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Henry Cavill: 'Man of Steel' Japan Press Conference!

Henry Cavill: 'Man of Steel' Japan Press Conference!

Henry Cavill is a handsome hunk while attending the press conference for his new film Man of Steel on Thursday (August 22) at the Grand Hyatt in Tokyo, Japan.

The 30-year-old actor was joined at the conference by director Zack Snyder and producers Deborah Snyder and Charles Roven.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Henry Cavill

Henry and the crew attended the film’s premiere in Tokyo the night before. After opening in theaters all around the world throughout the summer and grossing nearly $650 million at the worldwide box office, Man of Steel will open in Japan on August 30. It’s the last territory in the world to receive the film!

10+ pictures inside of Henry Cavill at the press conference…

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henry cavill man of steel japan press conference 01
henry cavill man of steel japan press conference 02
henry cavill man of steel japan press conference 03
henry cavill man of steel japan press conference 04
henry cavill man of steel japan press conference 05
henry cavill man of steel japan press conference 06
henry cavill man of steel japan press conference 07
henry cavill man of steel japan press conference 08
henry cavill man of steel japan press conference 09
henry cavill man of steel japan press conference 10
henry cavill man of steel japan press conference 11
henry cavill man of steel japan press conference 12
henry cavill man of steel japan press conference 13
henry cavill man of steel japan press conference 14

Credit: Keith Tsuji; Photos: Getty
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  • yoo
  • Elodieee

    Awwww mah boo <3

  • Question

    “Man of Steel” was quite possibly and probably the very worst movie of the 21st Century, and quite possibly and probably much, much, much, much worse than even that.

  • Lulu

    Exaggerating much???? You don’t have to like it, but there lots of people, even die hard superman fans that loved it….. they finally were able to make a modern version, who cares if it wasn’t perfect.

  • Xanthar

    ugh why are they still promoting that crapfest of a movie? I mean enough already that movie is anything but a classic and nothing but forgettable. I can’t believe Japan is getting this so late into the year.

  • 650million

    I loved that movie, cant wait for the second..! Haters gonna hate.

  • Alex

    Man of Steel is the best SUPERHERO movie next to Batman…Its different, its fresh and full of emotions….And if there is anyone who fits perfectly to be a Superhero, that’s Henry Cavill…

  • Livin’ the Life

    I like Henry Cavill ever since I saw him in The Tudors. But I absolutely HATE the way they are styling him for Superman. He looks plastic and odd. And please don’t tell me that’s how Superman is supposed to look, because if they are going to modernize it and update it than they should also update his look. It’s not the 50′s anymore. You can tell he feels awkward with all this attention, too. He’s British. They aren’t into all the garbage of celebrity stuff like us.

  • really

    @650million: I’m with you on that. I have seen that movie 6 times. I can’t wait for it come on dvd. Henry Cavill nailed that role. Love his performance in MOS. This was the best Superman movie ever.

  • lll

    i agree on the styling part . he looked so much better on the tudors …

  • Kara Zor-El


    Question = Jealous Hater, Joe Manganiello

  • Teddy’s Cousin

    I agree with the article Lainey has up today about how he looks awful here, his clothes, those pleated…ugh.
    The Director is way more sexay imo.

  • MoS

    Has it occurred to anybody that he probably is styled by some one else?

  • Dee

    @MoS: He is most likely styled by himself because no self respecting stylist would let their client go out looking like that… he’s gorgeous. But ya… this is not workin’ for me…

  • Karla


    and that’s why it made MORE THAN 600 MILLION, right? ;-)

  • Camden

    I love Henry…but man does he need a stylist or something?

    How can someone sooo ridiculously attractive look kind of frumpy….that shirt is too loose, it’s like Croc Hunter stuff….those pants don’t sit right..
    This guy should be rockin’ whatever he wears, but I”m not feeling this outfit.

  • Aviana
  • Chris

    Henry Cavill said to a Spanish daily that the first time he put on the Superman costume, he felt like a big muscular gay man.

