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Eva Mendes: Boyfriend Ryan Gosling Attached to New Biopic Film!

Eva Mendes: Boyfriend Ryan Gosling Attached to New Biopic Film!

Eva Mendes has her hands full with so many bouquets of flowers while leaving My Secret Garden on Saturday afternoon (March 29) in Los Angeles.

It was recently announced that the 40-year-old actress’ boyfriend Ryan Gosling is attached to the upcoming Busby Berkeley biopic as a producer and possibly star, THR reports. Busby was a famous Hollywood movie director and musical choreographer from several decades ago.

Buzz: The Life and Art of Busby Berkeley is in the early stages and currently has no writer. Marc Platt will co-produce the film with Ryan – the duo both worked together on Drive as well.

FYI: Eva is wearing a J Brand tee and pants, a Thakoon Addition leopard coat, and Fendi sunglasses.

10+ pictures inside of Eva Mendes leaving My Secret Garden with lots of flowers…

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eva mendes boyfriend ryan gosling linked to new biopic 01
eva mendes boyfriend ryan gosling linked to new biopic 02
eva mendes boyfriend ryan gosling linked to new biopic 03
eva mendes boyfriend ryan gosling linked to new biopic 04
eva mendes boyfriend ryan gosling linked to new biopic 05
eva mendes boyfriend ryan gosling linked to new biopic 06
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  • ohhh

    Eva Mendes’s 40?! o_o

  • confused

    what does his attachment to the movie have to do with her? Why wasn’t this story published with pictures of him?

  • Ugh

    Just what hollywood needs, more biopics! (not)

  • Edd

    and what film is she attached to? *crickets*

  • case22


    Oh I’m sure Gosling can find something for her so she can do her annual bit supporting role.

    Lol @ that headline though. No identity of her own.

  • Awhodatrose

    Jared is in fact related to Angelina Jolie. One of his associates, best friends and lovers, Frances Bertrand, is Jolie’s first cousin. Bertrand also works as photographer for this site.

    Look at them playing buddy-buddy below. Jared as Maleficent. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  • mr.nolikepussy

    i didn’t know they where back together…after what people have been saying about his lack of sexual-prowess she should know that she could do so much better than mr.dont like pussy.

  • Sara


    Yep. Can’t say I’ve missed Gosling one bit either. He really lost any luster he used to have. He kind of got exposed as a VERY overrated actor with his last few films.

  • mr.nolikepussy

    i never understood what it is women see in him he’s really very average looks-wise and he is a TERRIBLE AWFUL BORING actor .
    and yeah i have watched him in a few movies over a decade and he’s always the same …always just seems to be playing a slightly more interesting version of his creepy self.

  • laura


    What have people said?

  • Drake

    Oh just Jared so shady with that title. The crazies are going to go crazy now.

  • Kris


    I will never get his appeal either. Even in his interviews I’ve watched, he tries too hard to be funny or charming and it’s pretty annoying but everyone laps it all up.

    He (as well as someone like Jennifer Lawrence) pretty much embodies white mediocrity which is why the media puts him on a pedestal and goes nuts over him.

  • chloe

    What the heck does this story have to do with Eva Mendes?
    This so called “relationship” is her only claim to fame right now.
    It seems people have lost interest in Ryan. Maybe he wanted it that way, he’s never seemed to enjoy being famous.

  • ????

    I don’t know what Ryan sees in her…SMH

  • ash


    They’re both boring, bland, and basic as hell! That’s what they see in each other.

  • curious

    Sara, Mr. NoLike, and Kris, Who are the actors you feel do hold to the standards that most people hold Gosling to?

    Chloe – I agree. That’s why I think she takes his dog out when the “breakup” rumors start up.

  • curious

    Not trying to start an argument, but I’ve seen similar comments on other articles about him, and while I don’t agree, I’d like to know the other side.

  • Pantene

    Did Pantene drop her for Gisele who’s in all the commercials now? She doesn’t even have those shampoo ads anymore. Ouch.

