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Jamie Dornan: First 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Teaser Poster!

Jamie Dornan: First 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Teaser Poster!

Check out Jamie Dornan channeling his character Christian Grey in the first teaser poster for his highly anticipated film Fifty Shades of Grey!

“Mr. Grey will see you now. Start the countdown to Valentine’s Day 2015! #FiftyShades #ChristianGrey,” the studio tweeted with the poster.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jamie Dornan

Jamie was recently spotted shooting scenes for the movie at a warehouse in Vancouver, Canada.

Fifty Shades of Shades centers on “a literature student Anastasia Steele who meets a handsome, yet tormented, billionaire named Christian Grey.”

Bigger pic inside…

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jamie dornan first fifty shades of grey teaser poster 01

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  • Nana

    That pose look pretty similar to Matt Bomer’s for White Collar

  • Sheyenne

    I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

  • http://twitter Rosy Brown

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  • Rojine

    @Nana: except none of Matt’s heat, talent, grace or intellect!

  • Meg

    @Nana: That’s the first thing I thought! I wish it was Matt Bomer. The poster isn’t very original, but then again..neither is the story.

  • Meg

    I feel bad dissing the movie because I like Jamie Dornan and have nothing against Dakota Johnson, but this movie is such a crock it’s ridiculous lol… I’ve read fan fiction stories for Twilight better than this…then again this WAS a Twilight fan fiction story with nearly the exact same plot, character backstory/traits, etc. as every Twilight BDSM fic. E.L. just lucked out, and out of a pot of 94850945 stories nearly identical, she had the connections to get some $$ for it.

  • Nadja

    I really think Jamie is a handsome man, I just think Matt Bomer was perfect for the role of CG – I mean the way he carries a suit, oh my!!! :P


    Now the idiots who made this junk have to sell this book and movie to the real America. Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, good luck with that, losers, but luck won’t help you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • leah

    Matt bomer is gay and i ve seen too many episodes of white collar to imagine him as Christian grey . Jamie is waaaay better than al the others actors.
    he s doing ng a great job. And the poster,doesn’t look that cheesy or like a porn thank god . Because for,those who really,enjoyed the book and else this is,not just an erotic novel . And that won’t be the end,of,his,career . Others actors,have played in stupid movie or won a razzy award and yet they re still acting . This could be good as it,could be bad

  • CastAside

    This whole Fifty Shades thing is all just way way off now… it’s like they’re not even trying to pretend it can be even half-decent or a bit original anymore. Besides the clear attempt to bring Bomer to mind with the White Collar imagery rip-off, Dornan is nowhere near physically imposing enough to carry such a shot and, in fact, looks drowned within the picture. He’s not helped by the obvious attempt to pad out his shoulders as he himself isn’t built for that suit. Instead he now appears to have a 1980′s Dynasty shoulder-pad upper, with a wasp-waist, the suggestion of a fullish feminine butt and hips held up on dumpy looking legs. Christian Grey apparently dresses for an hour-glass figure. Also, is it just me or are his ears oddly low?

  • sara

    I am so excited, the poster is perfect, Jamie Dornan is perfect like Mr Grey, I can´t wait, Valentine´s day 2015 is too far away!!

  • So funny

    He looks so ridiculous from behind…almost like a tiny helpless man…they needed someone taller with broad shoulders, someone that would at least resemble the CG described in the book…it’s pathetic really, as well as all the losers pissing themselves when there’s new pics with Dornan! These actors almost make the movie comical.

  • laly

    WHAT do you mean he’s gay…Gene Hackman is also gay.

  • Verity

    @Nana: Such a ripoff.

  • Natty

    @Nadja: bomer is too feminine for CG role!..get over it!…besides he is too short legged…jamie is gorgeous!!

