. SHES LOVING THIS!!

  • agree!

    totally agree with you. she has dated other people in the public eye even been engaged and no one gave a sh**. shes been acting for many years and never was relevant to the paparazi. after her whole supermarket show act shes being followed everywhere. you do the math. you gotta be naive not to see her PR BS for what it is!!

  • arrivederci!

    you’re so right! the more attention ppl give her the more BORING crap theyll put out..dont think they’re together. think he immediately realized her game and dumped her. he wasnt with her on sunday night, he was with russel crowe and she’s been photographed alone during the day and eve. it could be a ploy to throw the paps off. but knowing her and her hunger for fame and henry being very private. he realized very quickly he’s not into her hollywood game….

  • not relevant!

    The four main characters on BBT are incredibly talented and very unique, the two women who play sheldon and wolowitzs significant others are genuine and together an awesome group.altho dont think shes a great actress she’s ok on the show but never stood out. the character of penny is a common character that could be played by any hollywood generic actress.theres no distinctive quality to her character and should she ever leave the show she would not be missed as with the other characters you would notice sheldon, leonard, wolowits, koothrappali ,bernadette, or amy missing immediately but if penny were to be replaced by another actress , she would be forgettable. the other characters call for specific qualities and talents that penny’s character simply does not have.