    Henry Cavill: “La primera vez que me vestí de Superman me sentí un enorme y musculoso gay”

  • Nadine

    @Teddy’s Cousin: Lainey is a hater & has ZERO credibility. I remember how she was trashing him for running away from his relationship w/ Cuocco. Now sources are coming out that Cuocco ended the relationship. First she was bashing both for having a “fake” relationship. Then she said it was their pr teams, then it was him. Etc etc. You need to spread that much hate for internet hits, you’re pathetic. I don’t read her anymore.

  • Prc

    I didn’t think I would like MOS, but I loved it. The audience I saw it with were very into it & clapped at the end. The cast was great. Love most of the actors. The weakest link is the editor. The second half was not well edited. It just did not flow. Hopefully they do a better job on the sequel. This was a more grounded telling of SM that I’ve ever seen.

  • Karla


    If you are an straight man and you wear a complete lycra suit and you don’t feel like a gay man or at least unconfortable then you are gay! I understand what he said.

  • GayFace

    Gay mannerism/expression in Hellraiser Hellworld:

  • Lady Gaga

    “But I was surprised to discover him saying, without any irony, that he gets up every morning listening to Lady Gaga.” (Henry, the Magnificent)

    Do straight men wake up in the morning listening to Lady Gaga?

  • diana

    Oh people! What is with all the gay comments? What is with this preoccupation with other people’s sexuality?

    I am not a Henry fan. I think he lacks charisma and the acting talent to support his handsome face. Not impressed with Mat on Steel either.

    But please it’s beyond ridiculous people trying to prove that he is gay with mean comments and lame pictures. May be he is gay, may be he is bi, may be he is asexual and just pretending, or just a regular straight man, or does it matter to you? Get a life.

  • Lilith

    I guess all those people that keep commenting about Henry’s sexuality have either ALL their life problems solved and have nothing better to do or they are too insecure/ uncertain about their own sexuality and they want to take that pressure off them by calling other people gay. Many times i read and saw that the people that are harshest towards gay people are the people that ARE GAY themselves but they are too scared to admit it and they take it on others. What do you think you will win /achieve if you call him gay or by saying that he is gay? Do you expect someone to give you an award or a praise for “exposing the gay guy”?

  • Blue

    Do you guys judge people by their sexual orientation? Who cares if Henry is straight or whatever! He seems an absolutely awesome, nice, down-to-earth guy!! Isn’t it the most important thing?

  • Jane

    Henry is not gay.My sister is friends with his ex-girlfriend.My sister met him.Awesome guy BTW.

  • karin

    For people who believe everything they read without check if that ‘information’ is true:

    “His gay rumors derive from fake stories.
    -The Graham Norton story?…FAKE! Henry never came out, years ago, during an interview with Norton. His ONLY interview with Norton was the one he did a couple of monts ago!

    -The Corey Spears Story?…Fake!Henry never tried to hide that he is his friend. He actually invited him / his boyfriend to the MOS NY party (and let them post pics) He is not afraid for the world to know that he has gay friends. And having gay friends does not mean that someone is gay…but what can you say? that what our society has come to be.Judgmental and without values.
    Also Corey posted a pic where hi wrote “taken whilst having drinks with the Hen… so proud of him for sticking out a challenging job, and being a blast overall ( Sorry boys, he’s straight)”

    -The Perez Hilton story?…Fake. Hiton never outted Henry. He did quote the opposite henry. Hilton used but the term he used is applied only to straight men.”

    PLEASE don’t believe stupid stories, that only give money who try to sell YOU silly notes.

  • The Hen’s boyfriend

    Henry holding hands with his gay (boy)friend, Corey Spears (who, along with another gay friend, Dan Renzi, calls Henry “The Hen”):

    More pics of the two together:

  • Jane

    Henry likes girls. Check out his left hand in this photo:

  • The Hen’s boyfriend

    Jane dear, Henry may like girls ALSO. He’s probably bisexual, like a lot of people (from a sexual attraction standpoint — now whether he choses to act on it or not is an entirely different business). But he surely likes guys, too: he smiles a lot more often in pics taken with male fans than in pics taken with female fans.