  • Christy

    I still cannot believe ppl are arguing the casting debate. Get over it, already. Its happening – the filming of movie is more than halfway done.
    I agree Matt Bomer is too effeminate to play CG, he didn’t convince me in the least in White Collar he was straight or in Magic Mike. His performance in Magic Mike was so underwhelming as a sexy married male stripper. Matt wasn’t even considered for the part of Christian Grey. I looked all over for the “rip off” White Collar promos vs this poster. CLEARLY not the same message being portrayed. People only want Matt Bomer to play CG bc he wears a suit. This picture is mysterious and alluring. It shows CG commanding, observing the city stretched out before him, a city he basically owns.

  • Kaitlyn

    Moronic teen fan troll comments by same poster. Matt Bomer sexier, hotter, straighter acting then this brainless male model, and little girls think he is straight? LOL. Matt gets rave reviews for white collar for the last 5 years. But he is a real actor with real talent, glad he declined this trash first. Poster clearly a White Collar rip off just watch show promos. Producers know they have not much to work with here and are trying to make the best of it.

  • Monae

    I stopped wanting to watch this movie after they gave Rita Ora the role of CG’s sister. I was done. She doesn’t even look the part. So I hope people like though. I never see people really interested.

  • Zoe

    Only 19 posts on this and most negative. Clearly people have lost interest. Next….

  • Amy

    Are they seriously going to release this movie in theaters??? It seems like the type of movie that would do better online and through VOD.

  • Verity

    It’s not a good sign when they release the poster a full year before the movie comes out. They know they have a uphill battle trying to sell this garbage.

  • Jilian

    I’m actually surprised the poster looks this nice. I would have imagined it much, much worse. I mean… the movie is based on those crappy books, so what can come of that?

    And yes, the whole look is kind of reminiscent of White Collar and Matt Bomer and I’m so incredibly and eternally glad he DIDN’T accept the role. I guess the producers (and also a lot of CG-Fans) would have loved him, but srsly it would have killed his career. I think Bomer’s character in White Collar is perfect for his set of looks and skills, very fitting. Christian Grey would have been a catastrophe… (for him, not for the movie).

  • http://yesitstrue EAST ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!

    Asians can hear, and see what you’re visually thinking.
    THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR A MEME! This is the absolute complete truth!!!!
    Asians hide their mind reading abilities by having completely expressionless faces so they don’t accidentally show facial expressions when people think things they don’t like, find funny, astonishing, etc, and Asians segregate so their not nearly as susceptible to that happening.
    Asians also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidentally saying things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.
    All Asians are keeping their mind reading abilities a secret, they don’t want ANYONE to know they can read minds! They value hiding it more than their own lives!!!
    Try thinking, and visually picturing things as wild as you can when you are around Asians, and look for Asians who give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for completely no reason, it works if you try enough!!!

  • Triniti


    That explains all of these incidences with so many Asians i’v been around!!! Holy f***

  • Desperate

    It’s obviously Mad Man they are trying to mimic!
    Nobody watch White Collar other than Bomer fangirls, that show’s poor rating says everything. They’re just desperately mad because Bomer was NEVER EVEN taken into consideration by the movie makers. And he’ll never make it to the big screen because he’s NO GOOD ACTOR that’s why no high profile producers in the industry ever wanted him to be their leads!
    It’s ridiculous those fangirls think they can polish Bomer’s name up by attacking other actors. No, you only get ppl annoyed out, like that stupid petition of yours, you got what, only 80k signatures in over 40 days? Out of 80 million of book readers? Fanboys did that number in 3 days! And they still think EVERYBODY wants their precious Bomer? What a joke.
    Bomer’s never gonna happen so QUIT IT! And stop using him being gay as excuses, coz real good actors like Neal Patrick Harris and Zachry Quinto don’t!

  • LizzieLS


    You have GOT to be kidding! Have you seen JD in “The Fall” ? An amazing and critically acclaimed performance. He has also modelled for most of the top names in fashion over the last 10 years or more PLUS he is a musician. In other words,he is FAR, more than a pretty face. :)

  • Isa
  • leah

    @laly: being gay means .. loving someone from the same gender .

