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Lea Michele: 'Make You Feel My Love' Full Song - LISTEN NOW!

Lea Michele: 'Make You Feel My Love' Full Song - LISTEN NOW!

Check out your first listen of Lea Michele singing “Make You Feel My Love” in this week’s highly anticipated Glee farewell episode for her late boyfriend Cory Monteith.

The 27-year-old actress reportedly is not seen in the episode until the end and she makes a powerful impact with the performance of this song, originated by Bob Dylan and recently made famous again by Adele.

Other songs that will be performed in the episode are “Seasons of Love,” “I’ll Stand By You,” “Fire and Rain,” “If I Die Young,” and “No Surrender.”

Make sure to watch the trailer for the episode, titled “The Quarterback”.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Lea Michele’s version of “Make You Feel My Love”?

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  • marie

    sigh :(

  • Ana

    Crying a river :’(

  • OOhCanada

    go away Sleaze lea

  • missygene

    perfect in a heartbreaking way ;(

  • Beth H.

    @OOhCanada: how about you go away instead? yeah. okay, thanks.

  • anonymous

    I feel like Glee is really milking it with Cory’s death which is an extremely insensitive thing to do.

  • hello_kitten

    @anonymous: I could see where you are coming from with this, but I think if they did nothing people would feel like they were being disrespectful as well. I think they should make the episode and then let him rest after that

  • amazing

    It is an amazing version, lea’s voice sounds beautiful and full of emotion.

  • shahsaaaa

    lea michele’s so strong!! her voice is beautiful! stay stong lea <3333333

  • anch1977

    I guess the Glee cast will not perform ”Heroin” from Velvet Underground

  • anch1977

    Im sorry Ill take that back , Im just getting sick and tired of this Lea Mitchele milking Cory death for their advantage.

  • Brielle Toff


  • Sssecretsss

    She’s no Adele. Glee is milking the death for all it’s worth. And her career is over with the show. Boring.

  • Anonymous

    Where do you think Lea is milking this? She lost not only a co-star but the love of her life….I think it’s completely insensitive and ignorant of you to think such a thing. You obviously haven’t lost anyone so close to you, otherwise, you’d understand that grieving is a lengthy process. Furthermore, hello_kitten said it best, if they didn’t do anything, it would be disrespectful. You obviously haven’t paying too much attention otherwise you would’ve noticed that the first few weeks of his death, she was silently grieving, not milking it, as you say. After the episode, if they were to continue bringing it up, I’d give your point validity, but now, I’m sorry, but I disagree.

  • jean

    Whoever thinks she’s “milking” this is obviously an idiot who hasn’t been paying attention. She’s been noticeably silent about the matter and even opted to stay home from the Emmys. If she really were milking this, she would have obviously showed up where she would have undoubtedly received plenty of attention. This episode is needed to address Finn’s departure and pay final respects. Otherwise, it would be a disservice to Cory and his work on the show.

  • Jenny

    Lea is milking nothing. The poor girl lost her boyfriend and spent the first weeks hiding, she doesn’t talk about it, she just does her job and goes on with her life, which right now, must be incredibly difficult. They’re doing a tribute episode to say goodbye to Cory and to the character of Finn. One tribute episode, not ten, he was barely even mentioned in the first two episodes of the season. I think the way Glee and Lea have handled it is actually quite admirable. I don’t think anybody is milking it, they’re just trying to do it properly and so far they’ve all done a good job!

  • http://MeganDupeyron MeganSalazarDupeyron

    Lloro por lea and cory,pero se que su amor era real<3

  • angel


  • Houston

    I agree with Jenny.. I am sorry but I think they are doing a real good job of handling this situation… she could have “milked” by doing interviews and such..however she keeps her mouth shut and does what she needs to do and walks away quietly. She’s not even seen out that much.. i think everyone should just let her be… and if she wants to say goodbye on Glee so be it.. that’s where they met and this is where she is going to say goodbye…

  • Dolphin

    I gave up on Glee a couple of season ago, but I will tune in for this tribute episode.

    It’s sad when someone dies so young. It’s sad when someone is addicted. I’ve heard Glee will deal with both.

  • OOhCanada

    @Beth H.:


  • an

    Devoted haters are so dedicated to post on lea’s post LOL. You must be really pissed that lea never responded to you even though you spam every article with hates. You guys look so pathetic lol like I never knew there are people wait so devotedly for an article just to post hateful comments, like don’t you have anything productive to do? School, job.. Hobby maybe?

    Btw lea’s rendition of MYFML is beautiful and heartbreaking at the same timr

  • anch1977

    @Anonymous: Your right and I m wrong. Im sorry and thats ill have to say

  • not milking it

    @anonymous: But she isn’t she has spoken about it once publicly and directly tweeted about it once. Don’t blame her cause site like Just Jared take everything she does and tried to make a story about it. She should be able to tweet about her life/work without gossip sites making up sorties about it.

  • truth

    @Sssecretsss: she actually brings more emotion to the song than Adele.

  • uh hello

    she was singing to COREY when she sang, and all the emotions on set were real. The crew had to stop filming so much cause everyone couldnt stop crying . The show is doing a good thing by honoring his character.

  • living in the box

    can we just cancel the show already. this is definitely milking it. she is a producer and also the consultant for the episode. probably the most disgrace thing i have seen in my life.

  • Allen

    @Sssecretsss: Miss Michele was a Broadway star before GLEE. She was the lead in SPRING AWAKENING – and was amazing. Her career is not dependent upon television.

  • Josh

    @anch1977: Lea Michele milking it? Whoa, the girl has been silent about the whole thing, she only spoke at the TCAs but other than that she hasnt made any public appearances… she’s no kim kardashian to milk from her boyfriends death.
    As for the people arguing that the show’s milking from his death too, lets say you are running a show and your main actor dies, what do you do? Let the show go on pretending the character never existed? Finn hasnt even been mentioned in the first two episodes… Get your facts right people..

  • Amy

    I don’t think Lea is milking it but I’m pretty sure she must be happy with all the attention. I think the media should stop focusing on her.
    Her boyfriend died but many people die around the world and in worse circumstances. EVERYONE has to deal with grief and pain. What makes her so special?
    The media need to stop focusing on her and start looking towards drug prevention or health care or world hunger….the list goes on!

  • milkin’

    Almost a dairy farmer

  • Frienemy

    Such a shame, he has gone, this home really brings that home. Lea sings so beautifully, and she crys while singing this you can hear so. Cant wait to see the episode, though I probably be crying start to finish. Cory you are Sadly Missed. x’(.

  • Shamu

    Monotone voice. Kids, these people can’t sing!

  • Angela

    God Bless You Lea – Stay Strong

  • Angie

    Actually, I don’t think the media is focusing on her all that much – Miley takes the cake on media focus lately.
    This girl is grieving her lost love, and nothing will bring him back. I think she’s handled it admirably well and in a very classy way. At the end of the day, even if this episode brings her added attention, it’s a really poor substitute for never being able to see or touch the one you love again.

  • Risa

    Its not milking or disrespectful, its something for the fans, to pay tribute to a charter loved my so many. So to just move forward and forget about Finn would be an a front to his character, and all of us who loved him. This is a way to heal a pay tribute. What could possibly be “milked” here? Ratings for one episode? Just goes to show how many people were affected by the death of such a lovely talented young man.