  • Billy

    Agree with the overrated actor comment reg Gossling. He was terrible in the last movies. I guess he is still hyping the Eva Mendes thing because all those over the top PR stunts they did in the last years didn’t work because his movies were not only critical but also financial flops.

  • Rr

    Bad move on Jared’s part. He was at her NewYork and company dinner at the chateau, might have put more thought into the title if you’re working with her. It smacks of riding the coat tails of gosling, which is exactly what she’s been doing for 2 plus years. She probably should be thinking of her career beyond this transitory Hollywood relationship, cause the gos won’t be casting her in all his films. Seems she’s solely relying on that for her acting gigs, Larry David doesn’t count, that movie/part was a joke. Rip Hugo.

  • ed

    he was also “attached” to Batman vs SUperman and the new STar Wars zzzzzzzz

  • Ryanna

    Wow. Beautiful woman. Wish I looked this good when I go out to get flowers.

  • Ha!!

    @case22: Nice try same person. Looking forward to anything she does. Shes no Meryl Streep, but I can say the same for most woman in Holywod today.

  • Steve


  • CaseClosed

    @chloe: Her only claim to fame? Tell that to all those companies that she is endorsing. #looking stupid right now

  • I know

    @????: Dont hate. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you don’t like her, why even bother to comment? You must have some interest

  • NoOuchthere

    @Pantene: Getting “dropped” from a campaign is not working till the end of your contract. She was not dropped, because that would have been news. Her contract has probably ended, and like with every other woman that endorses, their time comes to an end. She’s been with Pantene for about 4/5 years now. That’s a long time. I’m a model and I wish I could someday have a contract like that.
    PS she has like 4 other endorsements, she’s def bringing in the bucks

  • You’re a joke

    @Rr: @Rr: And you know this because you’re their best friend? You’re a joke. Maybe she doesn’t want to act anymore. We dont know that. We dont know her. She sure is making bank on endorsements. So she doesn’t need to rely on anyone. I think she’s gorgeous

  • JellyBelly

    @ohhh: and she looks great!!! Hubba Bubba

  • I wish

    This woman always looks so beautiful. Love you Eva

  • NayNay

    My God this woman is gorgeous!!!!!!! Scroll through those pics, just beautiful.

  • Really?

    @mr.nolikepussy: “TERRIBLE AWFUL BORING ” actors don’t get nominated for Emmy’s or Academy Awards!! He’s a great actor, just not all that when it comes to looks. In MY opinion.

  • ConfusedToo

    What does he have to do with the pictures of Eva? They are their own people. Dumb posting her pics with his story. Just do an article on him. They may be together, but they are TWO people. by the way, Eva looks beautiful in these pics. But then again, when doesn’t she???

  • Damn it

    This woman can rock ANY outfit!! Damyummmm!!

  • Scarlett

    I really haven’t been a fan of Ryan’s latest work. Too violent and too weird for my tastes. I think Eva really enjoys being in the spotlight and Ryan doesn’t.

  • What??

    @Scarlett: Do you follow her at all? She hates the spotlight. You rarely see her, and when you do she’s not a happy camper. Some actors are always caught doing stuff because they like the spotlight. Eva has said many times, she’s a private person. I respect that. Her job is to entertain us when she works, not on her off time. She’s turned down a bit of work, because of how she feels. Well that’s what I read anyway.

  • BottomLine

    We don’t know any truth about these actors and all written is speculation. Anything for a story. They are a good looking couple and I wish them the best. To judge somebody on what you read, especially in todays trash magazine, is ridiculous.its been proven tabloids make things up for dramatic effect. I wouldn’t want to be an actor in today’s time and age I have a great deal of empathy for them . They may make good money, but to know people will lie about you and your life for $ is very sad..@curious:

  • Xyz

    @What??: Do you know her personally? She’s photographed way more than Ryan, usually all dressed up, hair done, high heels, walking his dog. Does that not strike you as a little too calculated? Just saying.

  • Bluebelle

    Why do I get the feeling most of these commenters are the same person?
    Seems to happen a lot whenever Eva Mendes is covered. And this story isn’t even about her.