    Here’s another one with a (presumably) gay friend in the middle:

  • karin

    @The Hen’s boyfriend:


  • Karla

    look this pic: clearly Corey is a family friend, that’s Henry’ mom :o)

    I have lesbians & gays friends and I’m not gay, so… everything is on someone’s dirty or clear mind!!!

  • The Hen’s gay friends


    Corey Spears and a whole bunch of other friends of Henry’s, clearly all gay (there are pictures of them with Henry at the now closed East West gay bar in West Holywood ,CA), together with Henry’s mum at the NYC MOS premiere. It seems mum is comfortable with Henry’s sexuality, whatever it is…

  • The Hen’s gay friends
  • Karla

    @The Hen’s gay friends:

    hi, you can not say “It seems mum is comfortable with Henry’s sexuality” because you don’t know him or them; you are just watching pics and having conclusions after that; even Corey has said Henry is not gay.

    Btw, all his friends and family call him Hen, hank, Henners.

    If you are going say someone is gay is because you know HIM, not having conclusions. Show real ‘proof’ not speculations, please. I also have personal pics with lesbians friends and I’m not one of them, but I don’t have prejudging. I observe Henry and I say he’s not gay.

    have a nice weekend

  • mike


    Holding hands with your friend, who’s gay, may be ok for you, girls, lesbians or not, but not for a straight guy. 99.9% of straight guys would make sure no hand is held with a gay friend, just so that there is no confusion whatsoever.

  • The Hen or The C0ck?


    Dan Renzi and his ex-boyfriend, Corey Spears, who holds hands with Henry in the above photo, both used to affectionately call Henry “THE Hen,” not just Hen (unlike the rest of his friends). It is a somewhat feminine nickname, which raises my suspicions further, despite statements to the contrary from his gay friends that THE Hen is not gay. “The C0ck” would have been a much more masculine and appropriate nickname, especially given what Dan Renzi had to say on his blog in 2008:

  • G. Butler

    Gerard Butler came out and said he’ s bi, he’s been in relationships with women and men. He still has a career. Female fans still love him so long as he’s not 100% gay. Hear that, Henry?

  • Daneilla

    @G. Butler: I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

  • karin

    I think if Henry is gay is better to say it now and being honest instead of find the ‘truth’ later and lost credibility; for me he is not gay but I’m sure comments are gonna be said all the time, specially because he is Corey’s friend. HENRY COULD HAVE DROPPED COREY’S FRIENDSHIP (or whatever some of you say they ‘have’) FOR FEAR OF THE OLD RUMOURS BUT HE DIDN’T.

    btw… I saw pics of Henry’s younger brother, who got married recently, and I’m sure you are gonna say he’s gay, too. Soooo, I don’t believe in gossips. Now I understand when I read (before I new about Henry) that english men are weird LOL

    finally, is weird some guys are worried about Henry’s private ‘movements’ That could be gay ;-)

  • A Henry’s has wrote:

    “As someone who has known Henry for years, I can assure you that he is in fact NOT gay.

    And you wonder why the pictures were removed from Corey Spears’ page? Perhaps because tabloid blogs (just like this one) would only use those images to fuel tactless stories (just like this one).

    God forbid you give Henry Cavill props for “having tons of gay friends,” which he does. Instead you use the opportunity to incite retarded rumors about one of our (few) allies. Way to go.”


  • I want him to be gay…

    Um were is the proof of Henry Cavill being gay in or up too 2009? Are we talking about the same Henry Cavill.. Oh please don’t mention those Corey Spears photos— that is really flogging a dead horse.. You all live in fantasy realm.. but enjoy it.. While Henry enjoys his women. As he himself says he is Straight.
    Yeah, but let’s be honest, has anyone come forward to actually say Henry is gay? ANYONE? You’re telling me every single gay person he hung with when living in LA wasn’t a gossip?

    I hope he is gay, but I’m thinking he’s just a desperate famewhore and that’s why he went along with the PR. His people probably told him how huge the show is here and dating her would give him a higher profile.

