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Gerard Butler Crashes a Bachelorette Party in Australia

Gerard Butler Crashes a Bachelorette Party in Australia

Gerard Butler keeps himself hydrated with water while out and about on Wednesday (March 19) in Sydney, Australia.

The 44-year-old Scottish actor was joined by a male pal, while taking some pics on his cell phone.

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A few weeks ago, Gerard was spotted grabbing a bite to eat in Bondi Beach.

It was recently reported that Gerard crashed a bachelorette party in Australia.

“We thought it was a stripper, because it was a hen’s party. But then we saw [Gerard] standing on the boat. We all just started screaming,” Dragana Ogorelica, a close pal of the bride, shared.

She added, “His accent, oh my goodness, it was so beautiful. You couldn’t understand him half the time, but you didn’t care because it was just gorgeous.”

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  • captain

    @Yeppers: that’s such a silly thing to say, as if some people were more valuable than others, models are not necessereily beautiful. what’s up with the average statement. then he will never find love, people grow old and stuff. that’s so mean for people are that’s on the surface. gerry is not a model himself. honestly i think it’s a horrible thing to think.

  • People’s lives

    @Great Article:

    Very deep.

  • Yeppers

    @captain: I’m speaking in general terms. When I say models, I mean, tall, thin with strong facial features. I agree with you, not every model is pretty. I thought his ex Laurie was stunning, but everyone here said she had a “man face”. IMO, she was the prettiest. But that’s just my opinion. If you look at the fan photos he takes, with what I would call “average” women (as general term), most of them are very pretty, but not what I would call models. There is a distinction.
    Vanessa Hudgens is beautiful IMO, but again, not model material.
    I think you missed my point. Gerry is attracted to tall, thin, and leggy women, most of which have been models. That’s his type. It doesn’t mean everyone else thinks they are pretty. Look at how many people thought Madalina was ugly and Gerry called her the most beautiful women he had ever seen in his life.
    Hope I explained myself better this time : )

  • People’s lives

    Sometimes, every now and then, a loud mouthed woman needs a man brave enough to tell her to shut the hell up and sit down. :)

  • captain

    @Yeppers: yeah but people say it like that. doesn’t mean they think it. what is tall for him? like 6 foot women? he likes giants? like Poeple who are 5 foot 7 are midgets to him? in what world does he live in? i think people who are stuck on a type are usually not interested in anybody. and it’s quite the opposite of what he looks like he’s very white, big scottish guy, weird.

  • Yeppers

    @captain: I can’t give you an exact measurement of the height he prefers but most models are around 5’10. Maddie is close to, or right on 6 foot. So yeah, he likes very tall women.
    On Piers Morgan he specifically said “tall, darker skinned, dark hair”. So whatever that means. But if a 6’2 guy says tall, I would guess 5’9 might be too short for him. Who knows?
    I can’t judge him for having a type, because we all have types. And a lot of men in the UK love darker women. Look at Fassbender, all of his exes are black or darker skinned, including Maddie.

  • Yeppers = 1st LOL


  • captain

    @Yeppers: the opposite of who they are. what’s your type?

  • same type for years and years

    @captain: the few women he spent months with have all looked the same. laurie, jasmine, maddie. fans don’t want to accept that he has a type and most of his short white fans aren’t it.
    that’s the truth. even when the words come right out of his mouth, they say, when he finds the one she will look different. no she won’t.

  • Yeppers

    @Yeppers = 1st LOL:
    I’m tall, so I guess I tend to go for taller guys, although I have dated a guy that was shorter than me. It wasn’t that bad tbh. My current is tall (6’4) and very pale lol! I guess opposites do attract.

  • Yeppers

    And what’s your type. Gerry? : )

  • Placescs

    @same type for years and years: what if he falls for a woman who is not dark skinned and 6 foot 6 tall?

  • Captain

    @Yeppers: I have different types of guys. usually it’s a connection i cannot explain that is beyond physical.

  • Yeppers

    @Placescs: LOL! He’ll go into a fit.
    For guys it’s different though. My brother is over 6’2 and his wife is barely 5 foot. He may like tall women, but if he loves someone, how tall she is won’t matter JMO. Like I said, I like tall guys too, but I’ve dated shorter than me because I really liked him.

  • Yeppers

    That’s because you’re not superficial : )
    Who knows. Maybe his one and only is a midget?

  • God Bless yoou all!

    “‘… so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.’” Isaiah 55:11

  • And here she is

    @Yeppers: Yeppers loves bringing the attention back to her.

  • Yeppers

    @And here she is: LOL! Just skip my posts if you don’t like them. Thanks. Bye.

  • CattleCall

    There is no One. I cannot see butler settle until he is a old dirty geezer and almost done with hollywood. He will probably not have kids or maybe one which the woman will mostly rear. Come on. How often did he hang out with his pug?

  • And here she is

    @Yeppers: You are obsessed. Run! You are probably her. Bringing the attention back again.

  • And here she is

    This is her normal game. Talks about herself and then calls posters trolls.


    @Yeppers: Keeping yourself in the limelight again?

