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Chris Hemsworth's Wife Elsa Pataky Flaunts Massive Baby Bump at Oscars 2014!

Chris Hemsworth's Wife Elsa Pataky Flaunts Massive Baby Bump at Oscars 2014!

Chris Hemsworth walks the red carpet with his pregnant wife Elsa Pataky at the 2014 Academy Awards held at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday (March 2) in Hollywood.

The 30-year-old actor and Elsa, 37, are expecting twins together! They are already the parents to a 21-month-old daughter named India.

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Chris will be hitting the stage this evening as a presenter. His critically acclaimed movie Rush was unfortunately snubbed of any nominations despite being a favorite by many critics and voters.

Make sure to watch the 2014 Oscars, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, TONIGHT at 8:30/7:30c on ABC!

FYI: Chris is wearing a David August tuxedo and shirt, Fred Leighton studs and cufflinks, and a Montblanc watch. Elsa is wearing an Elie Saab gown, Judith Leiber bag, Graziela Gems earrings, Dana Rebecca Designs bracelet, and a vintage Broken English ring.

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  • Jason

    Wow! She sure is pregnant. Had it been a normal flowy gown, she would have looked so much better.
    And i have to say this, hate on me or whatever, but he has got to be one of the most perfect looking guys ever, he could do SO much better than her.

  • kelli

    she’s too far along to wear that dress. she looks like she’s carrying a sack of potatoes around her midsection. not attractive for that stage of pregnancy. but the color is nice

  • cami

    That dress does NOT look good on her…or ANYONE!!!

  • toby

    She should stay home



  • mimi

    @toby: Took the words out of my mouth

  • shenanyginz

    OMG you guys, never refer to a woman’s baby bump as “massive”

  • Alex

    He looks amazingly handsome! I think she would’ve looked better in an empire waist dress, it would be more flattering on a pregnant belly.

  • Elle

    They are such a stunning couple and they both look great tonight. Elsa looks gorgeous in that color and you can tell she wanted to be comfortable, and she does. Chris looks handsome as usual. Such a beautiful couple, and I wish them all the best with their upcoming twins.

  • KBB

    It is so rude how often the headlines on this site describe women’s baby bumps as HUGE and BIG and MASSIVE! Jesus Christ, these are women carrying babies, wtf do you expect and who are you to judge??!! Elsa is pregnant with TWINS, and I think she looks fabulous. I hope that if I ever carry twins, I look that great!!

  • Hello

    Well it wasn’t like she was going to stay at home, was it!

    Please look at me, I’m over here!!!!!

  • Ew..

    She looks HORRIBLE!!! She and Kerry washington does NOT know how to dress their bumps… Olivia Wilde is Defenitely the best dressed between them!!!
    Can’t believe she left her house dressed like that..

  • Katie

    Some people must be blind because she is absolutely stunning. Her face is gorgeous. And she’s having twins!!! Of course her belly is big. After you have all been pregnant then come back and comment. Some of you are so rude and disrespectful

  • Alexis

    To the people who called her a whale and said she needed to stay home: Grow up, please. I’m certain that those comments came from males. Comments and attitudes like that are exactly why males can’t carry children. Stupidity in it’s finest form.

  • aquarius64

    I’m sorry the dress looks hideous on Elsa. I just can’t. I don’t care if it’s Elie Saab, it looks off the rack AND tacky. An empire gown would have been better. @Ew…I can’t believe someone LET her leave the house like that. Chris looks great.

  • Alexis

    Dear Just Jared, you NEVER refer to a woman’s baby bump as massive.



  • Alexis

    She is expecting twins and the comments people are making just prove their ignorance. They are just making themselves look like idiots and stupid.

  • Alexis

    @FORCE: Lol! Making fun of a pregnant woman and calling her a whale. If that seems ok to you then I feel sorry for sad, pathetic life. I’m pretty sure by the fact that you have to type in all caps that you can’t be older than 15. Or at least your mindset isn’t. It isn’t getting worked up. And making fun of pregnant women is never okay. I pray you are never a parent. Doesn’t matter if someone is rich or poor, it’s never okay to call a pregnant woman a whale or anything alone those lines. She has a LIFE inside of her. Two human beings growing inside of her and you call her a whale, laugh about it, and think it’s okay. Smh, it’s time to grow up. Or maybe that’s too hard for you?

