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Henry Cavill & Kaley Cuoco Split After Two Weeks of Dating

Henry Cavill & Kaley Cuoco Split After Two Weeks of Dating

Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco have reportedly split up after just two weeks of dating, according to E! News.

The 30-year-old Man of Steel actor and the 27-year-old Big Bang Theory actress, whose romance was just revealed last week and then confirmed by them holding hands on a shopping trip, plan on remaining friends.

Kaley was spotted just yesterday having a girls night out at Cecconis restaurant with some of her gal pals.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco’s relationship fizzled out so fast?

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  • Asha

    damn that was fast. Can you go back to completely ignoring Kaley now Jared??? She is not newsworthy.

  • Kristin

    Well TG!!! He looked awfully wierded out and completely uncomfortable. This is not his style. He doesn’t showcase himself like this. Can’t wait to read the hoorays!!!!!!!

  • Geez


    That’s probably why they broke up. She’s not use to the cameras beyond work and didn’t like it.

  • Hayley

    These last few weeks I have seen more pictures of her than ever. Of course I am not surprised. He is way out of her league.

  • leelee

    I guess she cashed her check and bounced.

  • yesiam

    Hahaha! I don’t really care either way, but this is FUNNY.

  • 1021

    He’s single again!? Yay! There is still hope :)


    nobody was buying the relationship
    pr setup was too obvious

  • Verity

    @leelee: You called it! Dare I say the next Tom Cruise?

  • Jen

    Wow I feel sorry for her, but he was way out of her league.

  • Rose

    LOL! Wow what a shocker! I guess PR realized nobody was buying this embarrassing display of a showmance so they decided to do away with it fast. Of course I predicted this showmance would last for at least a month.

  • Jessie

    Their reps saw the backlash to their fake romance and decided to kill it. It really was an obvious set up for publicity. No one cares if these two have a relationship with each other or someone else, what people don’t like is fake relationships from people who supposedly are honest, private people, it just ruins their credibility.

  • kami


    totally agree.

  • Sara

    you gotta be kidding me… this whole thing is a big fat joke.

  • amanda

    Can you stop saying that people are dating after being spotted once? They were hooking up, that’s it. There was no relationship. It was just a hookup. But, God forbid you say they were hooking up. Everyone who’s even seen with another famous person must be dating them

  • Kim

    I bet their reps saw how much people hated this fake relationship and saw people were able to see its fake so they ended it. This is too funny!

  • sid

    thank god!

  • What’s next

    THANK GOD! Now back to love The big bang theory. This bi tch almost ruins it for me.

  • evie

    Nobody was buying it. Swift and Gyllenhaal 2.0!

  • Superman’s GF

    This is truly a weird coupling.

  • CMK

    It seems a “girls night out” in Hollywood means you just broke up with your boyfriend (I.e. Selena Gomez, Nina Dobrev) now Kaley.

  • kris

    can he date with amber heard now?

    maybe in my dreams…

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    who said they were in a relationship?

  • K

    JustJared is a D-List @$$HOLE.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    @Sara: You never met someone, hung out for a few times then stopped? I’m sure you have the only difference is youre a f-ing nobody and when celebs do it the media makes it a relationship after the first sighting. go to sleep.

  • lll

    haha , nobody was buying this shit ! back to loving henry cavill …

  • What?

    I hope this news is false. I really like them as a couple, but if is true than with this 3rd strange break up he confirms that he’s really gay…what a waste.

  • Yes Baby

    My Baby is free again!!! Love me some Oh henry!!

  • Me

    Pick a better beard.

  • anonymous

    It’s not a total loss. They probably got some good hot sessions in the sack out of it. That’s all you can expect these days and as long as both were satisfied that’s all that counts.

  • Analise


    Hahaha my thoughts exactly he needs to get with Amber Heard as Gideon and Eva and just as Henry and Amber. They’d be perfect for each other she’s sexy, confident, charming his perfect match. Focus features needs to make the Crossfire series a movie already and introduce them to each other. So Henry Cavill’s PR if you’re listening hook him up with Amber Heard that’s a couple his fans want to see!!!

  • http://Kaleywillhavemoremoneythanthatnotalentwilleverhave.He'snotevenclosetoherleague Chrismo


  • SOFI


  • Chrismo

    Henry was never in Kaley’s league. She has more dough and a top tv show. Half the world doesn’t know who the guy is.

  • viper

    Anybody else crack up? Henry Cavill is such a joke now. I mean even Megan Fox never went this far – and she went far with her PR.

  • Analise

    Haters seriously need to stop with the Gay crap. MR. GREY is NOT GAY ya’ll should be SPANKED and ASHAMED of yourselves. They obviously hooked up, like normal people its just publicized. Henry never said he was a saint just a gentlemen in the streets and freak in a sheets (perfect christian grey). And anyways who cares cuz LET”S BE HONEST LADIES AND GENTS. If you had a chance to TAP Henry Cavill for two weeks wouldn’t you grab that opportunity. I sure as hell would he is yummy, sexy, the epitome for male beauty!!!