    I have nothing against gays . But all the sex scenes and everything I want really to believe in it . Matt bomer is a good actor and it’s believable when making out with women in WC . But there is still a tiny part of me that thinks-he’s gay so why should I believe this … I know this is part of acting and stuff . Married actor “making out” with their co-star etc but with him that doesn’t work now that I know that he’s gay

  • Cari

    LOL – 26-27, hysterical. It will come out publicly at some point that Ryan Gossling, Matt Bomer, and rob Patz were offered this role privately but smartly declined. No true actor with a real career would have taken this. Jamie is cute, mildly talented, but face it, no oscars in his future. Slamming a talented and hot Bomer just makes you look sillier than you already sound in print.

  • Pimpcessa

    If the poster is any indication as to the quality of the movie, they’re in big trouble. CG was supposed to be an intimidating figure, not this little narrow shouldered man in a suit looking out a huge window that makes him look even more slight.

  • Eni

    Oh My…

  • Aryana

    @leah: Nicely said! We all just have to wait for the movie and see how it turns out I’m excited for it.

  • Webber

    Funny, fan girls think JD is straight? Think about the casting couch. Not like he got this based on talent, right?

  • shadesofgrey download the book series for free right here

  • #30

    @Cari: YOU are the hysterical one, better check your public knowledge right, see what E.L. James’ friend Bret Easton Ellis said,
    “Talked to E.L. James at a party over the summer: her first choice for Christian was Rob Pattinson and Matt Bomer was never in the running,” he wrote.
    And stop being delusional, Bomer is the one with no Oscar in his future, not even Emmy or Golden Globe or anything worth mentioning.LOL

  • um…huh????

    @Nana: yess you are correct. wow!! they must really be getting nervous, noticing how many fans have jumped ship with the horrid casting and horrible script and director, that they need to put out posters ONE YEAR BEFORE!!! their PR has been doiing EVERYTHING to get people back on board FIRST they “”"”leak”"”" *cough * BS stories about jamie being protective of dakota knowing full that NINETY FIVE percent of the people are completely against her being anna, using HIS fandom and coattails to soften peoples opinion of dakota (the sneaky way PR see it: if people see jamie “protective” of dakota and “liking” dakota then everyone should too, they cant ‘leak’ out stories that their ‘together’ ala rob and kristen cuz hes married dad so they use the ‘caring’ co-star bid ,shameless!!) SECOND they “”"”"leak”"”" stories about how “dakota nailing the role”"” (LOL right cuz the producers are going to say ”she sucks’ LOL what complete dumba**es!) THIRD they “”"”"”leak”"”" how much” everyone” loves dakota on set” …bottom line MANY have jumped ship and they know it!!! this was supposed to be FSOG -NOT- the mickey mouse club with BDSM…what a joke !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FSOCopycatAuthor!!!!!

    THIS has NOTHING to do with bomer vs. dornan as its already been established MOST EVERY a-list actor didnt want the role!!! and why dont they put the real movie poster– a pic of julia roberts and richard gere as FSog is a unabashed rip-off of ‘pretty woman’ -as everything about greys life mimicks edwards and the plot has so many fuc*ing pretty woman scenes in it, even word for word in some copied scenes..poster should read: “Are you ready for Mr. Lewis” ….altho ya gotta give it to ELJ for copping to the truth in an interview , admitting pretty woman was (as she put it) an inspiration. nice choice of words for a copycat!

  • julia as anna

    in between complaining that the people serving her coffee ‘don’t know how to spell her name on her cup’ (no jokes she’s tweeted out twice more than once about this ‘problem’) and trying deperately to keep the fan base with hype after BSSSSS hype. mabye ms. james should come down to earth, get real and face the truthl. people have lost interest and jumped to a more interesting story!