  • Not a fan, but…

    I have to agree. I used to not have any opinion of her really as she was never one of those actresses that stood out to me. But as a fan of Goslings I tried to find her appeal…I couldn’t. I am fully aware that all I have to go on is what I see in the media. Gossip sites and tabloids I read but take nothing from them. What opinion I have formed I did from interviews and this is what I know: she contradicts herself quite a bit (I’ve seen her say things in interviews, it gets backlash, next interview she says something different. I’m sure she’s not the only celebrity that does this but she does), she does numerous racy photo shoots then acts modest and says stuff like how she had to drink alcohol before doing a nude scene in a movie. If you’re gonna do it, do it, own it, don’t act like it’s so hard and embarrassing to do a nude scene in a movie when you’ve done an ad campaign that’s been banned in the US.

    She blames not getting more serious and critically acclaimed roles because of her looks. More specifically cause she’s too pretty or whatever. I’ve heard other actresses feel the same for one reason or another but none that I’ve read about have ever complained about being too pretty. So you lost out on a role, it happens. She always gets cast as the “hot chick” and what I’ve seen of her work I know why. She’s very bland and not all that good in what I’ve seen. Now this doesn’t go for Girl In Progress of which I’ve heard very mixed reviews and as for Place Beyond The Pines she was still bland. But that’s my opinion. Others have said differently and others have had the same opinion. And again, to get this role in a film by the director of the critical acclaimed Blue Valentine that had its’ lead actress get an Oscar nomination…Ms. Mendes felt the need to make herself ugly to get the role. Makes me wonder how she truly feels about Michelle Williams.

    Someone on here said that she’s said she’s a very private person. Honestly, what celebrity is going to admit that they loved getting papp’d? There are plenty of celebrities out there who either tip off, or whose pr team tips them off and who love the exposure but they’re not going to admit it. I believe ms. Mendes is one of them. Do I think those celebrities like it 100% of the time, doubtful. But seriously go through the articles on here celebrities rarely smile when being photographed by the paparazzi, doesn’t mean some of those celebrities don’t secretly enjoy it. On regards to her, I personally don’t recall her featured on this site as frequently as when she started dating Gosling. And I have to say some (NOT ALL) of the pap pics of them are way too convenient. The pics of them at Disney, running errands in her car, walking his dog, and it’s a bit interesting that no one had photographed him in Thailand until she arrived. Gosling can go long periods of time and NOT be photographed but when she’s involved they seem to suddenly be able to find him…driving her car, at her house, at his mom’s graduation (interesting how at her last graduation most people found out afterwards and there were no pictures).

    Keeping with the privacy thing, if she doesn’t want to talk about her relationship in interviews why not put it on the list of things that can’t be brought up? Celebrities do it all the time. Granted, you usually hear about it when the interviewer tries to get smart and bring it up anyway and the celebrity cuts off the interview, but it is possible. I even read that, during the PBTP press junket, his personal relationships were “off limits” to anyone interviewing Gosling. Instead, Mendes would rather have them ask about it so they can write about her “reaction” and leave it up to speculation without her actually having to talk about it so she can still say she’s a “private person”. But really “beep bop boop I’m shutting down” and the disappearing into the bathroom for a long time. Really, how old is she?

    But honestly, I’m not saying she’s ugly and I don’t know her personally. But I’ve always gotten the feeling that she’s taken advantage of the exposure she’s getting from this relationship. And for some reason Gosling is putting up with it. Whether it was to be taken more seriously as an actress or so people would be talking about her more in turn getting extra publicity for her clothing line when it came out. But the title and content of this article is proof. I agree with a prior poster, they are each their own person. she’s got her endorsements and her clothing line which seems pretty successful.

    And before her fans start defending her, which is fine, I respect the need to defend someone you admire. But please note, there is no subtext under the word “comment” that says “only if you’re a fan”. It’s for sharing opinions and this one is mine. I clicked on this article as a fan of his. I just feel strongly about anyone using anyone to further their career. Work for it. But when it’s about fame and not the craft…

  • HolySh*t

    @Not a fan, but…:I’m not a huge fan either, but Writing a book about which you know nothing about. You give me the creeps going on and on about Ms. Mendes.