  • Honesty is the best policy

    @A Henry’s has wrote::

    If “THE Hen” had nothing to hide, Henry wouldn’t have had the gay photos scrubbed off of his gay friends’ FB accounts/blogs.

    I actually disagree with Karen re: coming out: I think Henry is bisexual, not just gay, in terms of sexual attraction (like Gerard Butler and lots of other ppl). So it’s up to him who he chooses to have sex with: men or women or both. He CAN choose and CAN refrain himself from men. I hope he keeps choosing women, ignore and let the gay rumors die off. They will die off if he dates women and marries one eventually.

  • Anna

    well, someone asked him directly if he takes methamphetamines!!! and someone else asked him if he used ‘extra material’ to have a bigger package for Superman’s suit… If people do that in his face OBVIOUSLY is gonna be people here, in other website or in gays forums saying that he is gay without REAL proofs

  • Oh Please

    That stupid picture proves NOTHING. I was expecting to see a picture of two people walking hand in hand in the park strolling Its looks like THE GUY is the one who held onto his hand. Pathetic. Keep dreaming. Henry loves The Vage!

    @I want him to be gay…: why do you want him to be gay? Even if he was you would NEVER have chance! lol

    And where did Gerard Butler said he was bi?! Please send me that interview cause I’m sure it doesn’t exist.

    Listen you all can have Wentworth Miller. He just came out! But Henny is ours b*tchies!!!

  • Oh Please

    @The Hen’s boyfriend: you’re now saying he’s bi because your gay argument is weak so now he’s Bi! lol ..oh okay..change the rules if you like! : )

  • The Hen’s boyfriend

    @Oh Please:

    I’m not changing any rules: I said Henry MAY like women also. MAYBE he put his hand intentionally on that young lady’s behind so as to appear straight, MAYBE he came out with 2 different women 2 nights in a row from Bodo’s Scholss for the same above reason. Yes, MAYBE he likes women. MAYBE.

    But he certainly likes boys: he does smile a lot more often in pics with male fans than in those with female fans. And holding hands with Corey Spears in THAT picture speaks volumes. So The Hen is gay, for sure, MAYBE bi.

    Personally, I hope he is bi. I know enough gay ppl who suffer through all sorts substance abuse (and Henry’s drinking borders on abuse — he admits he drinks a lot). My gay friends change their partners much more often than my hetero friends. All this instability is not good for one’s health and I can see how this fosters substance abuse among gay ppl. So for Henry’s sake I hope he is bi and finds himself a lovely wife that will make him happy so that he needs less alcohol and fewer cigarettes. Both are ageing him really fast, which is not good for him or his career…

  • The Hen’s boyfriend

    Yeah, I was made curious too about Gerard Butler so I googled him. Here’s what I found:

    One aspect of himself that he is not yet fully able comprehend is his sexuality. “I talk about my sexuality,” he says, “But it’s always glossed over. People seem to shy away from the issue. Whenever it is discussed, its distended and exaggerated. Gerard Butler is gay. No I’m not. I don’t know myself what I am so it can be bewildering to see that being plugged. I have been in relationships with women. And men. That doesn’t make me gay. That doesn’t make me straight. Its hard enough to go through these things in my mind without being scrutinised about it so there are times when you want to close the door and say my sexuality is my own personal business.”

  • The Hen’s boyfriend

    I forgot to add what another poster had mentioned earlier here, that The Hen wakes up listening to Lady Gaga. GAY GAY GAY!

    Another poster had posted a small video/gif showing some sort of gay mannerism/expression. One has to wonder why has Henry stopped being so natural in his interviews and on the red carpet. Compare his interview at age 21 where he is bubbly, natural ( ) to his more recent interviews. He now appears wooden, stiff, especially on the red carpet, as if he’s trying to control, to hide something. Perhaps he’s trying to hide his gay mannerisms from slipping out, like they did in that small video posted earlier.

    All of these add to the list of evidence supporting my assertion Henry is gay to some extent, either completely gay, or partially (bi). Like I said already, I hope he’s bi.