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Lady Gaga: 'G.U.Y.' Full Video Premiere - WATCH NOW!

Lady Gaga: 'G.U.Y.' Full Video Premiere - WATCH NOW!

Check out the premiere of Lady Gaga‘s brand new music video for her latest single “G.U.Y.”!

The video also features the songs “ARTPOP” and “Venus.” It features cameo appearances by The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Kim Richards, Yolanda Foster, and Carlton Gebbia, as well as Bravo personality Andy Cohen.

“It is like the Gay Super Bowl at our HAUS. Thank You to all the monsters who have supported me through thick and thin. THIS ONE’S FOR YOU! đź’—” the 27-year-old singer tweeted right before the video premiered.

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“G.U.Y. stands for GIRL UNDER YOU and its video is out tonight! 2min airing 8pm tonight on @nbctv full 7min video on @vevo right after! #GUY,” Gaga wrote on Instagram earlier in the day.

Lady Gaga – G.U.Y. – An ARTPOP Film

FYI: Gaga is wearing Ruthie Davis heels in picture 11.

15+ stills inside from Lady Gaga‘s new music video…

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lady gaga guy video stills 01
lady gaga guy video stills 02
lady gaga guy video stills 03
lady gaga guy video stills 04
lady gaga guy video stills 05
lady gaga guy video stills 06
lady gaga guy video stills 07
lady gaga guy video stills 08
lady gaga guy video stills 09
lady gaga guy video stills 10
lady gaga guy video stills 11
lady gaga guy video stills 12
lady gaga guy video stills 13
lady gaga guy video stills 14
lady gaga guy video stills 15
lady gaga guy video stills 16
lady gaga guy video stills 17

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  • Stella

    The video is gorgeous, unique, great location, and obviously the people who produced it are extremely creative. Gaga looks good too. But the song will probably never make it on the radio…realistically. Not catchy enough.

  • Eric

    Perfection! Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards kicking asses with Gaga was the best part!

  • Dezzy U.

    Stupid video.

  • jenny

    Best video ever!!!!!!

  • jake


  • HMinogue

    OMFG this video is a masterpiece! I wanna be that G.U.Y.

  • leelee

    The video could have been better without the first 3 minutes and the last 4 minutes of credits. The song kinda sucks regardless.

  • jake

    She really puts all the other pop girls to shame. WHAT a video

  • Whatever!!!

    So boring and stunt casting those Beverly Hills hags doesn’t it make it anymore interesting. Adding wonky eyed Andy Cohen actually makes me NOT want to watch it.

  • jeff

    This trifling heffa….look at caca trying to jack Beyonce’….#FAIL…another white artist trying to steal from a black artist and make it their idea…F N cunt

  • Hannah

    Gaga…guess this is what you wanted to deliver as artpop…..Snake the idea is and will always belong to Beyonce….Fail jacking attempt….Gaga is a fraud

  • Marcy

    I agree she is copying Bey idea…Gaga is done

  • Marcy

    This FAKE Bitch…..Bey allready brought this idea Gaga # next…Lame ass copying beard

  • apple

    OMG….she is trying to copy Beyonce….Gaga is a fraud

  • @fenty#1

    LMAO…piece of crap….Bey already done it Gaga its not your idea your trifling fake ass bitch

  • Barbara

    @Jake surely you joke…even miley is better than this Bullshit….Gags failed at trying to recreate Beyonce’


    GAGA The GREAT !! I wanna be that G.U.Y. Love, Love Love this video. Gaga had four songs, ARTPOP, VENUS, G.U.Y and MANICURE. All great songs. GAGA IS THE NEW QUEEN OF POP.

  • stopthemadness

    like Bill Verde said…Gaga needs a break….this is the beginning of the end….desperately trying to use Beyonce’s concept….not a good look

  • stopthemadness

    Anyone with eyes can see that she is ripping Beyonce’s idea….oh how the mighty has fallen…RIP Gaga


    @Marcy: GAGA The GREAT !! You have been living under a rock. BeyoncĂ© is the thief who stole Lady Gaga’s idea. Gaga said two years ago, she was going to do a visual album. BeyoncĂ© is the biggest fraud of all time. She was trying to copy Adele with her album 4 which was a true flop. Then BeyoncĂ© heard what Lady Gaga was doing and beat her to it first, but its on record what Gaga said 2 years ago. BeyoncĂ© steals from everybody even Rihanna.

  • stopthemadness

    Victoria you on the same shit Gaga is taking….

  • stopthemadness

    Victoria…get your facts straight….artflop came out before Beyonce’….if Gaga wanted to do a visual album she coul have with that 25 million budget…why didn’t she?

  • stopthemadness

    Now she is out of money and is desperately copying Beyonce…it is obvious


    @stopthemadness: GAGA The GREAT !! Think about it. BeyoncĂ© is too stupid to come up with an idea like this because she is dumb as rocks. BeyoncĂ© will always be underneath this one. I’ll let you figure it out. Gaga is the Queen and BeyoncĂ© knows this for more than one reason. Fans want the real not a fake wanna be.



  • @parezhilton

    Beyonce’s 4 is nothing like Adele’s work….You’re delusional….we all know that it was Gaga camp trying to make Bey and other artists look bad but she is now getting hers….open your eyes…the end is near for Gaga

  • @parezhilton

    Gaga was behind discrediting others…now low how desperate she is

  • @parezhilton

    So why is artflopping so hard?…these fans should go and buy it

  • @parezhilton

    Numbers don’t lie…..