  • Ha

    He looks good. Her though… I like the color of the dress but it should have had sleeves. There’s something missing, I don’t know. It just looks odd.


    @Alexis: Well you were almost correct, I’m not going to lie I’m sixteen, and for the caps it was apart of my game, but for you I’ll stop. Listen it really isn’t that big of a deal and I hope I never get pregnant either because I am far too vain. However, may I ask why you as, probably a older women how old I don’t know, would continue on with a girl whom you assumed was not even 15. I’m sure you’ll say “to let people know that it isn’t right,” but it’s not going too. I make fun of people and so does everyone else. So build a bridge and get over yourself because I’m sure you have too.

  • eyebrows eyebrows

    Is it jsut me or does Chris look a bit embarrassed? I agree that Elsa should have stuck to a high-waisted empire gown. Shocking. She looks like she’s ready to be harvest for roe. Sorry. Rude but true.

  • Alexis

    @FORCE: Get over myself? Sweetie I am anything but selfish and by anything I’ve said, I don’t need to get over myself. I gave an opinion. Which you obviously didn’t like and that’s why you said I need to get over myself. I don’t. Nothing to get over. I am 25, a teacher, wife, and mother. I truly hope you are not the way you seem by your post. I hope life gives you an experience where you have to face how vain you are and how you treat people. Bullying and making fun of people in any form is not ok. I’ve had a student kill themselves over people making fun of the way they look. By calling them a whale, fat, or saying they are too big to fit through the door. And the fact that you called a pregnant woman a whale is not ok by any means.

  • Kelly

    Augly dress for a pregnant women. Like the color. Pregnant women should stay home with the kids. She can”t drink. He looks good. She does look like a whale.

  • Kelly

    She won”t be that happy when the twins are here. No sleep. She won”t smile like that.

  • eyebrows eyebrows

    People calling for pregnant ladies to stay home have an anacrhonicstic mindset. It’s like when pregnant women were ‘confined’ in the victorian or blah blah age. She doesn’t have to stay home but should dress properly.

  • Memememe

    Please stop referring to pregnant women and their “massive/huge/giant” baby bumps. What the hell do you expect a pregnant woman to look like? Perhaps, if you stopped patting yourself on the back for a minute for not posting pics of people’s children, you’d realize how your rude and mean spirited comments keep women feeling awful about themselves and encourage others to judge and bash them.

  • ChilePlease

    Ugh, I can’t look at skinny women pregnant with a big stomach because they remind me of those women in developing countries who are starving and pregnant…eewww…why didn’t she stay her ass home? She looks like she is carrying a sack of peaches under her dress lol

  • Hello

    @eyebrows eyebrows: ‘but should dress properly’ yes should should. It’s very attention seeking.


    @Alexis: @Alexis: Well then I guess it’s a good thing I don’t need your pity. However, I like how you are painting yourself as a saint as if you are god’s gift to the rest of use disgusting human beings. I’m sorry that you can’t admit your wrongs in the way that I can. I am very happy with my life and have many people who love me, because I’m honest. Now as you sit on you throne and act like I’ll change because people, who may or may not be real, killed themselves, try again. It’s not my fault that they did what they did, I’m only trying to help these people I’ve helped so many and at such a young age. You go on with your boring like being a 25 year old mother and teacher, because that really sounds fun. I have the rest of my life to act the way on do, and you have yours to pretend like you don’t act the same way I do.

  • Isabel

    She’s a beautiful woman but the cut of that dress given how far along she is with twins just looks horrible.

  • Ann

    He’s way too hot for her!!!!! He’s very good looking and she’s just average and slighty maternally! He needs a hot younger women

  • Susie


    Umm, males can’t carry children because they don’t have vaginas… And uteri… And ovaries… And a few other physiological parts.

