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Beyonce & Jay Z Teaming Up for Summer 2014 Tour: Report

Beyonce & Jay Z Teaming Up for Summer 2014 Tour: Report

Beyonce and Jay Z will reportedly be heading out on the road this summer for one mega tour, according to Page Six.

If the news is indeed true, the 20-stadium U.S. tour is slated to begin in late June and the power couple plans to bring their show to New York to celebrate July 4.

Bey and Jay have been showing up at each others shows to make surprise appearances together, but this would be so awesome if they actually do a full tour together!

Both Beyonce and Jay wrapped up their own solo tours earlier this year and they made surprise appearances, albeit separately, at the 2014 Coachella Music Festival this past weekend.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Beyonce and Jay Z heading out on tour together?

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  • Sammy

    These two are so desperate to stay in the spotlight and for money , who if they wanted to see Beyonce or Jay z hasn’t, they’ve been touring forever, stringing one concert after another trying to keep the money coming in. Wouldn’t go see them live if you paid me… Money hungry fameho’s besides their music sucks.

  • Anabelle

    @Sammy wow bitter much? lol.

    On another note I would love to see them touring together! Love them <3

  • april

    Oh Sammy why so sour? Maybe you should do a clense or a fast…you’re green is glearing.

  • Liz

    @Sammy: I was thinking the exact same thing! They haven’t stopped promoting themselves. Their act is gettin old.

  • Luda

    This tour is going to be everything…Please come to Atlanta

  • Apple

    @ Liz and @@ Sammy, no one is forcing anything on anyone…This news has not even been confirmed as you haters are pressed…Geez is it really that heavy? The tour will be for fans so take a seat you hating BITCHES. In fact take several seats and go pray for your sins. This is holy week.

  • Jeff

    The FANS, Fans, I will say it once more, FANS has been asking for this. If it is true…Finally. Love these two together.

  • Caroline

    those two are just a desperate snooze fest

  • Jeff

    Desperate for what exactly? Please think about your answer and please read the question properly.

  • Jeff

    Attention…this post with their names got yours and you clearly don’t like them.

    Time…They seem to love life and lives to the fullest and they each work…Even got you hating.

    Love…Clearly they have a lot of it…You can use some

    Money…Well, I will let you answer that one because it may be the reason for your hate or could it be their culture?

    Family, friends and recognition…Their love ones always speak highly of them…even your Stan!

    God’s grace….Their success in the face of all the hate is a true testament that something is working in their favor…

  • Caroline

    So what are JayZZZ and Ms Beyawnzze doing, lip syncing and mumbling some offensive raps into the mike.
    Tina and Ike No 2, just that Ike was more talented.

  • Cherise

    I don’t “waste” my money on other people I am building my own wealth! It’s comical how many people throw their paychecks at others then turn around begging for money to put food on the table, pay their rent and car notes! LOL Can’t be mad at these 2 they LAUGH all the way to their banks literally!

  • Umm, no thanks

    If it’s anything like their Grammy performance…. no thanks. She thinks she needs to be like Britney Spears, with the trashy act. She is too talented for those antics.

  • Sophie

    @Sammy: They’ve been touring forever? girl, what the hell are you talking about. Beys tour lasted LESS than a year.. jays was 50 odd dates.. That’s small… And hungry for money? Are you serious? These two could retire and still live a life of luxury for the rest of their lives. They are BUSINESS PEOPLE.. And a freaking great at what they do.

    And as for the stupid ass comment saying they’re boring.. You OBVIOUSLY couldn’t afford a ticket and you’re just bitter..

  • Ava

    Sophie shut up you stupid cow, Beyonce’s last tour was over 150 shows, she began in December of 2012 and ended last month, that’s what small indie bands do, not big stars, Madonna last tour in 2012 was 88 shows and she grossed over 320 million ..LOL Beyonce didn’t make half that, Beyonce does arenas, not stadiums .Jay Z did his tour last year ,52 dates which didn’t make much money and he did a tour with Timberlake which did gross 70 million for 15 dates. Why after doing year long gruelling tour would Beyonce go out again & why JayZ after doing 2 tours would he… for money and because people wouldn’t pay money to see Jay z on his own and Beyonce can’t do stadiums on her own ..the only time couple’s tour together is when they need money & they need each other to fill the seats…. And no way these two will fill stadiums seats.

  • Don’t be used

    Really hope people don’t spend their money to watch a racist like Jay Z. No white celebrity could promote a group that thinks all black people are evil and should be killed , sick of the double standards the media holds , Jay Z should be held to account for what he believes and promotes, if not by the liberal media then by the public, can’t pretend he’s a smart business person but not know what he does wearing the emblem of a racist hateful towards other races group. Why give race baiters like him your money, so he can live well off of you.

  • Satan

    my peeps!

  • Tiana

    I’m over here trying to figure out what these two people have done to anyone. The hate Beyonce get you would think she was a druggie or whatever these other folks be doing. People going to hate that’s just how it is, Beyonce and Jay Z both have worked hard for what they got. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have both toured together you didn’t hear a peep out anybody but soon as Beyonce and Jay Z wants to tour. There greedy, they are trash like really. Why can’t two people just make there money and be done w/ it. If you’re not contributing to there millions why are you mad.

  • idees

    Enter Kapr6b for $20 credit toward your first UBER ride.

