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Hugh Jackman Almost Sliced Off His Penis with His Wolverine Claws!

Hugh Jackman Almost Sliced Off His Penis with His Wolverine Claws!

X-Men Days of Future Past co-stars Michael Fassbender, Hugh Jackman, and James McAvoy share a laugh while making an appearance on The Graham Norton Show during an appearance on Thursday (May 1).

While on the show, Hugh described how his Wolverine claws almost sliced off his penis!

“There was a very intense first scene and I insisted on a closed set,” Hugh said. “I ran around the corner and all the female members of the crew were gathered there. I tried to cover myself and cut my inner thigh. It was just the inner thigh, thankfully. The metal claws had to go-you can’t have bits and pieces flying off.”

Be sure to catch the guys in the latest X-Men installment, in theaters on May 23!

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115 Responses to “Hugh Jackman Almost Sliced Off His Penis with His Wolverine Claws!”

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  1. 1
    GFW Says:

    What we’ll say for hits and attention. Wow. You do realize this is an international site and anyone at any age can see this stuff and nonsense, right?
    Nice story though, I’ll say that. Just not too sure it should be the LEAD in for a thread is all.

  2. 2
    Lisa Says:

    The Graham Norton show is the best talk show on TV.

  3. 3
    Shiba Says:

    I love when actors share their happiness together and to the public

  4. 4
    Ava Says:

    @ Lisa I agree, love that show, Graham is so good as a host , juggling all the celebrities at one time, makes sure the show keeps moving and the red chair gag is fun every show.

  5. 5
    #fail Says:

    This show has not aired yet. Only on Friday nights, it was pre-recorded a month ago though.

  6. 6
    WTF Says:

    Why would you cut Graham’s head out of the frame? He’s just the f*cking host of that talk show. Never mind.

  7. 7
    Miranda Says:

    Agree completely that Graham Norton is THE best talk show host in the business and his shows are always hilariously entertaining.
    A shame about the hack editing job on this article though, completely chopping Graham’s head off like he’s a Stark or something.

  8. 8
    DOFP Says:

    The full show clip is on utube now! Go watch…it’s the best.

  9. 9
    Lena Says:

    How utterly vile. Why did Fassbender choose “blurred lines” (of all songs) to celebrate and obsess over? A song with lyrics which people and feminist groups claim promotes “RAPE” culture w/ some calling it a RAPE ANTHEM

    Robin Thicke’s video shows naked women parading around fully clothed men while women engage in degrading activities such as begging for sex, simulating sexual activity w/dead animals and asking for anal. I heard Fox Studios has BANNED questions about Bryan Singer’s alleged child RAPE of Michael Egan on the X-Men promotion tour. So, the FIRST thing the X-Men “distraction” squad of Fassbender/McAvoy/Jackman do is go on Graham Norton to make light of and downplay RAPE by dancing like fools to a song, they should know is controversial that way? Don’t these men have any consciences? To allow themselves to be a part of this? Are they willing participants or are they being forced? Are they mocking the public and Michael Egan here? Why “Blurred Lines” of all songs? A song with ambiguous references to RAPE on a film promotion tour, where their director is being sued under for MINOR CHILD rape? (i.e., forcible rape of a minor).

    I was wondering why there was suddenly, out of nowhere an article about Fassbender being obsessed with Blurred Line’s video several weeks ago, (before or after the Egan RAPE case hit?) So is THAT what Fox is doing? Issuing a GAG ORDER to the press banning questions about the Bryan Singer scandal w/orders to their actor goons, Fassbender/McAvoy/Jackman to not only downplay RAPE, but to make light of a song about RAPE, and go on tour to “distract” the public with talk about Jackman’s ***** as well? Like he did on the Grahamn Norton show?

    Okay, so, no one can talk about or ask these fellas what they even think about the allegations that Bryan Singer RAPED and shoved his pen/is up Egan’s @SS against his will. Yet, the PR strategy and repeat promotion story line we are going to now keep hearing on talk show after talk show is Michael really digs this vile dehumanizing and degrading “rape culture” song against women and “little girls?” And we (the public who might see a PG13 movie is it?) now suddenly needs to focus on Jackman’s *****???? (as parents of kids seeing comic book movies???) But no one is allowed to discuss Egan’s rape allegations, the issue of abuse of power in Hollywood, and Bryan Singer possibly abusing his power and forcing HIS PEN/IS on Michael Egan? Unbelievable.