  • Yeppers

    What the hell is going on here? I’m not the troll alert poster. But I guess, thanks for being a fan? Not sure what to say to a poster who focuses on me more than Gerry.
    Thanks very much? See you next time?

  • Ignore the troll
  • Yeppers

    Okay this is crazy. I’m out of here. This is why the regulars are leaving. They get picked on and harassed for no reason. I said and did nothing to offend other posters.

  • POUI

    That ex girlfriend of his is an ugly twit. she’s had so much plastic surgery her face is all plastic and muppet looking. strange biaaatcchhh

  • Yeppers

    I can’t give you an exact measurement of the height he prefers but the ones that s4ck and blow and on her knees. So yeah, he deep likes easy women.
    On Piers Morgan he specifically said “tall, darker skinned, dark hair”., I would guess 5’9 is too short. But a 4 footer would do just fine. Since there are None at a legal age, the Ro w$&@$$ could do. But he runs the other way at the sight of her because she bites. That would be a problem. No likely bitey.

  • Yeppers

    Okay this is crazy. I’m out of here. This is why the regulars are leaving. They get picked on and harassed for no reason. I said and did nothing to offend other posters except keep bringing up the woman’s name, stats, physical look and Butler’s preferences to her. I love her. Wait, I deep like her!



  • Yeppers

    Maybe he doesn’t give average looking girls a chance because standing behind her, there is a line of stunning and very stupid women who will want the fame and wealth. Maybe he’s hoping that one of those stunning women is his “princess” for a movie shoot like that great person last year. True keeper.



  • POUI

    gerard likes ugly fake women, just like him. gerard is an addict loser

  • Only Real Trolls are….

    Obsessed with other posters and steal their monikers. Impersonating them because they are jealous.

  • Got it!

    She resurfaces and disappears becauseThe Ro w$&@ is really a oomph loompa in denial who needs stretch on a rack every now and then.

  • +1

    @Only Real Trolls are….: it’s obvious who the moniker stealers are.

  • Yeppers = 1st LOL

    Not wrong.
    You are doing the same thing she did.
    She went on nauseously about type and the dumped one then when cornered for bringing topic back to the dumped one cries foul so splits.. you know for the “gym” or needs to “study” as it is still early out west where you are from, right?

  • Got it!

    @Only Real Trolls are….: Always implying posters are jealous when backed into the corner also. Omg, it jumped from Fassy’s threads back to here. It is so sick and predictable.

  • Out of here

    Want to thank Bella, Firefly=People’s lives= yeppers, nutcase captain and all the rest of you trolls for making me see what a dump you have made of Gerard Butler thread. Gargage for days on end, witless, stupid posts that is an embarrassment to him. And you wonder why people don’t hang around. Wonder no more. You accomplished what you set out to do. It’s all yours, carry on.

  • People’s lives

    UM no

    I only posted 2 times today. Not any of the garbage that went on up there. Assuming that Butler has to be confined to a type and can’t make his own decisions was an unfortunate mistake you made. Some diehard fans won’t tolerate that.

  • Good riddance no Name

    @Out of here
    Owning no name nor sticking to any is the #1 reason most have departed all credibility or accountability is null and void.
    #2 reason is trolls wishing to live in the past bringing up someone long gone.
    #3 is Gerard never lived up to your idealistic expectations so haters want to win them over to join the Bash Club.

  • CNNdoesntgetit

    @Go away now, thanks.: Actually, I’m in the media biz and I’m appalled at the threats the Obama admin has made via the DOJ vs the media. The DOJ has threatened all media with retribution and legal action should the media report any of the bad Obama news lately.

    That means full censorship via the Dictator King Obama.

    But I guess you seem to be okay with that. You simply don’t want to know or hear or face the truth, which is that there’s mass corruption and fraud coming out of the White House.

    No media service except FoxNews (to a point) will cover anything like the massive scandals such as IRS and the Benghazi “arms to Syria via Libya” coverup.

    Just keep your head in the sand, fine by me.

  • He didn’t mean it

    @Yeppers: “Look at how many people thought Madalina was ugly and Gerry called her the most beautiful women he had ever seen in his life.”

    Bet he had his fingers crossed when he said it.

  • MJ

    Gerry fix… “Law Abiding Citizen” is on!!! *woot!* 😃

  • Truth

    @CNNdoesntgetit: I want to hear it all. Only intellegent conversation left.

  • it came and left

    We hope! It’s pattern is to talk about itself a couple of posts in a positive light. Get upset when others do not agree. Get called out. Call someone a TROLL. Get more angry.Call all posters jealous and disappear till it resurfaces again.

  • Grammar Nazi


    “Intelligent”. Thank you for shopping at Walmart today. Come back soon! :)

  • Priyanka Choprah


    MG recycled what she read he said about Priyanka when he met her at the inauguration of Atlantis in Dubaï in November of 2008. Gerry never said that of MG. On Stern he never named her, not once. Stern didn’t even name her.

  • it came and left

    Go back to the Fassy thread and shoot for 12,000 posts.