  • floretta50

    Nothing personal against Jayz and Beyonce all stars do their thing, and i don’t think Jayz nor Beyonce really care what other people think of them some people get like that when they become very rich. But Beyonce need to pay attention to this, after her MTV performance it seems as if she is not being invited to perform at many of the main stream big events, the oscars, morning shows she supposed had big hits no one have asked her to perform them as they did with other major singers like Kathy Perry & Taylor Swift. How often do you see her Pepsi commercial. Maybe it’s because the major white audience did not like it when she flashed their children with her risque performance, the FCC and network probably had many complaints. Farrell Williams, hit song Happy is all over and has been invited over and over to all of the venues that have tuned Beyonce out. Sometimes without much education and foresight we do things make lots of money but pay a social costs.

  • 246chick

    Well, I am neither a Beyonce or Jay-z fan, but if that’s what they are doing to keep the money coming, why not. They have a mouth to feed and there is never too much money made – so good for them, only thing is I won’t spend mine to see them or make their pockets fatter. I just don’t have it!

  • http://joeye333 michelle evans

    Agree…just love them and they are not desperate for anything..they are just performers who love doing what they do.

  • Shar

    @floretta50: I agree with what you said but the real reason her commercials with Pepsi lessened was because after they signed her they loss millions due to people not buying their products. She had no #1 hits on the album, DIL went to #2. Beyonce can’t speak intelligently and often reads cue cards/ most of her interviews are scripted. You ever see her on Jimmy Kimmy or Ellen lately? People are losing interest and seeing the fraud she really is. All smoke and mirrors. If she was so great she would let the music speak for itself and not stoop to Miley’s level!

  • Marion

    Well that is my question also………..why go on tour again……..I think maybe they are addicted to fame and attention, not the money, they have got enough. Why not stay together as a family with their child and not go on tour. I think it is important to find a study place for a child and not to take a child everywhere and to all kinds of other places. Get some inner rest and stay a while on one place and you can also do all kinds of things. I really do not know why they are touring again…….it is a bit strange I think. Bey has now done 132 tours and Jay-Z also a lot. But I will respect their opinion! Greetz, Marion (the Netherlands)

  • batts

    @Ava: Beyonce had 132 shows in her Mrs Carter World tour. not 150,
    If you watch anything that Beyonce says about her career its how she loves to tour. She loves to perform. She loves to make albums. Thats what she does. So why wouldn’t she do just that with her husband of 6 years if he’s going to enjoy it together?!
    Jay-z had always said he’d be done rapping when he got older and just recently spoke in Vanity Affair about how he just loves it and keeps having fun with it.
    Beyonce has won grammy after grammy after grammy and every album of Jay-z’s has gone platinum. Perhaps these two are just living their life to the fullest and doing what they love doing, and their fans are appreciative of it. If you’re going to be so ignorant to not even be able to appreciate the genius musical experiences they give us then put a sock in it and go to the next story.
    Anyone who had the opportunity to go see Beyonce in her latest tour can agree thats she’s FLAWLESS
    Bow Down Bi*ches

  • TL


    Bow down? sound stupid. Gullible azz stans worshipping these celebrities like their God or something. I don’t bow down for man..especially people who don’t put any clothes on my back or roof over my head.

    Brainwashed idiots spending their money to go and see an overpaid stripper and drug dealer turned rapper perform..and what these stans have at the end of the day to show for it?

    A measley ticket stub and money lost that you could have put towards living your life a little better taking nice trips and buying nice things.

    Just pathetic.

  • Ashlon

    The entire purpose of her releasing her album the way she did was to avoid the typical promo run and miss out on bs and give the music SHE WANTED TO GIVE to HER FANS. In case you were unaware, most artist promote singles before the album release. She didn’t feel a need or want to. Artist then perform singles in order to move them up the charts. Drunk In Love went number 1 on the charts with only ONE performance. I cant recall if it was number 1 before or after the Grammy’s. That’s just a testimony to the strength of her brand. There are artists that wish they could take that route. I was reading a blog the other day, don’t know who true it is, but they were saying Mariah Carey “wishes” she would have done a surprise album drop. Due to the strength of her name alone it would have probably done really well, but now since she has put out all these bad singles, there is concerns that her upcoming project wont do well.
    As far as the “white audience” that one post refers to…screw the” white audience”. BTW Pharrell performed at the Oscars because it was an Oscar nominated song, but I digress. Did we forget B.Spears and Madonna swapping spit on stage years back? Or Christina’s “dirty” assless chap days? Katy Perry can make a pop anthem about kissing girls and its a hit?!? An underage Miley Cyrus can back her “thang” up on a 40 year old Robin Thicke. Kim K turns into a “celebrity” after selling her sex tape. And a 40 year old, twice divorced, mother of 2 J.Lo can dress and perform just as “raunchy” as Beyoncé, yet the ‘white audience” is more offended by what Beyoncé does? Yet Beyoncé takes the bulk of the heat? That’s probably why she doesn’t do interviews anymore or why her interviews may be skip the bs and stick to the topic at hand!
    If Brad and Angelina wanted to make a million movies a year, or Even Blake and Maranda do a million tour dates, no one would bat an eye. but Beyoncé and Jay Z are clearly working towards being the first billionaire couple in Hip Hop so they must be “greedy and money hungry”, right?!?!? I guess there is no way that they can just LOVE what they do…right?!?!?

  • http://yahoo ccouthere

    I agree, how many times can you hear or see them perform the same old tired music – GREEDY, GREEDY, GREEDY!! I guess they are trying to make sure Jay has enough money to pay off the lawyers for his many lawsuits.

  • http://yahoo ccouthere

    @Sophie: – If they could retire, as you say, then why don’t they since you know them well. They haven’t sucked enough money out of their fans yet. Me, not even remotely interested in attending their concert. It will be the same old cookie cutter music.