  • jumped ship!

    so many people have lost interest and jumped ship and they’re not stupid, they know it! THIS is proof of that, putting up ads more than a year prior to the movie coming out! speaks for itself!! it started with the horrid casting of dakota (no matter how much hyperbole their PR team put out there about dakota it doesnt change the facts) and completely killed peeps interest when rita was announced as mia.

  • Greta

    @#30: BEE was tweeting while drug addicted, completely detached from his film. He knows nothing about it and bitter he was not involved in the film him self. He was grinding an axe with someone close to matt. Only an idiot would quote BEE. Matt will totally get an Emmy nom for TNH! An no matter, Jamie is on no level a Matt, no level. No level.

  • Jilian

    It’s funny how people feel the need to slam Matt Bomer – either for WC or for being gay or whatever. I really like White Collar as a show (and not only because of Matt Bomer). I think Bomer is great as Neal Caffrey, but I would watch it even if someone else would play Caffrey because I enjoy the show as a whole and also because of the rest of the cast (Tim DeKay anyone? He’s great!). TV-show ratings are only one side of the coin, the fact that the show is still running tells another language. I also know (straight) men who like WC, so it’s not about the fangirls although Bomer has them without a doubt. Every pretty face on TV or a movie screen has them. Jamie Dornan too (or wll have them in the near future). But quite honestly I think neither Dornan nor Bomer will recieve an Oscar in their career. ;-) I still think that CG would have ruined Bomers career (you know, you CAN have something like a career without an oscar) and that it’s better if someone totally new and not yet known does take the role as kind of stepping stone.

  • Shruti

    Matt was trained at one of the best drama schools in the world and it shows. Jamie is a model, nice looking but not on Matt’s par, but not many are with his super worldly beauty. It’s delusional to compare Jamie to Matt. Matt is in his 3rd TV series, several movies, several upcoming movies. JmIe will need to hone is skill to reach Matt’s talent but then Matt just gets better all the time too. It would seem interest has really cooled on this film.

  • Where To Begin…

    I don’t think putting out this “Teaser Poster” signifies desperation to keep people interested in the film. The film industry is a business, and there are advertising and marketing tactics used in every kind of business. There are “teaser trailers” for movies, so, why not a “teaser poster?” If you want something to be successful, you have to promote it, build up the hype. True, the film is set for release in one year, but maybe this is an attempt to appease the fans who have complained about the release date being pushed back? You know, just a little taste of what’s to come.

    I like it!

    To those who say that it takes away from the intimidation factor of CG because Dornan looks small, all I want to say is that I believe this is the view from the main living area of Escala, which, in the books, is described as “palatial” and “double height.” Who wouldn’t look small in that room?

    Look, it was an impossible task to cast the “perfect” guy to play Christian Grey. He doesn’t exist. Why? Because every reader has their own mental picture of what their “perfect” guy looks like. Yes, E.L. James provides some physical characteristics for us, but since there were many different “fan favorites”, and seeing as the battle still rages on, clearly, we readers took the same words from the pages and painted different pictures in our silly little minds.

    I like Jamie Dornan for the role. A lot. Would I prefer him to be taller? Yes. But that’s because when James describes CG as “tall” my interpretation is 6’2″/6’3″. But to me, he has everything else, physically. However, that wasn’t enough. I think that the film adaptation is going to focus more on the emotional aspects of the love story with some very sexy scenes peppered in, so I did the research to see if Dornan has the acting chops. I thought he was great as Graham/The Huntsman in Once Upon a Time, and absolutely brilliant as Paul Spector in The Fall. Those characters had a dark, mysterious, dangerous quality to them, and Dornan pulled it off.

    As for the person who commented that the whole thing is a rip-off/copy of Pretty Woman: Except for the part where the protagonist is a prostitute. Vivian, from Pretty Woman, is in it for the money, at first. In 50 Shades, Ana wants nothing to do with the money. Beyond that, a love story is a love story, is a love story…

    All of the above are my opinions. Nothing more. Nothing less.