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John Travolta & Laura Prepon: Church of Scientology Gala

John Travolta & Laura Prepon: Church of Scientology Gala

John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston attend the 2013 Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre Gala on Saturday evening (August 24) in Los Angeles.

The 59-year-old actor reportedly got up on stage at the event to make a plea to save artists from drugs. There have been rumors that John was leaving Scientology, but it seems his presence at the event shoots them down.

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Orange Is the New Black‘s Laura Prepon, Parenthood‘s Erika Christensen, Jenna Elfman and husband Bodhi, and Michael Pena were all spotted attending the gala that evening as well.

10+ pictures inside of John Travolta and others at the gala…

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john travolta laura prepon church of scientology gala 01
john travolta laura prepon church of scientology gala 02
john travolta laura prepon church of scientology gala 03
john travolta laura prepon church of scientology gala 04
john travolta laura prepon church of scientology gala 05
john travolta laura prepon church of scientology gala 06
john travolta laura prepon church of scientology gala 07
john travolta laura prepon church of scientology gala 08
john travolta laura prepon church of scientology gala 09
john travolta laura prepon church of scientology gala 10

Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • Ashley.A

    This isn’t a real religion. But I guess people are entitled to believe in whatever they want to.

  • alaia

    Laura Prepon? That’s disappointing.

  • The Loony Bin Gala


  • LOL

    A bunch of has beens off medication worship Xenu over dinner.

  • sian

    @alaia – I thought the same thing about Erika Christensen.

  • too much botox

    Laura is trying to smile cause I can’t tell? Btw I love John’s new wig. Where’s Tommy Girl though?

  • bullitt cc

    @too much botox: hes the biggest star of the last 30 years bitch

  • Ouch!

    It’s always sad to learn that people that you thought were normal are part of Scientology…

  • Tiana

    I believe in God and he is our Savior, but you know what I rather for them to believe in this crap than to worship Satan, we all have our beliefs and morals and just because somebody doesn’t have the same beliefs and religious views as you doesn’t mean they are any less of you.

  • ugh

    they should see The Master.

  • Ouch!

    @Tiana: LOL You’re even worse than them!

  • Verity

    There isn’t a group or religion that is tied to a belief that does not have a sordid history.

  • CandyCrush


    You need to educate yourself about Scientology before making a broad generalization like that. Any organization (including Christian religions) that encourages mental and physical abuse, discourages people from thinking for themselves, robs individuals of their free will and tears families apart over beliefs is evil– in other words, ‘Satanic’ in your belief system. Scientology kicks it up an extra notch with criminal activity like fraud and kidnapping, to boot.

    I fail to see how practicing Scientology is a better option than worshiping Satan. How is belief in an unseen evil galactic overlord and possession by invisible alien spirit beings that cause bad human behavior any different than belief in an unseen evil underground overlord and possession by his invisible spirit minions that cause bad human behavior? They are equally ridiculous.

  • annie

    a gala??? is this supposed to make people more receptive to the cult just because some stars are in it??

  • NE1

    NO!!!! Not Laura Prepon! oh facepalm. she’s gone forever. :-(

  • JustAGuy

    Alex..Listen! I THREW MY PIE FOR YOU!

  • Pattycake

    Circling the glittery wagons.

  • Alliana

    Agree totally. You saved me from replying with my own rant about this abusive, money grubbing cult.

  • Cornu

    Scientology Celebrity Centre Gala — now there’s an important event in the ecclesiastical history of this sacred money-sucking space cult..

  • grathuln

    Proving once again that church of scientology celebrities live in a different world to the rest of us who can see the church of scientology for what it is. No surprise since it was L Ron Hubbard’s policy to nurture celebrities so as to attract the masses.

    Thankfully the masses these days seem less inclined to imitate celebrities, preferring instead to be entertained by their antics. No-one wants a role model that believes in the church of scientology.

