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Leonardo DiCaprio Wrestles a Friend at Coachella & Loses Badly (Video)

Leonardo DiCaprio Wrestles a Friend at Coachella & Loses Badly (Video)

Leonardo DiCaprio sure has become a viral sensation from his time at the 2014 Coachella Music Festival over the weekend and the content just keeps rolling in!

The 39-year-old actor was attending Diddy‘s Revolt party on Sunday (April 13) when he and a pal got into a playful fight… and it didn’t end well for Leo. According to TMZ, the friend happens to have a background in MMA, so it doesn’t seem like it was a fair fight from the beginning.

In case you missed them, make sure to check out the photos of Leo and his girlfriend Toni Garrn canoodling in the ocean in Bora Bora last week.

Leonardo DiCaprio Wrestles a Friend at Coachella & Loses Badly
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  • of course

    that’s his bodyguard
    if he lost Leo should fire him

  • d



    I’m in love with this man child =>Leo hahaha
    cant get over him.I know behind this immature kid there lies a sweet man

  • oh leo

    When will u grow the f up and become a man?
    You are a wandering joke lol

  • oh leo

    @of course: good observation! :-)

  • lia

    Thank gosh this post does not include toni

  • morena

    You just cant take this guy seriously
    You just CAN’T

  • Ana

    I think the video is fun.

  • momma irma always present

    @of course: how do u know its his bodyguard
    i can barely see his face.i think momma irma is there too as usual LOL

  • haha

    @momma irma always present: she is always there with him
    Shes afraid lest he gets hooked on one of his models and loses his money lmao
    She needs to get her own life for crying out loud

  • Leo’s Fan Girl

    Love you Baby!

  • geez

    @Leo’s Fan Girl: he’s
    not a baby.more like a greasy swine lol

  • Leokas

    I wrestle with Leo all the time, especially at night… ;) Leokas 4 life <3

  • sugarbaby


  • Nini

    He’s always like playing a nerd. I don’t get it.

  • kristen

    if you closely Toni is sitting watching them ,she looks like she tries to help him get up but fails LOL …so she just watches him get man handled .

  • Fatty Lost?!?

    Oh what a surprise…Dancing like a nerd, fat man belly, losing to his friend because he’s a fatty, now starring in what looks like its going to be a retarded script movie! Yep, no Oscar for you again next year! Oh what will Leo do next to entertaining with his antics. I’m embarrassed for him but its funny as hell! : )

  • Gossip

    Leo has become gossip sites newest darling and this was all in what? One week!?! LOL

  • BZ girl

    Leo plays with his friends all time like this but this time the video just showed him losing.. I can see Toni trying to help him up lol, looks like she baby’s him at the end like a child.? smh

  • sex tape next?!

    Well looks like that will be next for Leo…of course its going to be “leak” TMZ called it!!

  • bliss

    @BZ girl:

    yeah she looks like she is cleaning his hair from the dust

  • Leo’s Fan Girl

    This is not cool, keep your hands off Leo.

  • Ok

    @BZ girl: Yeah I saw her too. I thought she was going to join in at one point. I think at the end she gave him a hug, or something to see if he’s ok.

  • lol

    Awww, he is fun. I love it!

  • lol

    this person was smarter than the girl of the dance video. big bucks involved here lol


    BUT There is no such thing as bad publicity

  • Ruhe

    Guess I spoke to soon…ha ha!

  • honestly?

    I think this is great for Leo. People are starting to see he is not that crazy sh!t person, always so serious. This guy is having fun and showing how normal he is. I like that about him, kudos.

  • lol

    TMZ comments under this are cool

  • Next thread—->
  • LOL

    ahahaha, Leo is the cutest

  • BZ girl

    Happy Birthday Lukas! hopefully Leo will ditch Toni today!

  • Truthie

    Manchild in a midlife crisis.

  • Unexpected twist

    Someday Toni will be much more mature than Leo. Someday NOW.

  • well

    …and he will be 40 in a couple of months.
    The guy is regressing from day to day.

  • haha

    Leo is the goat!

  • Yep

    @well: And if keep dating little girls every time youngers, gonna keep matching their mentality

  • KING

    Slay, ma king.

  • Smokey

    Reading half the comments on this site just reminds you how normal and down to Earth Leo is compared to the bitter wannabes commenting on him. The guys on vacation, he’s playing about and having a great time while the haters make snide remarks. What I like about Leo is that he is real as opposed to the sad sacks commenting on him.

  • @Smokey

    *standing ovation*

  • Smokey

    @d: Your the man Child not Leo. he’s down to Earth and having a ball.

  • #41

    + 1
    when Leo looks bored people say he is a pain in the a$$, when he is having fun people say he is crazy, never good enough.

  • Hmm


  • frat behavior

    What a dudebro.

  • Smokey

    Someday the Haters on this site will get a life instead of making spiteful comments on someone else who is clearly enjoying his.

  • Up

    or Downhill?

  • well

    Thanks heaven for little girls…

  • HAHA12

    LMAO! This is crazy, is this the most publicity Leo has gotten in awhile or what??

  • Mercy

    Leo Give us a break of your Midlife Crisis. Everything in a week. Too much.

    JJ Thanks for the thread about his work.

  • Matthew who?

    Leo being arrested, dancing naked and playing the bongo.