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Jared Padalecki Enjoys Austin Food & Wine Festival After Wrapping 'Supernatural' Season 9

Jared Padalecki Enjoys Austin Food & Wine Festival After Wrapping 'Supernatural' Season 9

Jared Padalecki and his wife Genevieve are simply a gorgeous couple while enjoying the 2014 Austin Food & Wine Festival on Saturday (April 26) in Austin, Tex.

The 31-year-old Supernatural star and his wife enjoyed the Kim Crawford Casa Mariposa section of the festival, where they sampled wine and played some ping pong!

“Nothing quite like some barrel-aged cocktails (from @DeepSouthBarrel ) to send off season 9!!! YUMMMM!!!” Jared tweeted from the festival the day before. Looks like it was so much fun!

Jared just wrapped up filming season nine of Supernatural – we can’t wait to see what season ten has in store.

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  • marie

    lovely couple♥

  • Haya

    Attention seekers.

  • Kim

    Beautiful couple. Everyone that meets them in person always comments how nice they are.

  • Christine

    I met them…they are so nice.

  • Frank

    Nice to see them out and about showcasing what Austin has to offer.

  • Rain

    Wow…I’ve seen so many Gen and Jared pics posing with fans this week. They certainly seem so down to earth.

  • jon m’shulla

    Supernatural is a great show. The cast,including these two, are pretty darn nice too.

  • B

    Scrolled past this post on the title page and thought it was a lesbian couple.

  • Lizz

    Love how down to earth they are. Jared looks so hot and relaxed. Can’t wait for SPN season 10. Happy fan ;-)

  • Sofya

    @Haya: You are pathetic hater

  • Sofya

    They are so cute together, and Jared is so sexy.

  • sarah

    Lovely couple and very much good looking :) Glad that they’re having fun and enjoying the summer break in Austin !

  • Josh

    @Sofya: I use to like her till she made the “jared face pays my bills comment”. I hope she was joking but now a days you just dont know.

  • Joan

    Love these two. They have a beautiful family and a zest for life. What’s with the idiotic comments from some people under a lovely picture?

    “Just Jared” maybe you should just not allow comments or delete them if people are going to be stupid.

  • Sierra

    Jared is so beautiful, I really do love his hair in this picture. He is so unique looking, something really exotic about his look.

  • http://twitter Mikayla

    @Josh: That comment kind of bothered me too! Though it is true, she doesn’t have a job. She stays home to take care of their two kids. That in itself is a job all on its own. ;)

  • Thamyris

    Ola.. sou do Brasil e é a primeira vez q venho a esta site e adorei as fotos e a reportagem do Jared.
    Sempre lindo!

  • Valarie Sinclair

    I always REALLY liked Jared, so much more so than that Republican douchebag homophobe Jensen Ackels, up until he made those really crude and tasteless comments about Phillp Seymour Hoffman. If Jared felt that way, then fine–but at least have the good taste to keep it to yourself while a family mourns. But no, Jared made those calculated and vile comments SOLELY for publicity.

    A person I admire always says, “When people show you who they are, believe them.” This was one of those times.

    No thanks, Jared.

  • Nina

    @ Sierra. That’s the best description of Jared’s beauty: Exotic. Love how his eyes stand out in this picture. So unique. To haters, if you never done or say anything wrong in your life, throw the first stone.

  • Syd

    @Valarie Sinclair:

    I didn’t take those comments quite that way myself. I thought he was condemning the fact that another life was needlessly wasted to drugs. I cringe every time I read yet another romanticized Hollywood drug death announcement. Maybe I read between the lines but that was what I believed he was trying to say. As someone whose life work revolves around drug addiction I applaud a strong clear message about the needless carnage drugs leave behind. People need to be challenged and reminded that you have a choice and you can say “no” before it gets to this point. I appreciate the timing ruffled feathers, but it generated much healthy discussion along with the hate. It wasn’t all bad.

  • Declan


    I wish Jared the best, but he stuck his foot in it with the PSH tweet, especially with those educated enough to understand addiction. Defend him all you want, but what he said was thoughtless and did indeed reveal a lot about his his true character. Personally, I think Jared senses the end of SPN (thank god) and is doing all he can raise his name recognition. The Vogue cover tweet, the PSH tweet, BIeber, Ben Affleck, the list goes on and on. Nothing but pandering.

  • CeCe

    I’ve been a fan of Jared’s for many years, and I will always follow his career. But the stuff he said about Mr. Hoffman’s death and just what constitutes a tragedy was below the belt. I have my doctorate in social work and see the ravages of drug abuse constantly. I’m too old to “fight” or call people out online, but Syd, I was taken aback by your belief that Hollywood “romanticized” anything about Mr. Hoffman’s death. That’s a very bizarre way of putting it, especially for someone who works in the field of addiction. In fact, most of my colleagues, even those who had no idea who Jared were, were angered by his statements. I’m a fan, but I have agree: Jared’s tweets show attention-seeking behaviour. I still enjoy his work though.

  • Leslie LiLi

    He’s a douche. Using Twitter and mentioning controversial topics and actors a helluva lot better than he is just for the sake of getting his name out there. That stuff about Phillip Seymour Hoffman showed him to be nothing but a loser.

  • Emma

    Using heavy chemical drugs is a CHOICE. People who make that choice KNOW that they might DIE from it. When a person with family, children dies from overdose, it is NOT a TRAGEDY. It’s a high possibility, a natural result of the choice they made.

    When non-celebrity people die out in streets, their home from the same overdose, everyone feels comfortable about saying this out loud. When it is someone famous, politically correct bullshit is sticky everywhere.

    Padalecki was dead on.

    Acting like this issue is some unstoppable tragedy IS ROMANTICISING drugs. And this is what is being done in media after every celebrity death.

    About Padalecki’s ‘attention seeking behaviour’: This actor has a specific, stable fandom and he is not going to jump to some different dimension of fame with voicing his opinion blunt. It’s obvious to me that the reason he voiced opinion this way is because NO ONE does in fear of being blamed of bullshit like this. This also has nothing to do with being a Padalecki fan, because there are lots of serious issues like this which nobody dares to say something real about not to be baaaad.

    I am actually glad that someone in sight said something like this. Hoffman was a good actor and he shouldn’t have wasted his life. Because this is what is. Just a foolish waste.

  • Dana

    @Valarie Sinclair: Where have you heard he’s a homophobe? I would love to read up on this. I will quickly switch to team Jared. :/

  • Dana

    He didn’t say “Stuff” about PSH’s death, he made one tweet, as thousands upon thousands did that was taken very badly. And he was right, “tragedy” is reserved for people who don’t put themselves into the situations (drugs, texting and driving, selfies while driving, etc), and then went on to clarify what he meant with other tweets. I’m guessing the people who disowned him on this weren’t *actual* fans of the guy, just casual fans. If I found out someone that I wasn’t THAT into said those things, I might stop liking them, but not someone I was a big fan of, like him.

  • http://erinhaflewis ez

    He’s an idiot.. Tweeting about Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death was well off the line… All he does is tweet crap and he gets involved with arguments all the time.. No offence but he should never update s**t like that when he’s got a family and billions of fans following him.