  • Shamu

    Is Jared a scientologist? Such a huge disappointment. This cult threathens people and you still post PR crap like this.

  • Veronica

    LauraƟ? wtf is wrong with her? REALLY DISSAPOINTING

  • Teddy’s Cousin

    creepy is creepy.


    @Ashley.A: not a real religion…maybe you like other religions that protect priests that molest little boys?

  • kami

    was shelly miscavige there?

  • bisexual

    Ok they all look silly smiling and posing!!!

  • Andrea

    Everyone looks great.
    Jena is a wonderful comedic actress and Kelly does comedy and drama really well.

  • Chewbacca

    @Tiana: It’s not about what they believe, it’s about they way they abuse members. Look up Lisa McPhearson, just don’t look at the images if you have a weak stomach. They abuse and harass anyone who leaves, they hold people prisoner in something referred to as “the hole”. They also refuse meds and treatment to members who have illnesses from cancer to epilepsy (look up Tory Magoo) This a religion started by a sick, sadist and is now being run by someone who makes Hubbard look like a kitten.

  • Pork my Beans

    Those lunatics had street traffic all messed up on Franklin st yesterday ! Selfish People !

  • Boo…Hoo!!!

    @Pork my Beans: Boohoo!

  • Nell

    A lot of Scientologists are nice people who just happen to believe in a really daft religion, but the same could be said about Catholicism etc The problem is how abusive and destructive the management of the ‘religion’ is. David Miscavige (the leader) is is egomaniac who has take what L Ron Hubbard started and made It into a farce. He locks people up, he chases them across the country if they try to leave and they harass former members AKA Fair Game, they hire private investigators and they start smear campaigns from the PRIVATE info from auditing sessions. They separate families, if someone leaves, their families and friends in Scientology are ordered to cut all ties : see Leah Remini, also, when was the last time anyone saw Nicole Kidman with her adopted children? She opted out of scientology and she was declared a suppressive person and the kids stopped having anything to do with them.##

    That’s why Katie Holmes had to plan her getaway so meticulously and that’s why she got away with Suri. She made such a public spectacle Tom was urged to make it go away ASAP so he had to meet her terms, which clearly state that she is raised out of the religion. Ever since Katie left with Suri, Conor and Isabella don’t mention her on their instagram whereas before they always used to talk about their little sister and show pictures she had drawn. Since Katie walked – nothing! Apparently Suri has been blackened in their eyes. Mother’s day comes and Conor wishes his followers a Happy Mother’s day yet NO mention of his mother anywhere. He posts pics of Tom but none of his mother.

    It’s a dangerous organisation and I feel truly sorry for the people who are so blinded by it and refuse to see what is going on. I know they are made to believe that non believers are the baddies but they must have seen some things. There comes a point when silence becomes betrayal.

    Look up

    ToryMagoo44 on youtube


    Even allowing for some exaggeration, it paints a very scary picture.

  • ANON

    if scientology or the management of scientology is doing this, why isn’t the us govt doing something?
    the us govt has investigated muslims/radical mosque/clergy, shutdown fringe mormon groups and investigated/s others.
    so, you mean to tell us that the management of about 15000 (i don’t believe the group is even that big) scientologist outsmarts the us govt or has more power than any other group, way bigger than them, that the us govt cant investigate?
    all the accusations you mention is not enough cause?
    nah, doesn’t make sense.

  • http://GOOGLE lan

    a bunch of hypocrites!

  • steve mcclain

    You mean the same gov’t that spies on you? Get real.

  • Cyndi

    It is disappointing to know Laura is part of this group. I still just love her…

  • Sincerely concerned

    @CandyCrush: I do believe Travolta will soon be going to court for harassing a bus boy on a cruise ship… And Scientology is OK with this too?

  • Sincerely concerned

    Wonder when John’s going to court for penis exposure on a cruise ship.

  • hello


    They were responsible for the biggest infiltration of the US government in history, and L Ron completely got away with it. He let his wife do the federal prison time.