  • Amy

    Maybe they saw that BlindGossip outed them for having the same publicist.

    It was a bad pairing and made no sense whatsoever.

    At least try to get someone like Jennifer Lawrence for Henry.

  • They’re both famew&res

    OK, this is just getting embarrassing now. HC’s PR needs to just STOP with these beards and photo-ops and let him stay single.

  • OKaaay

    A. One of them realized the other was alot dumber than they imagined

    B. Somebody gave HC a dose of reality and asked why he was getting into a committed relationship with a D list actress and he’s on the verge of super stardom?

    C. Calling paps for photo ops made them both look like an embarassing joke.

  • Who’s Henry

    @Jessie: I agree with this wholeheartedly. I don’t care who dates who. I actually like his previous choice of women. He seems to pick women not solely based on looks…flaws and all…and not perfect plastics. Although I actually think the women he’s dated were very pretty.
    My problem was that, whether the relationship was real or not, the photo ops were completely staged. Paps do not hang out in the hills waiting for hikers to photograph or just so happen to be at the one grocery store out of hundreds in the city. The fact that Henry willingly participated in that really discredits what he has always claimed to be.
    He didn’t need to do any of that, and in the process, within one week, he completely lost his identity. You google his name and all you see is her and her “accidental meetings with paps”.
    Before I used to believe everything Henry did was sincere and real. I never thought Gina was PR like others claimed. But now I wonder if I will ever be that way again. I feel like I’ll probably always wonder if anything he says or does is sincere.
    I do love his work so I’ll be looking forward to his next project and counting down to MOS2.

  • wuppie

    Kaley the BEARD had been obviously used by by Henry GAY CaEVILl juust a for a 2 weeks papwh0ring sevices – thats all about it!

  • Kim

    Now that was a short fauxmance. Jake G, take your cue.

  • A

    He is an excellent actor and so well spoken in interviews. Not to mention FLAWLESS looking.

    Honestly, I don’t think anyone cares that he is gay/bi. Except for those suits who still live in the 20th century.

    But now that it’s being talked about, his dating history is odd, odd, odd. Definitely not the dating history of a straight guy.

  • A

    @Who’s Henry: But they do follow celebs from their homes to the supermarket before lying in wait outside the store.

  • http://kissugirlz farila

    @Who’s Henry:

    Wait a second…
    Do you think it’s staged for Brad Pitt and Angelina?
    Don’t you see papas are everywhere?
    Since they know your car, they follow you and know wherever you are so it’s not impossible for them to know when to take the pics!
    Think of other celebs : everytime they go to airports, paps are here!
    And when you’re getting famous, paps follow with more intensity!
    They could follow you all day long!

    I don’t think everything is staged.
    Why would you call the paps to take some pics of you going to a grocery? O_o C’mon, I would have found better….

  • landa

    OMG! at least taylor swift and jake gyllenhaal “showmance” lasted for a month of two! Cavill and Cuoco did not even try harder to make it convincing!lol!

  • Liz

    I can see why people doubt his relationships but his relationship with GIna was definitely not staged. Go on instagram under Lady Cavill and you’ll see a personal picture of him and Gina being silly, that a fan was able to hack. This picture cannot be seen anywhere else. Also type in Henry Cavill and Gina Carano in London you’ll find a picture of them in a restaurant were Gina is showing him something on her phone and he’s caressing her thigh (A FAN picture as well). You can also tell with GIna he was extremely comfortable and the way they looked at each other and interacted with each other was as if they were in love. Look at the golden globes he presented this year with Nina Dobrev and watch him and Gina interact while he is on stage looking at her on the floor.

    Which makes it seem like Kaley was a hookup and they just went out with it cuz people are already talking about it anyway might as well put it out there and take some pics.

    As far as the Corey Spears crap goes ya’ll STRAIGHT GUYS know DANG well when you get DRUNK you get kinda HOMO with your friends too cuz you’re Emotions come out. Ya’ll start acting like GIRLS and spilling your deep dark secrets to each other, act silly, and get all emotional and crap. Henry is the same in these pictures he loves his Alcohol I don’t see what the problem is. People need to chill and get of that HATERADE!

  • yp

    Henry is such a tool. If you are going to beard, do it right. Who is in charge of his PR. Three staged romances, never believable. he had a past in LA scrubbed from the Internet. Be a man with class and own it!

  • Joanne M.

    What a beard. I lose all respect for him, really. Now he is a puppy, slave of Hollywood Gossip.

  • Ray

    This can’t be life maybe because everyone knew it was pr so they said well time to end the charade.