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Lindsay Lohan Confirms She Wrote Sex List During Rehab

Lindsay Lohan Confirms She Wrote Sex List During Rehab

Lindsay Lohan has confirmed that she wrote a list that was allegedly of men that she had sex with, which eventually was leaked to the public.

The 27-year-old actress was making an appearance on Watch What Happens Live when she was asked the question during a game of “Plead the Fifth.”

“You know, I’m going to get serious for a second,” Lindsay said. “That was actually my fifth step in AA at Betty Ford. And someone, when I was moving during the OWN show, must have taken a photo of it. And so that’s a really personal thing and it’s really unfortunate… I talk about it on the last episode on the OWN show, so to be continued.”

Some of the guys that appeared on the 36-name list include Ashton Kutcher, Ryan Phillippe, Evan Peters, Jamie Dornan, Zac Efron, Justin Timberlake, Colin Farrell, Heath Ledger, James Franco, Adam Levine, and Garrett Hedlund.

Lindsay Lohan Confirms She Wrote Sex List During Rehab
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  • Jane

    she didn’t confirm it was a sex list. read what the 5th step is in AA. that will tell you what the list is about.

  • Jason

    Heath Ledger is on that list and yet he is dead. So she had no intention of asking him for forgiveness. Lindsay Lohan has proven to be a slut. She doesn’t even know how to wear a bra. Something the censors have had to deal with on the OWN special. It makes more sense that she created that list to actually brag about the celebrities she has been with.

  • Jane


    they don’t have to be alive. the 5th step is confessing to god, yourself or someone else the wrong’s you’ve done. only people to ever call it a sex list is the media.

  • Elle

    @Jason: Whether you wear a bra or not and having sex with people, are two different things. She’s a grown woman. She can have as little or as much sex with whomever she pleases.

  • pinkydoo

    If those are the people that she supposedly slept with, and I was a guy…..I wouldn’t go near her even if I had yellow gloves and a mask on.

  • truth

    Just more of a publicity stunt to try and save her career. There might be two names on that entire list that it is true.

  • Whatever!!!

    She confirms she is as disgusting as we all already knew. She is a walking staff infection. No guy will ever want to sleep with her nor should they. Her career is over, she has never learned her lesson and she is essentially not hirable.

  • Mi

    I’m still wait for extended list.

    Where is Shaun White?

  • Maddy

    I’m confused as to how she got all these guys to sleep with her. She’s gross and has been in and out of jail and rehab.

  • Mrs. Phillippe

    James Franco recently denied that he had sex/sleep with Lindsay. Ryan Phillippe in an interview with Howard Stern in 2010 also denied that anything had happened with Lohan. In fact a publication said Lilo was crazy to have something with Ryan, but he did not want anything.
    When paps asked Zac Efron about this, his face was ‘WTF?’.

    As far as I know, the fifth step is admitting the oneself defects. And maybe, the list can also include people with whom she would want to have something, but never had.

    She also had a short relationship with Aaron Carter, and he is not on the list. And that relationship was real.

  • assman

    Hollywood trash no shock


    I wouldn’t even pee on that….trash!

  • Rose

    This list sounds like a list of guys she WANTED to sleep with, lol

  • Maria

    I am sorry, but why is this NOT believable? She has slept around for a long time, and those are the circles she runs in. Those are guys she has partied with, and why could that not lead to sex? She could have named a lot more, I suspect, but I think there is a lot of truth in that list. As far as the guys denying it? Wouldn’t you?? Would you really expect ANY of them to admit it?? C’mon. Let’s be real. Lohan is a loose woman, so why NOT those guys?? That’s how Hollywood is, people.

  • Not Bella

    I need to ask that. Why is it gross, when a woman has sex with so many men, but when a man has sex with 20-40 women it is ok or even cool or even mysterious??? I don’t like her, but i hate this double standarts.

  • manwomanman

    She’s extremely dirrrty ewww and extemely silly for trying to get attention by exposing yourself as a BIG HOE. Thank god not many people around the world are interested in you Linds.


    @ not bella…..I just say yikes….either way if it was man or woman…a skank is a skank. Se is like a walking / talking chlamydia. Who in their right mind…would want to go there?…ewwww!!!!!

  • just to say

    She is one huge sl ut.

  • TruthHurts

    I find it hard to draw a parallel between the fifth step, which is “Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs” and making a list and going public with who you had sex with. This female gets more FOS with each passing day. Phooey.

  • teri

    IMO most guys would go there. The more guys like any p. orn star turn guys on for some reason. Doesn’t matter her list is still small.

  • H

    @Not Bella:
    Like Leonardo and George.


    Her holes must be like te black holes from space…and for your information @#20 Even as a man….hell no!!!I would not f that….I wouldn’t even throw a fork at it….f@@@@k no!

  • Who cares

    She’s never going to be accepted as a good actress or redeem herself in any way. She threw her whole life and career down the cra/pp/er as far as I can tell. She brought it on herself because she lives in denial.