  • What??

    @Xyz: I wish I did. I know, shouldn’t believe everything I read. But looks liks she takes her dogs everywhere with her. So she has a meeting, has to walk the dogs, and there you have it. Notice the locations they get her, it’s not like she’s in the most popular places.

  • #1Fan

    @Bluebelle: Funny how one person always has to make a comment like this. Do you read much? Apparently you do about Eva. “Happens a lot when ever Eva Mendes is covered?” it’s called fans. Yep, she has plenty. Of course she has haters too. EVERY celebrity does. Someone brought up a point on her last story how it seems that these negative comments are a bit too personal. Hence, coming from the same person. When I read about other celebrities, there’s good and bad, but no one ever implies the good comments are coming from the same person. I think you’re that “person” that has a personal vendetta against Eva for reasons unknown. Just beyond ignorant to make that comment. I read a lot and never has someone left a post like that on other celebrity stories. I feel sorry for you.

  • jayCee

    @Bluebelle: Why do I get the feeling you’re a f**king idiot?? oh, because of your comment!! Hater

  • Pot meet kettle

    #1 Fan and JayCee why do I get the feeling that many of the posts that are aggressively defending Eva are 1 or 2 of her biggest fans taking the “haters” comments too personally. I too have read comments on other articles and I find it interesting that the comments show both opinions then suddenly several comments in a row going after the “Eva haters” one by one. It’s happened on the last few articles about her. I’ve read the negative comments, and honestly, they’re not that “personal”. No more personal than the ones about Ryan, and yet, you say nothing about the the jabs taken at him. Hmm. But according to you someone has a “personal vendetta” against Eva.

    There was an article about her recently that was an article about her and there were about 10 or so comments in a row speaking positively about her and my friend and I just had to laugh because they all looked liked they were cut, copied, pasted and slightly reworded.

    So your “same person” theory could be said for both sides.

    There’s nothing that says you have to be a fan to post a comment but I notice it’s the “fans” that are the ones who are the ones Resorting to name calling. And that, kiddos, makes you a bully. BlueBelle was just stating the same theory as you, why does make her a f***ing idiot? Is it because you have nothing better to say? That’s the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Seriously

    @Not a fan, but…: Who are you? And why would you do a five page easy on Gosling & Mendes? Weird and creepy

  • Rr

    Clearly the one eva fan is posting over and over. At least try to make your posts sound like a different person. Yes. It is very strange that she’s photographed taking his dog to a salon in Beverly Hills, to her office in Beverly Hills, to the vet over and over. Why don’t they catch gosling with his dog? Because he’s not calling them. Why didn’t she take her own dog on these excursions? Now she can’t because he’s no longer alive. What pap is sitting outside a random vets office? How are Beverly Hills locations out of the way and under the radar, while she’s dressed in heels and full hair and makeup, and in almost every pap shot of the last half year, she’s conveniently wearing her Eva Mendes clothing line. It doesn’t get any more transparent than that. Come on.

  • Hugo’s Dead??


    I saw your RIP Hugo in your earlier post, and just now, Where did you hear that her dog died?

    I hate to say it, as I wouldn’t wish the loss of a beloved pet on anyone, but I hope it wasn’t the shock collar (I’ve heard stories of them sending dogs into cardiac arrest) or him getting out in traffic as she has a tendency to take him out without a leash. I hope it’s not true cause even if she’s not a great pet parent, and a bit misguided when it comes to his training…she does really love that dog.

  • Private?

    @Not a fan, but…:

    I read on Lainey, that in her recent interview with Flare, personal questions were off limits, however, she did bring along a dog named “George”. She always finds a way.

  • Bluebelle

    @#1Fan: @jayCee: Wow. You’re getting really angry over nothing. No need to hurl nasty names around at people. It was just a simple observation. Not negative or positive, just neutral. Nothing to do with “hating.”