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Scarlett Johansson Debuts Pregnant Body in Lace Dress at 'Captain America 2' Premiere!

Scarlett Johansson Debuts Pregnant Body in Lace Dress at 'Captain America 2' Premiere!

Scarlett Johansson makes her first red carpet appearance as a pregnant woman at the premiere of her new film Captain America: The Winter Soldier on Thursday (March 13) at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.

The 29-year-old actress, who is not yet showing signs of a baby bump, reprises her role as the Black Widow in the Marvel superhero flick and she will once again play the part in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

While she would not confirm that she is indeed pregnant, Scarlett says that filming for the Avengers sequel is on schedule and will be going as planned.

FYI: Scarlett is wearing a Giorgio Armani Prive top and skirt, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Van Cleef and Arpels earrings and ring.

15+ pictures inside of Scarlett Johansson at the premiere of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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Credit: Jason Merritt, Steve Granitz, Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty, Wire Image
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  • lol

    Absolute Goddess!!! And Perfection!!! <3 Love this Woman!!

  • Mommy

    Shes obviously very early..why cant women be decent anymore and wait at least 3 months to announce? I guess attention is all that matters to women these days.

  • Amanda

    This is kind of awkward. She was pregnant before this event it’s just the media wasn’t privy to that information. Her “debut as a pregnant woman”? Lol yeah right

  • Ava

    Why does Marvel allow this chick to get away with this diva dumbass demands , the girl who would be b list without them.. She wouldn’t admit she’s pregnant , reporters can’t ask any questions or even congratulate her… All have to pretend that she isn’t 5 months along. Seriously . Can’t stand this pretentious cow.

  • kassie

    She is so stunning!

  • Franny

    You know, if she was five months pregnant, there’d be a bump. Just saying.

  • Janie

    @Mommy: She might be three months. She might have on spanx and she has on a structured top (a bad choice, but still structured). Every woman is different. My friend didn’t start showing until she was 5 months and she was about Scarlett’s size.

  • Janie

    @Mommy: Also..someone may have found out so they released the information before someone else could leak it first. Everyone has their reasons, but calling her indecent isn’t very decent of you.

  • Ivan Kiryushin

    Scarlett is real Goddess. Always looks superstunning and superbeautiful like no one else

  • Mikaela Wechsler

    Scarlett Looks so awesome and beautiful in showing a pregnant Body in the Captain America 2 prenium.

  • roronette

    She is glowing!

  • ebuy24hours

    she looks so pretty and stand out in showing a pregnant Body.

  • Ha

    She is so sexy. And beautiful. Her body’s perfect<3

  • scarletthotty

    she has on of those hot bodies here’s she comletely naked

  • http://JustJared Jan

    She’s put on a lot of “baby fat”, so even if it’s early to announce it, she did it before the rumors started.

    I don’t know about this relationship though. I don’t think she’s in love.

  • http://JustJared Jan

    @lol: She is not a goddess at all…what’s on the “inside” is not pretty – she is a negative, complaining, miserable, self-absorbed, anti-social, critical, demanding, and not that great to be around.

  • Hypocritical

    @Ava (#4): You are a very hateful person, aren’t you? Why are you calling that woman a diva, because of a baby wish / pregnancy? And I really wonder who the “pretentious cow” is in here. ;)

    @Jan (#16): Dude, you know Scarlett very well from the inside. Please, go to Ava and plait your hair. And think about your comment seriously. Scarlett isn’t as bad as you think. I guess, she has positive qualities, too.

  • Jinger


    How fat and big were u as a pregnant woman? I am 6 months and my belly started to show two weeks ago. At 3 months I had no bump at all.

  • Step


    Have you been around her?

