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Leonardo DiCaprio Roots For L.A. Dodgers During Lunch Outing!

Leonardo DiCaprio Roots For L.A. Dodgers During Lunch Outing!

Leonardo DiCaprio shows some support for the L.A. Dodgers by rocking a t-shirt after grabbing some lunch on Wednesday (April 30) in Los Angeles.

The 39-year-old actor then tried to keep a low profile while hopping into the backseat of his car service to be whisked away.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

The day before, Leonardo was spotted leaving E Baldi restaurant with Tobey Maguire‘s wife Jennifer Meyer, his mother Irmelin Indenbirken, and other friends and family.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio out and about in Los Angeles…

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leonardo dicaprio roots for l a dodgers during lunch outing 01
leonardo dicaprio roots for l a dodgers during lunch outing 02
leonardo dicaprio roots for l a dodgers during lunch outing 03
leonardo dicaprio roots for l a dodgers during lunch outing 04
leonardo dicaprio roots for l a dodgers during lunch outing 05
leonardo dicaprio roots for l a dodgers during lunch outing 06
leonardo dicaprio roots for l a dodgers during lunch outing 07
leonardo dicaprio roots for l a dodgers during lunch outing 08
leonardo dicaprio roots for l a dodgers during lunch outing 09
leonardo dicaprio roots for l a dodgers during lunch outing 10
leonardo dicaprio roots for l a dodgers during lunch outing 11
leonardo dicaprio roots for l a dodgers during lunch outing 12

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  • Dieter !!!!!!

    can you please confirm since when TONI is pregnant with him !!!

  • ####

    So they’re saying the lunch was Tuesday and the sighting with the LA dodgers shirt was from yesterday.

  • @1


    # 56 Dieter @ 06/12/2012 at 5:08 pm
    JARED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS HAVING A BABY WITH LEO’S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • also…

    Car service? Vinnie is the car service now? LOL! His career is sky-rocketing!
    @3: Dieter is back. I haven`t seen `him` since the Bar times… He did the same thing back then.

  • @1

    And he did the same during Erin times

  • also…

    @ @1: It started before Erin. I remember Dieter`s comments on the Bar threads.

  • dumb people

    We don’t care about stupid ‘dieter’ comments

  • HAHA12

    Is that a new shirt..
    Also to Zzzzz who asked me from the last thread, I’m probably going to read Devil In White City after I finish 1 or 2 more books, hopefully before Summer starts.
    I also liked the ending to True Detective, it did a good job of ending the characters journeys’ imo

  • HAHA12
  • Dieter !!!!!!

    Bar was Leo’s best girlfriend ever
    then Erin’s
    then Tony
    Then Blakes and
    lastly Giselle who is dumb and overrated
    but I also like the ass of Tony’s a lot and, aside from that, Leo has now found his soulmate and Tonny is pregnant with him.
    Haters gonna hate !!

  • lol
  • Is it just me

    or does Leo actually look like Orson Welles in his younger days.

  • lol
  • @12

    Not just you
    He also reminds me of James Cagney

  • lol
  • lol
  • Oh lawd

    This thread is already a mess

  • Dieter !!!!!!
  • #17

    @Oh lawd: Blame posters who respond to and feed trolls

  • Dieter !!!!!!
  • also…

    Great! Less than 25 comments and the thread is already ruined.

  • Jill

    Leo is looking more and more like Orson Wells.

  • Dieter !!!!!!
  • Dieter !!!!!!
  • Real Dieter !!!!!!

    I ranked Erin’s at no. 2, right behind bars !!! Erin’s has more beautiful eyes and better boobs and bars has better face and buns (though Erin’s buns are also top 10 worldwide).

  • -_-_-

    For good behavior Dieter got his internet privileges back in the looney bin.

  • ….

    Wow reading the celebitchy comments and they really are hard on Leo. They make him sound like such a bad guy!

  • @27

    No different on here either

  • ….

    @@27: You are right. I guess I should clarify, I just wasn’t expecting so much animosity towards him. It just seems like most comments are low opinions of him and very dismissive.

  • @27

    What did they say? Its like that everywhere lately, from Lainey to ONTD and more but the difference is some of those sites just like to make fun of him for typical things like his weight or never winning an Oscar but then others(Lainey) sound like they want to murder him

  • ….

    @@27: I think I read a comment that said he dates women who look like him because he’s a narcissist?

    And this one (ouch lol): “I have never seen any other formerly really good looking man lose his looks so early in life. He looks so bloated and over-fed on everything life had to offer. Whatever he had, he’s lost it.”

    Thanks btw, I guess I have some catching up to do. I didn’t realize Leo was the punching boy again.

  • @….

    Erin doesn’t look like Leo at all.
    But Bar looks like him, and Toni just a bit.

