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Watch Jennifer Lawrence's 'X-Men' Scene from 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' End Credits!

Watch Jennifer Lawrence's 'X-Men' Scene from 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' End Credits!

If you have already seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and stayed for the end credits scene, you know that we got a glimpse at Jennifer Lawrence kicking butt in a clip from X-Men: Days of Future Past.

For those that didn’t catch the scene, or just want to see it again and again, the clip is now available to watch online!

If you are wondering why there was an X-Men scene in the end credits for a Spider-Man movie, director Marc Webb had an existing contract with Fox Searchlight to direct an upcoming movie and the only way that the studio would let him direct The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for Sony was to include the scene in the film for free, according to Variety.

Watch Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘X-Men’ Scene from ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ End Credits!
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  • LaCroix

    my god.. is she in every scene ?

  • Bill

    The truth is: J-Law sells! Love her!

  • towanda

    i will watch for Fassbender , And Mc Avoy cause i belive this film is about charles xavier and magneto . they do pr with JLaw but i wish she has not much scene :(:(:(

  • DDD

    Marvel = not original. give me something besides this derivative crap.

  • wtf

    so i read that “statement” as to why they put that scene at the end of the credits, and all i read is blah blah blah BS blah blah blah BS. marc webb already did the first amazing spiderman movie and fox already green lighted the sequel because of how successful the first one was – which means there was no need at all for the studio to bribe him to direct the sequel by putting a “free scene” in his contract, that’s the biggest croc of $hit i ever heard. PR is jennifer’s best friend, if i were any actress in hollywood, i’d be hunting down’s PR team right this second if you want to be as overexposed as her. jesus what a joke.

  • diana

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  • GFW

    The acknowledged fact she doesn’t prepare for a role is painfully obvious in how she does not even bother to show enough respect to any Armed Services the world over, that keep her safe to flit about now over-paid for so-so hum-drum baggy and saggy acting, to wear her hat right. Shame.

  • Gary

    @GFW: You understand she didn’t write the screenplay and has no input into the direction of scenes. She is an actor. As to the lack of preparation for scenes, that was a hyperbolically glib statement. She has a photographic memory and performs intuitively. Directors and producers she has worked with praise her work ethic and intensity.

  • GFW

    Won’t be convinced. She’s been dialing it in for ages and even she knows it going unchallenged while riding on her ‘it girl’ status of box-office draw since the 1st Hunger Games but isn’t the actress you worship or project onto her.
    It wasn’t a “glib” statement. It shows. Granted in her early “know it all 20′s” she’s going to go unfiltered and give “right answers” but knows little for that which she speaks and that shows in her follow-up actions and antics that will seep into the press the more people catch the drift of how inferior an actress she is compared to contemporaries her own age. Truth.
    The glibness and lack of respect for her own craft and peers shows in her atrocious dance routine in American Hustle. Face it, she didn’t take 5 minutes to surf YouTube for “70′s disco music” to get even that right. It was cringe-worthy. And I’m SO glad they deleted the additional scenes where she made an obsolete fool of herself.
    Fact. World-wide armed service men and women, which do not include me by the way, can look at that hat glibly placed on her head and cringe like I do. Everything matters.

  • Gary

    @GFW: I’m not a Jennifer Lawrence lover; I just enjoy X-Men movies. But I had to respond to your original nonsensical statement, which makes perfect sense now. You are a Jennifer Lawrence hater. And judging by your comments, it looks like a career in film criticism is not in your future. BTW: take it from a veteran, your Armed Forces statement makes you look like a blithering idiot. It’s a science fiction movie, they’ve been doing crap like this since the 1950s, 40 years before Jennifer Lawrence was born.

  • Gary

    @GFW: PS to GFW: You may want to look up the words “glib” and “obsolete” in the dictionary, along with referencing the differences between the jobs of director, screenwriter, and actor. FYI: a dictionary is a book that … oh, never mind.

  • Moira

    All the experts movies X Men forget or do not know and consider themselves experts that in the comics Mystique has a much greater role and more often than was shown in the movies. And in this part is even more important than in the past and there is nothing here of the popular Jen. Whatever is the actress playing this role would be the same. Well, but what she was like before tem fashion stars of the Twilight hejtowanie and złaszcza KS it is now fashionable to hate Jennifer.

  • Moira

    Whatever is the actress playing this role would be the same. The same wos with Kirsten Stewart. You hate her and now Jennifer… Sorry with excitement I forgot to write a word in english.

  • Agent

    No matter how hard jennifer tries she will never be like the gorgeous Angelina.
    jennifer is such a try hard.

  • YTR

    Oh my god, she looks so ridiculous in that picture, let me laugh.

  • Paris

    Well, well, Jennifer trying to be the next big thing. Failed!

  • GFW

    Don’t hate her. Why? Thought Winter’s Bone’s was her best work when still a teenager. She’s just over-rated over-promoted and over-doted over is all. Many better actresses in her age-group exist.
    The hat looks carelessly put on as if she truly didn’t care other than that it go on her head for her scene.

  • GFW

    Comma error alert.

  • GFW

    AND stuffing her into the X-Men movie proves my point. THEY want her everywhere despite other actresses could fit the bill. [read: over-used for profit, not talent]

  • Fercat

    J. Law’s career makes it all too clear that great marketing can convince people of anything. I have yet to see one film that convinces me that she deserves the accolades.

  • Agent

    She looks like a man. yuk

  • adi

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  • M.

    Oh, for crying out loud…the same nonsensical posts from the same person (LOL!)….it’s easy to spot….give it up.

    Anyway, really looking forward to the film….Jennifer Lawrence makes for an awesome Mystique.

  • anna

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  • Aanchal Joshi

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