  • She’s Done

    She’s a pathological liar and most likely suffering from BPD or multiple personality disorders. I would imagine she slept with some on the list but all? That would be a stretch even when she was at her prime i.e. early 2000s. The question is: does anyone really care about her anymore? She’s done i.e. finished. Let’s get past her obvious mental and psyche issues..she’s also completely slovenly, looks diseased. Horrible teeth, dirty nails, diseased lady parts from sleeping with various people…most of them tricks. She’s not only destroyed her career but has completely degraded herself by allowing herself to be used in the most degrading ways for money and drugs. She’s absolutely disgusting and I see no happy ending for her. I personally wish she would disappear maybe she could move abroad somewhere and eek out an existence much like Tara Reid. She deserves no second chances and really isn’t worth rehabilitation.

  • Lucy

    I don’t believe she slept with half the guys on that list…she’s a known liar. She is trying to make herself seem important by claiming she slept with all of them, which is sad in and of itself. She is and will always remain a delusional little trainwreck.

  • well…

    @Lucy: “She is trying to make herself seem important by claiming she slept with all of them,”

    All she’s doing is making herself look like a who re.

  • A

    If a guy like James Franco denies it then what are the chances of other guys name being true. She is a FOS trainwreck

  • Lynn

    It would actually be a 4th step, “made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves” which is where you write down resentments, fears, and sex conduct. Sex conduct does not necessarily mean sexual intercourse. It could be “crushes” , flirting, and anything related to that.

  • lalala

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  • OK

    Someone should let her know that Step 5 @ Betty Ford Clinic Is not making up lies and throwing people under the bus in order to try to get ratings for a failing show.
    That is step 7 In the No Talent Or Morals Institute

  • OK

    BTW Lindsay also said she didn’t party at Coachella, that was a family thing.

  • Bb

    Disgusting. STDs are a serious health risk. Women who sleep around will come to be sorry for their promiscious ways.

  • Jumper5

    Did you read Lynn’s comment. The 4th and 5th step of recovery is moral inventory and owing up. Her list, which she didn’t use the word sex in junction, may involve other wrongs she may have done in her struggles. Flirting is one thing and spreading bad gossip about these people could be another. The people who are using the tem “sex list” are media/gossip sites without scruples to read “confirm or deny” as just being guarded on telling her side of the story. I feel this list is not sex related, and its just hype for the finale.

  • LaineyAss2Mouth

    i dont care what any of you or the media say or think of lindsey …i just feel sorry for sll the crap she gets. most if it is compketely cruel .

  • lol

    No one said she didn’t write it, we’re saying she is lying about it. She is a publicity hound and needs attention any way she can get it. James already denied being with her as did Ryan Phillipe. Men don’t deny sleeping with Hollywood “it girls” unless they didn’t. In fact, they lie about sleeping with girls they didn’t just to make them seem like “the man”. So she is a total liar and just using A list names to get attention

  • wow!

    wow really? Ryan Phillipe, Justin Timberlake and Ashton Kutcher? I don’t think any of those guys would sleep with her.

  • lhod

    But James Franco denied.

  • booger

    @Whatever!!!: @Whatever!!!:

    It’s “staph” not “staff”. Read a book.

  • olive

    Of course she did, losing respect to gain attention.

  • Patrick

    Some other guys she slept with: Wilmer Valderrama, Jared Leto, Joaquin Phoenix, Bruce Willis, Vikram Chatwal, Harry Morton, Calum Best and God knows how many other…

  • Joe chike

    People like to jugde others harshly. I bet you hypocrites could make a list longer than hers. Here is somebody struggling with her life making efforts to be better and everybody is trying to put her down. Most watched a little girl exploited by holywood grow up with ?parenting into a young woman with some life difficulties. No body cares that she is struggling surroundedby vultures and harsh unforgiving public

  • hank

    i don’t care if she slept with magic Johnson, I’d still have sex with her. Lindsay is drop dead gorgeous, all you girls are just jealous. you heavy over weight p.o.s, who gives a #&$? who she slept with. i think its rather cool she did that many guys. i love you lilo, always have always will! keep up the good work in recovery, don’t let these heifer woman on here bring ya down. love graps

  • aquarius64

    Agreed. If this was a 5th step from AA and not a kill list, why didn’t she shut that down when it was first published? It’s not a state secret that Lohan has substance abuse problems. Those guys’ reputations took a hit over that list; some of them were/are married. Lohan wanted to be seen as some sex siren who can get any man she wants, but when the results turn to I’m-an-indiscreet-attention-sl 0 re, is when she clarifies.

  • Billy Peterson

    FACT!! everybody knows after watching her show on Oprah’s channel that she’s a pathological liar!! she makes an excuse for every mistake she makes, even on her show she doesn’t do anything she supposed to she doesn’t even get out of bed,,THIS LIST IS FAKE!! now she said that somebody on Oprah’s show took a picture of the list because she left it out by accident during her fifth step of AA..ANOTHER LIE!! don’t you see just biased talking about it she’s getting publicity, she’s washed up she’s worthless and she needs to just step out of the limelight and try to live her life before she is Dead by 50 years old..JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE N FRANCO are planning on filing a suit if he does not admit that she lied.

  • Bubba

    Maybe it was a list of people she meant to call to get checked for herpes.

  • lucyy


    It’s staph.

  • Jo

    Oh so James Deen makes a living out of banging hundreds of women with out protection but no one question him. Instead he gets a pat on the back by millions of fans for all the girls he has sex with. But a girl does it then she is considered a slut. Grow up people.

  • anastasie steele grey