  • @27

    Lol ah @ that comment.
    Its funny bc whenever I read nasty comments bout him on the internet they’re always just going on his looks or how fat his body is most of the time. I guarantee you if he was in shape and looked slimmer no one wouldve had a problem with those Bora Bora pics of him and Toni and he’d easily get much less hate in general. The media has been been going on him for not having a ripped body ever since he was with Gisele tbf
    And its weird how divisive he is. I was thinking since he has no movie out this yr and is remaining low key hed get much less hate and go back to being semi liked but i was wrong. I think hes just gonna be divisive/hated on forever unless he stays in shape during his off time or pulls a Clooney

  • ….

    @@….: I agree. And when it comes to his girlfriends looking like his mother, the only one I really see it in was Bar. Maybe a little bit in Gisele.

  • @34

    IA. I never understood this new Leo meme that all his girlfriends resemble his mom. Only with Bar and kind of Gisele I saw it, but otherwise nada.

  • ….

    @@27: You make a great point. Leo has never been ripped or a poster boy for Men’s Health. lol
    It is funny that they rag on him for having a “type” or whether they thinks he’s shallow or whatever. But they definitely don’t hold back when it comes to critiquing his physical appearance.

  • ####


    What gets me about him being called fat in those BB pics is he looked just as pudgy or pudgier in the Ibiza pics from last year but he didn’t get the headlines about his weight like he did for BB.

    I mean what changed??

  • @27

    @…. Yas I find that interesting too, people really don’t hold back when they trash his looks or criticize him in general. Its funny because if he was considered hotter or got in shape, still looked like how he did in 2006 or 2011 Blake era for example, I dont even think this relationship with Toni would get nearly as much scrutiny as it does. But Leo’s problem he can’t help is he has an extremely shallow fanbase or ‘ex fans’ and he’s never been one to care about his appearance or being a Hollywood hunk.

  • @27

    @#### I find that puzzling myself. He looked even worse in Ibiza to me yet there were no headlines, hardly any nasty articles, etc. His kiss with Toni there also looked worse bc u could tell he was either high or drunk as hell yet no one cared. Weird

  • Katy

    Who the hell has said toni is pregnant? Leo, are you so desperate??

  • ….

    @@27: LOL. You’re very funny btw, I appreciate your perspective. You make a lot of great points. I never thought about that. His fans care more about his looks than he seems to care.
    I do think some look at Leo kind of like a caricature, and he is portrayed (by some media outlets and even some fans) more harshly than he actually is. I still think he is very attractive and he just has a little belly now, maybe due to aging or his diet, but he hasn’t reached Brando status so I’m not panicking.

  • Katy

    @Dieter !!!!!!: Where did you read about pregnant toni?! oh pls such a horrible news. I’m waiting for your answer, thanks very very much.

  • Amy


    I think people criticize Leo because of the hypocrisy. How can you date women in their 20s who are models and in good shape and be out of shape? Especially because he’s so much older.

    If Toni had put on 20 lbs and Leo was in shape in those beach pics, would Leo continue to date her?

  • @27

    @…. D’aww thanks gurl. You are one of the best regulars on here, I don’t comment much, but I always liked your insight. I like Leo better now FWIW, but most still holf on to younger, twinkier, prettier Leo of the 90s. He was beautiful then but almost too sweet and soft looking for my tastes. His big head is alright w/ me, even his fratboy clothes are, he just needs to stahp slicking his hair pronto and he’d look 10 times better. And Idrc about his body but he should try to slim down only so he doesn’t become another Brando, cuz lawd if he does. He looks good with some pounds on, imo
    Sometimes he looks rly bloated but nothing some exercise and a diet couldn’t solve. Peeps are too hard on him.

  • ….

    @Amy: No, I don’t think he would date her. But that goes for most men, besides maybe Dan Conner? (This is just my opinion of course)
    Men always get away with that type of double standard.

    But even if he isn’t on Hugh Jackman’s level of physical fitness, he doesn’t look sloppy to me. Like his arms and legs don’t even look flabby, and his face is still handsome. He just has a club belly.

  • @27

    @Amy Except does Toni really look like a beauty herself in candids? She’s pretty but doesn’t attempt to look half as good in candids and dresses rather simple and plain, hence the comments from people being shocked that she’s a model on pics of her just walking about since she doesn’t look like one outside of photo shoots. And I dont see the problem, if she likes him and doesn’t care about his belly its her choice.

  • @27

    Plus it’s pretty obvious she got with Leo for the fame/perks more then anything else. We all know if he wasn’t famous she would’ve never gave him the time of day most likely so it’s like the same thing. They both are using each other in some way and its not like Leo is Brando fat.

  • ….

    @@27: That’s very sweet of you to say! :)

    And we definitely share similar taste lol. I couldn’t have said it better myself! I wasn’t into twink Leo, but now and over the past few years I find him very attractive. I like his style and he seems comfortable in his own skin!

  • WHAT?

    Dieter is back? Ugh! Nooo


  • @WHAT?

    Or iheartcomments, CanadaGirl, boney McGee, etc. Like so many good regulars and the worst has to return!