  • courtney

    the way a woman shows a pregnancy depends on her body structure and Abdominal muscles She’s only 5ft 3in about the same as Jessica Simpson and women in that average height group retain a lot of water during pregnancy. first pregnancies also show later than subsequent ones do and it also depends if there’s a history of above average size babies in the woman’s family or not. Nancy Sinatra for example has said she weighed 8lbs 13oz at birth in 1940 granted her dad Frank was 13 1/2lbs at birth in 1915 and that her daughters weighed 9lbs 12oz & 10lbs 8oz at birth and her granddaughter Miranda weighed 9lbs 6oz at birth May 23rd 2013 while some women are prone to small to average size babies for example Faith Hill’s oldest daughter Gracie weighed 4lbs 14oz at birth on May 5th 1997 at full term while her middle sister Maggie born 15 months later August 12th 1998 weighed 6lbs 9oz at birth though their baby sister Audrey weighed only 3lbs 11oz due to being born nearly two months early lets hope Scarlett isn’t forced into a situation like that

  • sinea

    It has already been reported that she is 4 months along so that is definitely passed the “3 month” mark.

  • sally

    her boobs are massive.

  • Lily

    @sally: Of course, that’s silicon!

  • Joblo

    @Lily: You cray. She always had big natural boobs! Anyone with really big boobs if you push them up they look really defined and round! And with her pregnancy they’re just going to get bigger !! Stop being jealous gurl.

  • camille

    Not necessary, the first time pregtnant the bump tend to take more time to show. I work with midwives.

  • why bother

    engaged huh? seriously like they’ll stay married till they’re old, till death… 20 years? 10 years? HAHA they won’t even make it to 5 years. why bother…

  • Anna

    I like her a lot. She looks so happy.

  • Marvel fan

    Haha…..she was campaigning hard last night for her own Widow movie. The consensus by most fans say nooooooooo and want other and more female super heroes introduced in the Marvel Universe. Nice try ScarJo, but last night was all about Cap.

  • green.i.monstress

    @jan .
    you sound like a bitter hag .
    none of her colleagues or anyone else has ever said anything negative about her.
    the only people who ever say things you just said are the psychopathic old gossip bloggers who keep lurking around jj’s posts .

  • blue eyed beauty

    Robert Redford stated in his biography book that SJ was difficult to direct in his film The Horse Whisperer, because of her “constant back talk” and her over-bearing mother. (big ego even back then) :0

  • Lou

    Very pretty girl. But no goddess. For that, I suggest you check Liz Taylor or Ava Gardner when they were young. For sex appeal, I would refer you to Theresa Russell, who was a true bombshell and a very good actress. The dress is awful, a bit vulgar. OK, she has big breasts. But does she need to shove them under our nose every time, while complaining that she wants to be treated as a a serious actress and not as a mere sex object? What a bore.

  • icedj

    looks like a hooker///

  • Who

    @Marvel fan:

    You should be embarrassed to even call yourself a Marvel fan – considering Black Widow not only becoming a bad-ass character but also one of the female leaders both in the Avengers and the Marvel universe.

    And Why cant Scarlett campaign for a sole black widow film (considering she was ASKED the question) and the fact that before both Kevin Feige, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddlestone all campaigned and supported for an individual Black Widow!

    What consensus that supports what you’re saying considering in most Marvel and outside forums are actually happy, excited and supportive of a Single Black Widow film! Loool

    Your probs a DC fans :p

  • MarvelFan


    Probably due to the fact that she has a filming schedule with Avengers 2 and they needed to know asap or endanger a film millions of fans want to see …………. maybe that’s why? just a guess.

  • Marvel fan

    @Who: Relax Widow fan, BW will always be eye-candy for the fellas. A b00b-shaking, hair-butting, v*gina head-crushing character. Now that’s embarrassing. An actress proclaiming her character bad-*ss doesn’t make it so. It’s obvious you’re ill-informed or just spinning, the fact is that comic book fans would rather see a Ms. Marvel solo film. How embarrassing for the Widow, so campaign away in desperation.

    BTW, Wonder Woman outranks Black Widow on every list. How embarrassing for you!

  • john


  • Amanda

    @Mommy: If you actually did any research, by research I mean read more than just this article you would know she’s almost or even at 5 months now. Plus, if anyone wants to tell the world about their pregnancy it’s their business, whether 9 weeks or almost 9 months. God bless all the pregnant women out there!!