  • @hiltonparez

    Numbers don’t lie


    @stopthemadness: GAGA The GREAT !! I see you are stupid like your idol BeyoncĂ©. You are getting your information from a made up headline that is fake. No 25 million budget ever existed. That story was made up by someone who had an agenda with Lady Gaga. Gaga laughed at that story. Who ever believed that is a idiot. The record companys don’t have money like that anymore my friend. Lady Gaga is releasing ARTPOP 1 and 2. So when BeyoncĂ© releases a part 2 to her album because she knows Gaga is doing this, are you going to say Gaga copied her. Lady Gaga is building a never before seen translucent stage for her upcoming tour, If BeyoncĂ© does this first, are you going to say Gaga stole from her. Check out the Fame perfume art mini-movie that Gaga did back in 2011. BeyoncĂ© stole from Gaga with some images on her new album. No ones talking about this. Gaga is posing laying down with her hand above her head and BeyoncĂ© does the same exact image and pose in one of her pictures for her new album. BeyoncĂ©, like other poptarts is listening to every word Gaga says. Please Gaga, next time keep your projects to yourself. I knew someone was going to steal it.


    @QUEENOFPOPGAGA: GAGA The GREAT !! You are right about that. BeyoncĂ© has nothing on Gaga. What BeyoncĂ© does have is her cheap wind machine to blow her fake azz hair. Gaga is giving us great music videos. Beyonce is a mom now and she is shaking her butt and she looks stupid. Mariah Carey blows Beyonce away when it comes to singing. Pop music and videos is Gaga’s universe. GAGA IS QUEEN. Lady Gaga if you are reading this, I love your song Brooklyn Nights. A video for that would shut people down.


    @@parezhilton: GAGA The GREAT !! YES, you are right. Numbers don’t lie. Lady Gaga had first week sales 258,000 which got her a number one album. As of today her worldwide sales for ARTPOP is 2.5 million and growing and its only been out since November. That’s not a flop my friend. Mr. Happy Pharell Williams new album sold only 100,000 copies of his album Girl which did not get him a number one album due to he got beat by Rick Ross. That’s a TRUE FLOP. Britney Spears album Britney Jean first week sales were 107,000 and came in at number 4. That’s a TRUE FLOP. Lady Gaga with this new video is going to get even bigger. MOTHER MONSTER IS BACK.

  • Chloe

    I love how 1 troll is posting comments under different names to try and discredit Gaga. Get a life, would you? This is NOTHING like Beyonce. I think you need some serious therapy, you’re not well. x


    @stopthemadness: GAGA The GREAT!! I wish I was on the same stuff Gaga is taking. My friend Lady Gaga last year, made more money than Beyonce made in 3 years combined. Gaga’s worth over 200 million or more and growing. She’s a threat to the other poptarts. Gaga’s THE ARTRAVE, ARTPOP BALL tour is going to add to her networth. Gaga is the TOUR QUEEN. Beyonce knows what she did and that’s why I never liked her. Gaga you have no friends in the music business. Beyonce is a snake.

  • Thetruth14

    Eh guys, just to point out a fact. When Just Dance went to number one in 2009 Beyonce was still singing ballads when she released Halo, Gaga changed music and brought back the buzz around high concept videos. In the mainstream Gaga began releasing short films as videos for her singles. Without someone like Gaga in the recent media leading the forefront, people like Beyonce would still be singing their ballads, not taking risks, and not releasing badass videos to accompany their singles and albums. I love Gaga and I love Beyonce’s voice, not necessarily all of her music but why can’t people just respect that they’re both two working women who are extremely talented and leave it at that. We don’t know them personally so there’s no need to be so sad, personal and obsessive about it. This video is a masterpiece. “I wanna be that G.U.Y”

  • @hiltonparez

    The video is shit..trifling heffa…trying to put her songs in one concept…Fail because she already released videos for her flop album

  • randy

    Woow she looks gorgeous and im nor even a fan, i wish she stick to this kind of looks


    @@hiltonparez: GAGA The GREAT !! You are so GHETTO. What are you talking about. Gaga only released one video and that was for the song APPLAUSE. A video was shot and directed by Terry Richardson for the song DO WHAT U WANT featuring R Kelly which is yet to be released. Take your Beyonce loving azz somewhere else. We love Lady Gaga. You are so negative. You need a hug my friend.


    @Chloe: GAGA The GREAT !! Hey Chloe this person is not only a Troll but worst. This person is a Thumb Thug. Spewing Hate on Gaga while hiding behind the computer.

  • Bruno


    The Choraography is so so good! Love it!

  • ChuckBee

    Frankly, Bey copied Gaga first. Not because of Gaga, Bey wouldn’t go Avante Garde. Smh

  • Brionna

    How has she copied Beyonce?
    This song is amazing
    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Traisy

    This is a horrible song but video is beautiful

  • Original

    Another Guy the gorilla? can it be possible?

  • Mauricio

    Gaga simplesmente lacrou!


  • Mark


  • brenda

    I hope the video will be good coz I like Gaga but I miss her good music like Just Dance,..Poker Face or..Bad Romance ,that music sounded amazing and so european..

  • brenda

    Wow I saw the video…the video is beautiful but weird and too long and the song..ehhh,don’t know..

  • Jim Kendall

    Gaga is rank Vaudeville/Burlesque perked-up with cheap-coffee.