    In any event, is this “Blurred Lines” more than once X-Men Promotional Tour go to marketing ploy some sort of calculated attempt to make light of RAPE, forced sex, and get the public used to dismissing dehumanizing behavior as damage control in anticipation of the can of worms Egan’s suit might open which Fox could be worried might affect it’s profits? If so, and if Fassbender, McAvoy, and Jackman are willing participants in helping to distract the public from the Egan RAPE allegations, that’s disgusting.

  10. 10
    Then and Now Says:

    @*****-with-his-wolverine-claws/comment-page-1/#comment-28742145" rel="nofollow">Lena:
    The execessive liking of the blurred lines video or song was informed to the public by hugh jackman in interview about making DOFP.
    It was brought up again by Graham Norton on his show.
    The liking of the song story has more to do with Michaels personal taste and sexual motivations. Not the Singer case.

  11. 11
    Showtime Says:

    Reckon there was about 20mins cut from the episode.
    I saw a tweet which said it was an 1hr and 10 mins when filming from an audience member and the show was only on for 50 mins.

    Also their was an article which says he discussed Steve Mcqueen and Fassbenders break during the interview at some point.
    This was not aired if its true.

  12. 12
    lol Says:

    @*****-with-his-wolverine-claws/comment-page-1/#comment-28742934" rel="nofollow">Showtime: LOL Yes, Fassy has right to refuse to say that name aloud and only the Scottish Film LOL and that ballet on a so vulgar song is a boomerang LOL It’s a fact, wild life in Canada during the shooting of the X men movie have certainly caused some consequences and who knows what lies behind the “affair” with Madalina LOL guesswork here a lot, and I think that many wrote something near the truth, but we’ll never know LOL

  13. 13
    x lol Says:

    a song about a prostitute

  14. 14
    3 is perfect number Says:

    This is not a love song but a song about sex with a ***** then blindgossip on her is right .

  15. 15
    Nina Says:

    @*****-with-his-wolverine-claws/comment-page-1/#comment-28742145" rel="nofollow">Lena: Seriously ! you have come on a gossip site for imagining a conspiracy because of a song!? Really really sorry for you!
    This program was recorded at the beginning of April and before Hugh Jackman had already given an interview about it! And if that was still not enough for you to Fox as a mega company would never take advantage of someone doubtful like Singer ! Bryan Singer will not even at the premiere! A little logic in your thinking and in your miserable life would not hurt!
    Come here to disparage the work of the actors promoting the film and their personal stories (super fun!) f… off!
    I will not even get into the merit of the music that is so sexually appealing as any in the market, nothing special just a bunch of people with nothing to do to cling to things so small! If you want to help the cause! get yourself out the computer !! shame on you !

  16. 16
    Lena Says:


    Shame on me? Help with what cause exactly? Its always funny when thirsty angry fan girls try to dress me down like that. The irony being when I’m not here or rescuing animals from the pound, I’m going to be in court on some dependency case, domestic violence, or child custody/child support issue. Do you even know what dependency or chins is dear? Your attempt at being self righteous when it comes to child molestation or child abuse falls flat when trying to put someone in her place who has been up to her knees in it professionally day after day for years.

    And, honestly, you’re exactly the easily manipulated zombie FOX is trying to capture by sending their 3 actor goon puppets out to make light of rape and sexual exploitation w/ their dance routine and pe/nis discussion. In my opinion, they wanted to condition the audience to “lighten up” about sexual antics and horseplay on movie sets, etc. And send a message to EGAN that his claim will be laughed at. They wanted to convey the idea, as Jackman said, you have to play sex games with these guys to help them get their “mojo,” on. Otherwise it won’t happen. Just as Jackman said, they had to do that to get Michael out of his trailer, etc. You think the PR directive given to those guys was just for YOU, the fan? Awww…how sweet..I feel FOX was sending a message to EGAN…

    They want people to react to EGAN just the way you have. And you are too stupid to realize how stupid you really are, dear. When EGAN starts talking about “grooming” and sexually hostile environments in Singers world in his case, they want people to say, “oh lighten up Egan, it’s show business… EVERYBODY plays sex games on movie sets. Those 3(X Men) guys did, and they aren’t crying rape…”
    Those 3 puppets had no reason to tie blurred lines into X-MEN whatsoever. Was the song in the soundtrack? Doubt it. Yet, blurred Lines is the subject of a 1. marketing print article for X-MEN and 2.the Graham Norton show. Twice.. FOX’s $5 rent boy message deliverers, plain and simple. Unless someone has litigated against an international company playing defense, they couldn’t possibly understand the complex level of play involved with the trial team, spin doctors, etc.