    I get it, she’s pregnant with twins and it’s a feat she even left the house etc. et al … But this dress is too much with the deep v and the backlessness and the sheer lining and the side boob. It comes across to me as a bit vulgar.
    For the record, that’s not a judgement on her character or pregnant women in general, just an opinion on her fashion sense.

  • boring

    Yeah, Chris looks sooo happy… again….. *sarcasm*

  • rolls eyes

    what are they even doing there? None of them have a reason to be there… especially her… she has NOTHING to do with acting, she is destroying it actually…. she is trying way too hard to promote herself… but she just fails… over and over again…

  • Treena

    @Jason: Elsa is one of the nicest most gorgeous people in the world! How dare you say he could do so much better!!!!!

  • Janire

    She’s beautiful! I like Chris and Elsa as a couple

  • lol

    Is it just me or does Chris look always unhappy around her? Ellie Saab is an amazing designer, for me the best actually, but that dress on Elsa looked terrifying. And why was the camera only on Elsa and not on Chris the time they arrived at the oscars? I mean Chris is the real star and actor out of them both and not his wife, known for sex tapes. And she isn’t even beautiful as some of you said, she did a million of plastic surgeries to look how she looks now. I’m always asking myself how girls can look up to someone who is pure plastic, known for sex tapes and using men. If you think this is jealousy and hate, goddamn no, these are facts and opinion. Just mentioning because fans of Elsa love to defend her with things like “you are just jealous because she’s with Chris”. Ugh got tired of that.

  • ggg

    She’s a pretty woman but that dress was hideous

  • oscar

    She should have stayed at home, he wasn’t nominated for an award. The way she was posing alone for the cameras showed how she always is…she thinks the attention is all for her, when the only reason she was invited was because of her husband.

  • Ha

    @Alexis: You seem to be writing alot here, maybe YOU should get a life. She is huge, and most women not have even gone, but she never passes up an opportunity to be photographed.

  • Theo

    @lol: I started noticing this a long time ago, but you never know, photos can be deceiving. He doesn’t seem to like to be photographed with her, except for the posed red carpet events. Maybe he finally found out some things from the past.

  • artlover

    Hideous. Period. Why not stay home?

  • ceri

    really this would be stunning in an empire waist with flow for the belly. terrible cut for someone prego’s

  • ceri

    exactly, no need to be disrespectful!

  • lol

    @Theo: i was thinking the same way but then I noticed that when he’s outside with other people, like his brothers/friends, he is happier than he is outside with her.

  • Geesh

    @lol: I just noticed the Vanity Fair party photos where he is with other people, and she was no where to be found (or photographed, anyway). He actually had a big smile on his face, which was nice to see. I’ve recently heard gossip rumors about him being very fond of another woman, but of course, don’t know if it’s true. I don’t think he knew what he was getting into when he married her. She is desperate for fame and attention, and it showed the other night. Nobody else that far along in their pregnancy would have gone to the Oscars unless they were nominated, etc. Now everyone is sympathizing with her, so she’ll get even more of the attention she wants.

  • Laughter

    Bring out all the mini-Dr. Phils. Who the hell are you to ponder whether Chris is happy or not by some red carpet photos? That’s hilarious. Get over yourselves people. You do know just because you don’t like a woman doesn’t mean he doesn’t? Uhm I mean he has one baby and two coming so… Oh I don’t know, I think he “likes” her… Morons.

  • lol

    @Laughter: we didn’t really say he’s unhappy. We said it looks like. And no, not just because of red carpet pics. If it was like that we wouldn’t bring it to that point that he looks unhappy. Because he always looks unhappy around her. And we already mentioned that photos can be deceiving. And just because he has babies coming it doesn’t mean he’s happy. Sometimes husbands are unhappy with their wives even with children or who are on their way. Read correctly before you call us “morons” for god’s sake!

  • Jane

    Wow, I hope that if you (or your partner) is pregnant somebody takes the piss out of your baby bump. What a bunch of rude bastards you all are!