    You are naive if you think with a budget of $225 million and expected revenue of $1 billion, most likely notice in the form of presuit demand letters months ago, and a director accused of rape, FOX left PR up to these PR rent boys to “wing it.”. Did you forget where Hugh says, it was his understanding Graham had the “blurred lines” song in cue? So, print article coming from Fox (no doubt?) ABOUT blurred lines, weeks ago. Then, the prePLANNED, 3 puppets making light of sex play on movie sets through a little dance to “blurred lines” skit. WTF does “blurred lines” have to do with XMEN? Nothing. Rape? Something. Making a joke of it,?…And people laughing?… A direct message to EGAN of “f**k” you and you”ll be laughed out of town when we’re through? It fits…

    Anyone catch the Mark Ebner bullying circuit routine? @Nina, are you even smart enough to know who that is? LOL…in my opinion he’s out there warning Herman in so many words that if he goes down this path w/his cases, he will be ruined as a lawyer. Add in the 3 goonpuppet actors making light of sex play on set to show Egan that his claim will be laughed out of town, and to me its easy to see how studios try to use social media to silence and “shame” whistleblowers.

  17. 17
    Sorry Says:

    @*****-with-his-wolverine-claws/comment-page-1/#comment-28744894" rel="nofollow">Lena:

    You are just a sad cranky old hag ! i feel sorry for humans like you who eat all the **** that is thrown at them . Bitching on many gossip sites ( yeah ..i recognize you ) sure makes you pathetic ….thank God i don’t live in total paranoia like you … ***** ..see a psychiatrist !!!!!! You are a sad old person !!!!

  18. 18
    Bookworm Says:

    For those in UK: Thurs 8th May, 9.30pm on BBC Two documentary fronted by Newsnight’s Kirsty Wark – ‘Blurred Lines: The New Battle of the Sexes’. Looks interesting and relevant to this discussion.
    BTW found the Graham Norton programme disappointing. Three immature men larking about like schoolboys. Do they ever get even slightly serious/intelligent/adult?
    I thought the prog with Matt Damon, Bill Murray, Hugh Bonneville and Paloma Faith far better and very funny.
    In recent Details pics and video with McAvoy, Fassy looked very handsome and quite serious and I actually thought he might have half a brain. After watching Norton I thought ‘hmmmmm maybe not!’.

  19. 19
    Bookworm Says:

    Meant to add in previous post – maybe that’s why, as far as we know he has never had a relationship with any of the attractive, intelligent women he has worked (in this I include actresses and other women involved with a production). Maybe he only does superficial.
    Still I suppose a man who looked and sounded like Fassbender with whom you could have in depth discussions about books, music, politics, economics, history etc etc could be almost too much for a woman to bear!
    Would love to do ‘In the Psychiatrist’s Chair’ with him

  20. 20
    Then and Now Says:

    Thanks for the tip on the documentary. Sounds interesting.
    You will probably find the interviews for Frank will have less high jinks.
    Films like X-Men try to generate a sort of up beat promotion and that kind of stuff is about getting people excited without spoiling the plot.
    It relies on the draw of the actors themselves moreso than the story I agree. They barely mention the film or anything about it in the interview. I assume this is because the story is fantasy and not neccesarily meaningful even if very enjoyable.

  21. 21
    true love Says:

    I’m sorry for you all but Michael and Madalina are still toghether and she will soon be pregnant.

  22. 22
    Nina Says:

    @*****-with-his-wolverine-claws/comment-page-1/#comment-28744894" rel="nofollow">Lena: How superior you are ?! Just a question why you keep on gossip sites responding “dumb” girls?
    If you do everything it claims to do, really really congratulations !
    But a hint of a girl with master degree (surprise !!!!) go get a life and a good psychological treatment!
    For what made ​​me answer you in an article about actors that I like their work (and super anxious to see the movie $ $ $ $ ops) was to see a crazy in the comments with a sad conspiracy theory! So I repeat: SHAME ON YOU AND I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU !

  23. 23

    @*****-with-his-wolverine-claws/comment-page-1/#comment-28746145" rel="nofollow">true love: I think they are still together, as well. Don’t know about the true love or pregnancy.

  24. 24
    lol Says:

    @*****-with-his-wolverine-claws/comment-page-1/#comment-28746201" rel="nofollow">IT’S HIS CHOICE: It can be. I do not really have a good opinion of Madalina since I have seen all the crazy games that she has made on social media and the fake hacker attack LOL but now it seems to have calmed down, maybe fassy asked her silence LOL but I do not understand, why hide it? Even the trip to Peru, there they may be seen in some remote location, almost like something illegal LOL Again, this whole thing is weird LOL

  25. 25
    health problems Says:

    A month ago, Madalina announces that she will retire from public life that have forced some health problems that still struggles since September last year.

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